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Nicole Bloom


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Nicole Bloom, of Stevensville, Mich., died on Friday while climbing a mountain in Wyoming. Searchers say she apparently fell 800 feet from the crest of the east ridge of the Middle Teton. Bloom was 23.
Bloom graduated last May from Michigan Technological University with degrees in biology and environmental engineering. She was passionate about saving the environment, and was taking one final road trip before starting a job at the Great Lakes Environmental Center in Traverse City, Mich.
“She headed many environmental groups while in college. Her professors said she was the best environmental engineer Michigan Tech had ever seen. She had the ability and the education to make a difference,” Brianne Bloom, Nicole’s sister, said.
In her spare time, Bloom was an avid traveler and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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  1. benjamin turney

    I would just like to say that Nicole was very special to me. Not a day goes by that i don’t think of her. I grew up with her in St.Joseph Michigan. Being a close friend of the family still i have an intimate connection to her and her life. Nicole supported me through the years by being there for me even through tough times while deployed overseas during wartime by sending me care packages and numorous e-mails keeping my spirits up in stressful situations so far from home. I love you Nicole and miss you with all of my being. Thank you for everything and i can’t wait to see you again.
    To those that put together these websites and said all those wonderful things i thank as well, just as did nicole, you’ve touched my heart and i visit you’re sites frequently just to be reminded of her spectacular beauty and determination.
    A1C Turney, Benjamin United States Airforce

  2. Jackie

    Benny and Nicole had a very special bond. I believe they had many past lifetimes together and will have many more. I love you both. Benny were are you? Nic’s Mom

  3. Dan Bloom

    I was sad to hear about the death of Nicole Bloom. Although I never knew her, her death at an early age is indeed tragic. I wish her Godspeed and may all her days in Eternity be peaceful and everlasting.
    — Dan Bloom, no relation, posting from Beijing, CHINA
    Regarding my blog below, ttp://bloomsinthenews.blogspot.com
    webmasted by Blognik Bloom, here is the information requested. I hope that in some small way, the blog can help keep the spirit of dear Nicole Bloom alive forever.

  4. John

    I climbed the middle a week after the accident.
    Her notice was posted in the Ranger Station. I
    remember feeling saddened as I passed the south
    couiler.GOd bless all who loved and were loved by this girl.

  5. Betty

    Taylor has a home in the Miami suburb of Palmetto Bay that he bought two years ago. The 24-year-old player is in HjJrFiZwfKpezK his fourth season with the Redskins after playing at the University of Miami, where he was an All-American in 2003

  6. Jahon Lee

    Its so strange see a picture of Nichole’s smiling face after having not seen her since the very last time i would see her. I remember the last moment i ever laid eyes on her, not knowing it would forever be the last. I was leaving the computer lab and glanced back at her as she laughed outloud to herself as she spoke to a friend online through IM. She had so much to offer the world and is sorely missed. I’ll never forget Nichole Bloom, hair down to her waist, and then no hair at all, smiles on her face and friend to us all. she was and forever will be a beautiful girl, inside as much as out.

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