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David Silveti

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David Silveti, a Mexican bullfighter, committed suicide on Nov. 12 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 48.
A third generation matador, Silveti studied economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1977, he made his bullfighting debut and spent the next 20 years working to reach the top of his profession.
Known as “King David,” the popular matador competed in 470 bullfights until his retirement in 1995. After undergoing knee surgery for numerous gorings, Silveti returned to the ring, but his doctors begged him to stop, citing serious head and spinal cord injuries.
Last Wednesday, Silveti returned home to Salamanca, greeted his parents, then went to his room. A short time later, they heard a gunshot and found his body.

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  1. Anna

    Oh David, many years, tears and memories.
    Glad you’re freed from pain.
    Thank you for the wonderful moments, laughs, now a mother of two, proud to show your pictures every now and then to them. I agree with you, The Fiesta has change for worst in many ways. Not us.
    We will alays remember never forget, simply because we respected, admired, and yes loved you.

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