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Howard Klehm

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Howard G. Klehm Sr.’s inventions kept feet dry, preserved flowers and allowed brides to match bouquets to wedding color schemes.
Klehm earned a degree in music at Northwestern University in 1947. He originally planned to become a professional musician, but decided that life on the road wasn’t conducive to raising a family. So he turned to inventing.
Working in his mother’s basement in 1949, Klehm invented Gard, a weatherproofing spray for shoes, raincoats and tents. When the product was sold to 3M, its name was changed to Scotchgard. Specializing in products that could be delivered by an aerosol spray, Klehm invented spray-on rustproofer, deodorant and shaving cream.
In the 1970s, Klehm developed the first spray paint for flowers and accessories. When aerosols became unpopular, he created two different types of pump dispensers that used only air as the propellant. He also produced the flower preservatives known as Rogard and Silgard.
Klehm died on Feb. 21 from congestive heart failure. He was 79.

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  1. chuffnutt

    It’s always sad to know that someone who created some well-known inventions didn’t receive enough credit for it. It’s even sadder that I can’t thank him for what he’s contributed in my lifetime. R.I.P.

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