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Kathleen Raine


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kraine.jpgAlthough she was not well known in the U.S., Kathleen Jessie Raine was considered a grande dame of European letters.
Since 1943, Raine has published more than a dozen books of poetry and nonfiction, including a three-volume autobiography.
Britain’s Royal Society of Literature named Raine one of the 10 greatest living writers in 1991. The following year, she received the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. She became a commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and won the Edna St. Vincent Millay Prize from the American Poetry Society.
Raine founded Temenos, a school that studied how philosophy and the arts combined with religion, and published the Temenos Academy Review. She was also a leading authority on W.B. Yeats and William Blake.
Raine died on July 7. Cause of death was not released. She was 95.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Kathleen Raine, I am writing a doctorate on your poetry in France, I think you understood the world better than anyone else. You know the mysteries with such modesty. I write poetry too and I feel your poetical creation is based on the sense of the sacred and of beauty. Emotion is what you give birth to. Thank you again, rest with your angels and help me write a thesis on your work as close to your ideas as possible…

  2. Vivian Bazalgette

    I was taught English at St. John’s College, Cambridge in 1970-73 by Hugh Sykes Davies, Kathleen Raine’s first husband. The marriage was not a success, as is known. Stumbling across a photograph of Kathleen in later life, however, I discovered a remarkable resemblance between them, which may have been the source of their brief passion. I bought her lavish illustrated hardback study of Blake in 1969, which is a work of great scholarship. Her poetry is sublime though I am less familiar with it. I share her fascination with the psychologist, Carl Jung, for whom the symbols of imagination provide a lifelong thread of spiritual nourishment. So it was for her…..

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