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Don Gibson


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dgibson.jpgDon Eugene Gibson, an elementary school dropout who became a legendary country music singer/songwriter, died on Nov. 17 of natural causes. He was 75.

Born in poverty, Gibson dropped out of school in the second grade to help his sharecropping family with farm chores. After teaching himself to read and play the guitar, a teenaged Gibson landed a job performing with his band, The Sons of the Soil, at a Knoxville radio station. In his spare time, he earned $30/week playing music in local bars.

Gibson helped create the “Nashville Sound” of the 1960s by writing songs that used simple words to convey strong emotions. In 1955, he broke into the music business with “Sweet Dreams,” a classic he recorded twice; it also became a hit for Patsy Cline.

Two years later, Gibson wrote two songs that became popular standards in country music — “Oh Lonesome Me” and “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Although more than 700 artists covered “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” the Ray Charles version topped the pop charts in 1962 and sold more than 1 million records.

Known as “the sad poet,” Gibson recorded 50 albums, most of which he also wrote. He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 1973 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

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  1. david jones

    in 1957 it was either elvis presley or don gibson, even today i still listen to don gibsons songs,i think every one holds a memory.
    favourites………lonely street, its too soon to know, heartbreak avenue, and a little known song called good morning dear
    dave jones

  2. Jackie Pate

    The first time I heard Don sing back in 1958 I was hooked and nothing has changed thru the years. The all time favorite has to be the one and only “I Can’t Stop LOving You”. “It’s Too Soon To Know”, the powerful “Legend In My Time”, “Blue Blue Day”, “Sweet Dreams”, the list goes on and on. He never sang a bad song. This man had more talent in his little finger than most people do. No one could play a guitar quite like Don. Lord will he be missed!!!

  3. J.P. Williams

    I used to be a Webb Pierce man. Then I heard Don Gibson. The man literally never wrote a bad song. Not once. The only man I respect more is George Jones but that’s just because I am so damn jealous of that voice. Give me some Don Gibson, a barstool and some cold beer and I am one happy fellar. I betcha right now, ol’ Don is playing guitar with Roy, Johnny, Hank and Chet in a honkytonk in heaven.

  4. Curt Barker

    It was 1962 and I was in the eighth grade and my mom sent me away for the summer to Reno, Nevada to live with my uncle and make a man out of me. I worked all day at his shop, and after work was over had nothing to do, but listen to music. I heard this guy who reminded me of Elvis, but with more soul, and I instantly became hooked. I still listen to Don Gibson at 57, and he is my all-time favorite country singer. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  5. Walter Gilleland

    No one could sing gospel songs as good as Don Gibson. His “My God Is Real” album is awesome; especially the song “Satisfied”. He was one of my very favorites. We lost a great talent when we lost Don Gibson. But he left us with some of the greatest music ever. I can’t say enough about Don Gibson. I wish I could have met him.

  6. Dennis Moore

    One of the nicest, soulful, creative writers ever. I’m glad to have crossed paths with such a creative person. Wonderful, touching music. We are all blessed because of his life.

  7. Neil Cook

    I’ve listened to, and sung songs written by Don gibson for over 30 years, and never grown tired of them. My father, a lifelong fab, died in December last year, I can’t listen to some of the songs now without bitter\sweet memories, a trademark of the writing talent Gibson had to make you feel such empathy. A great loss to music, he was an unassuming giant in his field.

  8. Bert van Rosendaal

    Don,together with Elvis and Jim Reeves is my favourite singer of all times.Miss him a lot.Always great to listen to his beautiful songs.

  9. Berit Grini

    My very first 45 rpm record, bought in 1959, was “Oh, lonesome me”. In 1979 I wrote him a letter telling how much his songs had meant to me, and he sent me a very nice personal letter, a signed photo and his latest album! He is still my absolute favourite.

  10. Jerry Swanson

    I first heard Don Gibson On the Ralph Emery (Midnight show)on WSM in Nashville. I had just been assigned to the 799th A.C.& W. station at Joelton, TN. Loved his voice nad music. Later was a disk jockey at a base radio station in Northern Newfoundland, you can Bet the troops heard a lot of “That Gibson Boy” album. I Like all his music but was attracted to one “It Didn’t Work Out Did It” I Think he never got the acclaim he should. Miss him much

  11. Sandra Selby (nee Swanson)

    Thank goodness Dad heard that Ralph Emery show! I grew up on country (thank you, Pop) and Don Gibson was and is my all time favorite. Like the others here I found his songs simple yet moving. The melodies are haunting and I think his voice was fantastic… so smooth and soulful. He IS a legend to me. I only wish I could get a copy of the album “I Wrote a Song” on DVD! Apparently RCA isn’t letting that one out. 🙁

  12. mike whiteway

    Don Gibson was possibly the most underated country music artist of all time. A lot has been said about the many people who covered his songs, but even the great Patsy Cline & Ray Charles couldn’t do a Don song like Don could. His voice & guitar playing were unique, and his recorded works one of the great bodies of work in 20th century music. Simply wonderful!

  13. kit duckworth

    i first heard don on sunday morning radio forces
    favourites i was 9 years old in the mid 1950s
    just one time sold me on to country music for life

  14. mkf

    “i wrote a song” is one of the unsung masterworks of country music–in an era (i.e., early 60’s) when the pedal-steel reigned, it is a spare, understated tour de force of sheer talent. gibson discarded all the usual bells and whistles on this album, depending instead on his songwriting skills, mellow voice and 12-string virtuosity–i.e., sheer talent–distilling his best songs down to their bare essence, in a way that’s never been done before or since. it’s an album i still savor, 40-some-odd years later.
    yeah, it’s an artifact from my childhood, obscure and unrecognized, but so what? i’ll gladly stack it up against any collection of work by any contemporary “country” artist you could possibly name.

  15. Ron Elliott

    Grand Ole Opry for 25 years, loved Don Gibson, worked many, many shows with Don and played for him on many. An absolute Legend and a giant talent. Wonderful memories. Ron Elliott, steel guitar player

  16. Jim Dwyer

    First heard ‘Just One Time’ which really turned me on to Don Gibson, it’s still my favourite. His song-writing, singing and recordings were tops. Greatly underestimated here in the UK. Saw him at Wembley C&W Festival, wish I’d have gone backstage.

  17. brad savage

    Don Gibson was,very simply,an American Treasure!he was a TREMENDOUS country western artist and he wrote my favorite country/western song of all time,my favorite that will ‘ever’ be, ‘ I CANT STOP LOVING YOU’,in 1958.I have played RAY CHARLES genius version of this song for 45 years,and it bring tears to my eyes to this day! as it always will! i can remember singing this song walking through the woods in Hudson NY when i was 9 years old ! DON’S version of the song he wrote,is equally great, and i,for 45 years,enjoyed ‘both’ versions…and Don further went on to write songs for 4 of my ‘ABSOLUTE’ favorite singers, ever, namely :the great PATSY CLINE,JOHNNY CASH, RAY CHARLES,ELVIS PRESLEY ! Folks, it doesnt get better than this ! Don was a legend in the most ‘unforgettable ‘ era of country music history, that wondrous time CIRCA 1955—1963, when ‘all’ the greats were still with us ! Don, enjoy that beer, buddy, with our old friends, Patsy, Elvis, Johnny,Roy,Hank and Ray !
    lifelong fan … BRAD SAVAGE
    Thank You so much for writing : ‘ I CANT STOP LOVING YOU !’

  18. Arthur Ross

    As I listen to Don singing “Streets Of Laredo” while writing this, it saddens me that he remains the most underrated country singer of all time. His plaintive baritone singing sad songs with that cry in his voice grabs my heart. I hope his greatness will be discovered by the masses again. He has always been my favorite country singer.

  19. Rock Kennedy

    His arrangements were amazing. The grooves are so tight and there is always something fantastic happening in the sonic landscape start to finish. Among the best recordings I have ever heard.

  20. Jerry Swanson

    anyone interested there are some postings on youtube by Don perhaps some of you could post more. He was the greatest as far as songwriter and singer even better,

  21. R studholme

    Every song I have heard Don Gibson sing and play means so much.What a song writer,What a voice.My late brother and I used to play and sing his songs in the early 60s. I still play his songs,[I will Always,Sea of Heartbreak,Oh Lonesome Me,Have Myself a Party,Cant stop Loving You,Sweet Dreams,Etc,Etc,[to name but a few],He will always be a legend In My Time.From all his Fans in the UK,Don is Country Music.The Greatest.

  22. Neil Cook

    My father was a big fan of Don, I grew up in the 1960’s listening to hits like ‘Sea of heartbreak’ , ‘oh lonesome me’, etc. One song my dad really love was ‘Oh such A Stranger’, my dad passed away a year after Don, I still listen to Don with bitter sweet memories, he was master of the simple, but very effective lyric and melody. ‘Worth it all , it was worth it all’. Great man, great songs, great loss.

  23. St Bryan Stone

    I am only 23 years old but after hearing Don Gibson I can’t stop listening to him. He was indeed a “Legend in his Time” and he would be a legend today. Simple Words – Powerful Emotions. Though he sings sad songs they have a joyful beat to them. I prefer him over Elvis and all other country artists.. He is the best country artist. I like all his songs, especially “Sea of a Heartbreak”. He has not gotten the recognition he deserved but he is the best.

  24. Vickie Peek

    I didn’t know this site was here. So glad to find it. I just happened upon it. I’m always googling something that I want to know about him. I’m working here in my office, listening to hours and hours of his music, as I always do, and just wondered what he had passed away from, so I googled and found this and that. I have been totally in love with Don since way back in the 50’s. Heard him lots in the late 40’s as he and I were from the same area. He was a few years older than I was. I grew up in Gastonia, 20 miles from Shelby, and where he used to sing, with his band, on our little local radio station. I don’t think it got out much farther than Gastonia and Shelby. Charlotte probably had us overpowered. But, we were glad to hear Don any way we could. Even on my 45’s played on my little suitcase record player that Santa brought to me one Christmas. All of these years later, here I am still playing and loving his music. There will absolutely never be another one like him. Once in a lifetime does someone of his caliber come along. Maybe some day, if we keep this up and his name in the media, other people will discover him and appreciate him as much as we of his greatest fans do. What else does a person have to do to be elected into the CMHOF? I couldn’t believe it took them so long. Especially with some of those elected ahead of him.
    As Ray Price, another one way overdue for his election, said the night he was inducted, “It’s About Time”.
    What I don’t understand is if they could induct 12 the year they inducted Don, then why couldn’t they have inducted him in a previous year when they inducted just 1 or 2 or 3??. It would have been a wonderful tribute for him, to know how much he was loved by his fans. Something just AIN’T right here. He could have enjoyed the recognition for a little longer. And who, pray tell, has ever contributed more than Don did to keep country music country? Those in the know in Nashville, even say so.
    I don’t think his music will ever be dated. It still sounds like it did to me years and years ago. Of course, that might just be me. It’s too bad young people this day and age can’t listen to it. They don’t have a clue who Don Gibson is. But some of those freaky names my grands come up with around me, they know all about. I don’t even let them play that head banging stuff around me. I will never forget Don and how much I have always loved listening to him singing and picking. Yes, he was a great guitarist as well as singer. I have always been able to understand every word he sings. Can’t say that about some.
    If anyone out there has any idea about where I could purchase DVD’s with Don in them, I would appreciate you sharing the information with me. I miss seeing him. I wish all of the time that I had the foresight to tape some of the shows I saw him on.

  25. W.C.Gray

    To say Don Gibson was underrated is an understatement. I’m a life-long country music fan but never heard Don sing until just a couple years before he died while I was in my car. It was “Woman Sensuous Woman.” I searched an 80 mile radius for nearly a year before I found it on one of his DVDs. Sad to say that I no longer listen to the so-called country music they call hits played by tone-deaf DJs on the radio. The songs they grind out now all sound the same. Don’s songs has meaningful lyrics and great music.

  26. FarmallMTA

    The time: July, 1976, mid afternoon
    The place: Dirt road in north Missouri
    The Age: 14 yrs old
    The Event: Driving an old pickup pulling a hay wagon
    The Song: Sea of Heartbreak
    The Radio Station: KWMT, Fort Dodge, IA
    The Memory: all of it, when I hear Sea of Heartbreak again… the sound and feel of the truck, the sight of the cloud of dust behind, the smell of freshly baled hay. And that peaceful, easy feeling of all’s right with the world at just that time and that place.



  28. Daphne Rogan

    I’ve just come across this site and am so pleased to know there are so many others who feel as I do about Don Gibson, his awesome talent and incredible ability as a guitarist. His beautiful voice makes every song he sings believable. It seems incredible, but here in Australia, where I am, I haven’t come across anyone who even knows who Don Gibson is… My greatest regret is that I never got to see him in person, and there are no DVDs available of his performances. My tribute to him is to visit Shelby for a week in November 2008 for the fifth anniversary of his death, to see where he was born and grew up, and is finally at rest. I hope when I get to Nashville I’ll find a way to actually get to Shelby. I know there’s a bus to Charlotte, but that’s about it. I’d love to hear if there are any conducted tours that go there.

  29. Daphne Rogan

    What a pity Don didn’t re-record his early songs as he matured and developed his own distinctive style. I still enjoy playing the early Sons of the Soil, and King Cotton Kinfolk songs.

  30. Joe

    I am a great fan of Hank Snow .Hank , like other singers , covered Don Gibsons songs.I was going through a lot of Hanks songs and was amazed that he had covered Legend in My Own Time.Now I love every song that Hank has sung through his long career and Legend was no exception.However, no one ever sang this song like Don Gibson.He was a unique song writer and a great singer .

  31. paul fox

    since i was a kid i grew up with a diverse taste in music from some classical to rocknroll and country thanks to my Dad
    when my dad died i was going though some of his music and i came across some tracks of Don’s and i was hooked again i remembered them being played on my dads stero and they brought back some good memorrys my favs are Sea of heart break and Just one Time great tunes
    great memorries thanks Don Gibson

  32. Jerry Swanson

    Hank Snow also had a big hit with “Moving On” and Don had a great verson that had much more soul than Hanks did.Jerry Swanson S.L.O. California

  33. Dennis Moore

    If you want to hear a classic, get the Roy Orbison CD “Roy Orbison sings Don Gibson” released on 1/1/67(you can still find copies). It was recorded forty years ago, and is as fresh as yesterday.

  34. Frank Spittle

    There has been so much said about Don and country music, rightfully so. I am a child of Rock-n-Roll growing up in the fifties listening to Elvis, Johnny, Jerry Lee, Roy, Buddie ets. etc. But my favorite song being played on the station along with songs by the above mentioned was Oh, lonesome me. It was a monster early rnr hit. I had no clue that Don was a local. I lived in Charlotte at the time. Over the next 40 years I would run into him a few times and he was a very friendly guy. When you go over the list of hits he wrote it is simply incredible one guy had that much talent

  35. Daphne Rogan

    I visited Shelby, NC, last week on the fifth anniversary of Don Gibson’s death on 17 November 2003. It was my personal celebration of his life and incredible talent. When the Don Gibson Theatre opens, hopefully next year, I iwll be there. If you can possibly visit Shelby, go to the Sunset Cemetery and see the green marble monument Don’s wife, Bobbi Gibson, has erected in his memory. Words can’t do it justice. You have to see it to believe it. Believe it’s well worth the visit.



  37. Daphne Rogan

    For Dave Jones who liked Good Morning Dear. Have you heard A Stranger To Me? Don Gibson considered this his favourite song that he wrote and recorded. It’s my favourite too, although it’s hard to pick one over another of his songs.

  38. Daphne Rogan

    The Don Gibson Theatre in Shelby NC is scheduled to be opened in August 2009. If you are interested in its progress go to Shelby Star Newspaper and enter “Gibson”, and you can read the progress being made and what it will be used for. It will be worth seeing when it’s finished.

  39. Jason Sutton

    Shelby, North Carolina can take stock in their native son Don Eugene Gibson.
    Sad Poet? Maybe, Gifted Songwriter, You Bet,
    Legend in his own Time, Absolutely!
    God Bless,
    Jason Sutton

  40. Daphne Rogan

    I’ve just been listening to the Golden Classics Edition of Oh Lonesome Me again and what a great CD it is. Two of my favourites are I Can’t Leave and Sweet Sweet Girl, and this version of Give Myself a Party is really good. Every song Don Gibson wrote and/or sang is a winner.

  41. j.b. bayer.

    as alot of other fans i grew up with the great of talents this legend DON GIBSON. i am not having much luck in locating a vinyl or cd of his music if any one out there can help me i would love to here from you regards J.B.

  42. Mike Hiatt

    It was a long drive to a college in Vancouver, Washington. To pass the time, I listened to the radio. It was always a treat to hear Don Gibson who was one of the most underrated singers ever! Two of my favorites were Sweet Dreams and Sea of Heartbreak. All of his songs were excellent!

  43. clifton knowles


  44. Dana

    Wow! These tributes are amazing! Especially amazing, and so truly heartwarming to me, because I am Don Gibson’s niece. Actually his “double-niece” if that can make any sense… Uncle Don is my mom’s uncle, making him my great-uncle by blood (he was my maternal grandfather’s brother)… but if you’ve ever read any history on him, he returned to his hometown (and mine, too) of Shelby, NC with an ailment, and was in part taken care of by an amazing lady named Syble, who recruited the help of her eldest daughter, Bobbi, to assist her with his recovery. Well, Syble is my grandmother (sadly, she left us in June of 2008). And her eldest daughter, Bobbi, is my aunt… by blood and by marriage. How are Don and Bobbi Gibson BOTH related to me by blood? And by marriage? Well, you see… My Mom, Diane, Don’s niece, also of Shelby, married Bobbi’s eldest brother, Charlie, and so our families became one. My Uncle Don is my great uncle by blood on my mom’s side, and my uncle by marriage on my dad’s side. Not only that, Uncle Don and Aunt Bobbi were a constant presence in my life since I was born, in 1970. Never a Christmas without them, and many wonderful, memorable vacations in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was a very sad time losing Uncle Don. I always knew of his contribution to country music… it was kind of hard for me to comprehend just how much of an influence he was when I grew up with him around at family times, although I always knew he had accomplished so much. I remember writing to my Aunt Bobbi asking for autographed pics to give my friends and especially my friends parents, and even a very special junior high gym teacher who let me out of a lot of things teenage girls didn’t like to do in gym class just because I got him an autographed pic of Uncle Don, and sent him a postcard from Gatlinburg with Uncle Don’s signature on it from a spring break there with him, Aunt Bobbi, Tammi (aunt, Bobbi’s younger sister), and our “Mama” (my grandmother, Syble). At his visitation, the names on the flowers that were sent amazed me… fro all the greatest legends of country music… wow! His funeral in Shelby, I was amazed by the number of people who arrived, the ones in the parking lot who couldn’t come inside, kind of just camping out outside their truks, SUV’s etc… the cameras running all around the cemetary. Then his memorial service at the Country Music Hall of Fame… absolutely beautiful… These words I read from people all over the world truly touch my heart. I am so proud of him, and of all he accomplished, and I, too, have grown up with country music, and have always been so sad that his name isn’t as widely known as he deserved. I can hear his music, and say, “my uncle wrote that!”. Then I say Don Gibson… some know the name, the younger people don’t. I’m 38 now, but I’m very quick to tell them exactly who he is. All your comments here make me very proud, and happy that he is still loved and remembered by lifelong fans in such a way. Thank you for continuing to remember him, and for appreciating him in such a remarkable way.

  45. Daphne Rogan

    Try and get to Shelby NC in November 2009 for the opening of the Don Gibson Theatre. You’ll be sorry if you miss it. It’s going to be a great event.

  46. Harvey Pearce

    There have been very few song writers in history who could tun out so many compositions with a ‘hook’ every time. Donald Eugene Gibson was one such composer.

  47. Charlene Sparks

    Don Gibson has always been one of my favorite singers. My sister, Donna, and I have stood in line for over an hour, in the rain, to attend his concert in Los Angeles and felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to see him on stage.
    I have never really read that much about Don Gibson. Nothing about his personal life. I was surprised to read here that he had to quit school in the 2nd grade. The man was truly gifted and I am so glad he did well while he was alive, whether he received the tributes he deserved or not.
    I wondered about whether anyone ever did a book on him? It seems books were written about almost everyone but I have not located one about him.
    Thanks for the opportunity to show appreciation for the many hours of pleasure his songs have provided all through the years.

  48. Ian Batkin

    1959 and my schoolfriend, Tony Simpson, played Don Gibson singing “Dont’ Tell Me Your Troubles” and it just blew me away. Now,50 years later, it is still in my all time favourite top ten records.

  49. billy j rachels

    i spent 35 years in radio broadcasting,music lover entire life. done some song writing no hits.people talk about perfect country song.i sign with i cant stop loving you enough said 64 old radio man

  50. Daphne Rogan

    I was present at the opening night of the Don Gibson Theatre in Shelby in November 2009, and what a great night it was. The theatre is a jewel and the renovation and restoration is in keeping with the 1930s feel of the original movie theatre. It seats 400 and the acoustics are great. Go to for information and tickets, and to see the great acts that are being booked. Get behind the project and support it, Don Gibson fans. Daphne Rogan.

  51. Donald Coon

    I met one of my best friends in the 50’s when
    Oh Lonesome Me and I Can’t Stop Loving You were
    popular. My friend has passed away but after more
    than fifty years, I am still listening to Don. He
    was truly a LEGEND. Thanks Don for all the
    Donald Coon

  52. edward kaluf


  53. Charlie Kiser

    I realize that lots of people liked Ray Charles’ version of “I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” but I’ll take Don’s recording of it any day.

  54. Leonard Rogers

    I started listening to Don Gibson back in the 50s and the first song I bought was “Oh Lonesome Me”. Then I started buying every song that he put out that I could find, 45s and LPs. Best song writer and singer that I ever heard.
    Leonard Rogers

  55. Elias Solomon ( Sol )

    I had the joy of meeting Don Gibson after a performance in Newark the late 1960s and he followed me to the airport and returned his rental as he was running late. I am happy to say we kept in touch till his sad departure on .November 17,2003. I first heard Don on the hit parade while I was in Israel and he has been my all time favorite singer – songwriter since. I found Don to be a very gentle and unassuming person.His wife Bobbi also is a beautiful and wonderful lady with whom Ihad had long conversations with. Don had sent me many of his new recordings and his cd collection and I have all three collections by the Bear family from Germany which I will treasure forever. There was no other singer that made me feel the joy and sadness he exuded in all his recordings. Unfortunately he was treated very unkindly by the Nashville big brass and his induction into the country music hall of fame with many other artists was an affront to him , which Nashville should be ashamed of.Considering that Don had very little education he was a giant when he wrote some of the greatest songs of all time which will live forever through musical history.I will always miss him not only for his music but his kindness he showed me through all the years. Don may you rest in peace .

  56. Daphne Rogan

    To Charlene Sparks who wondered if there was a biography of Don Gibson. The Bear Family Trilogy of Don Gibson/Singer/Songwriter (see on Amazon under Music) has a book with each of the three volumes, together with CDs. The books contain interviews with Don by Dale Vinicur and Stuart Colman, together with photos. Well worth having.

  57. Doc Edwards

    I remember that the first Rolls-Royce that I had ever sat in belonged to Don Gibson: I was a seventeen year old kid, and I drove into a gas station in Knoxville, where I knew the owner, Bob Jones, who was a close friend of Don Gibson. I found Bob and Don in the bay area with the Rolls up on a lift. Bob told me that they were looking for an oil plug. Then a knoxville city policeman drove in on his motorcycle and came into the front office area where I was waiting for Bob and Don to get through checking out the Rolls. The policeman, looking around while he took off his gloves, asked me, “Where’s Bob?” And I pointed to the bay area where the cop then walked up to the door that led out to the bay, and he peered through the window. He turnned to me and asked, “What are they doin’ to that Rolls?” And I told him, “Tryin’ to change the oil.” The cop turned around to me, shaking his head and onviously faking sadness, and said, “That’s a pitiful sight: two hillbillys tryin’ to change the oil in a Rolls-Royce, and just too blame dumb, both of them, to realize that you can’t change the oil in a Rolls. It’s a closed system, and has to be shipped to Atlanta and the dealer to change it.” He walked back out to his motor cycle, still shaking his head, muttering, “Pitiful. pitiful, just plain pitiful…” I still smile everytime I think back on that day. Don Gibson was an absolute genius in every sense and meaning of the word and a gentleman, as well. He was a rare combination. I think he was ultra sensitive, which was a curse and a blessing; as a blessing it manifested through him and into his music, as a curse, it haunted him with a type of life-long depression.

  58. Jerry Swanson

    So glad to see Dons recordings show up on u-tube.You can never still great talent and he is the best songwriter/singer ever and always will be, miss him but love his music.

    • nelda pendergraph

      what a great singer he was. i never tire of listening to anything he sings. a very handsome sweet man. i listen to u tube all the time trying to find every song he sings. you are greatly missed Don Gibson.

  59. Chas Botfield

    No comments since 2012! Don’t forget this man, he was one of America’s country greats, whose brilliant songs will outlive us.
    Even my sons give him airtime!
    Regards Chas UK

  60. John

    “I can’t stop loving you”, and “Ole Lonesome Me” !! These songs had to be inspired by someone, just
    like Hank Williams songs. “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You”, and Your Cheating Heart!!
    I’ve tried several ways to Find out who Don married first, and also his child. There ought to be a book
    out about him! He, Hank and Jim Reeves were the best ever.
    I often wonder where their mind was, when they wrote certain songs. I can’t help myself!
    I wonder if certain songs written by Don were inspired by a marriage breakup. As was some of Hanks.

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