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Fielder Cook


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Veteran film director Fielder Cook died on June 20 after suffering a stroke. He was 80.
Cook never made any blockbuster hits, but he spent six decades making movies that featured stellar casts. He directed “A Big Hand for the Little Lady,” with Henry Fonda and Joanne Woodward, “Prudence and the Pill,” with Deborah Kerr and David Nive, and “The Member of the Wedding,” starring Anna Paquin and Alfre Woodard. He also directed the TV movie, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” which was based on the best-selling autobiography by Maya Angelou.

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  1. Joyce Granville

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cook on the set of “The Homecoming” 1971 which was the pilot for “The Waltons”. mr. Cook was handsome and charming and the whole cast loved him. He had great patience for actress Patricia Neal who had suffered a stroke a couple of years before. I was a child guardian for Judy Norton who played Mary Ellen. My birthday is March 8th and I was excited to know Mr. Cooks was March 9th. I still have two photo’s that were taken with Mr. Cook, Judy and I. Mr. Cook directed a little film called “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” starring Ingrid Bergmen. He rented a little movie theatre in Los Angeles and invited the whole cast and their families to see the film. It was wonderful! Mr. Cook directed a most amazing Hallmark Hall of Fame in 1969 called “Teacher, Teacher”. I didn’t know he was the director until I toured the Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City, Missiouri recently while on vacation there and saw a clip from that film. It is unavailable to the public but has been shown on tv in the past few years and also on Showtime. If anyone from Mr. Cooks family has a copy of this presentation, I would be proud to own a copy. I would treasure it. When Mr. Cook passed away, I sent Judy Norton’s mom his obituary and she passed it onto Judy. If anyone from his family should see this message I’d want them to know It was a treasure to know him and to watch the magic he created as a director. He was the best!
    Sincerely, Joyce Granville

  2. Bee Kilgore

    I am trying to locate Fielder’s daughters so I can send them so wonderful photos of he and my parents…Please email me if anyone knows how to contact them or his dear wife in Virginia..thanks so much Bee Kilgore

  3. Constance Good

    I met Mr. Cook when I was casted for the role of Maya in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. It was an honor to know him. I am blessed that our paths cross. I just found out today, 9/26/05, more than two years after his death, that he had passed. I am deeply saddened but will remember him always with love and warm memories. Rest in peace.

  4. Donna Leigh (Drake) Scott

    I was just thinking about Fielder for some unknown reason and google’d him and did not know that he had died. I was his secretary in the late ’60s during “How To Save A Marriage and Ruin Your Life.” He was a mentor to me. I was just turning 21 and he taught me so much about the business and life in general…He used to drink Guiness and one day he rang me to bring him one while he was in a meeting…I immediately did as I was told and he came out of the meeting, and said in his Henry Higgins way, “You didn’t REALLY put ice in my Guiness, did you?!” Shook his head, and elegantly turned around and back into the meeting. I was his assistant and an aspiring actress and he encouraged me and introduced me to various people, singing my praises. He loved his family and bragged endlessly about his daughters..I especially remember Lindsey. Once he took me to lunch and said, “Of course you are having escargot.” I said, “Of course.” Had no clue what that was…he quickly realized I had just fallen off the turnip truck and taught me how to eat them. Once when he instructed me to stay after work to watch the dailies with his crew, he realized it was too late for me to walk home in the dark so he drove me home…he walked me to the door, quick peck on the cheek and shooed me in. I watched him through the window with his hat over his heart twirling around in the moonlight as he danced out of the yard. I turned 21 on his watch and he was the first to send me 21 roses. He was like a wonderful uncle from England. He later directed my new husband (Tim Scott) in something and Tim was quite taken with him as well. Fielder was approving of my selection of second husband…he was a huge influence in my life and I will always think fondly of him…such a gentleman..kind and thoughtful. Somehow I thought he would live forever..but I guess he will in his family’s hearts and his great body of work.

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