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Howard King

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Howard King, a noted nature photographer and trailblazer, died on June 29 of natural causes. He was 97.
When King strained his back in 1958, his doctor suggested he take up hiking. King followed these instructions and became captivated by the redwood forests. He donated his photographs of the ancient, 300-foot trees to the Save the Redwoods League, which published them on postcards and posters. The pictures helped to raise millions of dollars to preserve the redwood forests in California.
King also designed and built trails through the forests. One of the 10-mile trails he plotted was named in his honor. In 1980, the California State Park Rangers Association named him an honorary state park ranger for his conservation efforts.

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  1. Jim Gibson

    Howard King was my uncle. He was married to my aunt Mildred King Gibson. His work was published by the Sierra Club “The Last Redwoods and the Parkland of Redwood Creek” includes several of his photos.
    I would like to relate a story about my uncle. Once Howard was going off for a week to photograph a rare flower. “A week for one photograph?” I asked. My father explained that no one knew exactly when the flower would bloom so Howard would sit it by it and wait. JimG

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