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Leonard Koppett


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lkoppett.jpgLeonard Koppett, a veteran sports writer who was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame, died of an apparent heart attack on Sunday. He was 79.

Koppett worked for the New York Herald Tribune and New York Post before moving to The New York Times in 1963. Ten years later, he became the Times’ first West Coast sports correspondent. Koppett also worked as the editor of the Peninsula Times Tribune, and wrote baseball columns for U.S. newspapers.
Koppett wrote 15 sports books, including “The Rise and Fall of the Press Box,” which will be released in October with Sportclassic Books.

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  1. Chris Preimesberger

    We all miss Len, one of the true class acts in journalism. He was editor of the Peninsula Times Tribune in 1982 when he hired me to be assistant city editor straight from my position in the Stanford Department of Athletics. I spent 10 years at the PTT, running the news, business, and Lifestyle sections at various times and serving as the television critic and community relations director at other times. I learned a lot about the business from Len; when we wanted to do something, he always brought another perspective to the decision that we hadn’t thought of previously. He was knowledgable on so many subjects — the mark of a true journalist. I was privileged to work for and with him for more than a decade. Rest easy, Len, and we’ll see you around.

  2. Rick Eymer

    Four years later and we still remember the Leonard Koppett Law, which states that anything which will inconvience a sportswriter will happen. He had such a special way of looking at things. He’s still very much an icon of the industry.

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