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Johnny Cash


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jcash.jpgJohn R. Cash, an American music legend known as “The Man in Black,” died on Sept. 12 from complications of diabetes and respiratory failure. He was 71.
Cash spent three years as a radio operator in the Air Force, where he learned to play guitar while stationed in Germany. After his 1954 discharge, he moved to Memphis and auditioned for Sam Phillips’ Sun Records. The label, which also launched the careers of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis, signed Cash to release the rockabilly single, ”Hey Porter.” He followed that up with the chart topper, ”Folsom Prison Blues,” a song that featured Cash’s most famous couplet: ”I shot a man in Reno/ just to watch him die.”
A long succession of hits followed, including “I Walk the Line,” a song that remained on the record charts for 43 weeks and sold over 2 million copies. In his 1971 hit, ”Man in Black,” Cash said his decision to wear black clothing, rather than the flashy rhinstones other singers preferred, symbolized the downtrodden people in the world. He’s been called by that moniker since he joined the Grand Ole Opry at 25.
Touted as the most recognizable voice in country music, Cash won 11 Grammys — most recently in 2003 for ”Give My Love to Rose” — and six Country Music Association awards. A member of the Highwaymen, with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, Cash connected with fans of many generations. His link to the youth of today was solidified when he released a cover of the Nine Inch Nails’ song, “Hurt,” a move that earned him seven MTV Video Music Award nominations.
With more than 400 songs to his credit, Cash became a member of the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame when he was only 48, and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. He also published several books, including two autobiographies.
His second wife, June Carter Cash, and daughter Roseanne Cash, were successful singers. June, who co-wrote Cash’s hit, ”Ring of Fire,” died in May.
Watch the Video for “Hurt”
Listen to a Cash Interview on NPR

142 Responses to Johnny Cash

  1. Melrose Brown

    My deepest sympathy to the Cash family in the loss of Johnny. He will be greatly missed by all who loved him. There will never be another like Johnny – but the world is a better place with his songs that will last forever. How he will be missed by all of us.
    Melrose Brown
    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

  2. Laura A.Humes

    I see a Black Knight up in the sky.
    Fighting for truth as he’s flying by.
    Like I fought for Jesus,when nobody knew,
    And the right to be free for me and for you.
    He looks for a justice to watch over me,
    My help is in Heaven in the part called Sunny.
    He settled his life and he sang for his Lord,
    The finalization,the drape and the sword.
    I hear my heart beating like the sound of a drum.
    As the Black knight responds with his rum-ttumtum.
    A far and a way the whistle does blow,
    Calling him home,calling him home.
    (I don’t have much recollection about the
    people that wandered in and out of my life,I’ve
    had too many strokes for that,but I’m sure he was
    one of them and that he will be greatly missed by all.Peace and condolences to the family and friends of John Cash.)

  3. van johnson

    dont cry dont cry for me, im up here in heaven with jesus beside me, im surrounded by angels and the ones ive dearly missed, dont cry , dont you cry for me. the good lord sures been good to me, hes blessed me with so many friends and a loving family, he even went farther and gave me a mansion in the sky, dont cry son, dont you cry for me. copr.2004 van b. johnson

  4. Thomas

    I’m not a big fan of Country Music.
    But Johnny Cash is one of my favorite.
    I keep playing his music over and over.
    Never get tired of it.
    His songs continue to run through my mind…..even when I’m out in a field away from everything.
    Watched a docomentry on him. He was one….where you could not take your eyes away from. He should had a certain thing about him…..that drew people to him.
    I’ve talked to other people…..who do not like Country Music as well. But they were also very drawn toward his music. He touched everyone!!

  5. olivier larouche

    my name is oliver i am 21 years old guy
    from quebec.when i heard about the death
    of johny i was fucking sad and i still
    listen is record again and again,we have
    a big icone of the country music missing
    and a great i watch the
    video hurt for the first time and i begin to
    cry,but now johny and june ARE back together
    i wish the memory of johny gonna stay in the
    mind of everyone.
    rest in peace johny!
    (sorry about my broken english)



  7. Zachary

    Johny you were the man. I liked you so much that i am doing a report on you for music. i will never forget you man. we will miss you
    your biggest fan
    from Dyersville, Iowa

  8. joshua shymko

    Johnny Cash you are truly the bravset man in the world and i would like you to no this because i may only be a twelve year old kid but you now the song hurt makes me feel so much better because i was always picked on in my younger ages i still am once in a wile but yuor song helps and makes me think am i going to take it you trluy are my hero and i am doing this for school im so glad we are doing this thank you my dearst friend i will always rmemberyou and june thnak your my idol

  9. joshua shymko

    I no i have already wrote but when I write on this page i feel so geat like i have never felt before Johnny and June you people realy make me seem so much more imporant then a victime for bullys i no no body needs to be treated like a bullys toy but that is wat they think but you no never give up and once again thank you Johnny for singing the song hurt it makes me feel so good you are my hero………………………

  10. Jordi Gaxiola

    Mr Cash, the man in black, the legend…
    You left the earth, but you have never left us, you still live in our hearts and in the power of your music, you will be eternaly among us creating the greatest feelings as we listen to your music, your legacy…
    My deepest sympathy for the Cash family.
    Johnny, you will never be forgotten, and your cover of NIN “Hurt” it’s a master piece that allowed many of us to know you better, that’s why we are torned with your death…
    Forever Johnny Cash!!!! one of the greatest man to walk this earth.
    With respect and admiration,
    Jordi Gaxiola

  11. Matthew C.

    I am a 22 year old. When I got my computer two years ago I started my own collection of songs and have to say that Johny Cash is one of my favorites. I have nearly 5,000. Highway Man is my favorite and at the moment am getting as many songs of yours I can find. You were great!!! You were awesome!!! You were “The Man!!!” One of the greatest human beings of all time. your music lives fore ever. I lost my mom and dad both by the age of 21 so I know how the Cash familie feels. Words can not explain. My dearest sympathy. R.I.P.

  12. Pavlo K

    Whene I hear him sing, I feel protected by his tender voice from all this bad music and bad lyrics comming out every day to kill our ears. I am sorry I never had the chance to shake his hand look at his eyes and say to him: Thank you! Thank you so much for helping me with your great voice and your great lyrics.

  13. Colton Snider

    You were and still are my favorite song writer and singer. I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. I bought 3 books and 4 CDs. I can’t choose which song is my favorite. I like them all. You are the best. I can’t wait till i meet yu in heaven. Thanks a lot for the treasures you left us.

  14. LENNIE

    What more can anyone say. Mr Cash you had it so rough.yet you came through it all to bring happines to millions
    God bless
    sleep in peace.

  15. miguel angel leos

    I`m a regular guy in Guadalajara, but i dream about being “named sue” and always “wear in black” and go to the border to “Juarez, Mexico” and shoot my woman down…
    johnny cash… the best

  16. Gregory Patryk Mazur

    It is 2.21 a.m. and I’m still lookin’ for anything concerning your historic concert in Poland.
    For me you are the KAIROS, the PROPHET and the TRUTH.
    YOU gently lead me to Jesus,THE LIVING GOD,one day after another.
    That’s what counts to me after so many years of fruitless inquirings.
    Aid me in a good fight, that I’m strugling day after day !
    Good bye for now “dear brother”,

  17. Sasa

    On regret and best must gone but what is good for us
    he was deposit a trail for everybody who want to hear and look
    thak You John, God Bless you

  18. Nate

    I am in love with John’s music. He made a great contribution to humanity, and the old ways. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to his music, and go into deep thought and introspection.

  19. Juan Mendez

    It is sad he passed away.. but he left his legend and essence to all of us, and to other musicians. I never liked country music, but it was a turn around, when I heard Johny Cash.. what a cool guy he is…

  20. Dewey Weddington

    There’s an old story my father Red used to tell of a young man with slick dark hair and a guitar on his back. On a hot afternoon at a cafe in the South the young man wandered into a restauarant where my father was a fry cook and afternoon manager. Sitting at the counter the youth shifted his quitar and with an ucomfortable voice said to the waitress, “Mam, I’m mighty hungry but I ain’t got no money. That sandwich over there sure looks good and that soda, nice and cool. If you would consider a trade I would be happy to play a song or two for your customers in exchange for a sandwich and cool, cold soda.” Not to overstep her position the waitress deferred to the afternoon manager red who said, “Young man I know your story, I am wandering as well. If you can play that guitar and sing as well as I can cook you can have anything you like.” The dark haired young man simply replied, “Sir, all i need is a sandwich and soda and I’ll be just fine.”
    Up came the guitar and after a comb of his hair the young man played for nearly half an hour to the awe an surprise of the customers in that hot southern diner. Once the quitar was back under the counter Red set a fresh sandwich and soda on the counter. That was followed by a salad, potatos and a slice of pie. Once all the food was eaten the young man was handed a paper bag with more food for the road. Red looked at the young man and smiled, “You sure have a fine voice, the best I’ve heard. If I ever get a chance to buy a record with you on it you can be sure I will.” “Than you sir,” replied the young man.
    About a month later as Red drove to a new town, a new cafe, he heard the radio announcer say, “I’ve got a treat for you today, a new song from a young man named Johnny Cash. I think you’re gonna like it.” The first song was one played in the cafe by the young man with slick dark hair and a guitar on his back.
    Thus began the a life time for a Cash fan.
    The really cool thing is that Red, my dad, was waiting in heaven to welcome Mr. Cash. I think they probably sat down with a sandwich, a cool soda and a slice of pie.


    heard of him so many times as a legened of country music but i just got his cd last year and i think he still remanes a legened of country music.

  22. DEREK MALLETT.england

    Rembembering you with much affection johnny,is it really 2 years since we lost you?every song you sang was full of emotion and humanity,who can listen to ‘HURT’or watch the video without tears in their eyes and lump in the throat? We shall never forget you,thankyou for the legacy of so many brilliant songs.R.I.P

  23. Mark Juneau

    Johnny Cash has always inspired me. I have been a fan all my life. The world would have been a lot
    less of a tolerable place if Johnny did not learn to play and sing as he did.
    He and June are two special people. (Not were two
    special people) because they their mortal bodies have died, but their spirits (who they really are)
    live on because of Jesus.
    Thank you to his family and especially his children for sharing them with us.

  24. denis gauthier

    I am a big fan Of Elvis Presley , did not listen to anyone else , tought that no one could touch him , was like a god , then I went to see the movie walk the line . It was a sign of god , cause i can sing very well and always tought that what is the point of trying to go somewhere when a guy like elvis presley came by , did not know someone as adored as him . saw and heard johnny sing in his movie (well not really him singing but sounded like him) just showed me you just dont need the looks and the fancy clothes to have people listen to you you need soul and he had it . he as change my life and i’m starting my own brand of music will try it out and dont care if people dont like it i do it for myself as he did .
    I want to thank you Johnny cash for inspiring me like you did you are one of a kind !!! and I listen to you on and on my elvis cd’s are pretty dusty right now 🙂

  25. Chantel Latour

    Just last year, I heard my dad put on Johnys cd..I fell in love, I love his music he was a great songwriter, and singer with or without his lovely wife June. Just last night I saw the movie Walk The Line and it was wonderful
    they sounded jus like Johny and June. I loved that movie and now a HUGE fan of both Johny and June. I’m goin to miss those two,I thought that story of theirs was beautiful.
    I am now one of Johnys biggest fans and I dont care what anyone else says I think he was a wonderful man with a huge heart!!..
    R.I.P Johny and June…You will be missed by millions and millions of your fans…

  26. Jake

    I am only 14 and live in indiana. I was introduced to johnny’s music not more than a month ago and can’t stop listenin to it. i saw a biography on him last year and it made me realize just how great a man he was. He has put a hole new prospective on live. I think my dad said he hung out with him a few times when he was younger( back in the 50’s or 60’s). I love his music. Thanks Johnny you’ve opened a hole new light on my world. i’ll always remember you.

  27. Anastasia

    I am 34 years old and I am not a country music fan in the least. I did grow up with the music of Johnny as did the rest of the Western Hemisphere, and my parents would play him in the car – especially my dad. I thought it was man’s man sort of music, and as a little girl felt like my dad was sharing himself with me by sharing his music.
    I grew out of his style of music as I grew out of my parents. I’ve always said however not liking Johnny was like not liking grandpa. He’s our favourite because we love him. I love all things Johnny and am so sad for our loss.
    I love the video “Hurt” He seems so real to me. This music video is the only one I have saved to my computer. I like it this much. I like the way I feel just thinking about Johnny. It’s like a brief whif of something from the past.
    Thank you to the Carter-Cash family for the sacrifice of sharing a family member with the world. Your generousity will extend on to the end as does our memories of a good, good man.

  28. Dallon Horman

    When I got home for school and turned the T.V. to cmt thats when I heard the news of the death of johny cash.I hated to hear that he had died.But now he is in heavon i’m sure singing for god.

  29. Carolyn

    I would like to start Karaoke in the Prisons. I live in Washington, Everett I am inspired by John. Can someone out there help sponsor my org. I still don’t have a name yet. 452-760-3734

  30. Robert Hamilton

    I’m a country boy at heart, although I haven’t lived out of the city (Seattle, Washington) for a few years. I think it’s easy to say that Johnny broke all the bounds though. Truely an American Legend. I’ve loved Cash ever since I was a little boy and heard him on my father’s vinyls. We love you Johnny, you don’t have to be The Wanderer anymore, you’ve found your place, and I hope to see you there one day. June, you have been an inspiration as well and have been the impact of many lives as well, I wish both of you eternal peace and happiness.

  31. Gueorgui Mitov

    Johnny Cash has is and will allways be my Icon!
    I allways wanted to see him i consert and I was very
    happy to attend The highway man show on April 22’93in Toronto, just shortly after my arraival to
    God bless his soul!

  32. Laurie Seabrook

    I remember you as a little girl sitting on my dad’s knee and listening to my dad sing along with your beautiful voice. Dad is long gone now and everytime I hear your music I still think of the closeness I felt to my Dad at that moment. Although you are gone your music lives on and brings back comforting memories. May you rest in peace.

  33. Peter

    I met you 4 years ago, by Rick’s help. It probably changed my life, but sure my view on music.
    You emptied my brains,
    and filled them up with feelings,
    Your voice made me feel wat life is about
    the older one gets
    the more one understands,
    You understood

  34. Mohammed Ali

    I never knew Johnny Cash untill i got into my boxing career, i know you who read this wont believe that the actual Mohammed ali is on this web page, but its true. I am nearing the age of death, though i listen to Johnnys songs and it soothens the pain of death and makes me want it more. Johnny was and will always be remembered as a great guy, Or to say “The Man In Black”. God be with you, hope to see you real soon Cash.

  35. amy

    I have just been to see the movie Walk the Line with my mum which i thoroughly enjoyed and during the movie my mum got quite tearful as your music brought back so many memories…. happy memories i might add, that she and my dad had together as he loved your music. We had all your records growing up back home in dublin and although they seperated a long time ago(after 25yrs) its nice to see that she could cry and smile lovingly at the joy you gave them both with your music.

  36. Keith Ewing Ferguson

    Johnny Cash was and always will be one of the very best in my book.I was at a couple of his performances, and have been a livelong fan,and shall remain one. I’m sad that he and June are gone from this world, but I rest in knowing they are in the Lord’s House, and we shall met again oneday. To borrow from another fine man; Bob Hope. “Thanks for the memories!” Rest in peace. For we know you’ve been blessed by God!

  37. Geco

    I was in Germany with the Royal Air Force when Johnny was with US Air Force. I was never privelidged to see him perform but his songs and character have been with me all these years. HURT is the epitome of all that he stood for.
    God bless and Rest in Peace

  38. Kristina

    Johnny And June Cash
    My Name is Kristina,
    I was sad when i heard about when u died and i know Johny and June by my mom and dad they somtimes talked about them and i listened to their music and i found out their music was amazing mostly the “Jackson” one when i heard they died i was hurt and so i started listening to their music and going on the web to look at their pictures and remember them they died when i was 9 years old before they died i wish i could meet them someday i am going to go where they used to live and where they went and i am gonna sing to just like they did. But since we all fans and family members miss them so very much we get to see them again so no need to cry we get to see our family again all u have to do is just accept Jesus in your heart and believe in him and so u will see your family same that we will see Johnny And June Cash!!! we will remeber them always!!!! And the movie Walk The Line makes me so happy because it is a wonderful movie about them and when i watched it it made me kinda cry but no need to be sad we will see them again!!!!!!:)
    We Love u Johnny ANd June!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ryan Heppel

    Johnny was a man who wore black for those of us who could not enjoy all that the priviliged could. His music was cutting edge, original, moving, fast, full of meaning, and most of all, wholesome. He is a legend to this day. Thank you Cash, let your voice ring into the future.

  40. John Harrington

    My uncle and i would always listen to Johnny and he one of my favorite singers in my life. im only 18 i deffinetly wasnt around back then but hes just a great singer and the movie walk the line was the greatest movie i ever seen. great influence in my life cause i love to sing and play like him.thanks ash

  41. Kromel Everhate

    Seems that the movie “Walk the Line” has created a new fan base for the Man in Black.
    Thanks Mr. Cash for your gift that I shall cherish for the rest of my life. Although you are gone, you are back with June. So your back where you belong.

  42. Ellen-May Reid

    I am & always have been a BIG FAN of Johnny Cash. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.I have most all his c’d’s & a couple of his movies. I loved him in J.Helmes & the Last Days of Frank & Jessie James. My son who grew up on country music came over & says to me “mom lets hear A BOY NAMED SUE”. He said he didn’t think he would want to hear that song again when he got older & into his own brand of music. He was suprised when I told him J.Cash knew a few of his favorites & even wrote & performed with them. I enjoyed Walk The Line movie**** Good-Bye & I’ll keep you all in my prayers always!!!!

  43. taylor urie

    i’m only 8. but meand mama love you’re songs are great everyone will miss you haaaaaaaaaaaaa.that was like a huymn .good bye johnny (tear) TAYLOR

  44. Katherine Goin

    I have known of Johnny Cash from my parents but never fully grasped his life until I saw the movie ” Walk The Line “. I have complete and utter respect for him and all that he has done, and for June for never giving up. He was a wonderful man and is probaly singing as we speak. I am soo moved everytime I see or hear ” Hurt ” because now I know how much pain he truly endeared. He is now at home with his wife and his Lord. God bless you and your family Johnny, you are greatly missed.

  45. Matt

    hi, johny cash was and will always be one of my greatest heroes. he overcame many devestating moments in his life, and still managed to give his fans his all. he is one of the greatest men that the world has ever seen. we will all miss you johny, the Man In Black.

  46. James Murphy

    One of Johnny’s final songs was with his daughter Rosanne. The name of it is “September when it comes”,a beautiful,very melodic song. It is quite a coincidence that he and his daughter wrote this song right before his death, and also that it was about something that was going to happen in September, the month of his death…
    And to Johnny:
    We love you Johnny, and your beautiful wife June Carter, who you are now with in Heaven.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us all. Especially for the wisdom you gained through your hardships which you taught us through your music. We all have learned a lot because you allowed your life’s good and bad times to be an open book for everyone to see and share with you.
    Finally…thanks for showing that God loves us all very much, and that Jesus is always there for us, even if we do not even notice him standing there with us. You taught us to look and see him waiting for us, and to love him back, which is all he wants.

  47. vet

    Just so great to read all the comments,and I guess we all feel the same.Since the movie”walk the line” has come out,it was almost as if we had Johnny and June back,these people did such an incredible job of portraying them!!! But it is the music that sustains us,I never tire of listening to it or watching the video of Hurt!!!
    John ,June, I love you guys so much and know that I will see you both again one day,Praise God!! There will never be another John and June,nor another Elvis Presley!!!!! Guess the buch of you are playing together once again!! All my love, Vet

  48. josh sizemore

    My deepest sympathy to the cash familey
    i’m one of the best johny cash fan
    just to show how much i love johny cash i wear
    black everyday with something johny cash on ti
    my room has sevearl johny cash and june carter
    items including albums. agin my deepest symphathy.
    we miss you johny country music is never the same since youve past
    posted by josh age 15
    a johny cash fan forever.

  49. brittany

    Hey everyone. YA know i wasnt really wasnt much of a johnny cash fan until i watched the movie walk the line. I have always loved elvis and a big fan but i saw the music of johnny cash and know im obsessed. My favorite songs are rocknroll ruby and ring of fire and jacskon. my favorite elvi song is thats alright mama. now i cant stop watching the movie walk the line and no practically ever johnny cash and elvis presley were the best singers ever and sad that they have past. so johnny country music will never be the same wothout you.

  50. Tony and Isabelle

    Our sympathies go to the Cash family. Johnny Cash left a fantastic body of great songs and memories that made all of our lives a much happier place,
    thanks Johnny

  51. Casper D Coetzer

    He was one of the best country singers in the world. We all will miss him. If u all can go and watch the movie “Walking the line”
    It is brilliant.
    Casper South Africa

  52. Adam Padavic

    My Dear J.R thank you so much for your bravery and your music, I love you with all my heart and soul, I will never forget you and when I am sad and lonely I will put you on. I love you

  53. Chris

    Growing up in the early seventies, I remember visiting my grandparents house. I would have to find something to do, so I would play their records to entertain myself. One grandmother had Elvis Presley and the other had Johnny Cash. I used to play Johnny Cash records over and over again when ever I visited. I never realized till I was much older how much of a pioneer he was and how much his voice and words influenced my choice in music and life.

  54. *********

    *cry*i could have said something something earlyer…but i just started liking johny cash,im only 12 so i never really heard of him,but i watched a movie that came out about his life….now i love his music!!!miss u johny

  55. kendra

    well…my dad started talking about johnny cash and he made me listen to his music and i fell in love with it..he is the best singer ever…i love all of his songs…i cant pick between them…there all great….but i only have 2 cd’s so far but i know im going to get more… he will always be in my memory….
    his biggest fan

  56. jay

    I just saw “I Walk the Line” and have not been able to stop thinking about it for 4 days now. I appreciated the love story of June and Johny but I hurt for both of them and their previous spouses for the pain they all endured. It has really compelled me to work harder in my marriage and as a father to my 3 children.
    I think the movie hit me hard because of how big an influence their music was to me. I remember almost 30 years ago as a 10 year old riding on our lawn mower several hours a week listening to my Cash tape on my cassette walkman. I would flip it over and listen again and again. I was hooked on country when rock was king. My brothers made fun of me.
    I loved the Carter family, although I did not know the lineage necessarily. My mom would play Wildwood Flower on the guitar and to this day it is my favorite melody.
    I miss them!…jay

  57. ashley

    i love johnny cash he is the best i will always remeber the way he proposed to june on stage i just thought that was so sweet and johnny cash was so cute he will always be remebered for his wonderful music
    johnny cash

  58. Don Dolce

    God Bless the “The Man in Black” and June Carter Cash. As a kid growing up in NY I was’nt much into country,except for Johnny Cash…. By the way, I now live in Georgia and love country…
    Thank’s Johnny

  59. Ryan Hudson

    Johnny, you represented a hope that shone throughout all the turmoil and sadness of the world. Your legacy will live on through your music. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.

  60. Daniel Cooke

    Hi my name is Daniel Cooke. I am 16 and a really big fan of Johnny Cash. Have all teh albums.
    It was a loss when I heard he had died. At the age of 13 it hit me really hard I was upset for weeks. It makes mw wonder why god would take such a man who is loved by all.
    Rest In Peace Johnny at least now you have been reunited with your brother. Love you always.
    What a LEGEND !!!!!!!!!!

  61. kyler kelly

    My heart is heavy it is now 2006 and I miss you as if you died yesterday. I now say Goodbye to you! you meant a lot to me and always will! I won’t ever forget how your music made me fell a strange longing even as a child. Though at times it can be painful to liston to your music. I’m thankful for the memories they bring me. God bless you John no one Deserves the peace more than you.
    kyler kelly

  62. Bruce

    I am a psychologist who once worked as a prison shrink, and performed Johnny Cash songs behind bars for inmates as part of a presentation I did for them on depression & suicide. It’s a story that inspired me to write and record this song:
    JC Therapy
    words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006
    That story may be found here:
    Johnny, this one’s for you:
    (We) Still Miss Someone
    Dr. BLT
    new Dr. BLT lyrics adapted from Johnny’s original,
    I Still Miss Someone
    aka Dr. BLT, The World’s First Blog ‘n’ Roll Artist

  63. sale

    for heroism and geniusism
    the best,the only,my idol forewer and (only)
    i’m very sory to never seen this giant in action,becaouse i am from serbia and pure in heaving no many,(back’s-dollar’s),in time when was posible to see johny live in concert.
    thank you johny for existing your’s-in time

  64. Judy

    I just heard his last song yesterday called “Hurt” and I was so touched. I just cried as I heard him sing about his life and what it all had really meant. I hope you all will listen to it – it is so profound. He became a more wonderful person at the end of his life, than during his whole lifetime. What a blessing to hear his words. I feel that he wrote his most beautiful song ever in his lifetime. Isn’t it ironic that at the end of his life he would write it. I know I will see him in heaven one day along with June – they both were and are such an inspiration to me – especially their faith in Jesus who is the Way, Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through the Son – they lived it and I am so grateful.

  65. Stacey

    My name is Stacey and i love the song HURT, its my favorite, I can relate…. When i read that he died of complications of diabetes i cried. Im 16 and i have diabetes and it really touched me , you will always be rememberd Johnny Cash, You will be greatly missed….

  66. Rickey Galwey

    I always loved Johhny cash from the first time i heard boy named sue.. Im 24 I beleive i started like Johnny Cash when I was about 14 when dad introduced me to Ring of fire and Boy named sue and Folsom Prison I love that song…. I sing that when I karoke… when i go this week i will dedicate a few songs to the man in black I love him hes the 2nd greatest country singer to ever live…. i beleive Hank Sr. is number 1 even though he wasnt around in my time he started country music and if Johnny was alive today even he would say Hank sr. is beeter then him. But I love Johnny just as much as hank……Johnny your loved and missed by all wish I could type all the things I wish to say.. but I will see the only man in black allowed in heaven when i go….love and miss you…………Rickey Galwey, West Virginia

  67. Kriss

    I recently watched the movie, Walk the line and i was amazed at the achievments of Mr. I am really impressed. i will listen to all his songs.

  68. Chad Keplin

    Johnny Cash was one of the truest Americans to ever live, and perhaps one of the best celebraties of all time. Johnny suffered more pain than anyone of us could ever realize. To think that he outlived his brother, mother, father, and wife. He watched them all die. Even the original members of his band. And do you know what he did? He kept singing those songs. He kept trying to cheer everybody up. And to think that todays celebraties and athleetes complain because of the media or because 1/2 a million dollars isnt enough for them.

  69. kaley schweder

    hey yester day i watched the movie walk the line with my mama and i just can’t believed you died!!!!!!!!
    we all miss ya,
    kaley taylor schweder

  70. karen Thompson

    I’m so overwelmed right now, I’m a jamaican and i saw the movie, i’ve watched it like six times already, and its beautiful, trust me, then I decided to visit the website and i learnt more about this wonderful couple. I think its the coolest website i’ve ever been on. I will forever love the songs, ring of fire and walk the line because it relates so much to my life… thank u and God bless

  71. Kimberly Jamieson

    I wasn’t much of a fan, until I saw the movie, Walk the line. I can’t think of the amount of pain that he went throw, I love all his songs, R.I.P. I’m sad that your gone but now your with your beloved June

  72. Scott Stolley

    Johny Cash’s music is straight from the heart. Every time I listen to his music it gives me chills, while inspiring me on my own music..
    Peace Johny
    Your the man!!!!!

  73. Vinnie R.

    Johnny Cash will always be remembered as the most loved and well respected bad-ass ever.When I got to really researching J.R.C I felt that I could relate to everything he was saying,and all his outlooks.This is why I love Johnny Cash,and will always have more respect for him than any other performer ever.Whether he was performing as one of the Highwayman,with his woman,or just him and his guitar Johnny’s music gives me chills,and makes me feel like no other music ever has.God bless you,and rest in piece J.R.C

  74. Heather Carter

    Johnny Cash was a great man, well like and loved by both family and friends. He never wanted to wear fancy old clothes just his black suit.. i love that about him. He is a great inspiration to many and hopefully to all

  75. Ryan Auber

    “And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
    One of the four beasts saying come and see and I saw And behold a white horse.”
    We Miss U John

  76. david hunter

    the cash family may not be as famous as johnny, but surely must take pride in continuing his name, a man whom took the world up with emotion, he wrote with stories, thoughts, passion and love and even after he has past and left us, we still see his very first albumns selling like hot cakes in every great record shop all across the world. he had his problems, like most people do but johnny was undoubtably a great man, may he be honoured with the respect he deserves and may he bring many more hours of happyness to the entire world for many many years.

  77. cade

    Johnny Cash is by far my favorite artist of all time. He is an inspiration to me. I did not know of him until June 25, 2005 as I am only 11 years old, but from the first time I heard him he became my idol. I have since gotten my own guitar and will be learning to play as much of his music as I can manage. Even though I didn’t know about his death until after his passing, it still makes me mourn. His music will live on forever.

  78. Destiny FE Richardson

    I am just a young 16 year old girl and have gone through so much. I done about every drug out there and now I have heart and liver problems and the doctors say that I don’t have long left. but whenever I listen to Johny’s songs it lifts my spirits and makes me want to be here and he has tought me that life can only get better and not worse. Johny I know that you never knew me and that you never met me. But I have so much to thank you for. Thank you for makeing me realize that life is precious. I LOVE YOUR MUSIC. Its not good by it see you later!!!!!
    Destiny F.E.R.

  79. Alease

    I thought you were an old old country singer and i didnt like that kind of music… I just started listening to it.. you are an amazing songwriter and singer…. its amazing.. the way you wrote hurt is just amazing. LOVE YOU!

  80. Ali Presser

    Cash is still a great inspiration in my life. At sad or happy moments his CD’s are there to make my day. We miss you Johnny!

  81. Rodger McCutcheon

    Jim Toner “The Glasgow Cowboy” who posted 3rd from the top has passed away much the same as Johnny Cash, complications of diabetes. Jim (68)was a great fan of Cash and performed many Cash songs. Jim was a Country legend in New Zealand. Guess who he will call up for a jam.
    Have fun guys.

  82. Rachel Marie

    Rest In Peace Johhny. I know you passed on with illness, but I believe you died of a broken heart because you missed your lady love June. May you both be together in peace forever. May our love be with you.

  83. keri

    To the cash family Johnny cash was the best man in the country music I love all his songs I sure will miss him. My prayers and thoughts are with u all. My dad even like him as well

  84. jonnhy

    i like this music mr chairman globo tv sr jose marinho adress rue evandro carvalho de andrade 160 sao paulo sp broklim hate forme because i adore your music

  85. amtho93944

    Elvis and the Beatles both started a trend, but Johnny Cash was different. I don’t know of anyone who opened a genre, made it popular, and then slammed it shut with such authority at the end of his life that no artist, while he was alive or after, even attempted to sing the same style for fear of being compared to such greatness and thereby fall short.

  86. Ryan Auber

    Its hard to put in words how I feel from time to time so when things arent going so good I put on any Johnny Cash album and drift away…yes its that easy and you have inspired me to wake up every morning and keep going and i know youll be by my side cuz lets face it only two things will live forever cockroaches and Johnny Cash.
    And I still miss you man…

  87. A Boy Named Sue

    johnny cash was the man. im 16 nw and i listne to his songs everytime im on the computer, mp3 etc.
    i started getting into him and his timeless music when i saw the movie walk the line which i think jaqouin deserved an oscar for. Since then he has been my favourite artist ever i just wish i was around to hear him live . Hope hes having a gud time wherever he may be.
    Yours truly
    A Boy Named Sue!!!!

  88. Thomas Parkinson

    Johnny Cash,
    Thank You For Allowing Me To Feel, The Way I Feel When I Hear Your Voice. Truely’Inspiering.
    Voice Of The World.

  89. Jenny 14

    Fave songs: Hung My Head, Hurt (9-inch nails cover btw, but Johnny made it better), The Mercy Seat, Nobody, I See a Darkness, The Man Comes Around, Sea of Heartbreak, Kneeling Draunkard’s Plea, and God’s Gonna Cut You Down
    I haven’t been around for too long, but i know i love Johnny Cash.
    With all my heart and like no one else I love. I miss him. I miss him, but I’ve never met him and i didn’t even know half his songs when he was alive. But I love him and I’m an idiot for that. For loving in such an irrational way, but he does things for me in his songs that no living person has done yet. He helps when you’re at your weakest. He holds your hand throughout the song. He empathizes and relates. Not even in the lyrics necessarily, but in the voice and in the person he is and portrays. That person has a certain dynamic that reaches out to people and while putting a little of his saddening burden on you, he also takes a part of your burden. Just because he relates to you and makes you feel a little less alone.

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