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Virginia Rose Steen


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Virginia Rose Steen refused to give up on her husband. For more than four years, she worked tirelessly to get Alann Steen released from the custody of the terrorists who kidnapped him.
Steen graduated from the University of Michigan. She was teaching fine arts at Beirut University College when she met Alann, who was working as a communications professor. In 1987, members of Hizballah, an Islamic extremist group, posed as riot police and kidnapped Alann right in front of her. Three other people were also taken.
Steen vowed to get her husband back. She remained in Lebanon for two years until the U.S. State Department forced her to leave. Back in America, Steen continued lobbying government officials to find her husband. After 1,775 days in captivity, Alann was released in Dec. 1991. For their ordeal overseas, the couple received the State Bar of Michigan’s Liberty Bell Award in 1992.
In recent years, Steen focused on becoming an accountant. She completed a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming and was waiting for the results of her certified public account exam.
Steen died on Dec. 19 from complications of the flu. She was 47.

6 Responses to Virginia Rose Steen

  1. Marjorie Rose Wilhite

    Mother, daughter, wife of mine
    Sister to the sun
    The child you bore, a gift of God
    Will lift our sorrow from
    The skies of gray
    The winds that cease
    Remind us of a pause
    That interrupts the season’s joy
    We ask for gifts of peace.
    Mother, daughter, wife of mine
    Sister of the rose
    We look for you in nature now
    In beauty’s sweet repose.
    Mother, daughter, wife of mine
    Sister in the stars
    Your child will carry all that is
    Your light into the ‘morrow.
    Christmas 2003
    Your sister, Marjorie Rose
    (with inspirations from Alia)
    In program for funeral, December 27, 2003
    PLEASE, all those in Casper look in on Alann as he attempts to be both mother and father.

  2. Vicki Malone

    I was fortunate to meet Virginia, Alann and beautiful Alia in Michigan in 1996 and again in Wyoming in 2000. My husband is Alia’s godfather and her pictures hang in our home. We have a picture album dedicated to her photos that Virginia would keep updated. May God grant strength to Alann and Alia to continue life’s journey knowing that Virginia will always be encouraging their journeys and watching over them both. God Bless.. Vicki Malone

  3. denise curtis

    Dear Alann and Alia,
    Virginia was a dear friend and an extraordinary woman. Our friendship spanned 35 years…and I will always cherish my memories of her.
    Please call me for anything…you are both in my thoughts day and night.
    With Love,

  4. Marylin

    Virginia was a great person to be around, and if she has many more months to live I would take care of her and shelter her from this horrible death that took her life. But now things have changed and she has gone from us,but she will always remain in our hearts forever.

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