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Bernard Manischewitz


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Bernard Manischewitz, the last generation to run his family’s kosher foods empire, died on Sept. 20 from heart disease. He was 89.
Manischewitz was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the place where his grandfather founded the kosher foods company, B. Manischewitz, in 1888. Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz built a small bakery where he baked matzo, the unleavened bread Jews eat at Passover based on a 5,000-year-old recipe. By 1932, the business had expanded to a second plant in Jersey City, N.J., which eventually became the company’s base of operations.
Bernard Manischewitz graduated from New York University and joined the family business in the 1940s. Although his father initially put him on the production line, Manischewitz worked his way up to president and chief operating officer by the time he was 29. He expanded the company’s line of foods beyond basic kosher products, then sold the business in 1991 for $124 million.

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  1. Larry Lamovsky

    My father, Samuel Lamovsky, was a partner in Midland-Marine Foods of Cleveland, Ohio. I worked with him there in the sixties and seventies. Midland was the Manischewitz distributor in the Northeast Ohio area.
    I have nothing but the fondest regard for Mr. Manischewitz and the company he ran. Learning of his death saddened me greatly, and I would like to offer my condolences to his family.

  2. Geoff Brandner

    Although I never met the decedent I remember as a child enjoying his products during the High Holy Days. My sister and I loved the noodle kugel and also the matzo which i remember to this day. After the company was sold I believe the quality of the product declined. Mr. Manischewitz’s leadership will be sorely missed.
    He was a true Kosher mensch.

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