Prince Carl Gustaf Oscar Frederik Christian Bernadotte, a minor member of the Swedish Royal Family, died on June 27. Cause of death was not released. He was 92.
Prince Carl was a grandson of the kings of Sweden and Denmark, an uncle to the kngs of Norway and Belgium and the fifth in line to the Swedish throne.
His family hoped he would marry Princess Juliana, heir to the Dutch throne, but in 1937, Prince Carl married Countess Elsa von Rosen, a divorcee. Because he had wed a commoner, Prince Carl was forced to renounce his right to the throne. He and Elsa divorced in 1951. Three years later, Prince Carl married Ann Larsson, the daughter of a Stockholm builder, but they divorced in 1961. He wed for the third and final time in 1978 to Kristine Rivelsrud.
During the 1950s, Prince Carl acquired a reputation as a playboy. His relationship with a rich spinster resulted in her bequeathing a large estate in southern Sweden to him. In 1957, Prince Carl and the factor of that estate were charged with embezzling money from the spinster. At trial, the factor was convicted of the crime, but Prince Carl was acquitted. This scandal, however, ruined his reputation and he was forced to move to Spain. The estate was eventually given to the Swedish nation.