Richard B. “Dick” Iglehart dedicated his life to keeping criminals off the streets.
Iglehart attended the University of California, Berkeley, and the Santa Clara University Law School and then joined the Alameda County District Attorney’s office.
When Iglehart was appointed to chief assistant district attorney, he vowed to prosecute drunken drivers to the letter of the law. He headed a panel dedicated to finding better ways to prevent, investigate and prosecute child abuse. And he helped to draft a ban on assault-style guns shortly after Patrick Purdy killed five children and wounded 29 during a school massacre.
In his career, Iglehart prosecuted more than 120 cases ranging from serial murder, rape and child molestation to political corruption. In January 2000, Iglehart became a Superior Court Judge in Alameda County, Calif., a position he held until his death.
He died of an apparent heart attack on Tuesday. He was 61.