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Phil Goldman

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Phil Goldman, the CEO of Mailblocks and the co-founder of WebTV, died on Dec. 24. Cause of death was not released. He was 39.
In 1986, Goldman graduated at the top of his class with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University. An engineer who worked for Apple Computer and Microsoft Corp., Goldman held 19 U.S. patents, including #6,141,693, which involved the design of an apparatus for extracting digital data from a video stream for display on a TV.
Five years after this patent was approved, Goldman and former Apple colleagues Steve Perlman and Bruce Leak, co-founded WebTV Networks, a company that offered consumers the ability to surf the Internet using their television sets. Microsoft bought WebTV in 1997 for $425 million, and changed its name to MSN TV. Goldman then founded Mailblocks in 2002, a Web-based e-mail service touted for its spam-blocking capabilities.
When he wasn’t inventing new computer technologies, Goldman served on the board of BraveKids, a charity that uses computers and the Internet to help the families of children with chronic or life threatening illnesses. He was also the youngest alumnus to create an endowed chair at Princeton.

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  1. Joyce Ivy

    I am a former WebTV/MSFT employee…the memory of Phil came upon my mind yesterday (October 21, 2005) like a thunderbolt…can’t stop thinking about Phil and his award winning smile. How could someone so much in the prime of his life go so suddenly…he had everything to live for…I remember seeing him the day he “retired” from MSFT and I wished him well…sent him a long e-mail expressing my happiness for him…he seemed so joyous…so full of life…so blessed…may he rest in peace.

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