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Helmut Newton


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Helmut Newton, the internationally renowned photographer whose work appeared in Playboy, Elle and Vogue, died on Jan. 23 in a car accident at the age of 83. He had just left the famed Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood when he had a heart attack, lost control of his Cadillac and crashed into a wall across the street.
Born Helmut Neustaedter, he fled Germany in 1938 to escape Nazi persecution. He moved to Singapore, then Australia where he became a citizen and served in the Army for five years. Once he returned to the private sector, Helmut changed his last name and opened a small photography studio in Melbourne.
Newton’s first fashion assignment was for Australian Vogue magazine. In 1961, he returned to Europe to work for the French, English and American editions of Vogue. He spent the next four decades honing his craft and becoming one of the masters of 20th-century fashion photography.
Although he photographed many celebrities (Paloma Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor, Daryl Hannah), Newton preferred shooting his sexy, black and white “Big Nudes” — large, toned women who wore very little. He published his “Autobiography” and nine photo collections, including “Sumo,” a massive volume of images that weighs more than 65 pounds and costs $3,000.
Newton is survived by his wife June, an actress and photographer who works under the name Alice Springs. She was one of his favorite subjects, and appeared in numerous photos.

6 Responses to Helmut Newton

  1. erik baier

    i met helmut in bremen in the 1980’s- we shared coffee waiting for a mutual business associate. he was fun, charming and picked up the tab.

  2. davide mercaldo

    Era fine anni ’80 quando sono rimasto colpito per la prima volta dai tuoi lavori.
    Helmut sarai sempre nei nostri cuori e nei nostri scatti.
    It was in the end of years ’80 when I was impressioned for the first time by your works.
    Helmut, You will be always in our hearts and in our picture.

  3. Ben Baroudi

    My body is ful of tattoos with names like Nelson Mandela,Mother Theresa, Street life,Poverty and dead persons that I love and miss. My next tattoo progekt is to write the names of the beloved Fpotographers in my body, like Helmut Newton,Brasai,Richard Avedon. I just miss theme!
    “Every Time I go Out From My Darkroom I See Helmut Newton Looking At Me From The Third Floor”
    I miss you so very much, Helmut!
    Portret Photographer: BEN BAROUDI R. Sweden/Gothenbog 2007 01 18

  4. ian kert

    As an educator and photographer I was sorry to have lost one of my photography heroes . What a legacy you have left us and it is sad we will not be blessed with more of your inspiring images . Five years after your death , reading about it again still brings tears to my eye .I hope both you and Richard Avedon are the star photographers in heaven.
    Ian kert , Toronto . Canada, March 08/2009

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