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Matthew Jay


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mjay.jpgMatthew Jay, a rising British singer/songwriter, died on Sept. 24 after falling out of a seventh-story window in London. He was 24.

“His act would appear to have been an impulsive gesture following a professionally difficult year and perhaps, a difficult day,” said a statement from his record company, EMI.

Raised by folk musicians, Jay joined the family band when he was a child and started writing his own songs at 15. He released the demo, “Four Songs,” in January 2000 and another CD titled, “Friendly Fire,” six months later. Both were supported by local appearances.

Jay was signed by EMI, and released his debut album, “Draw,” in 2001. It was a critical success and lead to tours with Dido, Starsailor and Stereophonics.

Jay had recently enrolled for college. He left no suicide note.

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  1. Gemma

    I never knew you Matthew, but felt close to you through your music. You brought me happiness with your songs, and I will forever listen to them and remember you for how talented a musician you were, and how much your music inspired me.
    “you’re always going too soon” x

  2. Billy

    I just heard and I am terribly upset. You will never know the admiration I have for you. You will be forever missed through your genius music.
    To Your Family-
    I am so sorry for your loss. A wonderful musician who will never be forgotten.
    I am so sad.

  3. pinchik prits

    I just recently found out about matthew jay. I have been haunted by this song “you’re always going too soon” for the past 3 months…and i finally found out the singer and the title today so i surfed the net. I’m real sorry for the great loss for his family and for the music world..but at least his music lives on and continues to touch lives even after his death.

  4. DeeDee

    It’s been nearly half a year since you’ve been gone, but I just found out today. My friend and I were at a record store, and he picked up a copy of your CD to purchase….suprised, I said “I didnt know you liked Matthew Jay too!” And he said, “yeah he’s awesome.” and then He told me the sad news. He bought the last copy at the store, so he burned me a copy to listen to…but i feel so sad that I did not go out and buy it sooner…I should have started a fan club for you, you are so awesome, maybe it would have made u realize what an amazing artist you are/were/always will be…i’m not sure how you died, but if the rumor is true, i want you to know that your music was so touching and nothing to be ashamed of. you are missed

  5. Jon

    I knew you when we were kids, when you’re name was Graham. You were my best friend. You are and will be sorely missed. Thanks for the email. Take care mate.

  6. Rachael

    Matthew was, and continues to be, a great source of inspiration to me, both personally and creatively. I am happy to announce on behalf of his family that his memorial album MATTHEW JAY…too soon, will be released shortly, and will be available to buy exclusively online. Details will be posted shortly on the official web site at http://www.matthewjay.com, and proceeds from the sales of this album will fund production of an album of the exquisite songs Matthew recorded shortly before his passing. ‘Too Soon’ will feature many rarities, such as demo versions of his songs, EP tracks, and flipsides to his singles. It is hoped that the album will serve as an introduction to Matthew’s music for those as yet unfamiliar with his work, and will fill in the gaps in the collections of many already converted fans.

  7. Andy

    Jesus! What can I say! I remember hearing this song on VH1 about 2 years ago. I fell in love with it. It was called “Call My Name Out”. I never usually buy singles. But I felt drawn to buy it. I hadnt listened to it for ages, I found it again the other day and played it. Brought back memories. Its beautifully melodically uplifting. I woke up this morning and decided to find out what happened to this genius and why you dont hear about him anymore. I was gutted to find out he’s no longer with us. Just wish I could have been a mate to you in your desperate time. Ill never forget you dude! Take care man!

  8. lee

    only just found out. moving house so got my cd’s out of storage, saw my matthew jay album and decided to give it an airing. Decided to do a quick search as i thought he might have realised another album and found out the bad news. never knew matthew but this has upset me, the music world has lost a fantastic talent. Was fortunate to see Matthew play at the leadmill in sheffield a few years ago and listening to him play made the hairs all over my body tingle. Still does when i listen to his album.
    Just ordered the new album and I cant wait to listen to it. Thank you for the music.

  9. Rachael

    This isn’t a tribute, but is important. Matthew’s parents have recently released a statement, in which they are appealing for help with gaining further information about Matthew’s last hours. They are especially interested in talking with an acquaintance of Matthew’s who reportedly visited him shortly before he passed away. The full appeal can be read on Matthew’s official web site: http://www.crookedsmile.com
    Thank you.
    Rachael, webmaster – http://www.crookedsmile.com

  10. Nick

    Matthew, even though our paths never crossed, and knowing that they never will in this lifetime, you still to this day feel like my best friend. That is how powerful your music is for me. Your gospel will never be forgotten. May you dance peacefully with the ancestors.

  11. katy darrant

    Matthew, you’re music often brought tears to my eyes-it was a themetune to my life at uni in 2000. i hope you are at peace now and if only you could know how much you are missed by your fans.

  12. Chip

    I loved the CD Draw and searched to see if anything new…cant believe it! I will listen to Draw tonight…..his words and music were truly great!

  13. kwokheng

    I just found out what happened. Sorry, I found out so late, when I had “Draw” much earlier.
    I shall always remember your very good vocal and strumming…
    Rest in peace.

  14. kwokheng

    I just found out what happened. Sorry, I found out so late, when I had “Draw” much earlier.
    I shall always remember your very good vocal and strumming…
    Rest in peace.

  15. Joy

    I never know MatthewJay much but his album “Draw” hit me at the first time.Just Love at first Listen. Well i’m still remember that day i heard the lastest news. It made me feel like … what’s the world going on!
    I’ve got “Draw” album and listened it for several months. It help me so much to live a life that time. I’m appreciate for that, Just to say THANK YOU for the songs…
    “Did you believe in fate,that things happen for a reason”: (Felicity).

  16. Joy

    “If I’m in your thoughts … I’m where I wanna be”
    (from his song “i hope she’s alright”)
    Can’t explain what i’m feeling today.
    Thanks for your music…
    with love,

  17. Matt

    Oscar Wilde once said, ‘I have nothing to declare but my genius’. If you’d said the same I wouldn’t have even battered an eye lid. Summer is coming now and your music always seems most alive to me when the sun is shinning. I hope the sun shines on you wherever you may be.

  18. richard

    My dad bought me your album ‘draw’ when it came out and I was about 13 and to this day it has remained one of the most inspirational pieces of music I have had the pleasure to listen too. I remember asking my dad about three years later why you hadn’t released a new one, so I did some research and realized what had happened. I hope you know how much your music has meant to people and that the one album released is enough to last a lifetime. Rest in peace.

  19. chris

    I almost hate you for what you did. I found your cd at a really bad time in my life and there were several songs tht got me through the pain. I finally found someone who knows. When i found out you were gone, the rain reappeared and the sun remains hidden. All I can do now is wonder. Wonder what masterpieces would have been created had you stayed. Do me a favor and shake my hand when I get to heaven. My name is Chris and I will look for you when its my time to come. By the way, I don’t hate you, Matt. I just hate being left to wonder why.

  20. Jack (Philippines)

    I was totally shocked when I learned that Matthew is dead. I’ve been listening to his songs since 2001 I just knew it today that his already dead. A great talent and an inspiration to me. So sad to hear what was happened to him.

  21. Pinik

    All the best to your family and those who seek out your music in their times of need. May the remembrance of your words and the sound of your voice drown out the moments of deep lonliness all humans feel as they wander this precious earth. Your spirit joins us in your music. so, must we do our best to preserve your efforts and unique worldly perception for the generations to come.

    You left too soon…

  22. bas

    its been more than a decade since you left this earth and yet your songs linger. your music has crossed oceans and stayed in the hearts of many. you are missed <3

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