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Trevor Goddard


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Trevor Goddard, an actor and light heavyweight boxer, died on June 7 from an apparent suicide. He was 37. According to The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, cause of death was an accidental drug overdose.

Although he was born in Britain, Goddard was often mistaken for being Australian at auditions. So he used the vocal inflection to his advantage, and created a new identity to fit the image.

Goddard’s big break came when he landed the role of Kano in the 1985 film, “Mortal Kombat.” A series of small film roles followed, then from 1998 to 2001, he appeared as Lt. Comm. Mic Brumby in the CBS hit, “JAG.” His final role was in the blockbuster, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

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  1. Jason

    I can’t believe Trevor Goddard is dead. I didn’t find out until CBS aired the JAG season opening tonight on Sept 26, 2003. He is such a fine actor and I’ve seen his superb performance in TV series JAG and many other movies. He will be missed. May he find his peace in heaven.

  2. Mimi Bruce

    This was a sad and unhappy shock. As faithful viewers of JAG, we thought surely he would be returning from time to time. What a sad loss to us as well as his own family. JAG did a wonderful and compassionate farewell to him in the opening show of the season. He will be missed and our prayers are for all his family who are without his.

  3. Cathleen Stewart

    We were shocked when tonight we saw the tribute show of JAG…on 12/05/03…SIX MONTHS AFTER THE FACT. He deserved better than to have those who cared for/about him to have to go six months before knowing, he had passed from this life.
    A lovely smile, lovely eyes…and thereby speaks his lovely soul. God will surely see he has a steady path, and the Angels will guide him straightaway, to God’s waiting Kingdom.
    Yes, I’ll miss the eyes, & yes, I’ll miss the smile…but surely his family and loved ones will miss the soul.
    God’s Speed, Trevor
    You will be missed sorely by all of us, in one way or another.

  4. PJ

    I enjoyed watching Trevor Goddard on JAG, he always seemed larger than life. I was so sorry to hear of his death. It seems so eerie to me that one of his major lines in Pirates of the Carribbean was, Say goodbye.” I am glad that JAG saw fit to end one of their shows with a fine tribute to the man. Our prayers are with his family, it must be so hard for them especially at this time of the year.

  5. jacquie

    I liked him on JAG he was a great actot and will be missed, And everyone is right it is a shame no one heard about his death until JAG aired the show in memery of him He was a big part of tv he should have been rememberd better, But he will be missed by everyone who ever watched him on tv no matter what it was he was in

  6. Debbie Styles

    I am so sorry to hear that Trevor is gone from this life, he was my boyfriend years ago when he lived in Beckenham in England, I never really understood why he pretended to be Australian and made up a new identity, he did try to explain it to me a couple of years ago but it didn’t explain why he kept his own name, I knew Trevor when he was a punk, he was always a real stunner, I had hoped to meet up with him again one day, it’s a great shame and I send condolences to his parents and sister in Britain.

  7. Stephanie Ellis

    I am very, deeply saddened for the loss of Trevor. I never got to see him in Jag but saw him in a few movies. I heard the news on one of his websites. I was also fooled of Goddard being Australian, I always referred to him as the ‘Australian guy’. But Australian or not, he was a great actor and we’ll surely miss him!

  8. just a fan

    I just found out today.i watched Pirates of the Carribean and saw him in it and wondered what he was up to only to find out he has passed on.I am a sucker for movie villains and feel Trevor was one of the best.My sympathies are with his family and friends at this time and i will miss the attributes he brought to t.v and cinema.

  9. Ramirez Family

    We met Trevor in Palm Springs about 3 years ago while on vacation. We had his wife take a couple of pictures of us with Trevor while our daughter was riding down the waterslides at the same time his children were. We will truly miss him and are deeply sad about this tragedy. He was very nice and such a happy person when we met him. Our memories of Trevor will always be happy and enjoyed as we look in our photo album of the day we met him. Our condolences to his family.

  10. Fred

    I am very saddend about the passing of a great actor. He was great in Mortal Kombat, Pirates, and in JAG. My heart and Prayers go out to his family.

  11. Lizanne

    I found out this monday when i was watching Pirates on dvd and there Johnny depp was talking about him and was sad off his dead. I had a sad feeling too for the rest of the evening. Trevor was a good actor and i will miss him just like many others i see. My feelings are with the once he left behind.


    I was flipping through the channels last night and a re-run of JAG was on — it was so strange to sit there and watch Trevor on it. He had that smile and those beautiful eyes that just stopped you in your tracks. Trevor was the biggest reason I watched JAG and after he left the show I left it also — he will be missed very much by his fans.

  13. Victoria Brenninkmeijer

    I can’t believe it. Seeing replays of JAG and Pirates of the Carribbean makes him still very alive. But inside i am heart broken. It was very eary come to think of it that one of his main lines in Pirates of the Carribbean was ‘Say Goodbye’. My condolances to his family. Most espesialy his parents, sister, wife and most of all his two sons who i have heard he adord. His charms both on and off screen will be greatly missed.

  14. jen

    i loved trevor. i have no words to express my greif over his death. he was one hell of an actor and his preformance in hollywood vampyr was very very very very excellent. he was to young to die.

  15. Rachelle

    I know it was over a year ago that Trevor passed away, but watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the weekend made me realise how much i miss seeing him on JAG. I was one of the few that loved seeing Trev and Catherine Bell on the screen together. His eyes and smile made you melt! Coming up to Christmas i know it will be a hard time for his family. Even if he wasn’t truely Australian, this Aussie still considers him to be one of her own. My prayers are with his family.

  16. Molly

    Dear Trevor, I am a fan of Jag. It is a really great show. It has been almost two years since you have been gone. It is still hard for me, because you are my favorite actor, Along side Catherine and David. When Jag is Released on DVD I will buy it. I will always remember you as Mic.
    You mean the world to everyone who has watched Jag. After the war started , It helped by watching Jag. That was my way of dealing with it.
    There is not a day in my life when I dont think of you. God Bless you. Love your fan Molly.

  17. actor

    From hearing the compassion and sympathy of everyone on this sight, and from watching this rising star act in movies, I can tell a very important person has been lost. This was a man who could touch the soul and though he lived a mysterious life his heart was as big as one could get. God bless him for the way he has moved us all, and may his legacey never be forgotten.

  18. Jabba

    Just saw a repeat episode of JAG and saw the tribute to Trevor. I stopped watching JAG in ’03 and hadn’t heard the news. Almost two years later and I was shocked to hear the news. After reading this BLOG it’s good to know that he is still missed.

  19. Ron Holland

    I saw an old JAG show on Fox last night and they showed the tribute that they gave him when he left to go back home (Bud started singing and everybody joined in) I got misty eyed as I do everytime I see that one. Sorry Mate

  20. Sheila

    Yes, I am sorry that you are gone, I’m glad that JAG give you a tribute, and could not believe that I will not see your smile.

  21. Chris

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the JAG tribute to Trevor Goddard on a rerun this past weekend. I never heard a word. Goddard was a great character actor and a blessing to his trade, his craft. I know I will greatly miss his on-screen presence and will probably always think of him when hearing “Waltzing Matilda.” My prayers to your family and close friends. God Bless Ya, Mate.

  22. Piret

    I found out only today when looking at JAG sites that Trevor Goddard has died. Of course he wasn’t an Australian at all, which may explain why there was nothing about his death in Australia, but at least some TV mag or something should have mentioned it here in Australia! It’s a pity JAG chose such a fake Australian surname as “Brumby” (means the same as “Mustang”) but maybe Trevor chose it himself as a cheeky poke at the fact that he was not an Australian really.
    Early, senseless death.

  23. macgyversgirl

    The JAG series running here in Holland is from 2000 (baby Sarah was just buried). I just discovered Trevor’s passing TODAY when I looked up Trevor on the net.
    Well, for now Trevor is alive and well and living inside my television set. He was a lovely man, and will remain forever young.

  24. Topher

    I honestly just used to think of him as the most bad ass villain in Mortal Kombat but since he past away I have become more in touch w/ but………I mean come the fuck on why can’t the internet have more about him…it really pisses me off…..and even though he pruposely killed himself I just wish he were here because I fucking love the guy and as I type this, beleive it or not I am getting a lump in my throat…..I fucking love you Trevor and I pray you are resting in piece right now big guy…….ROCK ON KANO! I LOVE YOU

  25. william

    i am setting here watching mortal kombat,think what a cool guy kano is and wanted to find out about him well i see he has passed on he was a beautiful man…..

  26. Doreen Mulman

    Trevor was my next door neighbor … our bedrooms were literally 6 feet apart. Even though Ruthann has leased the house to a lovely family, I still miss the sounds of Trevor and his sons splashing in the pool. LOVE & MISS YOU, TREV …

  27. Chris

    I sent the following to Hoover through their website. I encourage all fans and people who care about Trevor to do the same if you feel it is appropriate. It pains me every time I see the ad to be reminded about how we lost such a vibrant spirit.
    I would like to comment to your marketing department. I think it is disgusting that after 2 years, you continue to air ads featuring the late Trevor Goddard. How painful must that be for his family and friends to continually, and unexpectedly have their loved one appear on the television screen hocking your FloorMate product. It is hard enough for fans of his. I would request you reshoot the ad with someone else, or after 2 years have a new creative idea and make a completely new ad. Any proceeds from the sale of FloorMate units during the past 2 years should be given to a charity of the Goddard family’s choosing. Thank you for your consideration in this delicate matter.

  28. a big fan

    I’m not very good in English, so I say it in Dutch: Ik zag het vandaag op de JAGcorner, en ik schrok met echt rot. Dat zo iets kan gebeuren. Ik had nooit zo’n hoog petje van je op, omdat je DJE de hele tijd dwars zat. Maar toch hoorde je erbij. En dit had niet moeten gebeuren!
    I’ll miss you!

  29. Nicole

    Here in Italy they just started showing JAG’s fifth season, I enjoyed seeing Trevor on the screen and with each next episode I came to love him more.. There’s just somethign about him that makes me smile when I watch JAG. I was really shocked when I read the news on the internet and I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for his family and friends..

  30. shannon

    I have worked without a break since 1969. I resigned from my work as a senior prosecutor in a special vicitms unit in Feb., 2006. I am watching tv series I never watched before. JAG is at the top of my list and the first episode I saw Trevor Goddard–I melted. Yes, older women melt too! When I looked him up and saw he was deceased, it made me sad but I said–see you up there in person some day!

  31. Chris

    You touched the hearts & minds of many people Trevor. Even though I never got to meet you in person, its clear you were a great guy. Not to mention talented in so many ways.
    Heaven must be one hell of a place if people like you get taken there so early.
    Thanks for the characters you made come to life
    Especially Mic Brumby in JAG.
    Respect and love to you

  32. Jim Anderson

    I worked as a (pretty much the only one for a while) special scenic effects artist on First Contact and Trevor was the best person in the place to work with. He really helped cheer the place up far more than anyone else.
    I would have loved to be working with him on my current project.

  33. Michelle

    I was saddened to hear of us losing this talent. It brightens me to think maybe someday we will see a young man that looks an awful lot like Trevor on screen, maybe one of his sons will continue the legacy.

  34. Leland Tripp

    You Are MISSED Trevor. God bless and DAMN the MEDIA for not letting the people know. I guess a person has to be a tramp or a queer for the media to print anything about. To them the GOOD GUYS are nothing.
    Miss you,
    The tripp family

  35. Pat

    Just started watching JAG on cable syndication. Hadn’t realized how good it was. Yesterday, the program ended with “In memory of Trevor Goddard.” I confess to not recognizing the name, but I’ll tell you…my jaw dropped and my heart broke when the tribute continued and I saw that is was “Mic.” The cast sang “Waltzing Matilda” to Trevor as he was exiting a gathering. One of the most moving things I’ve seen on television.
    My shock and sadness are 3 years late, but they are real nonetheless. Farewell, Trev.

  36. Jonathan

    I am also catching up on JAG with syndication on the USA Network. I was floored at the end of this 2003 season opener. I, a guy who rarely cries, shed a few tears and was in shock. Thanks, Trevor, for the enjoyment you gave me through your career and…comfort to all…

  37. Scott

    As a long time supporter of JAG, I was greatly saddened by Trevor’s passing.
    My memories of Trevor are captured by his continual smile and upbeat spirit he brought to the screen.
    My thoughts go out to those he loved the most!

  38. andrew parker

    What a great guy. I just loved his acting. Mr. T.
    you will be missed by many. Gods speed to a
    star that still shines in peoples heart. what
    a waist of good talent. Good bye from all of
    us fans. Andy

  39. Carol Frye

    As a fan of Jag, and I knew Trevor from the show, as Mic. I was watching the reruns on USA today and saw the tribute to him and I was shocked. I too am baffeled that the news media did not let the public know bout his passing. My late, but heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends.
    Carol Frye and Family -Jacksonville, Fla.

  40. SuperJen

    I was a huge JAG fan first run and had missed some of the 2003/2004 season while I was out of the country. Today, I caught the season three opener on USA and imagine my surprise when the “In memory of Trevor Goddard” came across the screen. Here it is almost 3 years to the day that Trevor passed and I, a faithful JAG fan who simply missed a season or so, had no idea Trevor was dead. And by such means!
    A brillant actor, taking much too early. Played the bad guy just as well as the romantic lead. Very versatile.
    As the Vulcan prayer for the dead says:
    “May you find the peace in death, you never found in life.”
    A saying I would not have said fit Trevor until I heard of how and when he died.

  41. Carolyn Sauls

    Being newly retired I just started watching JAG recently. I especially enjoyed a character called MIC. I just this morning saw the episode that announced his death. I am shocked and saddened that this great man is gone. My sympathy to all his family. He will be missed be all.

  42. Donna G

    what a heartache and loss.
    i too, knew nothing of his death.
    where was the coverage on this, does one have to be a mega star for the “news” to cover the story of his passing?
    my sympathy to those who knew and loved him

  43. Cliff

    Do I remember “Mic Brumby”, yes, resoundly so! The main reason I’m on this website, paying tribute to one of the greatest character actors of all time! Believe it not, I just finished watching the episode with the tributory ending, when “Mic” is leaving the bar and all of his friends break into,”Waltzing Matilda”, a more fitting ending, I have never seen. Trev, where ever you are in heaven,start spreading your wings,because we will all see you again some day!
    A great admirer, Cliff

  44. Rick B.

    It’s really sad…i just found out about it this week (3 yrs late)about Trevor passing on…like one email said you don’t find out about the good ones like Trevor until it’s all said and done. well……!!!!! give “em hell man where ever you are.my better half and myself always enjoyed his role on jag…he spiced up the situation on more than one scene. Take care man and may you ((((Rest in Piece)))))

  45. Arleen

    I’m a “new” JAG fan. Just started watching re-runs on USA recently and I’m totally hooked.
    I, too, saw the beautiful tribute this AM and was shocked. I thoroughly enjoyed his fine performances as Mic. What a great loss.
    Deepest condolences to his family and friends.
    May he rest in peace.

  46. Ravi

    My deepest condolences to Trevor Goddard’s family and friends.
    I too found out about his death while watching the rerun of JAG with the tribute to him in the end. It is sad the way he left him family and the rest of the world. May God rest his soul in peace.

  47. Jay R.

    I was watching Jag clips on Youtube. I also just learned that Trevor Goddard passing. Great actor on a Great series. My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and co workers. You missed.
    RIP “Mic”
    Thank you to the USA Network for airing Jag.

  48. felina

    Those eyes with the profound integrity as he looked at Catherine Bell, his steadfast patience with her and his ability to draw me into the situation are all things i will never forget. I loved this man I came to know in JAG. I just found out this morning as i saw the “waltzing Matilda” tribute and i have been crying all day. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his family.

  49. Larry B

    Sorry to find out that Trevor Goddard “Mic” had passed. That was a touching tribute to him on JAG. He was a great actor! Thanks USA! My condolences to his family.

  50. Jo Anne M.

    I was saddened to see the ending of JAG, when it showed the tribute to Trevor Goddard. I too, could not believe it (not being reported by the media), but feel that (possibly) his family preferred it that way.
    It is never too late to send our condolences to the family and friends, as life is eternal in heaven.
    You My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones, Trevor. I wish you much peace!

  51. B.LYON

    I too was shocked by Mr.Goddards untimely passing. As a “new” fan of JAG, I thought he played Mic Brumby to the hilt! He was a great actor that will be sorely missed.My belated condolensces to his family&friends.

  52. Eddie

    I was always a big Trevor Goddard fan from his roll of Kano from Mortal Kombat to one of his last movies (either it was JAG or Pirates of Carribiean) And from his bowing matches too we’ll miss you Trevor

  53. lee

    I’m from Perth in Australia (where Trevor claimed to be from) remember the shock of hearing about his death, and subsequently finding out he wasn’t even Aussie. But none of that matters. A fine actor who’ll be sorely missed. JAG just wasn’t the same without you, Trevor. Rest in peace, champ.

  54. Travis Hefler

    I never watched Jag, and I am not mocking Trevor at all here. Honestly Kano was one of my favorite characters in the 1995′ movie Mortal Kombat. I watch it quite frequently still in 2007, and grew up with the Mortal Kombat franchise. His accent, and presentation of that perfect villain will always capture that character for me. I’ll miss him every time I see it now. God bless Trevor. Rest in peace.

  55. JOyce

    I just watched JAG reruns on USA and saw the tribute to Mic. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know he was gone. My condolences to his family and friends. I so loved his character. I had to actually come online to see if it was Him who had passed, as I cannot keep up with names very well. He will be missed.

  56. Frank

    Today I saw the Jag tribute episode about him.
    The episode just before that (they air two in a row) made a reference to the name, but it didn’t register. I thought it was a writer or someone else. Then I saw the next one and they showed them all singing and realized who it was.
    It’s a shame that there wasn’t more coverage of his passing, likely due to the fact it was a suicide, but still.
    He seemed like a decent kind of guy and it’s a shame that he felt life was so bad it wasn’t worth continuing.

  57. Capt. Fan Tastico

    Death humbles us all. Maybe he pretended to be Austrialian, but was actually a Brit, it’s ok. In Gods eyes he is a man. I don’t know much about him, but to find him desceased, I shed a tear or two.

  58. Joseph

    I watched an old episode of Jag on the U.S.A. channel. I saw a tribute to Trevor Goddard, that
    I thought I had seen in 2003. Today however it was so surreal. I liked to watch shows withj Trevor, His roles in Jag wrer great. I guess that after 9/11, everyone was more concerned about terrorist than taking time to smell the
    roses. “Life or Death” that was the episode which summed-up Trevor, not only was he admired in Life, but He will be honored after his death.

  59. Darrell

    Does anyone know what the circumstances of his death are? I couldn’t believe it either, and I have seen that episode twice and it still didn’t register for some odd reason. Even though he was on opposite side of Commander Harm Rabb (David James Elliot) and he was my favorite actor on Jag, he was nevertheless a great actor to pull off the emotions he created on scene to the audience. Rest in peace, Trevor!

  60. Mark

    I just recently found about Trevor’s death. Did not know much about him. Only saw him as Kano in Mortal Kombat, and still watching it to date. My daughter enjoys the movie as well, especially his character. He will be missed deeply.

  61. Firehair

    Like many,I came to JAG late,USA starting me off— was an officer’s spouse for years. Lived “Down Under” for a long time–Mic Brumby struck a cord–realistic– Trevor Goddard did a super job playing the part–obviously he felt the tie–it showed. A tragedy he didn’t know or feel the respect, admiration, caring so many had for him–it might have helped. Such a loss to his family, and to the public. We need heros who make us look up,feel good. Sheila Firehair

  62. James Powell

    I have watched a few episodes of JAG, but have ne never been a big fan. But watching an episode earlier today i watched Trevors performance and really appreciated what he did. I had seen him before in other TV and movies (most notably Mortal Kombat)and i made a point to read more about him on the Internet today. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. He was a great character actor and one that i think was never given the big break to truly demonstrate his talents. Its shaming to see that the media only pays attention to people who truly do not deserve it. Most people i am sure will be unaware of this mans passing, and that in itself is a tragedy. I wish my sincere best wishes to his family and friends and i am going to make a point to watch more JAG and appreciate what we still have of this fine actor and by the sounds it loving family man.

  63. Brenda

    I’m a huge JAG fan. This happened when USA put it in to syndication. I had never watched it before. All the characters are fantastic on the show, and I too was shocked to find out that Trevor Goddard had passed away. I too will miss not seeing him in other films that could of been in his future.

  64. Didier

    I can’t believe Trevor Goddard is dead, I simply can’t. I wasn’t a JAG fan but I did saw the show a few times and like in everything else he did, he was brillant, proving he could be charming and not only play the vilain.
    His presence is often what is remembered best in his films, although he was mainly a supporting actor. For example “men of war” (with JAG star Catherine Bell), one scene in one episode of the X-files, one episode of “Nowhere man”, the movie “Deep rising”, his small part in the Brigitte Nielsen “She’s Too Tall”, and many others…
    I am a Trevor’s fan – I can’t get myself to talk to him in the past.
    I am so sorry for his family; we miss the actor; they miss the father and the husband.

  65. ROBIN

    Just saw the tribute episode today and was shocked to hear of Trevor’s passing – as a new JAG fan I was captivated by his intensity and sexuality on that show – I truly thought we would see him in future episodes – such a tragedy.
    Rest in peace Mate. Blessings to your family, friends and fans.

  66. linda

    I became a Jag fan thru reruns and saw the tribute
    to Mark. I’m truly sorry for his passing but I am sure he’s alot happier where he is. He was a great actor rather sexy in his uniform and not really being an Aussie shows what good of an actor he really was. My condolences to his family anf friends. I am sure we will all see him when we cross over as Sylvia Browne says it.

  67. Gracelynn

    I have been watching JAG for a few years and never saw the tribute to Trevor. At first I didn’t realize it was meant for him. I had to Google his name to find out that it really was him. I’ve always liked that scene where they are singing “Waltzing Matilda”. To see Harm put aside his difference with him and bid him fair well, I would like to see his apparent suidide put aside so he will be allowed in haven where he belong. We all make mistakes. He spiced up the show when he came to JAG. It has been a pleasure watching him on TV! My deepest condolensces to his family and friends!

  68. Denisa, Sean and Family

    We’ve known for a few years of his death, but it’s easy to forget when you see him big as life on daily television. Our condolences to his family and friends, our hearts are broken over his untimely loss. There’s no doubt he would have continued to shine brighter if he’d had the chance. We’re sorry for that but won’t forget him.

  69. Joni

    I just discovered JAG this summer through syndication and thoroughly enjoy the show. I was shocked this morning when I watched the tribute to “Mic” Trevor Goddard. I went searching the net to find out more about him and was saddened to learn how he passed. I truly enjoyed his performance on JAG. My prayers are with Trevor and his family and friends, time is of no concern when someone dies because they are always in our hearts and on our minds.

  70. Dave

    I, too, just learned of “Mic’s” passing and was shocked when I saw the tribute on JAG this morning. His acting was incredible, I and never knew whether to hate his character, love him, or just plain old feel sorry for him. He could stir up every feeling. I have been humming “Waltzing Matilda” all day. Friends and family of Trevor, please know that he is missed and he is in the prayers of JAG fans everywhere.

  71. Jim Segel

    Trevor added the spice that makes a good show really shine. His memory deserves a vote of thanks for his exceptional work, and the person he portrayed. My regrets to his family.

  72. Leslie

    I too am a huge fan of the Jag series and watch them every morning. I could not believe my eyes when seeing the tribute to Trevor. I will miss you trevor. May God bless you.

  73. Kay Halbert


  74. Mark "Mac" McDaniel

    I am a huge fan of “JAG” and was so shocked to hear of Mr. Goddard’s death. I loved watching Mr. Goddard playing Mic Brumby. My heart goes out to all his family. He was such a great actor! Even tho I never met the man, his death hit me hard, and I will miss him.

  75. Jim

    I just recently learned he had passed thru the “JAG” tribute-Once I learned how he died I got a huge wake up call-I have used to same combos of drugs-I have been clean for a while but this just helps to remind me that death cares not who you are and life if priceless-even in death he continues to reach people

  76. prudence

    I have just learned that Trevor committed suicide due to child support, custody and divorce issues. If these circumstances can make a person of this magnitude take this drastic action…doesn’t that speak volumes of what the every day ordinary man must be going through after divorce. Imbalanced judicial system and unsympathetic environment.

  77. Patty-Gae

    It is hard to believe that after all this time this man still remains in the mind and heart of so many people including mine but he really is truly missed by all of us.
    Love to Trevor

  78. kathleen richmond

    What a terrible shame. Was watching a Jag re-run and it broke my heart to see such a vibrant person, so talented and full of life to succumb to the deception of drugs. Such a sad, sad story, and so poignant when the song “Waltzing Matildha” was sung in the unforgettable episode. God comfort his family.

  79. Jeannie

    Its 2008 – I was watching re runs of JAG with my husband, and was wondering if Mac did or did not marry Brumby as I had not seen all the episodes.
    So I come online to find out what happened and then find out that Trevor Goddard had died! I couldent sleep and came online to find someone to talk with
    His acting is so full of life and charm, I can beleive he was such a person in life! It was hard to beleive that someone so vibrant as what Mr. Goddard must be in person – can be dead.
    I didnt know he was in Pirates of the Carribean- and I thought “what an opportunity” it would be a crowning moment in someones career. I am so sad.
    People in the entertainment business touch our hearts in a way that is hard to explain. We see roles they play, we read about their lives and wonder if this or that is true. With thier gift (and acting is a true gift) they get around our defenses and put a little seed in our heart.
    Pehaps these aeeds are the hidden desires of our hearts. Actors live out these hidden dreams for us, and give us hope in a way. Hope that our hidden dreams could really come true. We see our dreams come to life on tv or on the screen.
    A young person may be inspired to join the real JAG or be in the Australian navy. Perhaps one day I will own a tall ship, and yes, I will dress up and hire a crew who will dress up too and sail the seas! Its not impossible!
    We watched Mic Brumby fall in love – and I was rooting for him to marry Mac. Innocent and open charm, its all out on the table. The Australians would call him “fair dinkum”
    So what if he wasent really an Aussie by birth, he must of wanted to be one so…he had one of his dreams come true.
    Too often people in the entertainment business fall into sorrorful places. Divorce (stress and strain of Hollywood) drugs (empty places that are not filled) and then they leave us.
    You know, fan clubs are not silly things. Perhaps if we the fans gave more of ourselves to people like Mr. Goddard, things could be different for someone else. We need to show support, and genuine concern for these people, giving of ourselves back for the happiness they give us with thier gifts. They need support and encouragement. You never know if your fan letter could be the one that would save a life. Your kind words or encouragement could be the words that make that person decide to go to rehab or ask for help.
    We are our brothers keepers.
    I am so sorry for Mr. Goddards family and friends. I lost my mother a few years ago, and I know that she is never far from me, the people we love stay well alive in our love.
    No one can take away the love we have for them, or they for us.
    I have appreciated the acting gift of Mr. Goddard, to me, he will be Mic Brumby – and his charm and strong chacter has made me smile.
    Thank you.

  80. Liz

    I am a big fan of Jag, and loved the shows with Trevor as Mic Bromby, my late condolences to his family.
    I missed seeing the tribute to Trvor on Jag, it is on again on channel 21 , will they do the tribute again.if so when
    Again my condolences to his family he was a great actor.

  81. mandy

    I am deeply sadden at the loss of Trevor. I am a devoted JAG fan and loved the whole love triangle with Sarah, Brumbe, and Harm. HE will be missed by all that knew and loved him on and off screen. May he rest in peace and always be remembered.

  82. D

    I am another fan of JAG (I watch the 2 shows every morning on USA – thank you to them for continuing to show JAG!) who just saw, for the first time, the tribute to Mr. Goddard. I enjoyed the seasons he appeared on JAG and will forever watch those reruns with a smile in my heart. They were a few of the most fun moments on the show – his relationships with Mac, Harm and Bud were fabulous to watch develop and his compassion for Renee was heartbreaking. His face was so eloquent and his eyes conveyed all of his emotions. He was a wonderful actor. I am saddened by his loss and send my condolences to his loved ones.

  83. josie


  84. Scott E. Hubmer

    It March 2008 and I was watching a rerun of JAG and saw the tribute at the end. I was shocked to find out he was dead. The character he played in JAG could have only been played by him and him alone. Sometimes it was hard to remember Rhaab and Brumby were only factious. When you watch the show JAG the two actors brought their characters to life and it was fun to watch. I was not aware he was English, I guess he fooled me like everyone else. He will be missed.

  85. mace hardy

    I recorded an episode on usa JAG because I don’t have time to watch. When I finished what I was doing and I was ready to watch that episode and to my suprise I saw a tribute to Trevor. It saddened me so much I went and googled his name and it was true.My prayers are with his family and friends. REST IN PEACE and I will miss seeing you on JAG.

  86. Rick

    I am a recent fan of Jag. Been watching it on USA for the past couple of months. When the charachter of Mic Brumby started on the show i was unsure if i liked him, he seemed arrogant. But Mr. Goddard did an excellent job with “Mic” and i came to like him and care about what happened to him. I was sad when “Mic” went back to Australia because i felt we wouldnt see him again and i had come to enjoy watching Mr. Goddard on the show. So i was glad when they continued to have Mr. Goddard and his charachter “Mic” still on the show after that. Too my suprise when i saw the tribute episode of Jag today (had it on the DVR) and saw it was in memory of him. I had no idea he had passed. I had to check out what happened on the web and came across this site. I am saddened that he is gone, i came to like and respect him and “Mic”. It is a little wierd that i have been watching these episodes of Jag recently with him on and not realizing that he has been gone since June of 2003. My heart goes out to his family and close friends, i know it’s been a while but someone like him you never forget.

  87. Jim

    While he was a fairly good actor in JAG – he was a junkie. What a shame for him and others that die of drugs – they have money and fame but they just don’t have a strong secure personality.

  88. James

    I am a huge fan of “JAG” and was so shocked to hear of Mr. Goddard’s death. I loved watching Mr. Goddard playing Mic Brumby. My heart goes out to all his family. He was such a great actor! Even tho I never met the man, his death hit me hard, and I will miss him.

  89. Carolyn Jarvis

    My prayers go out to Trevor’s friends and family. How lucky you are to have known such a kind and loving man. God “lent” him to us for much too short a time. He had the most remarkable and unforgettable smile, the kind that lights up a room when he entered. I have been a fan of Jag for many years and actually cried when it ended. I found solace in knowing that Harm and Mac might FINALLY be together! The Harm, Mac and Brumby threesome was difficult to watch though since Mic
    was such a likable contender for Macs’ affections.
    I, too, shall miss him. I appreciate site’s like this where fans can share their thoughts and opinions. I hope that USA continues to show re-runs of JAG for many years to come, and once again
    my condolences to Mr. Goddard’s family. Sincerely, Carolyn

  90. Amber

    I did not know he had passed and it made me greatly sad to discover. I did not know that I was watching someone who I hoped would be back on the show, but could not. I, just like Rick (of two comments previous), did not realize he had been gone for nearly five years. I am sure he was a good man and even after time passes the sense of grief for a loved one lost remains. My heart goes out to his family. May his death be a reminder to others of the fragility of life.

  91. Suzi

    I wish Trevor could have felt the good will from all those who were touched by his presence in the performances he gave. The world of art, in all its facets, make up the background fabric of our shared existence. I wish Trevor could have found solace in that love/joy that he as an artist took part in creating for us all.

  92. Trey

    Eeach time I watch an episode of JAG with him it saddens me deeply. He was such a charismatic guy and a great actor. The ironic thing is that his chemistry with Sarah was actually better than Harms.
    Rest in peace.

  93. JesseRay

    JAG has slowly become my favorite series of all time…(and I am old enough to have endured a great many years of television.) Trevor/Mic certainly an essential ingredient of the series.
    Lot’s of what could and should have beens…..
    But the bottom line is simple….. a decent, charming and talented young man had left us too soon.
    Gods speed always Trev

  94. Tonya

    I am a big fan of Jag even now 3 years after the fact. I think that Trevor Goddard lit up the screen like a fourth of july evening with all of the fireworks. His charm and charisma as an actor is missed by all of his fans even now several years after he has passed.

  95. Jill Sullivan

    Its really sad I only just found out by my boyfriend who too is a big MK fan. I remember Trevor in MK playing Kano I often wondered about him on what other movies he will be in next. Rest in peace to a great man. You will be missed. Love Jill xxxx

  96. Rick H

    I too, just saw the tribute at the end of the show and thought it was well done. After reading of how Trevor died,drugs,I thought that it was unfortunate that he turned to drugs during a challenging time in his life. God Bless You and may you rest in peace matie.

  97. Janice

    The JAG rerun of Trevor’s tribute ran this morning, and I am sitting here crying like a baby. I so enjoyed watching his character “Mic”. What a sad way to lose someone so full of life and talented.
    My heart still gos out to his family. He is missed and I hope to meet him in HEAVEN one day!

  98. Lorra Sykes

    I loved his character. He was always so moving when he spoke. Believe it or not, I just found out about his death and wish we could go back in time and prevent it. It is such a sock and He will be remembered. We all loved him.

  99. Jan in Beaver, Utah

    I just saw today, the tribute to Trevor Goddard. I have been watching JAG for quite awhile in the mornings and was shocked when I saw the tribute from JAG to him, this morning. He was a shooting star that we watched in awe, cross the sky, his portrayal of Mic in JAG was special and then the star disappeared. I did not know he had died and found this blog.
    I knew he would not be able to marry Mac but he was such a fine actor, we all felt sympathy for him. He was like a candle flame, burning bright and then no more. I do not understand drugs, they have taken so many candle flames from us.
    Thank you Trevor for giving us hope.

  100. Leoniea1

    At the time, I was glad when “Mic” left JAG. Being a romantic soul I rooted for Harm & Mac. Realistically though, I mourn Trevor’s loss of life but really mourn the loss of reality that people don’t get… that some illegal, some legal and otc drugs mixed together can cause devastation to the people who love, adore or want to help those who are doomed to die or become “vegetables” because of this abuse…whether intentional or not.

  101. connie of florida

    With the advent of dvr, I finally got to see all of Jag rerun. Today,Oct 21,2008 was when I found out “Mic Brumby” had passed on as indicated by the closing scene. I was shocked!!! and it had been awhile! Shame on the media for not letting fans of this fabulous guy know. They spend more time on trash like Paris Hilton and Britney or crooks like OJ than on a lovely man like Trevor.
    My prayers go to his family and may you rest in peace. You gave joy in my life. I love you

  102. Frani K

    I have always been a fan of JAG. I now have a DVR and have begun watching re-runs. I am so sad about Trevor, he was a great addition to the JAG team. . . may his loved ones know that he is at peace now . . . and he is still loved and missed by this family of JAG lovers. . . even 5 years later

  103. Ben

    My name is Ben, and I live in England. It’s a Saturday night, and it’s just 48 hours since I happened to stumble via Google that my old friend from school days, Trevor Goddard had died.
    I am crying as I type this.
    I am a man of 45, and I am devastated. We were friends for a good few years as he was in my class at school, and we used to play together. We played a game called Subbuto, with little plastic soccer/football players, and had a great time.
    Our favorite at the time, approx 1977, was an Evil Knievel wind up motorcycle toy and Evil himself sitting on the bike.We spent many happy hours making him jump over steps, and all sorts of other death defying jumps in my back garden.Evil had many horrendous accidents…Just as planned!
    Trevor became a “punk” when that type of music came along,approx 1977, and had the stiffest black pointed hair as he had put a tonne of gel into it. He became known as “Spiky Goddard” ๐Ÿ™‚
    He was such a nice boy, and one I can call a real friend. As I didn’t, and still don’t have many friends. We drifted apart, and I can’t remember the last time we saw each other, or what happened for us to drift apart.
    What a shock It was to tap his name into Google on the off chance, as I was bored,on Thursday night, and to see a page about a Trevor Goddard. I saw a picture of a man with the same “Elvis” type cheek bones as my old friend Trevor had. Then too see that he was born in the borough of Croydon,South London,England, which stunned me even more, as “this could be him”!??
    Obviously with the next click on a page, and to see photos of a young boy posted by his parents, I realized that this was indeed about my old friend Trevor ๐Ÿ™
    I couldn’t believe the story that I was reading. That he pretended to be an Australian, and got to Hollywood, and been in a series on TV I had never seen, JAG.( I will try and see the episodes he was in). Had acted with Johnny Depp in “Pirates”, and been in other films.
    I know Trevor can’t read this, but I wish I could have tried to help him in his hour of need. But I reailze that if his close family couldn’t help him, I doubt if I could ๐Ÿ™
    After finding out about Trevor I have found some photos of me with him in happier times, playing table tennis, and a photo of us watching the FA Cup Final in about 1976-78. He was smiling, happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    He was a true friend, and I cant believe what he accomplished in his life, and the tragic way in which it ended.
    Through the tears I want to say, Trevor I value you as a true friend, and although we hadn’t seen each other for approx 25 years, I will miss you until the day we might meet up in Heaven to play with our Evil Knievel toys again.
    Love from your old friend Ben.

  104. Maxine Heyburn (nee Daniels)

    I knew Trevor as he was a great friend of my brother Ben’s when we were all kids. One of the best games we played was each having an elastic band with a bit of paper and firing it at one another, running around our house and having such laugh! I had heard he’d gone to America but never knew he had become such a good actor and in so many films etc. I spoke to Ben a little while ago and he told me of his death and I am so very, very sad to hear of that as it wasn’t long ago that he was in my mind and I was wondering what had become of him. I was also a little in love with him when we were kids ane he also reminded me slightly of Elvis with his lovely high cheek bones. I am very proud to have known him and extremely proud of his sucess. My condolences go to his family and friends.

  105. Dakota

    6 years and I’m just now finding this out! I always wondered where Trevor went, he was truly my favorite villain of all time. Its sad to say, I have never saw a episode of Jag In my life. He really was a great actor, I only hope his spirit rests peacefuly where ever It may be.
    Bless you Trevor and RIP.

  106. Tina E. aka "Bluey"

    G’day and howdy,
    I am the original founder of “The Official Trevor Goddard” fansite & club. I fell in love with Trev through his work on “JAG” and helped him keep in touch with fans for a while before having to move on due to my disabilities.
    Trev will always hold a dear place in my heart. He was an incredibly charming, funny and exuberant man. His eyes were as inviting as his smile and his heart was as big as Texas & Australia…
    We spent countless hours on the phone, online (he was all thumbs on the PC mind you,) and traveling back and forth to see each other trying to build his website, his career and our relationship.
    There’s nothing like a prank call from Trev, specially when he would practice voices.
    He adored his children, they were his life. He loved his pets, as well. His compassion showed in the his work with childrens and animal charities.
    From the way he spoke, he could never do enough for either.
    Trevor was a true romantic, he put more into “Mic” than anyone will ever know. It was his favorite role. He always wanted to know how he was doing, making me sit on the phone while we watched “JAG” then immediately making me check the fansite message board and “The Billabong board” for feedback.
    Trevor truely loved his fans, I know this in my heart and soul. Everytime I find a tribute to him I want to shout out, “Thank you,” from Trevor – for Trev. For myself.
    I will never love anyone like him. My soul aches for him – but sometimes you’re only meant to be with someone for a short time until the next life.
    He believed in magic and he believed in true love.
    Lots of love to y’all,
    *For those of you who are angry about not learning about his death sooner, it was his EX wife – Ruthanne, who immediately shutdown and had information pulled and blocked, not his parents, not the media.

  107. Mike Fair

    Such a senseless waste. Drug overdose. I only recently became a JAG fan in re-runs and didn’t like Mic because he was getting along better with Mac than Harm was. I did admire Trevor’s acting though. What a surprise in the JAG re-run tonight when they paid tribute to Trevor in his death. What a sad waste of a talented, vital life. Drugs.
    Mike Fair

  108. dgallant

    As a fan of JAG I enjoyed the tension between Mic and Rabb, made you wonder who was going to win Sara’s heart. The Aussie (even though he was British???)made the show that much more interesting. We all will miss Mic Brumbee

  109. Traci M. 6-7-09

    Like many of the other postings here, I to found out about Trevor Goodards passing on a Jag Re-run. I can’t believe missing a few episodes in the original running and in repeats would allow 6 years to go by without finding out sooner. I loved his Jag character “Mic”. I never thought he was the man for “Sarah”, but his part in the show was so large and he himself was larger than life I just can’t believe he is gone. You have a tendency to feel as if you know a person when you grow attached to them as the character they play. And when that character is as beloved as “Mic” was, you feel like you have suffered a loss as well. My feeling of loss however cannot be even a fraction of the loss his family, friends, and those whom he worked with must feel. My thoughts, even after all these years are with them. Love never dies and I’m sure that the love and memories they carry will sustain them until they meet again, and if they are reading this, you will, I promise you.

  110. Robaire

    I just finished watching “Men of War”, for the 5th time. Each time, I marvel at Trevor’s acting abilities and his believability.
    His character in “Men of War” was the provibial “Bull in a China Shop”.
    I will miss his presence in Film & Television…
    especially the “blustering aussie” characters he played so well…

  111. Tom

    I never liked his Mic Brumby character in JAG. Watching Mac Mackenzie kiss him made me nauseous. I never saw him in anything else, nor did I meet or know him. I got the impression I wouldn’t have liked him in person, but impressions can be wrong. When I looked him up and read how he died, I concluded he was weak. I am fighting for my life against cancer and he took his with drugs. Go figure.

  112. Emily

    I knew him personaly. He was my friends Dad. I was only 8 when he died. I thought he took to much medicine. Even now when i know the truth i dont think less of him. He was a great man and his sons are just like him. May he be remebred as a kind, compassionate, loving husband and father.

  113. Stephen

    This tribute will be in the form of releaseing Trevors 1st and last film he ever made. The film is Flexing with Monty and my company Unearthed Films will be releasing it on Jan 5th. Trevor stars in it and it was his 1st film he ever shot. It got lost and was never finished in post production until this year. It is a phenomanel film that Sean Penn loves and Danny Devito raves about. The official website is http://www.Flexingwithmonty.com
    Please visit and we hope you get to watch the only film that has never been released with Trevor in it. God Bless

  114. Victoria Brenninkmeijer

    Ten years passes, but it does not take away the sadness of losing such a special actor and their potental. God Bless Trevor Goddard where ever he might be now

  115. Deb K

    Why must everybody so emotionally romanticize the deaths of actors who sacrificed their lives for the sheer stupidity of drugs?

    Yes, he was a handsome, talented actor. Yes, he had children he should have wanted to be a good father to. Yes, he had a life worth living. But geez, people, he loved his dope. D-O-P-E. Dope. He loved it so much that he let it kill him.

    Rather than express these drippingly sweet sympathies for him, you should instead express compassion about the utterly shabby legacy he leaves for his kids. For his family. For the friends who loved him.

    I find it unconscionable that you continue to celebrate this man as an actor who did a very stupid thing that took his life. A very f*cked up thing that those closest to him will have no choice but to suffer forever.

    Sheesh, pull your heads out, people. He’s worm food now – only
    because he was a self-serving doper who, bottom line, didn’t want to get help.

    Think about that.

  116. Nancy

    I just saw the rerun of JAG with the tribute to “Mic”. He will be missed. I loved the Jag programs, but I missed that program.
    Be blessed Trevor and rest in peace. You are missed. Blessings to your family.

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