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Dan Snyder


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Dan Snyder, a center for the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team, died on Oct. 5, six days after sustaining severe brain injuries in an automobile accident in Buckhead, Ga. He was 25.
Snyder played four seasons of junior hockey for Owen Sound in the Ontario Hockey League, then signed with the Thrashers as an undrafted free agent in 1999. One of the most popular members of the Thrashers team, Snyder earned 10 goals and made four assists in 36 games last season.
“Dan Snyder was one of those people who gave others energy. Just being in his company made you feel good. His quick, crooked smile was infectious. His eyes twinkled — somehow simultaneously emoting both kindness and a hint of good-natured mischief. Even while sitting idly locked in locker room banter with teammates, his unruly mop of curls gave him the essence of energy. There was nothing forced about Snyder — he was genuine through and through,” said Sports Illustrated columnist Darren Eliot.
Snyder was riding in teammate Dany Heatley’s Ferrari on Sept. 29 when the car spun out of control, hit a wrought iron fence and split in half. Heatley, who was also injured in the crash, was charged with vehicular homicide.

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  1. Dan Snyder was a great player


  2. Jeremy

    Sorry. I feel sorry for Dan’s family. You gotta slow down in Ferraris, you know. Man, I wish you was playing right now, everytime I go on a game, I just feel you around, sorry Dan.

  3. Caitlin

    Dan was the kind of guy who made me smile. I live in toronto so I am a leafs fan, but even though Dan always played with Atlanta’s NHL team, I loved him a great deal. I don’t know how much it hurts to his friends and family, but it hurt me enough to cry when he passed away. Every Sunday I pray for his family. I send my deepest sympathies out to all who were close to him.
    He will forever be remembered by his adoring fans. He lives on in my heart.
    Miss you Dan Snyder

  4. cat

    Three Months and 22 days have gone bye since Dan’s passing. I want his family and friends to know I feel so sorry for them.
    I pray for Dan upon this day
    I hope all his families pains and worries away
    He was great
    He had so much more ahead of him
    He was so young
    His heart so true
    His love for hockey
    Was meant to last much longer
    Sadly people do silly things
    And for that, they pay
    Dan Snyder shouldn’t have died. It was not him driving, he couldn’t slow the car down and now Dan H. is paying for it. He lost a true friend because he did something stupid. I’m going to leave it at that befor I do something stupid too.
    Good bye Dan Snyder #37

  5. Becky

    I am A big Chicago Wolves fan and everytime I go to a game I start to cry just glancing at the 19 behind the goals. He was my favorite player, A nice guy to meet, and an all around sweetheart.
    I love and miss you dan #19 in my heart forever

  6. Jamie

    Tragedies in life are unavoidable. Sometimes it feels as though it is too much to bear. Treasured memories are what we are left with. Memories of a lifetime of joy and happiness. A young life. A young man. So much ahead of him. You will live through our memories, Dan. And through our memories, you will live forever. Rest now my friend and know that you live through us.

  7. Andrew

    Watching Toronto host Atlanta, second game back for Heatley, I noticed the #37 in the boards in loving memory of Dan Snyder and made me think of a friend of mine who passed 2 months after Snyder’s, also in a car crash, R.I.P. Dan Snyder #37, also K.O.#22.

  8. brady houston

    Dan Snyder the best player to ever step on the ice in Owen Sound he came to our schools and played hockey with us. Now that I think of him and pray for him hes is missed by everyone in owen sound and his picture hangs high in our hearts and in our arena we win our hockey games for him an di reallt think he helps us.
    love you Dan Snyder#37

  9. David

    Dan Synder will always be missed by everyone who new him or not. I didn’t know Dan myself but had his father as a hockey coach for my son in rep.I remember Dan’s Dad rushing off to be at the games in Owen sound. As a parent I can’t imagine the feeling of lost for someone so special.Dan we know where you are an someday will all be together for one more great game.

  10. Holly

    I am so sad for what has happened. And yes, whenever someone mentions this or just seeing the 37, I have to struggle back the tears. Dan, we miss you, we love you, and you will always be with me. You were an amazing player and will be forever missed. Dany, your an amazing player on and off the ice, with the biggest heart! I love you and hope you will get better soon!!!

  11. April

    Ah….to this day I am very unstable when I think of Dan. He was an amazing player, and an amazing person. October 5th, the day I now sadly call my birthday, will always remind me of him.
    Love you Snyder.

  12. Dan Snyder will never be forgotten

    Dan Snyder was a great hockey player and was the sweetest guy. I wasnt to much of a Thrashers fan. Because i didnt live in Atlanta. But now i am Cheering for the Thrashers. Because of u . Your team meats are really sorry and they miss you ALOT. I think of you Dan everyday that passes by.You were a amazing player. And heatley should regret by going so fast . But he is sorry and will never forget what he had done. I love u Dan Snyder #37 forever r.i.p.

  13. steph

    Dan Snyder I Love You! your FOREVER in our hearts and #37 forever. i have always been a thrashers fan,when i heard the news of the accident i became a even bigger fan to try to help to support more. I hope his familey well and dan heatly too@ Dan Snyder for MVP!! MUCH LOVE

  14. Jesse Nollenberg #28

    I Would like to say I miss dan snyder as each day gose on that is why i am starting a petition to EA SPORTS to Get A tribute to dan snyder and a Photo Gallery in all copys of NHL 2005….
    As im sure i speak for all of you when i say he desrves it and for everything he has done for us **WE OWE IT TO HIM** so please e mail me at rammstein2212@aol.com if you will walk along with me to get him a tribute and photo gallery in nhl 2005 (for subject line put dan snyder rip#37) thank you all
    Ps. I Love You Dan Snyder I miss you more than words can say love you :'(

  15. Laura

    I can’t believe it’s going on a year now since Dan’s passing. I’ll never forget him, his smile, his laughter, and that look he always had like he was up to something. I have so many wonderful memories of him. He will always have a place in my heart and I will fondly remember him for the rest of my life. He was a memorable person with a heart of gold.

  16. Melissa

    I didn’t even know the guy or who he was but for some odd reason last night, I was thinking about this because today Heatly’s in court, Anyways I started crying, I just want both families to know I pray for them, and that they are not alone

  17. Will shen

    You will be missed. God bless you and all fans feel better knowing that you are in a better place.
    All prayers go out to Heatly, whose life must be shattered.

  18. eileen

    Dan Snyder was a great player and many great things were written about his character. What a tragic loss. My heart goes out to his family and teammates.
    My heart also goes out to Dany Heatley. His life is forever changed. He should not be charged. He’s been through enough and obviously regrets that night..
    RIP Dan Snyder
    P.s. i have three cats names Dany Heatley, Ilya Kovalchuck, and the newest addition : Dan Snyder.

  19. Bill

    There is a nice song, the first song on the new CD by Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip that id dedicated to Dan. The CD is In Between Evolution and the song is titled “Heaven Is A Better Place Today”, it is well worth a listen.

  20. Noble Monyeo

    I never saw Dan play but I am a huge fan of the sport. I just want to send out my love and prayers for #37 and his family, and I hope that Danny Heatly comes out stronger and more mature because of this, mistakes are made to teach us all.

  21. DOnald

    I didn’t know Dan . He was not a close friend or a loved one or a family member . But I love hockey . And I love the beuty of the sport , the way a sport can be so eligent and so rough at the same time .
    A true performer was Dan , a hard worker , and from the picture of him with the work hat an the cigar a funny character . My neighbour and close friend was killed in a car accident a year ago and I can’t help but remember that as I remember Dan .
    A true Canadian , a true Hockey player , A true loss ..
    Rest In Peice Danny , maybe some day I will get to meet you .
    And as for HEatley in these trying times , I hope nothing but the best for you in your future in devours . The loss of a friend is hard enough , I know .

  22. Jenna (Guelph, Ontario)

    Well, tomorrow it will be a year Dan. I didn’t know you personally, I never really saw you play hockey, but I wish that I could have done both of those things. I’m sure a lot of people can say that. Hearing so many stories of such an amazingly determined man makes it that much harder to believe that the person they are talking about is no longer here. I hope that wherever you are now you are happy and no longer hurting. Just know that there are so many people down here who miss you tons and still think about you all the time. People whom you never even knew. God Bless you Dan. I’ll never forget you………years from now…..i’ll always talk to you and say a lil prayer on October 5th…..

  23. Caitlin

    Well, tis a year now. I think of him everyday and all night. I still miss him. I will send you a prayer tonight, Dan. To remember the one who brought a smile to every teammates face. Then every so often to the other teams face aswell. ou brought a smile to your fans, friends and always to your families. You never knew me but I loved watching you on the ice. So graceful, so sweet and when I saw your face smiling, I smiled.
    His face was so sweet and innoect,
    He did nothing to harm.
    His eyes,
    Glew so bright,
    He showed the way to go.
    Danny Snyder
    My personal hero.
    I will pray for Dan, I will pray all night tonight. I will pray for his family, and watch for him by the light.
    Good night Dan.
    Dan Snyder, 1978-2003

  24. Kurtis

    I have to admit, I didn’t know him well before the accident, but after that horrible crash ended his young life, he touched my heart. It just goes to show that no matter how much time has gone by, people and fans and family still care for Dan and will never forget him. He was the Elmira, Ontario hero, and will remain that way. We’ll see you again sometime Dan. Take care up there.
    R.I.P. Dan Snyder

  25. Alex

    Danny was a great man. Last year at the Wolves game I would look at the number 19 behind the goals and would wonder if there were any way to bring back #19 Dan Snyder.
    I miss you Dan

  26. Laura

    Didn’t personally know Dan… Hearing about the car crash and later his death was really really sad. ‘Heaven Is A Better Place’ by The Tragically Hip is for Dan. It is one of my favorite songs by the Hip… I think it is nice they wrote and dedicated a song for Dan. May his soul RIP

  27. star

    danny was always my favorite, knowing him personally made this so hard, and tonight, a year and some months later, reading what all of you have said and just thinking about how great of a person he was, i realize its still so hard to believe he’s not here with us. i never really cried when my family and i heard the news, until today.
    snyds, we miss you terribly, the jokes and the stories will never be forgotten. you will never be forgotten. i cant wait to see you again someday. you live on in our hearts, through us, forever and always
    #19/37 <3

  28. Carly

    A little while ago I visited the Atlanta Thrashers website and seen the tribute they had made for Dan. I thought it was really great the
    way the Thrashers remembered Dan. If you haven’t seen it please visit AtlantaThrashers.com.

  29. Carly

    I wish that people would give Dan Heatley a second chance. He never meant to do what he did to Dan. He has been through alot so please find it in your heart to forgive him. Dan we miss you RIP 37

  30. Erica Crawford

    Hey Dan sydner i will miss you forever i remember how you played against the waterloo siskins for games and stuff
    I will miss you alot hopes to Jake and your parents love you so much
    Love from: Erica Crawford

  31. L.L.

    I don’t know where else to write this and so I’ve come here. I miss him. I miss you, C.D.
    Love never dies. That is the beautiful thing about it. This is the only thing that can be taken from tragedy.
    Dan was a lot more than a great hockey player.

  32. Worm

    a year an a half ….
    Dan, we miss ya, even far away from your place, like here, in france. im a sad french.
    You were so good and nice that i hope you can guard us…
    I feel sorry for the family, i know the pain of losing someone.
    Good bye, danny

  33. Carly

    I have to give much thanks to the people who are fans of Dany Heatley’s and Dan Snyder’s because you guys really have hearts made of gold. I am really glad to know that their are people out there who share the same view points as me. Dan Snyder was a wonderful guy and he will be truly missed, he will always be remembered. May he rest in peace forever and for always. Everyone who has supported Dany Heatley through out his trouble thank you for your kind words it really does help thank you so much. If you would like to help give back to Dan Snyder please email me at Always37forever43@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it.

  34. Stephanie

    You’ve been gone for a year and a half but yet it still feels like yesterday. You will be dearly missed Dan. May you always and forever rest in peace. Sorry to all of Dan Snyder’s family and friends. I feel like I lost one of my own friends.

  35. Kristina Wolf

    Hy! Dan, i just say, that i miss you a lot! I was very unhappy of all the games, because you are not on the ice! I feel sorry with dan

  36. Jessica

    wow… this was a shocker…as i walked up stars at night my mom calls me in to her room.. and says do u noe who dan snyder is. and i said no.. i dont watch hockey. then she told me tat he is hockey player and that he was in a car accedent in sept. and he died lastweek. at this point in my head im like why r u telling me this.. and so i said ok..? and why r u telling me this.. and wen i heard the words come out of her mouth i was shocked
    dan snyder was my cusin……
    third cusn never new him butt he fact that he was part of my family made me hurt….i noe this is a late messgae since it july/2005 but best wishes he will always be loved

  37. Eva

    I was never really much of a thrashers fan, but Dan’s death stil shocked and affected me. From what I have read and heard about, you were a great person. I hope you are resting peacefully. It does not seem like its been two years.

  38. Beth brown

    May God grant you the peace you deserve Dan. You were one hell of a player. Its sooo sad to watch the Thrashers now with you not skating around putting your heart and soul forth as you always did. I know one day soon Atlanta will win the Stanley Cup in your honor. Watch down on your good friend Dany. Help him through this difficult time. Good Bless you.

  39. Don Bowman

    Danny I miss you and all your hockey and smiles. You sparked my interest and love in hochey when you played for the Solar Bears in Orlando, Florida. When I was in Chicago, ill. to see you play forthe Chicago Wolves you reconized me and remembered my name. Thank you. Your tough hockey and you gentle and naughty smile will be missed by me and many many other hockey fans. You will always be remembered as a tough hockey player and humorus relaxed guy. If there is a hockey team in heaven I know you are on one of their teams. I wish you the best up their. Thank you for so much.

  40. Marina Janzi

    i am a swiss girl-love canada and america- can’t so english (is this right 🙁 ),
    but one i can: DAN I’LL MISS YOU!! I see you every day in my dreams. i see you when you died. and i see your accident. I cry b’cause you. And all that (and more) two years over your death. (i hope you understand me).
    Now i love Dany as player, b’cause I think he plays for you!
    Dan, I hope you (will) patronize Dany!!
    I MISS YOU ever!!

  41. mike

    it’s such a shame it had to end like this…i can only imagine the pain dan snyders family is going through..but everything happens for a reason…we can only wait and see what destiny has in store for us.

  42. Amanda

    Still hurts, and probably always will…you were and amazing hockey player and always had a smile on your face, never thought i would get so upset over someone i didn’t know, but i guess it can happen. You rock and i miss you lotsa R.I.P Dan

  43. Nancy

    Dany Heatley #15 – Since your trade to Ottawa and especially your return to Atlanta on Jan 2nd, I have read soo much about your tragic accident. I can not imagine the losses you have had to overcome and commend you for your bravery. You have helped make the Ottawa Sen’s what they are today…#1 in the NHL!

  44. 37 snyder

    You are the best player. I’am kraing ever time i see you. You are in my heart, in my memorys. You stil live in my heart!
    Love You
    Dan Snyder 37

  45. sammy

    I know what it feels like to lose someone, so I know the pain his family, friends & teammates are going through.
    All I can say is I hope they are going to be okay.
    All my prayers go out to the family & friends of Dan Snyder, and especially Dany Heatly, whos life must be a mess.
    Rest In Peave Dan. You were an awesome player, and no one will ever forget you.
    You are one of my new hero’s. Energetic, focoused, and always ready. Sports are something you have to love. And just seeing how much you loved hockey made me so happy. You represented the sport of hockey so well, and that, is amazing.

  46. Thalia

    i feel sorry for danny heatly it must hurt him so bad caus he was there dan was a great player so is heatly keep playing as well as you do!!

  47. Thalia

    sorry for that he was a great player. best wishes to the sens team i love you jason spezza you are hot!!! sorry danny heatly it must of ben a sad moment 🙁

  48. Jeremy

    I feel horribly bad for dan after a stupid mistake made by his teamate Danny Heatley. He deserves to live. his family must be dying after watching a thrashers game

  49. shantzy

    As one of dan’s close personal friends,i would just like to say how fortunate i am to have had such a friend.Dan was the hardest working,positive,and all around great guy.I,m thankful for knowing him and his memories keep me dealing with life’s little problems that arise.I think of Dan every day,and as long as I am alive Dan Snyder will never be forgotten.

  50. Simon

    R.I.P. for ever Dan Snyder un exemple de motivation pour tous, lorsqu’il embarquais sur la glace tlm avais un sourire, il avait vraiment la passion du hockey
    always be in my heart DAN SNYDER R.I.P. ON OCT 5th 2003
    your name is in the bible of hockey for everyone

  51. Jennifer

    May you rest in peace Dan. i’m still unsure if accident was a DUI however Heatley didn;t do it on purpose. I’m sure he regrets everything and he wishes you peace. He is really sorry for accident and prays for you all the time. God be with you Dan.

  52. Erica

    Omg Dan i love u some much i remember when u played agiants the waterloo Siskins it was the best eva and when i meet u and ur family after the game
    I can’t belevie that happen to u i think about u everyday and everynight MISS YOU hun

  53. Don

    You know we are waiting for God to televise your hockey games up there on those fluffy clouds in heaven. I miss your hockey here in Orlando with the Solar Bears. You brought tough hard hitting hockey to us. And you gave humor and fun with the game. You gave us so much of yourself for the game of hockey. And when I flew to Chicago to see you play with your team up there you even reconized me and called me by my name. Thank you.

  54. Conor

    Hello people I feel srry for Heatley because he was a friend of dan and he had died.If i was dany i wouldnt be able to go on the ice the same ever again.Rest In Peace Dan#37

  55. kieran

    Even though id idnt know dan persenaly i knew him thought blueland radio and tv my thought and prayres go tot he fmailes danny heatley must suffer fromt his to toahve the memory of that happening…..R.I.P

  56. Taylor

    im not a fan of the thrashers i like the leafs but i am a fan of danny heatley and i watched the thrashers a few times just when no other hockey was on and i saw dan synder and he just looked like a cheerful team mate and a great guy to be around and hearing the storie touched my heart and i know that everyone may not know him but i am pretty sure that everyone who heard about it did have a part of them who felt real bad and danny heatley i think a great number of people pin this accident on him and yes he was driving the car but it spun out of control and we all do things we reget and i know this may be something big to forget but dan synder will ALWAYS be in danny heatleys heart and there are still people 3 years later not forgiving danny.h. but dan.s. family forgave danny heatley so i think everyone should and dan synder was a great hockey player and he died @ a ver young age and now knowing the storie for these two boys really did touch my heart and they are my heros even thought i may not have known dan.s. i still have a great piece of heart out to him and hope to see him again someday and we all know where he is and danny heatley probley has a huge piece of sadness in his heart everyday for killing his bestfriend but heatley is still my hero and dan synder to and i bet every game that heatley plays goes out to his bestfriend who will never ever be forgoten dan synder so keep going heatley you can do it! do it for dan synder go heatley go
    R.I.P DAN SYNDER greatley missed by everyone even those for arent hockey fans

  57. Marina

    I’m a thrashers fan, and special a fan of dany heatley and dan. I don’t know, but every day I look on a picture on my wall and think: “Why? Why this guy?” Real every day! I am from swiss, but I don’t know somewhere is a link beetween me and that crazy guy. Dany Heatley go for Dan, do it for Dan you best friend, win for the guy you like… I know you do that

  58. Rachel

    I love you DANY Heatley. I hope you read this one day and I hope you know i will always love you and i am waiting for that day to meet you. I wana marry you!! ommgg I love you Dany so much! MUAHH

  59. Mallory

    as i sit looking at pictures of dan and or of dan and me,i ask myself why did it have to happen so soon? dan was so young, and was a true sweetheart. everytime i go to a thrashers game i think what if dan didn’t die would he still be upon us today? would dan and dany heatly still play for the trashers right now? i can still see his face and all the great memories we shared not only for me but all those who watched him and cheered him on. dan was a true hero not only to me but everyone around him. he will live on me and anyone else who believes in him.

  60. Mallory

    although the sad day happened 11 days ago it still feels like yesterday. i might not be alive next oct 5th to say something. if i could kiss that face again, give him a great big hug, hold him in my arms once again, when i get upset or time gets hard i just think of dan and all those great times we had togother. it was amazing how we always thought the samething at the sametime, and we would finish each others sentences. i still remember all those times dan or i would be talking and the other one would walk up behind the person and finish the sentence and they would jump, so the next time the person would always look around to see if the other one was aroud but we would still be able to pull it off.

  61. Rachel

    I feel really sorry for Dan and wish his family all the best.
    As for Dany Heatley, I love him with all my heart! I’ve loved him for 3 years and he’s my life! I hope he can read this someday. I LOVE YOU DANY!!!!!!

  62. allie

    i loved dan snyder and dany heatley. they were like, my altime favorite players. me dan rest in peace and dany be strong and his heart healed. i love dany with all my heart and soul and wis him the best of luck on the ottowa senitors. I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH DANY!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  63. Denis

    Dan Snyder great hockey player had him in my fantasy league pool it’s a real shame a tragedis even. Danny F****** Heatley um what can I say f*** you buddy f*** you.

  64. Mahli

    I was just looking up info on Dany Heatley because Ottowa is killing my home team the Buffalo Sabres with a score of 5-1. (the cup will be ours!) I saw the thing about Dan Snyder’s death and was shocked. Then it said he played for the Thrashers which is another very good team and this is to you Dan, “Your team is doing amazing! They are in second place of the eastern conference with 54 points. I hope you are looking down from above and your team is making you proud as well as many other players at any age who share the love of the game no matter how good they are. When it comes down to it the amount of money you make or the skill that you have doesn’t matter the love and passion you have for this incredible sport is what matters! I hope you are at peace and I believe you have made a differnce in the incredible sport of hockey! I know the love of the game! We will always be devoted fans of the game no matter what age or time or the places that we will be! I’m with ya bud!” 🙂 Hockey shall remain strong since it is in our beating hearts which never ends!

  65. Kristina

    i love you dan and we all miss you so much. i still cry all the time and i always remember whenever i see the #37… anywhere. he loved the sport so much.
    i pray for dan and heatley every day and i hope when i get up there with snyder we can have a nice game of hockey and for all those who knew him, i am terribly sorry. he sounded like a great guy and i can’t wait to meet him

  66. Mahli

    Rest in peace Dan. You were an amazing hockey player and I bet you still are but just playing the wonderful sport somewhere else. When I get there I will be sure to watch you! 🙂

  67. allie dunn

    i will miss you dan!
    everytime i see the # 37, i think of you!
    i will always miss you buddy!
    you are ALWAYS in my heart!
    i love you man!
    Love Allie D!

  68. Tina

    R.I.P Dan Snyder <3
    I love you and you are always in my heart!
    You’re best player ever! I miss you much!
    Maybe you’re now in better place in heaven, God bless you! <3

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