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John R. Feegel


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John R. Feegel, a Florida medical examiner who became an award-winning novelist, died on Sept. 16. Cause of death was not released. He was 70.

The son of a police officer, Feegel grew up to become a forensic pathologist, a trial attorney and the chief medical examiner in Tampa. He performed thousands of autopsies; the death of Elvis Presley and Atlanta serial killer Wayne B. Williams were two of his most famous cases.

Feegel also wrote seven mystery novels. In 1976, he won the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for his first book, “Autopsy.”

7 Responses to John R. Feegel

  1. Rich Reed

    John was an incredible human being. He was the most intelligent person I have ever known. His mind had no limits yet he was a warm personable human being. His death is the world’s loss

  2. Richard K. Feegel

    My brother John was a extremlty successful individual. However, more than that he was a good son and brother. He will be missed.

  3. Mark Rouse

    After 30 years, I still remember the week I spent working with you. Your thoughtful answers to my inquiries, respect for your patients and focus on exploring all possibilities has left an impression on me that I can only try to emulate.
    Thanks, Goodbye
    Mark Rouse
    Associate in Infectious Diseases Research
    Mayo Clinic

  4. Paula Wagoner

    I took a really thought-provoking and, some might say (including Mr. Feegel) confrontational ETHICS course at USF taught by this wonderful man. I will never forget him and what I learned in that class.

  5. carol velez

    I truly enjoyed working with john he had his series side and a lot of humor too. I worked with him for nine years at plant city hosp the rural me office. Great times

  6. Jim Coston

    I assisted Dr Feegel in my first autopsy at the age of 17 back in 1971 (Pasco County just north of Tampa). A charming and fascinating man!

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