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Eva Garcia


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Eva Garcia, a circus artist who performed aerial stunts on ropes and silks suspended from the ceiling, died on Aug. 8. She was 38.
Garcia was performing her acrobatic routine at the Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth, England, when she lost her grip on the safety wire and plunged more than 20 feet to her death. Eight hundred people witnessed the accident.
“There was no safety net because this particular act can’t be done with one,” said circus owner Peter Jay.
Garcia began her circus career when she was seven years old. Her family has been in the business for more than 100 years.

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  1. Sandra

    I was there when Eva fell, I didn’t realise at first how serious it was, I thought it was part of her amazing act.
    The stories are getting over exaggerated, most of the 200 people (not 800) who witnessed the incident also thought it was part of her act. Everyone left quietly when the ringleader annouced the show was cancelled for obvious reasons. After this people were crying, we all realised something had gone horribly wrong. Our hearts go out to her family and circus family.

  2. Saskia

    I knowed Eva well before she was went to london she was in bochum in germany to perform her vertikal tissu and antipoden number. she was so nice and I’m very sad about it. I can’t realise that she is dead. I have a photo with her while she was hug me. It’s so hard to understand why this accident must happen

  3. PatrickClarrison

    Being from a circus family,we knew Eva very well and my dad even worked withher last year in Sweden
    our hearts go out to all the Garcia family,on this tragic event,
    Patrick Harrison,

  4. Chris

    booking artists for some years now, I knew Eva very well. She was supposed to work in one of our shows right now. I got the news of her accident the morning after it happened and it still hurts if it was yesterday. All our sympathies go out to her family. We’ll keep her in our hearts forever.
    I wish she could be here with us now, but we will see her when we get there.
    Till than all my love to a wondeful woman.
    Bye Eva

  5. greg and sian arrowsmith

    We worked with Eva in cirkus Arena, 2001. She was a wonderfully warm, lovely lady. It’s hard to believe this has happened to her, it seems like only yesterday that she was drinking with us at our engagement party.
    We think of her often, and will always remember her.

  6. Becky

    I have known Eva since over 15 years.She was a wonderful person,a beautiful lady and a hard working artist.Its so bizarr to imagine shes not in our world anymore and as I know from friends we all try and imagine shes just abroad working…its hard to bare that shes not coming back.
    Eva was special and so is everybody of her family.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her family..and will be in our hearts and memory always.

  7. chloe

    dear eva i do not know you but i am very sorry i hope you are still having fun on the ropes in heaven. When i am older i want to be a gymnast like you were and i will always look up to you even though you are no longer around. I have been to the hippodrome before and i automatically knew what i wanted to do rest in peace chloe, norfolk.14

  8. denise

    I’m so sorry about the tragedy. I happened on this site looking for info about the beautiful building that this terrible thing happened in. And I remembered hearing about this on then news it just brings this sort of thing home and how prcious we all are.

  9. Amanda Russell

    This message goes out to Evas family, we know the family very well although we did not know Eva very well i am an arial silk artiste myself and when we first heard of this tradgedy my blood ran cold what the family must have gone through one can never imagine, and now whenever i work i think of Eva such a young beautiful girl, but it has changed me i check my rigging a lot more now and replace cables more often, but what we do is dangerous thats the thrill for the crowd but sadly thats the chance we take in order to entertain Eva had an exeptional act and entertained to the end, i am sure thats what she loved so at least she died doing what she loved to do.
    always in my thoughts

  10. Eva Garcia

    hey i just want to say i didnt not know ms. garcia but i found her name while i was searching online for people named eva garcia because that is my name but when i came across her and read about what happened i felt really sad and im very sorry that a tragedy like that has happened i hope the family is doing well and i wish the best for them and as for Eva may she rest in peace (RIP)

  11. Yara Macaggi

    Im Yara, i know the family and when i heard this news 4 years ago i was devastated. We worked toghether with the garcia family in friedrichstadt palace sevral years ago. I was just a kid, but i grew very close to the family….
    I guess Eva was so special that she will always be in our hearts….

  12. Marie Sandberg

    Eva worked a couple of times with Company Ralph Bolin in Sweden at the time being. At this time I was employed by Ralph and for one event CRB had, I was to pick Eva up at Skavsta Airport in Nykoping, Sweden, to drive her to Tranås where the happening was. This was one of severel times I met Eva. At this trip in the car we had a chance to speak about everything, and I remembers that I asked her if she ever was frightened doing her performance. Her answer was no. She wasn’t afraid at all. It was all so tragic and strange when the news about Eva’s death reached me. It was just a short time after our last meeting.
    Kindly Marie

  13. Tracey

    I can remember the day very well. I was waiting in the queue to get into the circus to buy tickets for that show but it was fully booked and the person that was in front of me was the last one to get a ticket. Disappointed we hung around Yarmouth for a couple of hours and we saw people coming out of the show in tears so i asked what had happened and was very upset to hear the news. My oldest daughter was extremely upset and scared and has never been in a circus since. Myself and my younger children still love to go and really enjoy it although we go knowing what had happened and adds extra fear into the dangerous acts that these brilliant artistes do.

  14. Pearl Jarl

    I was a friend of Eva’s and we worked together several times around Europe. She was an amazing woman and circus artist. We had so much fun together! I heard that it was the brakes to the wire, that her fabrics hanged into, that stoped working and therefore she fell? It’s a tragedy and big loss anyway!
    R.I.P. dear Eva!
    Love, Pearl

  15. Charlotte

    Dear Eva
    Last night i had your changing room and i performed on the stage where you fell. There is a memorial on the wall for you so i was interested i didnt know you died on that stage but we all performed for you that night because even though we were a theatre school. All of us in the changing room had a two minute silence for you x
    our performance was amazing and the people in our changing room cryed when they sung this is the moment for the finale because some moments end lives x

  16. Jose Arroyo

    Hola Eva e visto tus videos y eres el ejemplo vivo porque nunca te iras de nuestros corazones.todavia no se a creado un nombre con el que se te pueda definir, porque increible,perfecta y demas se quedan cortas. Muchos besos donde quieras que estes.

  17. carla perris

    I once knew Eva, but I have not had the chance to work in the same place with her, I admire the Garcia family as they have represented (and are) really “an artist”, I think maybe that’s why the call that God, because he had to spend there as well ….. with affection a thing by Carla Perris.

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