As prisoners arrived at the concentration camp in Auschwitz, each inmate was given a number based on order of arrival. The first 30 numbers went to German criminal prisoners who would serve as the camp’s guards.
Stanislaw Ryniak was tattooed with #31.
In 1940, the Nazis arrested Ryniak in his hometown of Sanok, Poland, where he worked as an engineer. Accused of being a member of the Polish resistance, the 24-year-old was placed on a train with 727 other Polish political prisoners and sent to the camp. Approximately 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, died at the camp, either in gas chambers or from disease and starvation.
After surviving four years in Auschwitz, he was transported to the Leitmeritz work camp in what is now the Czech Republic. Subjected to hard labor, Ryniak weighed only 88 pounds when he was released at the end of World War II. He eventually graduated from Wrocław Polytechnic in Poland and became an architect.
Ryniak died of unknown causes. No exact date was released, but he was buried on Feb. 20 at the age of 88.