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Andy Kuehn


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Movie trailer mogul Andrew J. Kuehn, the founder and head of Kaleidoscope Films, died on Jan. 29 from complications of lung cancer. He was 66.
A Chicago native, Kuehn first learned about movie trailer production working for an advertising agency while attending the University of Miami. Upon graduation, he moved to New York and landed a job as a writer for the National Screen Service, the leading provider of movie trailers at that time.
After running the audiovisual advertising, promotion and publicity department at MGM, Kuehn founded Kaleidoscope Films in 1968. There he transformed the movie trailer into a stand-alone piece of entertainment. Using smart writing, music and a sharp editing style, his previews became the benchmark in the industry.
Kaleidoscope developed trailers for the original “Jaws,” the “Indiana Jones” trilogy, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” “Schindler’s List,” “The Sting,” “Star Wars,” “Aliens,” “Top Gun” and “Back to the Future.” Keuhn himself wrote the memorable tagline for “Jaws 2” (“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”). He also directed and produced the documentaries “Get Bruce,” “The Great American Songbook” and “Terror in the Aisles.”

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  1. Jason Williams

    Andy was a great guy and I am so very sorry and sad that he is not here with us now.I am upset that I never got a chance to say good bye to him.Good bye Andy and as you you to say to me who has more fun than us.Jason Williams

  2. Kris Hough

    Andy was simply one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. We could sit for hours on end talking about everything — not only his passion for movies and other entertainment industry-related topics about which he had endless riveting stories, but a myriad of other things as well, especially politics and all of the hot-button social issues of the day. He was a walking encyclopedia with a heart as big as his brain. What a loss. I still can’t believe he’s left us so soon. It’s all too depressingly surreal, and I miss him more than anything! Kris Hough

  3. David Arias

    Andy was a friend from when I first moved to LA years ago. He had always been a kind and gracious man. In the past several years our lives had taken different paths but whenever they crossed it was if we had just spoken. I will sorely miss him and send my deepest sympathy to his loved ones.

  4. Rob Lacombe

    I have been away for a while and just learned of Andy’s passing from an email. He truly was an incredible person with a life so big that it is amazing he was only 66. We shared many stories, and after all that he had experienced, he still remained a graciously kind and warm man. Andy, I will always think of you.

  5. JAson Williams

    It has been a year and I still miss Andy. He was such a good solid guy so funny and dependable glamorus and earth at the same time what a loss.Jason

  6. Bill Bartlett

    I remember Andy from my Greenwich Village days in the 60’s. He was amazing. He always surrounded himself with interesting far out people. We had great times and parties. I will miss Andy.

  7. john exley

    I remember the first time i came to La Andy let me and my friend Daniel Sleep on his floor!!
    And that is a compliment when your 22.
    I miss him as well, he would always ask your opinion no mater who you are or where, and thats what made him sucsessful he stayed in touch. Good by to seaward and amen ANDY YOU TOUGHT MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE, JOHN

  8. Jason Williams

    It has been 3 years and I still think of and miss Andy.Someone else I liked very much died last night Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas.Sorry they are not here with us anymore Jason Williasm

  9. Michael Bowen

    So glad to find this blog and so sorry to hear that Andrew Kuehn has passed. I’m a film historian at New York University researching the career of an unusual filmmaker Mr. Kuehn worked with early in his career – Doris Wishman. Is it possible that anybody out there knew of Mr. Kuehn’s activities in New York during the mid-1960s? Ms. Wishman was a very prolific no-budget producer-director and Mr. Kuehn certainly worked with her on at least two features. I would be most grateful for any assistance you could offer. Best wishes and my sincere regrets, Michael Bowen, ABD, Dept. of Cinema Studies, New York University.

  10. PattyHealy

    I am in shock. I had lost touch with Andy over the years. It just shows how precious time is. You taught and gave so much. I was always honored to be asked in to your group dinners and Parties at that beautiful Morrocan palace of yours. I am speechless.I will never forget you. Love,Patty

  11. Robert Musselman

    I met Andy in 1993 at a party, I was dancing and he kept staring and smiling at me….we became friends from this moment on. He introduced me to so much. Movies, music and the love of life. He truly loved life and loved to live it to the maximum. He supported my art and gave me the courage to carry on and I have…..I miss him so very much. The classiest gentleman I have ever met in my life, my heart hurts because he’s gone.

  12. Nancy Richardson

    I met Andy in 1972. Worked for him for several years.
    And I still miss him.
    He is one of those people in one’s life who is bigger than life, and leaves a huge vacuum when they are gone.
    It is great seeing familiar names from my own past here…
    “There are places I remember in my life
    though my life though some have changed,
    some forever
    not for better.
    Some are gone
    and some remain.”
    Also remember Andy was a great Democrat, and would have been so thrilled to see President Obama in the White House.”
    Huzzah Andy. Left behind a lot of people who loved you.

  13. Bruce Klemash

    Andy was not only truly talented but shared his time and wealth with others. I remember him fondly, the times at the house in Laguna and of course his home in Hollywood. He was a gentle man and always welcomed me and my friends with a warm hug and kiss. Never a touch of pomposity, a true industry historian that lived the life. God rest his soul.

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