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Ahmed Safwat


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asafwat.jpgAhmed Safwat, a popular Egyptian squash player, died on July 29 of a heart attack. He was 56.
Although he was born in Cairo, Safwat spent most of his life playing squash in England. In the 1970s, he was praised for his grace and skill, and ranked as one of the top 10 most successful squash players in the world.
In his later years, Safwat won the World Masters Over 40 title and the Over 50 championship twice. When he wasn’t playing squash, Safwat was coaching teams in Egypt and Germany.

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  1. Hanna Safwat

    I loved my Dad very much, and miss him greatly. I never realised how many lives that he touched. He has taught me so much and i hope that i will always remember his smile and love for mankind. I pray that he is on his way to heaven and, if God will’s it, I’ll join him there one day. Thanks to all the people who have sent letters and cards of condolences, they are greatly appreciated by all my family.

  2. pat crapper

    Ann … I have no way of knowing whether you will read this but I only found out yesterday about your sad loss . I have so many funny happy memories of your time in Sheffield . Ahmed now lives a hole in my life but nothing like the ache you must be feeling . Could you make contact please so I can write more ??
    love Pat Crapper

  3. Adrienne Stead

    HI Ann & Family,
    I have only just read the news about Ahmed. I used to have coaching lessons with Ahmed back in 1985 & 1986, when I played at Ardleigh Hall, I also used to baby-sit for your children. I was so sad to hear the news, he really was such a lovely man, so kind. My best wishes to you all.
    Kindest Regards,
    Adrienne Stead


    i loved him very much i knew him at helipolis club he was a real gentlman and made me love squash after seeing him elegantly played .

  5. Fred Humphrey

    Hello Ann,
    I dont know if you will remember me, but I was running Birmingham Squash Racquets when Ahmed was in Birmingham and he stayed with me and my wife Jan at the club where he was coach for a while. I have only just seen the terrible news via the internet and know what a great loss it is for you and your family and for everybody who knew him. He was the perfect gentleman and I have nothing but wonderful memories of him as a player and a friend. Hope you get this e-mail and are able to reply. Love Fred Humphrey

  6. ady

    i have had plenty of time to think about what to say about ahmed but there would be too much to put into print.knowing ahmed for only a short period of time i quickly realised that he was someone very special.he was able to discuss with me on all manner of subjects and if he did not agree he would still listen and quite often he would change his point of view.the clock cannot be put back and that to me is the saddest heart really does go out to ann and the children.deep in my heart ahmed is someone who i will never forget.

  7. Derek Messenger

    I cannot believe I have only just read about Ahmeds tragic death so many years ago. He tought me to play the game when he was coach at Kingswood squash club in Basildon Essex and he was a fantastic bloke. Charming, polite, a brilliant mentor, trainer and friend. I stayed with him and Ann when he was coach at Abbeydale for just one evening when the world championships were being held there – he even made time to play me a couple of games – beating me 9-0 9-0 I recall (he could always do this, but whenever he coached he would always give you at least 1 point). Jonah Barrington was also staying with him the same evening – I think Jonah had been beaten in the quarters that same night by Zaman (who kept hitting the ball up Jonah’s b******. Ann and Ahmeds hospitality that evening was very typical of their generosity
    I watched many of Ahmeds “friendlies” with Mo Asran who often came to Kingswood to train with him. I also recall with pride when Ahmed ended a long run of victories for Geoff Hunt when Geoff was #1 in the world and Ahmed was #8.
    Although our lives moved in different directions we last bumped into one another at Heathrow airport when we were both waiting in Terminal 3 for relations to arrive. This was probably early 2003.
    I am very sad to hear this news – I wish I could have called a let.
    Fondest memories,
    Derek Messenger

  8. Richard Millman

    I wrote this poem the day that I heard that Ahmed had been taken.
    I knew Ahmed as a member of the Squash Racquets Professionals Association. As I say in the poem – he was a true gentlemen – a rare and wonderful individual – and a rare talent.
    If anyone can translate it into Arabic I would appreciate it.
    In memory of a Gentleman – Ahmed Safwat
    You are gone and my heart and
    The hearts of everyone that you touched
    Are emptier now.
    You were a magician, a falcon,
    A panther, a friend.
    A guide and the lightning that strikes
    On a summer day, when least expected.
    In competition you were a champion,
    A cunning tactician who cast mysterious spells,
    A spider weaving webs of confusion.
    And always the contrast,
    Delicately devastating.
    But no matter what the outcome,
    Always the willing hand of friendship
    And the disarming little smile,
    Like the first rays of early morning sun,
    Bursting over the horizon.
    And when we hadn’t met for many years –
    Warm recognition, real pleasure –
    You never forgot a name.
    You are gone, but we that remain,
    Retain the riches of your passing.
    We shall meet again, Insha-allah.
    Richard Millman
    ( all rights reserved – work in progress)

  9. Andrew Egan

    A very good high quality squash coach who taught me much from which I took much pleasure in the sport. I gained much enjoyment to start with and then took much from the endeavour to challenge and achieve later (Approx. 1990 -1992).
    Perhaps it’s the competition and the challenge that gives the satisfaction. A coach is supposed to inspire but some lead by example but the enthusiasm which Safwat had can be contagious. I plump for enthusiasm every time.
    The accolades are well deserved.
    God bless

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