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Sara Ann Freed


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Sara Ann Freed, an influential editor of crime fiction, died Wednesday. Cause of death was not released, although Freed was being treated for leukemia. She was 57.
As the editor-in-chief of Mysterious Press and the senior editor at Warner Books, Freed worked with several prominent mystery authors, including Marcia Muller, James Patterson and Kelly Lange. She also helped Patricia Cornwell turn her fictional medical examiner, Kay Scarpetta, into the heroine of a best-selling series of books.
In 1999, Freed received the Ellery Queen Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

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  1. Nancy Glass West

    I met Sara Ann at the Southwest Writers Conference and sent my novel, Nine Days to Evil, to her when my courage to persevere toward publication was at low ebb. Mysterious Press did not publish it, but Sara Ann wrote me: “If it were not so good, I would not have had so many read it. This is one of those close calls you see successfully publishes elsewhere.”
    Her words kept me going through rewrites toward publication, and I’m at work on a cozy mystery. Sara Ann made all the difference.

  2. Nancy Glass West

    As I previously wrote, Sara Ann Freed made the difference in my presevering toward publication of Nine Days to Evil, to be released February 16, 2004. If editor(s)who took Sara Ann’s position will email me their address, I’d like to send them an advance review copy. Sara Ann appears in the acknowledgement page of my book.
    Nancy Glass West

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