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Bob Mills


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Bob Mills, an AIDS activist, died from the disease on Oct. 8. He was 50.
Mills was working as a teacher when he became one of the first people in Edmonton, Canada, to become infected and speak openly about it. A tireless advocate, Mills served as the prairie regional director on the Global Network of People Living With HIV, and as a board member with HIV Edmonton and Living Positive.
He was one of two Canadian representatives to speak before the United Nations general assembly about HIV and AIDS, and lobbied to make medicine affordable to AIDS patients in poor countries. He was also appointed to the Ministerial Council on HIV/AIDS.
This past year, Mills received an International Year of the Volunteer Medal of Merit from Anne McLellan, Minister of Health, and the Queen’s 50th Jubilee Medal for his efforts in the HIV/AIDS community.

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  1. McParlan Don

    MIlls Robert G.
    My partner Bob Mills passed away October 8,2003,
    also the day his mother celebrated her birthday.
    Although Bob has been gone almost two years (we
    were together 27 years), he continues to be recognized for his passion and education in the
    AIDS crisis of our generation.
    Bob has been given the HIV EDMONTON LEADERSHIP
    award (2004), and now the award has been renamed
    in his honour to BOB MILLS LEADERSHIP AWARD.
    Also, Canadian AIDS SOCIETY (CAS) in Ottawa just
    announced its Leadership Award to Bob as well, sharing the award with Louise Binder, another
    I thank all of those with us and watching over
    us for their ACTIVE work in HIV. May they forever
    be in our thoughts and prayers
    Don McParlan
    Partner of Bob Mills

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