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Frank McCloskey


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Frank McCloskey, a former representative from Indiana and an outspoken champion of Bosnia, died on Nov. 2 from bladder cancer. He was 64.
McCloskey joined the Air Force right out of high school. After serving in the military for four years, he attended Indiana University in Bloomington and worked as a reporter for The Indianapolis Star, the Herald-Telephone in Bloomington and the City News Bureau in Chicago.
McCloskey received his law degree from I.U. in 1971, and was elected mayor of Bloomington a year later. He ran the city for a decade before he was chosen to represent southwestern Indiana’s 8th District in Congress.
During his six terms in Washington, McCloskey was described as a quiet, rank-and-file Democrat who worked on the House Armed Services Committee. Although it gained him nothing politically, he developed an interest in the Balkans after making several trips to the region. In 1992, McCloskey called for selective air strikes against Serb forces that were committing genocide in Bosnia. He also demanded that Serbian leaders be ousted and tried for war crimes. Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who was ousted in 2000, is currently on trial in The Hague, Netherlands.
After losing reelection in 1995, McCloskey became chairman of the Morgan County Democratic Party. In 2002, he was named director of Kosovo programs for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

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  1. Rob Earle

    Frank once bought a round of drinks for a roudy table of physics students (I was one of them) at Nick’s English Hut on Kirkwood Ave in Bloomington. This was just after his election to Congress. He did a lot of good for Bloomington. May God rest his soul.

  2. BB

    Congressman Frank McCloskey had extraordinary Courage of Conscience. He spoke especially for those who could not speak for themselves, and was willing to go into the face of HELL to bear witness to the TRUTH. He advocated for Constitutional principles to be upheld for ALL, in SPITE of the fact that it was not politcally correct or corporately expedient…indeed he was warned doing so was “political suicide”.
    American “policymakers” refused to follow his example, and heed his warnings re: stop continuing supporting and enabling despots to commit economic fraud and genocide.
    There is a very high place in Heaven for Frank, among all those whose deaths he so valiantly fought to prevent.
    May all awaken to his example..and save America from the clutches of the money mad moguls and their morally depraved media.
    We need more like him.

  3. tiania

    I know this is a tribute page but I am trying to contact Hasan Nuhanovic. I am a reporter from the UK and am working on a story you may be interested in. I will be in Bosnia in April and am hoping to meet you.
    You can email me on

  4. Dan Bernard

    I left Indiana long ago. Out of the blue today I wondered, whatever happened to Frank McCloskey? I was said to discover that he had passed away and that his wife had, too. So I will write here what I would have told her: That during my brief acquaintance with Congressman McCloskey in the early ’90s when I was a political reporter for the Evansville Press (also deceased), I witnessed his concern for the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and for American laborers post-NAFTA. He seemed to me a decent, thoughtful man who sensed his duty and did it.

  5. Marty Hillman

    Today, I was strcuk with a what-ever-happened-to moment as I reminisced over times gone by. I am saddened to see that I have fallen so far out of touch with my past that I only now learn of the passing of Congressman McCloskey. I worked for him and Ed DeLaney in a minor capacity years ago while they were negotiating the Dayton Accords. He was always courteous even when under the direst constraints. At least I am left with memories that I may one day recount. God be with you Frank.

  6. Bobby Li

    I am from China, I watched a documentory about Serbenica Massacre on an independent channel last night.It was horrible to see Serbs soliders systematically killed 10K people. My heart goes to the dead people and Hasan Nuhanovic’s family who bravely investigated this incident. It is a huge lesson for us and our gov, we must control our nationalism. Finally I wish Congressman Frank McCloskey will be smiling at heaven, since his efforts will be carried on by millions of people who love peace.

  7. Janet Sailor (Troyer)

    I remember Frank and his family from the 1970s when he was Mayor of Bloomington and we all got together every Sunday at Jim Wray’s for a pool party and to discuss local politics. Ah, we were all so young then! Frank was a good man. I have always thought of him with great fondness.

  8. Ken Young

    I worked for the City of Bloomington when Frank was Mayor. He was always available and very supportive when I had to see him. I too only recently learned of his death. If anyone in this blog knows what funny is, it’s Fran Koski. Hi Fran! Think of you often. Hope all is well. Perhaps we can make contact.

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