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Pascual Olivera Jr.


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Pascual Olivera Jr., a world-renowned flamenco dancer and choreographer, died on Sept. 19 of lymphoma. He was 59.

Olivera’s passion for Spanish dancing began in childhood. At 14, he moved to Spain to study with Enrique El Cojo. He attended high school on the U.S. military base in Seville during the day, and at night he was the premiere Spanish dancer in the Jose Greco Spanish Ballet.

As an adult, Olivera became a professional classical, regional and flamenco dancer who performed with more than 50 symphony orchestras, including the DuPage Opera Company and the Midwest Opera Company.

He married dancer Angela del Moral in 1976, and the couple spent the next 27 years dancing together. In the late 1990s, they founded their own company and took the show, “A Romantic Celebration of Spanish Dances,” on tour through the U.S. and Japan.

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  1. Evelyn Greaves

    I never knew Pascual but I was a great friend of his wife Angela and worked with her in television in Madrid.
    I am distraught to hear of his death and my heart goes out to Angela. I wish to express my deep sadness at hearing this news which comes so unexpectedly. Evelyn Greaves.

  2. Donna Sadlicka

    One year has past since my dearest friend has gone. It is with great joy that I remember his serene life condition, dignity and compassion throughout his illness. He led with his heart and his conviction for his Buddhist practice of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Donna Sadlicka

  3. Elaine Bridges

    I first saw Pascual and Angela dance in the summer of 1977 in a church courtyard during a street festival along State and Ohio (or in that area). I was so touched by their dancing that I never forgot it. Later I began practicing Buddhism with the SGI and I couldn’t believe it when I realized that Pascual was the same man I saw dance that day so long ago but clear in my memory. I am glad I knew him. Elaine Bridges

  4. Neville Patel

    I have never met Mr Pascul Olivera but heard of him about 3-4 after reading his experience.I was greatly inspired what one man can do for the movement of peace and really understood the what it means to live as a diciple.Once again in his death i am inspired to continue along this great path of life .Thank you Pascual and Angela.I will contunue towards my selfimprovement and the betterment of society.

  5. Pat in Kansas City

    A quote from one of my mentors, Pascual Olivera:
    Everyone is an actor performing the play of life. It is we who write the scenario and who perform the script of our own lives–neither fate, chance, nor a divine being writes this script. We write it, and we act it out. This is what Buddhism teaches. And as such, we have the power to change our lives!

  6. jack hayward

    sept 7 2005 I just found out about Pascual’s sad pasting..
    I know him as a great pal in the 1965 ,66,67,
    when he came to TORONTO CANADA then in Montreal
    I am very sad to hear about his pasting.
    I have a small web page ,which I just started this April 2005 ,
    Go to
    In SHOW TIME THEN page 3 you will find some picture I have
    I am very sad he was a good pal

  7. Charlene Payton Holt

    Pascual was my first flamenco teacher. I was 15. He was 19 as I remember. I studied 50 hours with him at his home in Canton, OH. Pascual was genteel even then, giving all of himself to the lessons. Partially due to him, I continued my love of flamenco to this day and now sing the cante with the same passion that I danced in those days.
    Pues, ala amigo en el firmamento. Te acuerdo con afecto. Tan pronto termina la vida. Ahora estas con los antepasados y la alegria de aquellos contornos. Maria Olivera (el nombre que me habia dao pa bailar y ahora que actuo con el nombre Carmela Pastora pa que me conozcas en el mundo espiritual).

  8. Elaine Bridges

    I am so saddened by the death of Angela Olivera. She was in my district, Jefferson Park District, in Chicago, Illinois and always brought joy and happiness to the meeting. We will miss her very much in Chicago. I am chanting for her happiness.

  9. Milka Stanojevich

    I had the pleasure of knowing Pascual and Angela many years ago through a friend who had met them through NSA. They were both charming,charismatic and kind people. Since I have always loved dance, I fell in love with their talent and their passion for dance. By coincidence, I recently learned of Pascual’s death, only to find out about Angela’s death this weekend. I am truly saddened by their loss. While I thought they were both alive, I knew that they were bringing joy to others through their performances and through their practice. Now that I know they are gone, the world has lost a beautiful light, but I am grateful that I knew them and we were fortunate to have them in our lives.

  10. Felisa Ramos Piasecki

    I grew up and went to Belden Elementary School with Pascual during the 1950’s and 1960’s. I recall his passion for “the dance” during those years. He was a genuine and sincere friend to everyone. His parents and my parents were wonderful friends. In 1974, enroute on my first flight to Chicago, IL, my mom and I encountered Pascual on the plane and he sat down and chatted with us bringing us up to date on what he had been doing with his life for the past 14 years. He took the time to see to it that we made the right transportation connections to take us to our hotel in Chicago.
    In 1980, while he was giving a live performance @ the RJ Daley Center in Chicago, I met his beautiful wife and dance partner, Angel del Moral.
    I remember his saying, “Felisa, we’ve come a long way since Belden School…haven’t we?”
    Pascual and Angela were the epitome of dancers; their performances were like magic on stage. After watching a performance, you could not help but feel the soul of Spain in your blood; and your heart pounding with pride to be Spanish.
    It was an honor to know them; and a blessing to be their friends…viva espana…viva mi tierra

  11. lowell levin

    My heart is deeply sadden by both angela and pascaul deaths.
    but i know they are together in death and lives dancing the dance of love for each other.
    having known pascaul since 1971 when he fought hypities and his cancer later. and met angela when they married and performed here in chicago. knowing they both work and danced for world peace. what greater glory and accomplishment.
    again thank you for your lives.
    ” To Dream the impossible dream to hope when it seems hopless but strive when no matter what.”
    lowell levin

  12. Yvonne D. Thomas

    I met Pascual in Chigago in 1972 I was an new practicing Nichiren Buddhist and chanted at many meeting with him. I saw him perform in many,many cultural events, he always put his heart into his work. I met Angela years after they were married such a gentle,kind spirit. I was at Pascuals home the day he emerged from the hospital and drove to the airport with him to attend his last meeting at th Florida Nature Center. His spirits were high and he was so encouraging. You and Angela are sorely missed. See you next lifetime! Nammyohorengekyo!

  13. Timo Lozano

    I met Pascual in 1968 when we both danced with the late Jose Greco. The first theatre we danced in together with Jose Greco was the ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL in London, England. We toured together for a year and I will always remember Pascual as a great person besides being a great dancer. You will be missed…May your soul R.I.P.

  14. Phil Circle

    Pascual was a friend and mentor to me for many years. I would go to his house several times weekly for breakfast and discussions on life and music. He was always frank, gifted in his eloquence and deeply aware of the needs of people in the arts and the people we serve…everyone else. He remains to this day in my heart and music and lives on through all he inspired.

  15. Claudia (Sanchez)

    I grew up in the same neighborhood from Spanish parents and danced flamenco at the Margaret Appel Dance Studio. Pasqual bought me my first pair of good castanets and then asked me to do some performing with him at some local shows in our area. He brought out the “fire” in me that I never knew existed in any of the training I received in my dance classes. He would teach me in the basement of my home and I loved every minute I spent working with him on all the arrangements I learned. I still remember those arrangements to this day. The goose bumps when I watched him and Angela perform would just penetrate my skin and I don’t think anyone could capture the Spanish dance like they could as a couple. They were beautiful to watch. I will always treasure all those times I had with Pasqual. Him and his family will always hold a special place in my heart….Those were days I will never forget. I was extremely fortunate to have been a part of his life and to have had him in mine.

  16. nutan bhardwaj

    I dont know pascual personally, but yes I played the role of angela in one of our youth division meeting . Through this skit I came to know about this down to earth man.Undoubtedly his death is a great loss to gakkai and to the whole humanity.

  17. Julia Manglano Toro

    I knew Angela and Pascual as a child and while growing up in Chicago. I loved their dance and the genuine love and joy they poured out to anyone around them. I adored their dancing and now in a DVD I can share that with my daughters who I know Angela and Pascual would love so much. I miss them and wish I could have given them one last hug and told them how much I loved them. May you rest in peace and in our hearts always.

  18. Tom Gregory

    Pascual was in the U.S. Army with me in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. A very good friend. He was a great guy and danced and taught others to dance while he was there. We went to an Octoberfest and he was dancing with a lot of the ladies. He could do any dance, well. We had fun. I would try to play guitar in the barracks for him to practice, but I was not that great. I have a picture he signed for me in 1966, and a photo standing outside the barracks. Very handsome. Wish I could have visited him another time during our lives. If a relative of his sees this post, I would like them to contact me and I would send copies of the pictures.

  19. Kathy

    I met Pascual and Angela in San Francisco while at an SGI meeting. We spoke about our mutual ties to Ohio. I got to see them dance and it was magic. I made brownies for them. I was honored to have known them for that brief moment in time

  20. H. Calvo

    I knew Pasqual growing up in canton Ohio. He and his family lived across the street from my grandparents. Spent many times playing at their house with him and his brother. My grandfather was from Spain too. Saw him perform couple times in canton Ohio. Was amazing. Just heard about his death. H. Calvo

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