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Charles Berlitz


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cberlitz.jpgCharles Berlitz, a linguist with a fascination for the paranormal, died on Dec. 18. Cause of death was not released. He was 90.

Berlitz graduated from Yale University, then spent 26 years in the U.S. Army. Working as an intelligence officer, he served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam before retiring as a lieutenant colonel.

For the next three decades, Berlitz worked for the Berlitz Co., a provider of language instruction, translation and publishing that was founded by his grandfather, Maximilian D. Berlitz, in 1878. Charles Berlitz ran its New York publishing house and developed the company’s record and tape courses. He spoke numerous languages and wrote curriculum for schools all over the world.

In 1974, Berlitz published the best-selling book, “The Bermuda Triangle,” which popularized the stories of plane and ship disappearances between Florida and Bermuda. He explained the occurrences with outlandish theories of alien encounters, connections to the lost city of Atlantis and a magnetic vortex that would allow vessels to slip into a different point in space and time. He also published “The Mystery of Atlantis,” “Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds,” “The Roswell Incident” and “The Philadelphia Experiment — Project Invisibility,” which was adapted into a feature film in 1984.

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  1. kate davis

    Charles Berlitz is one of the kindest and most genuine individuals I have ever met. His intelligence was surpassed only by his love for his family.

  2. Ron Rhodes

    Charles Berlitz wrote many other things worthy of being remembered for, including a fascinating history of languages called “Native Tongues” that inspired me early on to be more interested in linguistics. His reader-friendly approach to scholarly investigation will be missed.

  3. Carolina L. Fata

    Charles Berlitz has been one of the world’s most intensified and in detail authors to the world of the unknown. I have been inspired by his literatures as well as his books on the “The Bermuda Triangle”, “Without A Trace”, and “The Dragon’s Triangle”. He will be remembered as a man truly committed to what he believed and the love of those will continue his work for future “Charles Berlitz” to come.

  4. Donald Tuck

    I worked in Charles’ New York office on visits from the Mexico operation of Berlitz. Everytime I entered his office he had a strange language playing on the tape-recorder. His mind was always active. I did not realize he was 90!
    Even when he retired to Fort Lauderdale he was always friendly and interested in my language activities. He was a great polyglot and polymath.

  5. Michele Parent

    I didn’t know Charles Berlitz, but had a book he wrote, “The Dragon’s Triangle”, and since recently I went to Machu Pichu I wanted to send him a message to talk about this special place. I have always loved languages, I had a feeling that I wasn’t sure if I could still communicate with him, I didn’t know if we would agree on anything, I still believed it was worth a try. I was happy to see all the good things said about Charles. So here it is: Coincidences: My street name is Sedona, my family lived in Fort Lauderdale for many years, I just found out SFC is in my town, and I just visited Mach Pichu ( Huayna Pichu too). I am thinking about a question I have about something around Machu Pichu. If anyone knows something about it, please let me know. I submit this request to Charles, his friends, and all who supports, understanding of our world for all things good.

  6. Bert Claps

    I was privileged to know Charles Berlitz during the mid 1970’s. At that time, I knew he was a well educated man but had no idea how brilliant he truly was. I was a young man with limited experience and education. To have known him not as a young man in my twenties but as a man in my fifties, that would have been something. God bless him.

  7. Eveline

    I have read his”The Mystery of Bermuda “,which really throw light upon this issue.Brlieve or not,his statement is different from what I have read before.Once I learned from a book that there are a lot of people who were engulfed by Devil’s Triangle reappeared after many years,and more strangely they thought they had left just a few days or even hours.That’s strange,who knows.

  8. Steve Smith

    Where can I learn more about Mr. Berlitz, particularly his WWII service when he spent 26 years in the U.S. Army as an intelligence officer?

  9. Barbara

    I have been studying Spanish and thanks to a couple of Books written by Charles Berlitz I am learning more and more each day. Mr. Berlitz broke it down to the basics…Many Thanks and Peace to his fans, friends,family and loved ones

  10. rahman muhammad

    from his book on bermuda triangle which i bought it in yr 76, i learnt more what had happened there. charles berlitz was an extra ordinary man. may god bless him
    rahman/kuala lumpur

  11. Spentzas Polykarpos

    The books of Charles Berlitz entitled without trace, and the Bermuda Triangle to help arrange scientific, both the accident Area Triangles Bermuda, AS and accidents around the UFO / USO by analyzing the gravitational time dilation and in another entitled the Bermuda triangle .and special reasoning Mrs Gkeimper, husband of the leader of the flock of flight December 19, 1945.Also bsaa star tiger gahnp Jan 1948 , star dust gagwh 2 Aug 1947 ,VLF SCORPIONS . CREWS UFO/USO TRY TO CONTACT WITH US REPEATING A PART OF OUR TRANSMISSION LIKE as the bird the Parrot, the doctor otorynolaryggologos

    please also my best regards to DONALD E KHOOU


    he offered in the humanity

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