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Bill Hargate


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Bill Hargate, an Emmy-winning costume designer, died on Sept. 12 from leukemia. He was 68.
Hargate studied costume and set design at the Goodman School of Theater in Chicago. He designed the costumes used by the St. Louis Municipal Opera and worked on several Broadway revivals before moving to Hollywood. There he designed clothes for variety shows and for Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters.
Hargate founded Bill Hargate Costumes in 1985, but his true passion was dressing elegant women. He clothed Candice Bergen for the TV show, “Murphy Brown,” Geena Davis for several Academy Award ceremonies and the contestants in three Miss America Pageants.
The past president of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892, Hargate won four Emmy awards, and the Career Achievement in Television Award from the Costume Designers Guild.

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  1. Wayne Brasler

    I attended the same high school as Bill Hargate in the suburbs of St. Louis, Normandy High School. Though he graduated five years before I did, I knew all about him as he’d been Art Society president and had designed sets and costumes for the annual May Fete modern dance festival. Bill’s mother was a graduate of Normandy–a high school with a college-styled, multibuilding campus–and he was one of the most popular boys in his class, being the date of the St. Patrick’s Dance Queen way back in 8th grade (the school ran from 7th to 12th grade). I think everyone at Normandy expected big things from Bill and no one was surprised at this accomplishments and his fame. His appearance in later life was much as in high school; he aged well. By alll accounts, besides being accomplished, he was charming and witty and everyone who worked with him loved him. There was a tribute to him in the Normandy High alumni magazine.

  2. Ric hard Grady

    Bill was my second cousand
    His father carried my mother on his shoulders to see the 1904 wourld fair.
    We just saw Meet Me in St. Louis at the Muny last night.
    Dick Grady

  3. Don Bogaert

    I hd the pleasure of working for Bill back in the late sixties and seventies at his home in the Hollywood Hills. I will always remember Bill for his warm, kind heart. He always accepted everyone in his life and treated everyone as an equal. He never acted high and mighty with all his fame. God bless Bill, His memory will live on forever. I haven’t seen bill in years, but I know If her were still here he would greet me as if I were his best friend.
    Rest in peace Bill we love you.

  4. Rosa Valdez

    I remember Bill Hargate as a person with a big heart. In my memories, I always see him laughing or with a smile on his face. Mr. Hargate was always joking around with people. Bill never treated us as his employees but instead as friends. He always made us feel like he cared about our well being without actually telling us he cared. With the actions he took around our workplace he transcend to us the love he had inside him for everyone. Rest in Peace Mr. Hargate, i will always remember you. Love Rosa Valdez

  5. Bob Klein

    I remember the young Bill Hargate. Bill, his brother, and mom and dad lived a few doors away from us growing up in Normandy (actually Northwoods, MO. a suburb of St. Louis). Bill was several years older than me, but us younger boys always had fun when he’d hang out with us.
    When he moved away (as a very young man) we all knew he was going off to be part of something special. His brother would keep us up to date on his whereabouts, and it always seemed magical. It was always great to see him on TV. I never saw him or anyone else in his family without a smile.

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