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Ian William Gore-Langton


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Colonel Ian William Gore-Langton, the former commander of the Coldstream Guards, died. Cause of death and the exact day of his departure were not released. He was 89.
Gore-Langton was educated at Eton. He joined the British Army’s Coldstream Guards in 1934 and was sent to India to serve the Governor of Bengal.
During World War II, Gore-Langton fought with the 3rd Battalion in the North African campaign. At the Battle of Salerno, his troops were bombed for two and a half hours as they tried to embark and take the nearby airfield. Gore-Langton was severely wounded, and because medical supplies were low, his right arm was amputated without the aid of anesthetics.
The military tried to send him home, but Gore-Langton refused to leave the fray. Instead, he returned to the battlefield as soon as he could stand and fight. He was awarded a Member of the British Empire (MBE) honor for his bravery.
The “One-Armed Bandit” didn’t let the handicap keep him from having a full military career. From 1950 to 1953, he commanded the 3rd Battalion. He served in Cyprus as the regimental lieutenant-colonel and was responsible for organizing the departure of the terrorist leader, Colonel Grivas.
Gore-Langton served as the commandant of the School of Infantry in Warminster before retiring from the Army in 1962. He spent the rest of his life fishing, hunting, painting and running an art gallery.

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  1. ian langton

    i have the same name as this guy and i wish that i may someday leave a legacy as great as his. a man that can be as strong as to keep fighting after feeling his arm get cut off is a great man and he has my tribute. signed Ian Bernard Langton

  2. Nicci Gore-Langton

    My father was Richard Gerald Gore-Langton who also served in the British Army. I am trying to locate relatives in England. I would appreciate anyone getting ahold of me. I am interested to see if my father was a relative of Ian William. I can be reached at 604 594-8120 or at ntyndall@shaw.ca.

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