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Norodom Narindrapong


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nnorindrapong.jpgPrince Norodom Narindrapong of Cambodia died on Oct. 7 from a heart attack. He was 49.

One of King Norodom Sihanouk and Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk’s 14 children, Narindrapong studied philosophy, criminology and law at the State University of Moscow, and spoke fluent French and Russian.

Although he was not formally involved in Cambodian politics, Narindrapong did spend the past two years as an advisor to the Khmer Unity Party.

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  1. Ike Nzo

    It is with great shock that I have learnt over the internet of your death last year.I stumbled over this fact a few days ago and it took me quite a number of days to recover sufficiently enough to post this message
    I will forever treasure the memories of our teenage years in boarding school.
    My heart goes out to your widow and children.
    Rest in peace.Do vstrechi.

  2. Bonna Nong Downs

    I received a letter August 25, 2005 from Queen Mother Norodom Monieath Sihanouk of Cambodia that Samdech norodom Narindrapong passed, and I am extremely sorry for his loss to the royal family. May he rest in peace forever. Bruce & Bonna Nong Downs

  3. Vany Wells

    Being away from Cambodia since 1975 I have lost contact with many of my friends and family.
    It was with great sadness when I stumbled by accident on the article about the death of Prince Norodom Narindrapong. I will always remebered the time we spent as classmates au Petit Lycee Descartes.
    Rest in peace.

  4. Vladimir Barshai

    I’m so sorry to learn about this tragic untimely passing… We spent 1 year as best friends in First grade in 1962/1963 in Moscow. I still vividly remember who we did homework, ate suppers and played together. Your cousin, Wood, was also studying with us.
    RIP, your friend, Volodia.

  5. Satrio Bimo "Remi"

    I, with Mohammed from Egypt, met him at the Moscow State University (MGU) back in 1971 … As I remember, he was a handsome and very kind person. “Selamat jalan teman [indonesia]”; or “scastlivo vo puty drug moy [russian]”; or “happy journey dear friend”… Your friend, Remi

  6. Raouf Jafiarov

    Je viens d’apprendre par hasard ta mort. Je me rappelle toujours deux années à Moscou quand je te connaissais. C est bien triste que tu es parti tellement jeune. Malheuresement notre jeunesse ne va pas revenir.Mes sincères condoléances à ta famille.
    Ton ami, Raouf

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