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DeVon Smith

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DeVon Smith racked up 200,000 miles hitchhiking, traveling 41 times across the U.S., across Europe to Siberia, and all through South America. He died on May 30 from an apparent heart attack. He was 77.

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  1. Jack Charles

    DeVon Smith, b. 1926 in western PA, attended Lincoln High School, Ellwood City, PA graduating about 1944. He enjoyed hitchhiking as the announcement of his death related. When hitchhiking DeVon wore a red outfit. On the back of his jacket was “World’s Greatest Hitchhiker.”
    He kept copious records of his travels including the number of cups of coffee consumed. Yearly, DeVon would work in a local factory and save his money until the weather was conducive for traveling via “the thumb.” Then he would “hit the road” again. Those who knew him considered him a good friend. Because of his penchant for traveling DeVon never married.

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