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Slim Dusty


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sdusty.jpgDavid Gordon Kirkpatrick, an Australian country music legend who performed for nearly seven decades, died on Sept. 12 from cancer at age 76.
He wrote his first song, “The Way the Cowboy Dies,” when he was 10 years old, and renamed himself Slim Dusty a year later. Although the singer/songwriter signed his first recording contract in 1946, it took another 12 years before his career took off with the release of the hit single, “A Pub With No Beer.” The song became an unofficial Australian anthem, and made Dusty the first Australian to receive a gold record. Some of Dusty’s other hits were “I Want a Pardon for Daddy” and “I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke.”
Dusty sold more than 5 million records and performed his repertoire of 1,000-plus songs on tours that traveled all over the country. One of his most memorable concerts occurred at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Dusty won more gold and platinum records, and more Golden Guitar awards than any other artist in Australia. A few weeks ago, he published his autobiography, “Another Day, Another Town.” He was recording his 106th album when he died.

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  1. Danielle

    Slim waas a great friend and always a loving and happy friend. My dad and I love all of his songs. They are great. Can you please reply back!!! I am doing a project on Slim. Can you please tell me how many albums did he record, about his children why he named himself Slim Dusty.Thank you if you can help me.
    From Danielle

  2. shenae scheibel

    slim was a great man we shall remember him forever as he shall always be in our hearts we remember all of slims family on this very special day. i also justlike to say that i think that he was a great respectful man.
    thank-you shenae

  3. david grace

    slim was a legend and always will in my eyes i only just started to listen to his music a couple of years back so i never got to se him in concert but i wish i did i have got a lot of his albums i just cant find the songs “the trucks dont let me sleep at night”, “the way thw cowboy dies” and “song for the aussies” i have got five folders on information on him and photos he was a real australian heroe and he wont be forgotten for long time yet i wish the slim dusty family all the best for years to come. would you be able to send me some stuff about the songs i just listed

  4. Chrissie

    Hey, I think Slim put a lot of hard work into his singing! My mother met him a couple of times down in Mission Beach to me Slim is my hero! I am doing an assiment on an Famous Australin and i picked Slim Dusty because i feel every thing he done ws hard work Go SLIM!!!!!

  5. girtie

    slim dusty was my personal inspiration when i was dealing alone with some of the hardest things ive ever gone through. never in my life have i heard of anyone else to have a dream and fight so hard for it and have so much to show for it. this man become a friend and an inspiration to every one who heard his story and his songs about life, the way things really were. he always was and always will be australia, showing us how to join together during the hard times and still keep a light heart, how stay honest and stand up for what u beleive in and to stay true. the day slim left us, a peice of australia went with him. but may he always stay with us in our hearts, in the spirit of australia and in song. god bless u mate, and thanks for everything.

  6. terry hodges

    there will never be another as good as slim dusty ,he had no right to die.heaps of love slim and i hope to see you in paradise.

  7. casey fuller

    slim where thinkin of your family at this very special time love always and forever thinking of you,you are my idol
    thank-you kc fuller

  8. melissa gilbert

    i would like to say that slim made country music music came alive but it would touch our souls that no one could. I think slim lived a great life and his is still the best i know. I would like to say to say to his family you did a great job to make him the he was.
    Melissa Gilbert Qld, Kingaroy

  9. peta

    hi slim i love your songs i know that you have passed away but i would just to say that i love my life and family it wouldn’t be the same without your true aussie words and songs
    always Peta Pregelj
    P.s. im doing a plasona on you im in the middle of it right now

  10. rach

    Slim Dusty was a family guy and had a passion for music. He released over 100 albums and over 1000 songs! but the best thing about slim dusty is his personality

  11. Veronica

    Slim was great, my mum and dad has most of his cd’s. right now i am doing a project. and i was wontering where he toured and where were his concerts? can you please write back.
    thank you Veronica

  12. Old Memories

    I’ll never forget the day I first shook the hand of Slim Dusty. As the years went by, I got to know him as a straight & honest man. The same on stage as he was off. A polished professional showman, a true gentleman & a fair dinkum Australian through & through. I missed his funeral due to committments here in America so I never really had a chance to say goodbye in a formal way. You lived the dream old mate. As you once said, “little things mean so much, so never lose the common touch”. Thank you & goodnight.

  13. Caitlin

    Hey all i would just like to say that Slim is a very important to me.
    I lived on a farm in the outback when i was little for about 8 years so i love his music and when i found out he died i cryed and cryed and cryed because he was a speacil man and still is i will never forget him at all in my whole life.
    Even no he is not alive he will always be my hero

  14. crofty

    slim has been part of my life for so long and he will be there for ever he is australia and i hope he always will be he will be to me

  15. Emma

    i really need some info on slim dusty because i am doing an assignment on him for sose we had to choose a famous Australian icon. and i chose him cuz he’s the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  16. cassie

    Hey every body, i’m cassie from QLD. i’m doing an project on him.he recorded 106 songs and i dont know y he called himself slim dusty but all i know is that he was a ledgened and we will never forget him.also my poppi was the biggest slim dusty fan ever. we miss ya slim!

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