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Ken Grimwood


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Ken Grimwood, a speculative fiction writer, died on June 5 of an apparent heart attack. He was 59.
Grimwood was best known for his time travel novel, “Replay,” which won the World Fantasy Award in 1988. He was working on a sequel to the book when he died.

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  1. Mike

    I was shocked to hear about his death a few days ago in July 2004. Replay is one of the greatest books ever and should have been a movie. Groundhog Day and Butterfly Effect “rip Replay off”. If anyone knows where I can read about Ken Grimwood’s life please email me as I know nothing about him. I hope he died knowing he wrote one of the greatest books ever.

  2. Mac

    i learned of ken grimwood’s passing, just today. i read replay in 88′ and it has always been a favorite of mine. i always hoped i’d one day meet mr. grimwood. now i’ll have to wait. i’m sorry he’s gone.

  3. Sean

    Thanks Ken, for “Replay”. It is such a wonderful story that has been imbedded in my memory all these long years. With “Replay” you do live forever.

  4. Bob

    I am shocked and sorry to read of Ken’s passing. Replay is one of those rare books that I have to keep reading over and over again. He will live a long time past his passing as his book reaches new people.

  5. Ahmad Al-Majed

    REPLAY by Ken is my favorate story ever .. I read the book so many times that it looks soo old now … I always wished for it to be a movie long before the groundhog day … I wish peach for the Ken’s sol

  6. Rakesh

    I first read replay in around 1992/3. Like everyone else I was unable to put this book down and have read it many times since. In fact I’m re-reading at the moment. I learnt of Kens death just a few minutes ago and am truely saddened.
    Its a testament to how wonderful the book is the fact that my wife read it and was also unable to put the book down. My wife hates sci-fi and is more likely to read books on dreams or star signs than actual novels. But she made an exception for Replay and has always thanked me for introducing her to the book

  7. Tyler Boreland

    I literally stumbled upon “Replay” while on vacation 2 years ago. I was in a convenience store looking for something to read on the beach and saw a ratty looking paperback behind the counter. I asked the clerk how much and he just handed it to me, smiled and said “You’ll love it.” Boy, was he right. So sad to hear of Mr.Grimwood’s death. I’m sure he’s winning a bet on the world series right now.

  8. mikem

    So sorry to hear of Ken’s passing. Replay is an excellent book. What imagination! I have read it and recommended it many times, It’s my favorite because it makes me wonder ” what if?”

  9. Alison Armshaw

    My favourite book ever. I only just found out about his death (3 years too late) as i’ve never been able to find any information on him.
    However, there is a site http://www.kengrimwood.com, which a fan has set up and has asked a friend of KG’s some questions about him, which are interesting. Worth a look

  10. Ed Pyle

    Ken was really enthusiastic about the prospects of a sequel to Replay. He’d been sleeping on the sofa at my place in L.A. one weekend when I awoke in the early morning hours to find the light on in the living room. I looked in to see what was going on and there was Ken, sitting on the sofa writing furiously in a spiral notebook. He always kept a small one with him to jot down anything that caught his interest…something seen or heard that might be used at some point in his writing. Here it is two or three in the a.m. and Ken’s beyond excited, telling me he’d awakened suddenly after dreaming what would work perfectly as the conclusion to the Replay sequel! It wasn’t long after, while I was on holiday in London, that Ken died suddenly at his home in Santa Barbara. I had lost my best friend of forty years, a friendship forged when we’d worked together in radio in Central Florida. A great guy, a great writer and the greatest friend!

    • Cathy

      Loved your commet about ken. Ken’s father dieded in 2007′. He was 90 yr age….the his father died at the same age.

      Milton’s grand newphew and i are working on some apple app’s
      Milton’s great grand newphew is brillant
      He is only 5 and can solve 7th grade problems

      The Grimwoods are gifted

      Milton’s grand newphew finish GA tech and he a very creative job with Turner B in Alt

      • Cathy

        hi paul
        It has been a long time since we talked

        Milton’s grand newphew finished Ga tech in aritcut(sp??……what you are. He has a very creative job at Turner b.

  11. Raymond Wright

    Ken and I were lifelong best friends from the time we roomed together in high school. He was a remarkable person even then and was like a brother to me. After our school years, he always had time for visits on the telephone. I have very fond memories of the (unfortunately too few) times we were able to get together in later years. Even now I wish I could call him and discuss the latest or hear how he is doing. Like family, I will always miss him.
    Ken’s father (Dr. F. M. Grimwood) passed away last week. As Ken was like a brother, his dad was like a second father. Some of my fondest memories are the summer vacations I spent with Ken and his family in Pensacola. Ken’s dad always had time for us. Like Ken, he will also be missed.
    I pass this informations along to those who met “Doc” Grimwood at Ken’s memorial in Santa Barbara and to any others who knew Ken and may have met his father. A memorial for Dr. Grimwood will be held at his home in Pensacola, FL on April 21, 2007.

  12. Paul Byron Crane asla

    I met Dr. Grimwood and Ken in the early 1970’s through an association with his daughter Teresa. Dr. Grimwood and I sporadically communicated until 2003 when I visited to extend my condolences concerning the passing of his oldest son, Ken. He asked me to keep in touch on a regular basis and I honored that. We traded calls and I enjoyed his counsel and wit. He liked to kid me about a particular incident in the early 70’s that seem serious at the time but we both found, now, hilarious. I called him on his 90th birthday to wish him well. Blackie like Ken will be missed.
    A single cell
    Found that it was full of light
    And for the first time there was seeing
    W.S. Merwin
    Paul Byron Crane ASLA, Seattle

  13. Steve Patterson

    I am so saddened to find out that Ken has passed. I have just found out about Replay. I Googled him with the intentions of writing him a letter and found this tribute. All I can say is, I am glad to see that I am not alone in the adoration of this book. I hope that he was aware of how deeply he touched people.

  14. Adrian Alvarez

    Saddened to find out that SR Ken Grimwood moved on but left us all a grate book. I have pass it on to others to read and enjoy may he rest in peace. Thank you for leaving a mark on me.

  15. Mark Rocchio

    I worked with Ken in the late 1980’s at KFWB Newsradio in Los Angeles. He was the nightside editor at the station, I was a reporter. During his tenure at KFWB, he took a vacation to Brazil and sent a postcard to me that I still have. He wrote it while on the beach at Rio when string bikinis first came in style. He said that he had been told there were beautiful mountains around the city, but hadn’t looked up yet. Ken’s understated sense of humor still makes me smile.

  16. Darren DeBari

    Ken’s book Replay has meant alot to many people over the years. I just finished a youtube Documentary on Ken and the book. If you are interested go to youtube and look up:
    Ken Grimwood’s Replay. God Bless All!

  17. richie young

    replay is one of the best books i have ever read.i first read replay in the late 80’s i bought a hardback copy, i cannot say how many times i have read the book. i just learned to day tht mr. grimwood had passed away, hated to hear the sad news. thanks mr grimwood for one of the best books ever written.

  18. Kim B.

    Replay is “it!” I would love to get my hands on anything Ken wrote towards the sequel to first book. I just now learned of his passing, but have kept that wonderful copy with dog-eared pages and all for many years. And I still have yet to read his other works…A movie would be awesome, but only if they did the words right.

  19. M. Landem

    Melville was an all but forgotten footnote in American literature until his revival and recognition as one of America’a greatest writers during the 1930’s.
    Ken Grimwood desrves a similar recognition for his deeply moving and heartfelt novel “Replay”. Sleeping on a shelf, known to but a few, truly great novels dwell in the heart and linger in the mind long after the author is gone.

  20. akgore

    I am so glad to see that the blog of Ken Grimwood’s life and book “Replay” still continues. I just found another website dedicated to him, but it was over 4 years old. It is amazing to me that this book and author touched so many lives! I read the book close to 18 years ago and again about 2 months ago. I also insisited a few friends do so, as well. Of course, they were both hooked. The book was also recently mentioned on a segment of NPR. All this time I thought it was some random book that no one else but me had found, but so many others have a similar story in how they “found” the book–mine is that it was a dog-eared copy of a friend missing a few pages, but that didn’t stop me and the condition of the book had no impact on how I regarded it. I agree with others that it should be made in to a movie, however, it better be somebody who will do it complete justice–anything else would be a travesty.
    My sorrow goes out to family, friends and others like me who were as affected by this book as much as I was.

  21. Frank Castle

    So, Has “Replay” ever been (or attempted) to be made into a movie? I also loved the book and the idea. I’m thinking about writing the screen play.

  22. iwatkin

    I just read Replay. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in recent years. I especially love that the reason for “replaying” is never disclosed, and even the fact that it can never be known is discussed by the characters: very clever work indeed. The story is very moving, touches on some very deep subjects, and comes close to my own world view. I’m sure Ken Grimwood had similar affectations. At least I hope so… and he’s somehow still alive… somewhere or somewhen.

  23. Lex

    I just finished Replay, and in hopes of finding a sequel to the novel I searched online for Ken. I’m heartbroken to find he passed on so many years ago. My condolences go out to the family and friends of this brilliant author. I found the book for no reason other than it was in the book store. I’d never heard of it, never knew anyone who read it, but found myself drawn to purchase it for no reason I could discern.
    This novel has touched me. My life, my beliefs, fears, hopes, and wonderings seem so clearly defined by someone elses words that I kept wondering if I was imagining this book in it’s entirity. It’s wonderful to find it has meant so much to others as well.
    I will pass this book on to anyone who’ll listen to me, and hope that they can gain as much from it as I feel I have.

  24. ed hamada

    January 11, 2009
    I am an attorney in Boston, MA, trying to find Ken Grimwood’s surviving spouse or children; or, if none, then any surviving relative, on a serious matter involving a benefit to his estate. This does not involve a liability nor a debt of any kind.
    If you are a relative or know how to reach one, please respond privately to my email address. Any such response from or directing me to such a relative, will be held in complete confidence.
    To judge my credibility, please see an abbreviated vitae at Martindale Hubbell, or lawyers.com.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Ed Hamada

  25. chetherington

    I read this book over 20 years ago when I borrowed it from a public library. I have often thought about it and had been frustrated that I had forgotten its title and author. However, the internet is a wonderful thing (sometimes) and after some research, I have rediscovered the details and a copy of the book is en route from Amazon. Cant wait to be reaquainted. Like many I am pleased that it seems to have had a similar effect on others and saddened that the author is no longer with us. I hope he is enjoying his own replays right now!

  26. travis burrows

    I just finished Replay today and was moved to tears at the ending. It is sad that he is gone but I am so happy that he wrote this book that we can all enjoy.

  27. alan brownstein

    Juat finished Replay. I found it in the library, looking for something good to read. How fortunate for me that I chose this book. I was so moved by the book that I immediately went online to see what others had felt and to learn more about Mr. Grimwood.
    I was shocked to learn of his passing. It just blows me away that he was working on a sequel and that he was so excited about it, so long after he wrote Replay. This book blew me away…I hope Ken Grimwood is happy, wherever, or as the previous posted said, whenever, he is.

  28. Fred Zerke

    In 1965 a girlfriend in Pensacola dumped me for Ken. My current wife was friends with Ken and Susie when they lived in Andale on Hudson New York (she also grew up in Pensacola) we were saddened to learn of his death.

  29. Fartnog Buttstinkle

    Like others here, I just finished “Replay” and found this site in looking for more information on Mr. Grimwood and any potential sequel. It’s a shame that Ken passed away so young but at least he left the world with a memorable, thought-provoking story before he went.

  30. Peter L. Draper

    I was on a the bridge of a Tugboat one September night in 07 as we were working a ship away from the dock where the Captain told me about ‘Replay’ since I had movie making aspirations and wished i had it to do over again. Although I have my own screen plays after finishing the book in 09 i couldn’t resist thinking about diong this as a movie ,so if anyone wants to join me with experience in this endeavor, i have the prefect muisic but don’t have the rights to the screenplay. Please call Peter @ 208-392-8977 Thanks

  31. Slava

    I’ve just finished reading Replay and it impressed me deeply.
    I was searching through wikipedia to find some interesting book about time travel. I’ve found a review about Replay and I liked the concept.
    I was so desperately eager to read it, but guess what – it has never been translated into my native languages – Russian or Ukrainian.
    I was digging all over google until I’ve found a scanned pdf version of it. In English of course. And it was even better for me reading it in original language. I’d like to translate it for my friends.
    Thank you, Ken
    You showed that there are things that couldn’t be bought for all money of the world. That there are true values like human affection and sharing

  32. Mike H NYC

    I was browsing on Amazon and noticed Replay as one of the “other members also enjoyed…”
    I clicked on the link and just thought it sounded like an enjoyable read.
    I just finished Replay 2 days ago. I had never heard of Ken Grimwood, or of this book. I have to say that as soon as I finished it, as soon as I read the last word, I had a sudden urge to jump right back to the start and read it again.
    I have many books that I have read again and again. This was the first time I not only didn’t want it to end, but wanted to get right back into the “world” he created.
    The only thing that stopped me was wanting my wife to read it first!
    Amazing. I know the last post was December of ’08, but I wanted to get this out there in case someone was thinking about reading this book. Also as a way to just express my appreciation for how deeply this book touched me.
    Here’s to hoping this wonderful, beautiful, inspiring book lasts for future generations to come. This man and his work of art need to be remembered.
    As for those wishing a movie had been made, I only agree because it may have caused more people to know about this great book.
    I just feel like spreading the word about this great writer and his perfect story.
    The idea that he was beginning a sequel? What a tantalizing proposition! Well, I guess we’ll never really know. That’s one book I certainly would love to read.
    May he rest in peace.

  33. Dan

    Truly one of the best novels ever written, I am currently reading it for the fifth time. It just seems like every 4 to 5 years I pick it up and can not put it down until I am done.
    I did not know of his passing until just now and like everyone, was saddened. I hope his family realizes how many people out there respected this great author. I guess since it has been six years the sequel to REPLAY will never get published, what a shame.

  34. marie-eve couturier

    I just finished replay for a class in french. I am from Montreal now in college. I had to choose a book and make a writting on it. I choose that book because i really liked the story…I just knew he passed away. I would have read his sequel of replay for sure

  35. bob marek

    Replay is the book I have visited many times since I first read it back in ’89. Like many of his fan’s, I was saddened not only by the loss of Ken Grimwood, but also with the knowledge that he was writing the companion novel to it when he died.
    So the loss is actually two-fold, no Ken/no book,
    I say it doesn’t have to be this way. I hope to do the memory of Ken Grimwood and Replay justice by penning the addendum to Replay tentatively titled, “Concerning the Replay of John Kellogg”.
    Thank you Ken for your inspiration.

  36. mike

    Having based my career in radio, this book got me hooked good in no-time.
    Couldn’t put it down, and like others, wondered about the movie-rights.
    Whomever decides to film this, i sure hope they do the script justice – Ken deserves it.

  37. M. Gokhan Habiboglu

    Definitely inspiring…
    And i’m also very sorry for his death…
    How ironic it is that the death reasons of both him and the main character of his most famous novel are same.
    It is even sadder considering that he was writing the sequel of Replay…
    And I very much wonder how i can reach the drafts of this sequel or anything related with it… If someone knows anything, please let me know: gokhanhabiboglu-at-gmail-dot-com

  38. Ayn McLeod

    I normally only read HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HORSE books or HOW TO books or Dr Phil’s Life Strategies type of books. A friend offered me this book Replay, I thought, why would I read a book that I cannot learn from ? I decided to just started reading it and see, give it a chance maybe, I couldn’t believe that I was addicted to this book and the feelings and characters. I liked the fact that he added actually historical events, dates, commodities – to keep it real. I was saddened to hear of Ken’s passing. I am hooked on his writings.

  39. Luis Enrique

    Aunque sea a título póstumo, me gustaría felicitar a Ken Grinwood por su novela Volver a Empezar (Replay) la cuál estoy leyendo estos días por segunda vez, en una traducción al castellano. Al margen de su indudable calidad literaria, realmente me ha sorprendido su novela porque me ha mostrado una serie de aspectos que son un fiel reflejo de algunas vivencias personales. A medida que sigo leyendo encuentro importantes revelaciones que me desentrañan aspectos de mi propia vida. Decididamente, en mi destino estaba previsto leer esta novela. Gracias Ken.
    Albeit posthumously, I would like to congratulate Ken Grinwood for his novel Go to Start (Replay)’s what I’m reading these days for the second time in a Castilian translation. Apart from his undoubted literary quality really surprised me because his novel has shown me a number of issues that are a reflection of some personal experiences. As I keep reading that I find important revelations unravel aspects of my life. Definitely, my fate was expected to read this novel. Thanks Ken. Luis Enrique

  40. Ed

    I just finished reading his book “Replay” and found it to be really touching and especially enlightening at the end.
    It seems ironic that Ken dies the same way as Jeff. It’s a great loss, i believe his sequel would have been equally impressive. Sadly we will never find out.
    The more i read about Ken, the more i realise that his own personal life mirrors that of Jeff. If there ever was a real replay, lets just wish that Ken has a better life in his next replay.

  41. Sean

    First I want to say it’s sad to know Ken Grimwood has passed away… I wish he would of been able to create more about the story of replay. I Read Replay in 1989, when I was a nineteen year old sailor stationed on a small pacific island called Guam. I remember it like yesterday, even though it was 24 years ago. I picked up the book off a book shelf in the crews lounge. I picked that book up and could not stop reading it, Replay took me off of that island and dropped me in a world of endless possibilities. Replay left a great impact on my belief system, I took the books philosophy to heart. I have lived “MY life” from the first page to the last, I got the message, Unlike the character Jeff Winston, We only have this life to be happy. I have focused on what has made me happy, Not worrying what others think but just focusing on my true happiness, “My LIFE” … because of replay, I know that this is my time to live and once its done, “IT”S DONE!!!”.”No Coming Back” Replay is a must read… Thank you Ken R.I.P

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