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Qusay Hussein


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qusay.jpgQusay Hussein, the heir apparent of Saddam Hussein, died on July 22 during a firefight with U.S. military forces in Iraq. He was 36.
The second son of Saddam, Qusay was largely ignored as a child. He came into political prominence, however, when his older brother Uday offended Saddam with his violent and erratic behavior.
Qusay was educated at the Al Khararkh Al Namouthajiya School in Baghdad and studied law at Baghdad University before he was named commander of Iraq’s intelligence and security services. He lead Iraq’s two elite military groups — the 80,000-member Republican Guard and the praetorian Special Republican Guard, a regiment of 15,000 soldiers charged with protecting the Iraqi president and his family.
After the end of the first Gulf War, Qusay lead the suppression of the Shiite Muslims in southern Iraq. He personally authorized the interrogation, imprisonment and execution of political prisoners and their families, and periodically ordered mass executions. At 25, Saddam ordered Qusay to run the Special Security Organization, the group charged with hiding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.
Like his brother, Qusay was the subject of assassination attempts. In 2001, he was wounded in the arm during a drive-by shooting. His security forces then used a rocket-propelled grenade to destroy the assassins’ vehicle.
When American and British forces invaded Iraq in 2003, Saddam chose Qusay to defend Baghdad and Tikrit, the family’s home and power base.

10 Responses to Qusay Hussein

  1. Kareena Jade

    For Qusay/Qusai.
    They say you torture and kill. But never known to rape, your enemies bear you ill will. For some, they think you mad – a man cruel and bad. Or maybe spoilt child – are your tears just a little bit sad? But it is to this life that you were bred. And yet still there’s good inside your head.
    Your country’s treasures you possess. You saved them from this war of evil mess. Your pride in The Bull, its head of gold. This – and other stories – they prefer untold. Blood will be shed -for lie upon lie. Until revenge is yours – my wronged Qusai.
    Always shining, you are in the thoughts of your idol – your father. And there for you – at long last – your brother. Inseparable – you and your own beloved child. Incomparable – you are a prince not so wild. Choices, horses; Gilgamesh – you lived like a king. To that we sing, voices in rejoices – and for Eternity and Spring.
    As you took every bullet – Oh please turn back the clock. Dawn of terrible day – I would stop. Lying in that room of mass destruction. Did you feel the killer wave – all its confusion? In the stench of betrayal, absolute. It is to you, the lion, we hail resolute.
    As you attain peace, we struggle with our grief and rage. We salute your presence, strength – and courage. Your briused and battered body may degrade in flagged grave. But fear not my dear – your beauty and smile; they can never erase. You are now a true martyr – in a place called Paradise. Most beautiful palace of all – your home until you rise.
    So farewell for now – my quiet and shy. For you, there is no final goodbye. No White Flag – no hand in surrender. Broken hearts bleed – torn asunder in thunder. And so to those who dared to hurt you – we say ‘Stop killing Arabs, America’. Chant on good people – and all those who love you. Kareena. XXX

  2. roy bin khaminey

    you enjoyed a good but you dudnt know that will happen what has happen, all that you did , you will blame your self , i bilieve , if you will get anather chance to back on earth again i hope that you will repent and be a good man , but such apotunity cant happen in any way, and remember all that you tortured and killed received you whear you are right now , and are asking many question about why you did thse to them. wishing you a good rest in peace my brother , and fearwell.

  3. Kareem

    Koss okhtak ra7 aneecha ya Qusay izzib. you have no more men to protect your sisters. I hope they get gang raped you assholes. Rest in hell, you filthy piece of shit, Saddam is comming soon .. to be toutured in hell too. *spit*

  4. Nathan

    You killed thousands of your own. You horded American money, watched American movies, drove American cars, and wore American clothes. But and your kind claimed to hate anything “western”. You were a hypocrite just like your father is. I’m glad your dead. “Sic Simper Tyrannus”.

  5. Me

    You were murdered by American soilders, and for that I am sorry. Your 14 year old son was murdered along with you and for that, I am doubly sorry. You did not deserve to die and we have no right invading your country. Alot of people speak ill of you and your family, they are ignorant or just believe everything they read. Only you and God know the real you, I’m sure no one on earth is worthy to judge you. Rest in Peace, and I certainly hope all the wrong will be right on day. god bless.

  6. crystyannamega

    The truth yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! He and his brother did some horrible things—– BUT! I do think (by what I know of them) that they did everything they could to escape their father. And in truth they did hurt people, but if they hadn’t the punishment for them probably would have been a lot worse… And at least they gave some kind of order to things, now it’s hard to tell whose evil and who’s not.

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