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Robert Kardashian


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Robert Kardashian, an attorney who represented O.J. Simpson during his infamous murder trial, died on Sept. 30 from cancer of the esophagus. He was 59.

On June 16, 1994, Simpson spent the night at Kardashian’s home. In the morning, he was supposed to turn himself in to authorities and face charges of stabbing his wife, Nicole Brown, and waiter Ron Goldman, to death. Instead, Simpson and his friend Al Cowlings led police on a slow-speed chase that ended at Simpson’s Brentwood home. He was eventually arrested and charged with the killings.

Kardashian served as one of the attorneys on Simpson’s defense team, which won a “not guilty” verdict on Oct. 3, 1995. Simpson was found liable for the killings in a civil trial, and was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages.

Kardashian later shared his doubts of Simpson’s innocence on the ABCNews show “20/20,” and in the book, “American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense” by Lawrence Schiller and James Willwerth. The book was also adapted into a TV mini-series.

Kardashian graduated from the University of Southern California in 1962. He earned a law degree from the University of San Diego and practiced law for about a decade before leaving the field to work in business. He and Simpson were friends for over 25 years. They lived together in the 1970s and started Juice Inc., a corporation that owned and operated several frozen yogurt shops.

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  1. Michael

    I’m just in the middle of “American Tradedy…” and I’m very, very impressed with this man. I can only sum up his character as ‘loyalty personified.’ We should all have a friend like Robert Kardashian.

  2. Vickie

    I did not know he was dead either. But, I am puzzled about the statement “I cannot forgive him.” Did he do something personal to this person? He was a friend to O.J. before this happened and he did not kill Nicole Simpson or Ron Goldman. I beleive O.J. is guilty but I do not harbor ill will towards his friends or lawyers. There are lots of people who have committed crimes and it could be someone close to you. He had a right to stand by his friend, at least, he was not a fair weather friend as so many people are.

  3. Nancy

    I’m in the middle of reading “An American Tragedy” and had to learn more about this amazing, grounded man, Robert Kardashian. I had no idea that he had passed away. I was very impressed with this person. His profound faith in God won him a special place in Heaven, I am sure. It is so very true that everyone needs a friend like him. My sympathy goes to his family and those who were close to him. He must have left a huge void in their lives. I feel his loss just from my perspective. God Bless Robert Kardashian!

  4. MzVic

    I am so sorry to his family for this tragedy. I only found out a while ago. May he rest in peace.
    I too am puzzled by individual takes on not ‘forgiving’ him??? We are extremely lucky to be afforded freedom of speech so use it wisely, besides , what did he do to you?

  5. Dawn

    He was the reason I was glued to the television during the trial of OJ. He was a handsome, classy-looking man.
    When the verdict was read, Mr. Kradashian seemed like he was shocked it was not “guilty” – kind of shaking his head “No”. I thought that was odd. He later admitted he doubted OJ’s innocence.
    But he stood by his friend through the most difficult circumstances.
    That’s honorable.
    Most “friends” would have bailed out to save face.

  6. Al Afraim

    He did something to ALL of us.
    He portrayed a hoax on the justice system
    and decent people everywhere.
    The Murder’s legal team were all the sleaziest form of life there can be.
    The only reason he was on the murder’s legal team
    was because he KNEW simpson in fact did it and
    had to have some form of proof. Why else would he
    have been retained as one of the lawyers?
    Did he question ANYONE? Did he add or do ANYTHING?
    Laywer client confidentiality was the only reason
    he was there. He took his secret to the grave,
    but sold a lot of books and made a lot of money
    before he did. As with all of simpson’s laywers,
    Sleeze, Slime, Immoral Scum, Liers, Bullies,
    Procurer’s of Injustice. How can anyone with
    a conscience behave or celebrate anyone who
    has behaved in such a manner. Good Riddance.
    May Nicole and Ron Rest In Peace.
    May Robert Kardashian & O.J.Never Rest In Peace.

  7. Rose Marie

    Shame on us? Shame on you!
    We may not be perfect but at least
    we didn’t help some sub-intelligent pig
    get away with murder. Does that mean ANYTHING
    anymore? It doesn’t matter who you kill or what
    killer you help get away with it as long
    as you look good doing it? or of course
    if you’re black then it’s okay.
    Go say a prayer for OJ and Kardashian and Cochran
    and think NOTHING of the 2 people he murdered.

  8. Dee Dee

    Does the name Emmitt Till mean anything? What about the countless number of black people killed by white people and never even went to trial. If you didn’t see OJ do it then you can’t judge. I personally believe that he was involved in the murders, but unless there was an eyewitness, then a court of law and a jury of his peers found him innocent and that’s the bottom line. What about all the lynching of black people????? Stop hating on OJ because he beat the system. White people have been doing it for years.

  9. Ron

    All you perfect people get a life.And stop talking ill of the dead.Remember we all are going to die someday.You self-righteous hypocrite bigots I hope when you all die you remember your not perfect.God bless

  10. mary

    ….all of those who helped oj before after or during will suffer horribly at some point in the future or suffer a young, tragic death themselves, ie Kardashian and Cochran……what goes around…comes around….i can’t wait to see what happens to arnelle……

  11. viki

    Robert Kardashian knew OJ was guilty. Look at his face during the verdict reading. He cannot believe that 12 people were that STUPID. Those jurors have blood on their hands.

  12. Gee

    SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE…………wishing hurtful things on Mr. Kardashian give the man some respect he died. Just remember what goes around comes around. he was not the one who had the knife in his hand OJ did. All he did was stand by a friend in trouble. Good bad if you are a friend to someone you stand by them through thick or thin that is a real friend and that is what he did. He knew his friend was a killer JUST LET THE MAN REST IN PEACE.If you have nothing nice to say shut up.

  13. gio

    Orenthal Simpson, with absolutely savagery and horrifically brutal cruelty, killed Nicole [who should have escaped to another country when his violent narcissism escalated] and even more tragically,wrong-place-wrong-time lovely Ron Goldman.
    All the lawyers knew OJ killed them. They were paid handsomely to suppress and destroy damning evidence. There is evidence that is shocking that was not permitted to be presented at trial.
    For anyone who every doubted, don’t. He did it. One of his lawyers told me he discussed strategy with OJ who was scared since it was so obvious he killed them. I can’t say who. The lawyer would be disbarred.
    Kardashian, when facing the grim reaper, got scared his “gods” would punish him. After all, he and OJ had bought real estate and Rolexes committing many crimes involving cocaine transport and point shaving. The murders bothered his conscience, because he was not a sociopath like OJ, and had some kind of conscience.
    “Class”? Oh please. Look at his offspring. Cash does not buy class. He’s not here, so cannot defend himself against how his daughters turned out. Objection sustained.
    I only give RK for kinda, sorta confessing before he died that he participated in one of the most bizarre upsets in the history of jurisprudence.
    You black people who want to acquit OJ based on the history of slavery and Everitt Till are ridiculous. If there will ever be equality on this planet, black racism has to stop, too.

  14. WD

    It was touching to see Kardashian’s conscience on display upon hearing the verdict, however the fact is he helped dispose of key evidence and knew what had happened. Didn’t do enough to ensure that justice was served.

  15. SH

    Robert Kardashian is probably the “Charlie” mentioned in the book, “If I Did It”. He covered for O.J. and O.J. covered for him. Kardashian tried to get things right before he died. Just didn’t do a complete job of it.

  16. vj

    wow “you black people” mr gio how many “black people” do you have in your cd case, pretty sure half and you have the nerve to say “you black people” ignorance has shown it face once again

  17. Mahogany

    i can’t believe the comments I am hearing. there are actually people happy he’s dead. i am a pre-law student and find it hard to believe that people don’t have the smarts enough to separate the lawyers from the person. I am a person of color who thinks OJ did it,however I don’t understand it when people can say”believe in the court system” and when it doesn’t turn out the way white America wants it to, now its a problem!! we don’t have to even go back to the days of slavery.Just look at the things that America is doing to other countries!! We really think we hold judgment in our hands!! I thought that was left up to the real judge GOD!!!!!! May God cuddle him with love and may his family have the prayers of the real Americans!!

  18. joe smarts

    “i can’t believe the comments I am hearing. there are actually people happy he’s dead. i am a pre-law student and find it hard to believe that people don’t have the smarts enough to separate the lawyers from the person.”

  19. cindy lou

    I don’t think you should talk about spelling. “It’s G-R-A-M-M-A-R” not G-r-a-m-m-e-r. Be careful not to throw stones. Writing something hateful about a person who died is reprehensible! May Mr. Kardashian rest in peace!

  20. RiNA *Baby

    No matter how much we argue about it or what we say will not matter now or should matter at all, it was in the past, it already happened so let it be… they’re deceased so just show respect.
    And just because “he’s dead and can’t defend himself” doesnt give you the right to talk mad shit. I’m sure if you were dead you wouldnt like it either.
    Rest In Peace:
    Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman, & Robert Kardashian

  21. molly

    I’ve been a court reporter for almost 20 years. Trust you me, some lawyers you just can’t separate their profession from the person. Some are just rotten to the core.

  22. Vickie

    God Bless the Kardashian family. I did not know either that he had passed away. I know he has beautiful children and family that love and remember him and how dare some of you display hatered in such a forum. I’m sure Mr. Kardashian did not want to believe his long time friend could be capable of such act, as did I. I always loved and enjoyed O.J. Simpson. I’m sure Mr. Kardashian believed his friend until it was obvious to him that his story might not have been true. What would you do in his shoes??
    Again, God Bless the Kardashian’s!!!
    Vickie in Enid, Oklahoma

  23. Sherry T

    Kardashian got rid of the bloody clothes, knife, and God knows what else. Did you see the look on his face when OJ was found innocent? He knew damn well what that SOB did.
    Shame on you, Kardashian.
    I bet OJ didn’t give a SH*T when Kardashian died.

  24. tracey


  25. molly

    You have got to be kidding me! OMG! The man got off a murderer! That’s It! He died the way he should have. You people crack me up! He was an evil person.

  26. molly

    Oh, by the way, I’m white, and my best friend is black, so it’s not about that. OJ could be purple, and he’s guilty, guilty, guilty!!!!

  27. Bridget

    I did not know Mr. Kardashian had passed…I did know Johnny Cochran did. They say karma is a bitch…They both died at a very young age. Both from cancer that I truly believe is brought on by extreme stress. Your immune system can’t tolerate constant intense stress…mix it with the cell of cancer and it can be a death sentence. Both men had cancer that spread and kills fast. O.J. is the devil…the devil has many faces. He is around all of us and unfortunately for Mr. Kardashian and Mr. Cochran they trusted their friend. Mr. Shapiro also had a family tragedy after the trial. His young son died. I feel bad for anyone associated with O.J….and Now he is accused of armed robbery..He needs to be locked away for life. Let him hang with the other cold hearted murders in a cold no frills jail. He will get his.Hopefully Nicole and Ron haunt him every night while he sleeps. My prayers are for all of the families touched by the devil himself. They were innocent good people that he handpicked to help him. That is how the devil works.

  28. JC

    It would not be surprising that those who make disparing remarks about Mr. Kadashian and express opinions of condemnation regarding Mr. Simpson are “White.” How is it that there is such a damning outcry that in their minds a black man got away free of murder but these very whites have a history of BRUTALITY killing blacks all over this country and getting away with it for so many years? Where is the outcry to that?
    Our lives on this earth is only a “Bleep” on the SCREEN of life and in the end we will all receive judgement according to what we have done. So, though it may seem as if some people are getting away free, that is only so for now. JUSTICE will be finally given and true recompense will be rewarded to all.
    The END will only be the beginning of ETERNITY. How you live here will determine what your next life will be like. Make others lives hell here and yours will be over there. Some food for thought.
    One man went to Rome to the Collosium after hearing that this “Gladiator” game was a brutal fight to the death. When he got there he yelled a command in the name of Jesus to stop and to date the Collisum remains empty and never had another game since.
    Until there is such outcry against what Whites are doing to Blacks in the name of Jesus, for only in His name is there power, this UNJUST attitude of one people against another will continue.
    I wasn’t there when it happened but often heard about blacks being brutally and savagely beaten and hung by “THE NOOSE.” It wasn’t until recently, having the privilege to view CNN’s noose story, I realized how HIDEOUS this “White” race of people ARE.

  29. belinda

    If I remember correctly God is the one to judge. This man lived a long life and the public only knows one small segment of that life. So for all of you judging him, it is not your job. And justifying why you believe this man deserved to die is not only unchristian, but at the same time inhumane. This man had no part in the murders of Nicole or Ronald, so stop pawning off the blame for what many consider an unfair court decision. Do those same individuals believe that we should no longer have a judicial system that allows every American the right to legal representation? Should we completely omit the Sixth Amendment from the Bill of Rights? This man was a lawyer and was hired to represent a client, simple as that. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  30. A-Elizaga

    We just need to all stop being cruel to each other and wish luck to those who caused sadness in ones life. Let’s just say , May the Lord be with you! And Pray for this person doing harm. Look at all this evil going around. WHY are we acting like the Devil? Instead of acting like GOD? Ask yourself, what would GOD do? Bless all of you , even the fouled mouth people.

  31. Michele F.

    I would like to point out the fact that Mr. Kardashian is a human being. We cannot sit in judgement of a man that none of us know personally.
    Anyone read the Bible anymore? If so, how could YOU sit in judgement of this man?
    He is D E A D. You do not know all of the facts. Let him rest in peace. No matter what you think, we ALL have the right to do just that… REST IN PEACE.



  33. AK

    I found this site while searching how Robert died. I can’t help wondering as I write this if everyone else saw the word “Tributes” as they made their “comments”. Did your mother ever tell you “if you don’t have anything nice to say”….
    Does anyone know there is a war going on? My nephew was killed in Iraq and left behind a 4 year old daughter. These are sad times, maybe before anyone else writes a “tribute” you can stop and think about that.
    I agree with you Bridget, as a cancer survivor I know first hand that stress does play a major role in causing the cells to grow.
    May God Bless America and Let Freedom Ring!

  34. Maria

    Let the poor man rest in peace. I only wish I had such a devoted friend like him. How can anyone knock a man that stands by his friend. A true mother stands by her child even when he commits an atrocity.I admire the man for this quality.
    And yes, May God cuddle him with love.

  35. Dru

    OJ will get what is coming to him – the second death, the eternal lake of fire. While 99.9% of us know OJ was involved in his beautiful, late wife’s death – along with the very handsome Ron Goldman, it is not worth my time nor is it my place to (continue) judging him.
    Whether you like it or not, we will all meet our Creator and His Son-Jesus and we will no longer have the choice of smoking or non-smoking. OJ has a reservation in smoking! I am 99.9% sure of it.
    We could all use a good friend like the late Mr. Kardashian. God bless you Mr.”Dash”! May you be dancing with David!

  36. Joe

    After reading through the many comments on this site, it saddens me how many claim to know God but have revenge in their hearts. Jesus died for all the sinners of the world and we are all sinners. Unforgiveness only hurts the unforgiving.Did Jesus forgive the men who put Him to death? “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. I believe that is our example, to Love one another. God is Love so let us be more like Jesus. Read the Bible! May God Bless Us All,for we are all sinners,every last one.

  37. Kimster

    I just learned of Mr. Kardashian’s death while watching the show. I remember as being very charasmatic from watching the OJ trial coverage…
    …as for the comments on this page, I’m neither shocked nor surprised. Racism is alive and well in the U.S…and it’s very easy to let it flow sitting behind a faceless computer screen.
    Rest in peace Mr. Kardashian…

  38. kim

    Sometimes the human race is unbelievable!! Every damn one of you knows you would stand by your friend as Mr. Kardashian did!! Well you would if you had real friends but guess you don’t!! Why are you gonna blame him…Why not the police who lost evidence?? Or try the Jury who found him not guilty even though there was significant evidence!! And how about OJ himself!!! Leave the poor man alone and let him rest in peace!! And to all of you who have posted these unbelievable comments….STOP and think of “Tho Shalt Not Judge” So now tell me what makes you a better person?????? Your comments make you look idiotic!!

  39. kim

    One more thing…Why must it always be a Black and White thing???? Are we not all God’s children???? Stop The racial bull sh*t!!!! White, black, yellow, purple or green we all bleed the same color!!! God bless my mother for not raising me to be this racially idiotic!!!!

  40. survivor

    Any victim of a violent crime can understand why people would question what this mans integrity. Criminal defense attornies facilitate in these criminals/murderers not being held accountable. Is that all that hard to understand why the “hateful” comments. Tell ya what, when one of your daughters ends up dead at the hands of her husband, it will become crystal clear to you. Too bad thats what it would take for some of you to get it.

  41. Julie

    Just found out myself. I believe in Karma but I think everything happens for a reason. I found the stress comment interesting. His expression was not lost on many people. He may have been the smallest ego in the room. O.J. will end his life as he knows it soon enough. He can’t help himself. I pray Nicoles’ kids will not be brought down by O.J. That would be an injustice. I don’t think Bob was an evil man, he was needed in O.J.s life plan. Bummer for him but because of that I’m certain he is not in hell. Some people are needed to do ugly things. The ying and yang.

  42. Susan

    I wonder why no one comments on the other achievments and failures of this man’s life. Do you know anything about him besides what you assume? If I were accused of murder, whether I did it or not, I would want the best attorneys available. Attorneys are supposed to ask you about your guilt or innocense so I imagine that everyone of the defense lawyers knew. They did their job, they did it within the confines of the law. Was OJ guilty? A jury of 12 Americans of varying races, religions, and colors said no. Is that even important to this site? Does OJs guilt or innocence have a direct baring on Kardashian’s after life? Hardly. Did he love his wife, his children, his friends? Did he do good in this world? We all make mistakes and I would like to think that they were made because we meant to do good, but for whatever reason it went wrong. Kardashian didn’t kill anyone. He was a friend and an attorney and he served both of those ‘professions’ well. My payers go out to his family and friends, because whether he was a good or bad person is not for me to say, but I understand the loss of a father. For that reason, I extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone who is affected by his death. I also find myself saying a little prayer for those of you who have put yourself above God to judge another human being instead of showing grace, comfort, and kindness.

  43. Ernestine Renee Burns

    I am so so sorry about the lost of Mr. Robert Kardashian. I feel so sorry for his kids. He seemed like a very very devoted father. I’ve even hear his x-wife talk about what a great father he was. People the man has died,my god have some compassion! the family has my prayers and sympathy. I hold no ill wii toward mr. kardasian for being their for OJ.I’m sure he was shocked in the end to realize OJ had kiled those people so brutalt like he did. it goes to show you that most times we really don’t know the other side of a person behind close doors. He was just not trying to be a fair weather friend. The day of the verdict it was plain to see on Mr Kardasian face that he had had a change of heart about the guilt of his friend., and to his credit from what I heard he pulled away from OJ Simpson. He told the story in the book american tradegy how him and AC Cowlings would get together once a week and discuss and cry about how the evidence was starting to come out and it look like OJ done it. (HE DID AND I’M BLACK) I felt sorry for all of OJ friends that supported him and he fooled them. Some of you need to read the book american tradegy that mr k helped write and you would have a change of heart about this man. He had a good heart he just got tricked by a man who have a black heart and have no conscience who can just kill people so vicously and go on with life like nothing ever happened. I’m sure mr k regreted the day he ever got involed in that trial much longer ever knowing oj simpson. I’m sure mr k made his peace with god because he was a very spirtual man. Let the man rest in peace remember how you would feel if someone died in your family and people was putting them down after their death you wouldn;t like it. The bible say you reap what you sow again to his family my sympathy i won’t lie and say you’ll get over his death as the years go by because you won’t the pain will still be their believe me i know from experience. But time will allow you to get adjusted on how to deal with it. to his kids, wife ex-wife sisters, brothers mother ,fathers other family and many many friends especially AC Cowling ( I know it must be hard on you with what you 2 shared together tying to get through the trial you all are in my prayers for a long long long time. may god continue to uphold you and strenghthen you comfort your hearts in the days weeks ,months and years to come. Sincerly wishing you the Best Ernestine Renee Burns Oakland California.

  44. joe

    To all you dumb ass people who think oj did it you need to checkout the lapd. For the person who stated you were told oj did it by one of his lawyers is a damm fool. Im a ex white cop who would like to clear my mind of all the sh=t I and my cop buddies have done to people of color.I know for a fact its the lapd code blue!!!!!!!!

  45. Garabet Krikorian

    What I don’t understand is how people can be so dumb. People R. Kardashian did his job, you are complaining about him, many lawers help bad people get away and that’s their jobs, the only plus he did is help his friend, how bad can that be ?
    Rip for Robert but not his family, it is ashaming to see how unrespectful his daughters are, and how they do not respect anything. Its an insult I take each time they call them self Armenians.
    Everything they do Is bad, I see more respect of the father here than the family shows.

  46. Bob Jenkins

    Very surprising! Kardashian was hired as an attorney for OJ and had no choice but to defend OJ no matter what he believed in his heart. Bottom line. He should not be trash talked for it.

  47. george vistapolis

    one need only to look at all the tragedies that befell the defense team to understand that there may be a universal justice.

  48. usd


  49. reggie

    You people need to watch this show. Where this forensic expert and he is white showed how that it was impossible for OJ to commit the crime and still make it to the Airport on time. Stop being racist. You punks

  50. Julianne

    All i can say is WOW! What if RK was ur father, uncle, grandfather, bestfriend. I bet all of you would never be saying all those mean things about them. I understand what all of you think about O.J and everyone else that stood beside him, but really who cares! I think he is guilty too, but he WILL get whats coming to him. But ask yourself how the HELL does this effect you and ur life? The only people that should really be putting there thoughts and feelings on this page to begin with are those who were hurt in the cross fire. Not all of you. Stop talking about other people’s families im sure you all dont have the best either.

  51. lg

    My dad passed of cancer, it’s not something any of you people writing bad stuff would want to witness your loved one to go through. Mr. Kardashians children are trying to deal with this everyday, whether any of you believe it or not. Writing mean stuff just adds to their anguish. I pray for Mr.Kardashians family that they have the stregnth to deal with their loss everyday.
    god bless
    rest in peace mr. kardashian

  52. Kris Saba

    To bad for his family.
    But he ended up with bad Karma.
    Johnnie died young too.
    The other lawyer’s son died young as well.
    I wonder when Barry will get what he deserves?

  53. Lana

    To all those that judge, name-call and have no forgiveness… for those you do not forgive… you allow to occupy rent-free space in your mind. Anger is like an acid… it corrodes the container that holds it. Get over it people…it’s not worth the negative energy it conjures up. Forgive but NEVER forget.

  54. jam

    “…Johnnie died young too.
    The other lawyer’s son died young as well.
    I wonder when Barry will get what he deserves?”
    Add to wondering about Barry, the good (not so) Dr Henry Lee.

  55. Tess

    I think he was a great person..he doubted O.J.’s innocence..he was a friend to O.J. before the murders ever took place..I think people that thinks he got what he deserved by having throat cancer and died are some sick, mixed up individuals.. you losers!! I know your Mama’s taght you better than that!! He didn’t prance around like it was a show that was Mr. Cochran..he knew O.J was guilty too..all the evidence pointed to his guilt..Mr. Cochran didn’t know what to do so he made a mockery out of 2 people’s death..how sad!! Mr. Kardashian wasn’t in that show..I believe he was embarrased by Mr. Cochran, Mr. Baily and Mr. Sheck prancing around like it was a Circus side show…very sad!!!

  56. Becky

    Always what white people do to blacks! A smoke screen so blacks do not have to look at what they do to themselves! The “Dream Team” are being judged by God, not us. We are not handing out their judgement. FYI: We have all been slaves, get over it. How convenient to damn the white race, when we see the horrors of Africa everyday.
    By the way, how much money has “the man” sent to Africa, and all poor black nations over the years.
    All of this hatred to defend a black man who abandoned his black family, for a white wife, and a white world.
    What kind of thanks has he shown the black race for their support? Right back to his white world, white friends, and white women. Black Racism, and pure hatred of whites only hurts the black race. Not us! Get a life!!

  57. donna

    Robert took to his grave the truth. He had to answer to God about what he may or may not have known and done. Personally, I have no respect for the man, nor his spoiled daughters. However, the final judgement has been made. I believe God made the right decision as to which place he has been sent to spend all of eternity.

  58. J. Blye

    I also did not realize he had died. He was much too young to die. Johnny Crocrin was also much too young to die. I sometimes wonder if in their giving so much of themselves to their friend and who I believe murderer, OJ, that it ate away at them causing their illnesses. At least Robert, who struck me as a sensative person, tried to make right of his wrong in the book and statements
    he made to ABC News. It was right of him to do so, as it was so obivous when they read OJ’s verdict that Robert was in shock at the not guilty
    verdict. It is so sad that he’s gone as he has such beautiful children that loved him so very much. He would have enjoyed their tv show.

  59. Anonymous

    Funny as pissed as I was when OJ got away with murder I have forgiven Robert Kardashian. He was a loyal friend and attorney doing his job as both.
    I doubt that I will ever forgive the members of the jurory that let this scum bag get away with murder. If there is a god, I hope they are held accountable for perpetrating this tragedy.

  60. Valeria

    I’feel for all the families. Everyone has lost someone in this tradegy. For the ones who want to speak so judgemental, Mr. Kardashian and the other team were doing their job. Every American citizen right or wrong guilty or innocent has a right to a trial and an attorney to represent them. For those of you who want to blame OJ’s dream team, did you also forget about the part when his daughter stated someone was arguing with her mom that night and it was not her daddy. I admit OJ is a NUT! But we have to remember although Ron or Nicole never deserved in a million years the horrific death they suffered, while people want to scorn OJ, his legal team and others, we must remember everyone has a past. Did we forget, Nicole and OJ were having an affair while he was with his first wife Marguirite. Nicole made calls to their home and would drive by their house. This “Angel” as her family wants to portray her in death made mistakes and was flawed. She was flawed like we all are and the sometimes the judicial system. The policeman, Mark Furman who worked the case also made many mistakes. He was a key person in a lot of corruption within the LA police department. The bottom line is this country is not perfect. There have been many who have put havoc and chaos on the streets and the justice system was terribly flawed. Who is the justice system, THE PEOPLE! We cannot have built a country on the backs of slavery, worked under handed deals with drug cartels to finance banks, companies, and even spill this chaos into the church and think for one second the few that appear to have gotten away with a crime and the people who represented them are scum and flawed. When it boild down to it it’s fate. It does not mean there is no payment for wrong doing, we just may not see what these people are really going through. For the person who thought Mr. Kardashian got what he deserves, this person needs a wake up call. If that is true and since you and those who think as you are not perfect and done wrong things, what do you deserve! Mr. Kardashion’s family knew him as a good man, a great father who happened to represent a man on trial for murder. The rest is not for us to judge, lest we be judged by a higher power. How many of you can look in your closet and see no skeletons, not even little ones!

  61. Kelly

    He will be missed very much. I rememeber watching the O. J. trail. Then hearing about his death i said oh no thats bad! Then a couple years later I saw a show Called “Keeping up with Kardashians” one day On E! Not knowing who the
    Kardasians were. I knew Robert had 3 girls and a son! But I didnt know This was The show and there day was thee Robert . I know watching the show how there dad loved them and they loved there dad. Im such a big fan of the show!!!!! Khloe really misses her dad and Robert jr. looks just like his dad!!
    Im a big Fan Of the show and there dad lives long in his memory . WE miss you and i know your kids miss you too ;(

  62. Karen

    I never new your Dad pasted away! It’s always a great loss of anyone. I now know it’s been since 2003! I hope that all of his children are keeping their Dad in mind when you make personal decisions in life!
    God Bless all of you.

  63. Tiffany

    It so stupid. A joke is what it is how can a man get away with murder when all the signes are there. everything pointing at him…how can anybody be that F***in stupid some of you are like ya we shudnt judge anyone i dont know if u know this but “Robert Kardashian” the guy who most of you were fans of let a murderer back into society and for what so he can do it again think about it .. ya he died its sad but because he let a murderer back on the streets somene else may die too!

  64. sam

    it is horrible how robert kardashian screwed the justice system so badly. How come no one ever asked why he got his licences to practice law reactivated after it had been dead for 3 years. It was obviously because OJ had confided in him somthing about the trial and wanted him to have attorney client privlledge so he couldnt be called as a witness. may say he helped clean up after the murder with OJ. Its sad how people get dragged into awful things out of loyalty to there friends

  65. linda sue

    I always liked ROBERT KARDASHIAN, even though he was loyal to his skuzzy, nutty friend almost to the end. R.K. fell under the spell of the ‘elite athlete’ when he befriended the ‘JUICE’, (good nickname, cuz he was always JUICED up on amphetamines or whatever when he gained his yardage on the gridiron!) with all its glitz, glamour and the refracted spotlight and big money. He was kinda cute, BUT the main reason the kids are gorgeous is their MOTHER, who now, of course, is Mrs. Bruce Jenner (speaking of him, he is proof positive that men should NEVER get plastic surgery, Michael Jackson is another.) She is still beautiful and took the other side at the trial because she became BFF’s with NICOLE BROWN way back then, and KNEW all about the abuse and threats,and that OJ did it, all along.
    As for the people who keep saying ‘NOBODY WAS AN EYEWITNESS, SO YOU CAN’T BE SURE JUICY DID IT…’, OMG! Do you realize that MOST ALL crimes don’t have any EYEWITNESSES, so NOBODY would ever be CONVICTED! Eyewitnesses aren’t that great anyway, as it has been proven they get things WRONG A LOT!
    The evidence was all there that SIMP did it, it just was a tragic convergence of BRILLIANT defense people (mostly BARRY SCHECK)who got their hands on it and thought up (and bought) excuses for EVERY little bit, plus, the standards for the forensics were OFF THE CHARTS compared to what they do in ordinary cases. That and ignorant, proSimpson jurors who didn’t want to accept that SIMP made good on years of threats like that.
    KARMA is a bitch, with the lawyers dropping like flies, BUT, why is SIMP alive still? Also, as MUCH as we would like to believe that there will be eternal justice and roasting for these fiends, Oj mostly, there is no proof that it exists, there might just be nothingness out there. Not saying there is or isn’t for sure, BUT we can’t know. So just depending on THAT is not good enough. Some Ministers even don’t believe in HELL, as it would just ‘burn out eventually’ if you are into physics you would know why.
    As for the daughter dating a ‘big black footballman’, well, what do you expect? Not only Simpson, but oodles of other ones were always around when she grew up. That is why her tastes got bent that way.

  66. ms lovely

    i feel soo bad for the ignorant ppl of our world!!! mr. robert george kardashian may you rest in peace you did a job that most ppl wouldn’t i commend you on bein the man and friend and father that you were and all of you have nothing better to do wit yo lives but waist it talkin bout the dead lord forgive them for they do not know im doing a project and im choosing to do it on mr. kardashian rest in peace may you forever be remembered and god bless his family love the show!!!! love kris,kim, khloe,kourtney and Robert!!

  67. PastryChef

    During part of the OJ trial, I worked for a man who was very close friends with OJ, Nichole, and particularly Robert Kardashian. Mr. Kardashian used to come to my boss’ office several times a week to discuss what was happening. I remember Mr. Kardashian as incredibly decent and treated everyone with respect. I remember catching bits and pieces of conversations between he and my boss and there was no doubt they believed OJ was guilty. I also remember the phone calls to my boss’ office asking him to come down and visit OJ in jail. OJ hated being in his cell so they would schedule as many visitors as possible to keep him out of his cell for most of the day. Rest in peace Mr. Kardashian.

  68. Tola

    I feel sorry for all of you making comments. Who is not going to die? And who was there when OJ Simpson murdered Nicole and Ron Goldman? Please wake up. For the people saying the whole of America knows that OJ murdered those two people please exempt me cos I don’t believe he did. I followed the trial from begining to the end. What ridiculous things to say-OJ murdered someone and had to jump his own fence in order to enter his own house,yet cobwebs were intact, leaves were not disturbed and no footprints were found. OJ had a white carpet yet no blood on the steps on his way upstairs, his socks had blood droplets on top and on the bottom as if his legs were transparent and blood could pass through, then the socks were placed side by side. Whoever does that? the first thing most people do when you remove your socks is to throw them somewhere or tuck them inside your shoes. And the infamous gloves? Had fresh blood on it after 24 hours of being exposed to air! Please wise up everybody. OJ Simpson had a scratch on his fingers, so much for someone who attacked Ron Goldman in a fierce battle for his life. Ron was a karate expert who defended himself valiantly and had stab wounds in specific areas, his attacker would have been drenched in blood! Nicole’s head was nearly cut off from her torso, the poor woman! How could someone who did that have just a scratch on his fingers? think about it everybody.It’s amazing that nobody talked about Detectives Furman and Vanatter who had OJ simpson’s vial of blood in his pocket and carried it around for hours, Furman also talked of planting evidence on black people. I guess nobody cares as long as its black people on the attack. Poor OJ Simpson had nothing to hide and gave his blood freely for DNA test, the mistake he made was he did not have his lawyer present at the time.
    I feel sorry for OJ Simpson for playing into the hands of his enemies this time around and may God be with him and help him out.Almost all White Americans are against him as if a trial did not take place. People already made up their mind and did not give a hoot about his trial.
    Remember also, Kardashian betrayed his friend simply because he wanted to sell a book and make money. Well, everybody is going to die and meet his or her maker someday.However, my sympathy goes to his wife and children. This world is just a passing phase for everyone of us, we will all die, OJ Simpson will die, and there is coming a generation that won’t even know about all this. So please remember that and fear God in all your ways.

  69. Lil Gurl dat No one knows

    wow thats just amazing how you guys can wish death upon people….O.J simpson should be in jail but Robert Kardashian was trying to belive in a friend would you do the same….he was representing him at law..we all understand that but isnt that wat a lawyer is for.?

  70. intelperson

    Dear Tola and Everyone Like Tola. IDIOTS!
    simpson is a murdering low life piece of crap
    and kardashian was a lying snake.
    If you believe simpson is innocent and kardashian had any class then we know what you are also.
    Your words and opinions are meaningless because… YOU’RE IDIOTS!
    and IDIOTS come in every color.
    Enough Said.

  71. rcburton

    The Kudos for loyalty is just absurb. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Even if my own son commited murder and then pleaded not guilty I wouldn’t support him in his lie. I would, of course, still love him but I would strongly urge him to confess and beg forgiveness of the victim’s family. I’d rather die with integrity than be a brutal murderer and get acquited.

  72. Beth Grings

    I watch keeping up with the Kardashian’s about every night,please just remember their dad was just doing his job. Remember he was just one of the lawyer’s who tried to help out with the slime’s(OJ)case. but even tho he was slimy JUSTICE prevailed! May he rest in peace.

  73. Angela from Florida

    I just found out yesterday that Robert Kardashian passed away. I agree with Valeria. You can’t be mad at him if you didn’t get the outcome you wanted from the O.J. trial. Personally, I think O.J. is as guilty as sin, but Mr. Kardashian was just trying to do his job. Unforgiveness is a heart attack waiting to happen, so please let go of it if you have ill feelings toward the deceased. TO THE FAMILY: Sorry to hear about your loss. May he rest in peace.

  74. Terry

    I met Phlilip Van Natter. He said in 32 years of service with the LAPD, he had never seen someone get off with some much evidence.

  75. frank k

    to all of you a-holes. don’t make excuses for a scumbag like o.j. he got what he deservered. in fact he was so ignorant he tripped him self up again now he will live a long life in prison where he belongs. some people can’t stay out of trouble now matter how good there life is.

  76. nina

    tola – what trial did YOU watch????? i watched the real OJ trial. there is no doubt in the mind of the entire human race that OJ did that murder. no doubt at all. even OJ’s family thought he did it. you must always look at the immediately family when someone is murdered like this. this is absolutely no other conclusion to make, based on the entire body of evidence, DNA, motive, lies OJ told, and total lack of alibi of any kind. absolutely NO ONE could vouch for OJ for the time the murders were committed. his house was full of blood. vincent bugliosi said that it is statistically impossible (if all the evidence were created in a mathematical equation) that OJ did NOT do it, just as if he were caught standing over the bodies stabbing them.
    if you think OJ didn’t do it, i suppose you wait for the easter bunny too and i suppose you have all kinds of other fantasies that take shape in your head but nowhere else. it takes all kinds of people to make the earth go around the sun. an OJ SIMPSON (a one of a kind heartless thug of a batterer, womanizer and cold-blooded murderer) and it takes another kind (some doofus who believes that OJ is innocent and didn’t pay attention to the overhwhelming DNA and blood trial right to the hands and home of the thug killer OJ). OJ had no alibi,he told a ton of lies and some were tragically stupid, a massive blood trial to his door, he ran away and disguises and money and weapons, he had motive like crazy, he was proven to be violent, nicole believed he would kill her, he was an asshole to the max, a pathological liar, madly jealous, strong as hell). OJ even tried to fake a cut hand in a hotel room by pretending while he was on the phone with a reporter of something that he broke a glass and cut himself and was bandaging his hand to deflect where he really got cut.
    and ron goldman might have known karate. but so what?? OJ came at him like a madman with a knife sharp enough to decapitate nicole. a few stabs in the right place and it was all over for ron. he was probably in shock but he tried to defend himself and that is why OJ got a few cuts. but to say that big strong OJ with a big sharp knife was no match in a surprise attack on a defenseless unsuspecting man who knew some karate chops is just fantasy thinking. you’ve been watching too many spiderman movies. this is reality and reality in this case equals jealous rage and murder in a crazy, knife-wielding madman. that madman is OJ SIMPSON.
    and his entire DREAM TEAM should be called the nightmare team. they all know for sure that he did it.
    look up vincent bugliosi. a brillant lawyer on the charles manson trial who said there is no way in a logical universe that OJ is innocent. he is guilty as sin. he is a dog. a two-legged dog and my apologies to dogs everywhere. he is a pig, a snake and my apologies to pigs and snakes everywhere.
    johnny cochran is also a pig because he knew that trial was a miscarriage of justice. he was supposed to tell the truth in that court and the truth was that OJ stabbed ron and nicole to death. no one with an IQ over 60 could possibly say anything different on the subject. it is simply an impossibility that OJ is anything other than 100% guilty.

  77. AJ

    I don’t understand out of all the things some of you late comers can comment on that is listed on this page. You want to point out racism … and to make it even worse some of you actually rejoice in another mans calamity… GOD will deal with US all in due time.. NO ONE is EXEMPT.. Even if you do ask for forgivness and repent… WE still have to answer to HIM in the end. SIN is SIN one is not bigger than the other…just like right is right and wrong is wrong. You may not even know but the evil and vindictive comments that some of you are making is a SIN because sin starts in the mind and if you think it you might as well have done it…speaking evil to and and about one another..look it up try reading Ephesians Ch5. These people have gone on from this wicked world we live in. They are in a resting place…. We are all still here experiencing lifes troubles and worries..dealing with daily issues. Mr.Kardashian and Mr. Cochran were God fearing men…. May the Lord have MERCY on US ALL… I pray that in these last days there are still enough Saints left in this world to keep us all saved… in the bible the word of God says ” The First shall be Last” ..Which one will you be?
    God Bless

  78. valen

    hi my name is valen im 12 i love keeping up with the kardashian im at school right now and i love reserching kim kardashian and robert kardashian and even thow im to little to watch your show i still do it plz email me back cause i LOVEE YOU GUYS AND YOUR FAMILLY!!!! you guys are funny i would love to talk to you guys bybybyb !!!

  79. jeni

    Interesting… I have never blogged before but was researching & came across this & was blown away… who in this entire world really knows what happened ecept God & the people who were present? What gives anyone the right to judge or condemn people who have past on? You feel you have that God given right? Jesus is the only rightous one. He teaches forgiveness and patience with those who have not been taught to follow Christ. I’m just blown away at people.. honestly. It’s sad. I have my opinions, but do I KNOW anything… absolutely not. IF I thought someone was guilty of a crime, would that give me the right to say such hateful things and condemn a man (i.e., Rob Karsashian) for standing by that person. This man had a family who loved him. What gives any of you the right? If you are so familiar with right and wrong and what God would have you do, none of you would be speaking the way you are. It’s in His hands. I’m just grateful I’ve never been in this situation and that my family hasn’t been touched by such tragedy.



  81. heffarus

    “lived together” ??? say what??
    So just how close were OJ and Robert? I mean you take a 6’2″ black man with a 5’7″ white man in the 70’s living together? I’m not saying, just sayin… Hmm…. How they doin?

  82. Art Popick

    Kardashian was a REAL friend who stuck by his buddy, OJ. Nicole was probably killed by the same folks that provided her and O.J with their drugs. Ron was just an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel for all of them and hope that they can rest in peace…

  83. darryl

    Everyone who was ‘concerned’ about the OJ trial was happy as heeck that he had been brought into court so he could be tried by a jury of his peers. well he was tried and ACQUITTED. you got your wish but the jury deciided the man is innocent. you all wanted a trial and you got it. this reminds me so much of the people who fly the confederate flag. HEY, YOU LOST… NOW GET OVER IT.

  84. Rosemary Rodriguez

    my heart goes out to his family. I think robert is one of the hottest men I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can see where his kids get there good looks. In fact his grandson looks just like him sooo handsome!!I envie both of his wives. I definatly think god has a place for this man in his kingdom. God is great!May he rest in peace and may gods blessing and strength be with his family..

  85. CameraDude

    I met Robert Kardashian during the O.J. trial. I worked for a cable news network and our producer, from New York had secured a meeting with Kardashian at his house. The house where Al Calings and O.J. “escaped” from the day he was to turn himself in. I’ll never forget the house’s unique layout: In the middle of the house was a large foyer. The kitchen to the right is where Al and O.J. had been waiting while the “Dream team” was upstairs in Roberts office planning how the morning was going to go at the court house. The second floor walk way that surrounded the foyer lead to “the kid’s” bed rooms on the left and the “game area” (lined with pinball games, Robert talked of wanting to buy more – for the kids) to the right with an old Victrola he was going to have restored, or had just been restored. Robert had been in the music industry when he left law. I think it was A&M records he had a hand in. His office was a museum of music. I’ll never forget; looking at a picture of Sheryl Crow, who I had never heard of, on a music industry magazine, that I had never heard of , and Robert noticing my interest. “That’s Sheryl Crow,” he said,. “Keep an eye on her, she’s going to be big.”
    The interview was informal, and no cameras were allowed because the events of the morning before the Bronco chase were still under investigation, but Robert talked about his kids — especially how excited he was that his son was coming to visit. With all the girls in their family, Robert would get a gleam in his eye, or maybe they were tears of longing, when he talked about his son.
    His lady friend at the time (I don’t remember her name or if she was the woman he later made his second wife) joked about his gray streak in his hair. It was died gray. He did this to appear older, he felt that it put many of his older business partners at ease knowing that they were dealing with a man with enough age (wisdom).
    Robert seemed like a nice guy.

  86. Freaka chica

    Robert Kardassian can burn in hell with Johnnie Cockran for covering up an unbelievably heinous and despicable double murder. He took a duffle bag of evidence away FROM A CRIME SCENE right under the noses of police. But the news cameras caught it. And all you imbeciles out there, STOP comparing every racial injustice to this case!!! An illegal lynching is just as WRONG as a rich, famous athlete/celebrity walking free – PERIOD!!!

  87. Jojo

    Wow…Alot of people today have lost the true meaning of understanding. Robert Kardashian was a man, a father, a husband, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a son, and a friend to those he left behind. People only want to see what they want to see or how the public wants you to see things. No one ever stops to look deep into a person, they just go off of whats on the outside. Before anyone can judge another, you need to look in the mirror first. Robert Kardashian passed on an left behind his beautiful children who have started their own legacy. May he rest in peace knowing his seeds are doing good with their lives as he did while living. God Bless his soul and his family.

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