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Drake Sather


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Drake J. Sather, a stand-up comedian and screenwriter, committed suicide on March 3. Sather was reportedly depressed over the breakup of his marriage and died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 44.

The Seattle native started in show business as a stand-up comedian. He penned material for David Spade, and wrote for “Saturday Night Live” during its 1993-94 season. Sather went on to write for numerous TV shows, including “News Radio,” “The Dennis Miller Show” and “Ed.” He received an Emmy nomination for his work on “The Larry Sanders Show,” and co-wrote a skit with actor Ben Stiller for the VH1 Fashion Awards that later became the basis for the 2001 movie, “Zoolander.”

Until last month, Sather was in pre-production on the new FOX comedy, “Mr. Ed,” which stars David Alan Basche, Garret Dillahunt, Sherilyn Fenn and Sherman Hemsley. He was the writer and executive producer of the show.

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  1. Scott Osmon

    I remember one joke in particular that I heard from Drake that stuck with me since the day I heard it. It was the one where he described a charity event at which he was performing along with other comedians for the Ronald McDonald house. He marveled at the fact that the event went on for hours and resulted in thousands and thousands for the charity after which time it occurred to Drake, “How big of a house does this fuckin’ clown NEED”. I thought that was hysterical and his delivery..perfect. He was a funny guy and it is tragic that he along with many people who for whatever the reason, arrive at such a hopeless place that they lose the will to carry on. Drake will be missed by this fan.

  2. david rath

    Drake was a thoughtful, decent, emmensly talent comic and writer. To say he was dark is unterstating it. But above all he was a loving father, husband and friend who could not have known how much this world will miss him.
    A friend

  3. Jennifer Resmond

    I always kept his number on my cell phone, I wanted to call.. Knew I would call after.. I dealt with all the drama and sadness from my divorce. I knew he was going through the same bullshit too.. I just wanted to get to a better place. I thought he had it so much better than I did. He had 4 beautiful kids, sweet loft, he was smart, funny, tall and handsome.. Successful..
    I wish he could only see what everyone else saw. I hope he is somewhere better. I pray his children will be ok. They were beautiful and he always spoke about them with such adoration.
    I wish I had called him sooner.

  4. Drake Sather

    Drake entered my life and left all too quickly. He revealed to me things about myself I had been too blind at the time to see. I cherish the moments of belly laughing we would engage in as a result of his wit. I loved him but as he kept saying, you,re meeting me at a really low point. His life without daily contact with his children proved to be more than he could deal with. He always spoke of the children and his love for them. Being with him daily those last weeks revealed alot… His heart was too big for such an impersonal business. He was seriously wronged by the last group of people he was working with. And where all the blame cannot be put on them, some of it definitely can. You simply cannot just dispose of people like garbage without hideous results. Maybe this is one of the things to take from this tragedy. For now we are all robbed of a beautiful man, the children a committed father,and someone with the gift to make people laugh through intelligent humor. I will never forget Drake and am thankful that a piece of him is alive in me. GOD Bless…

  5. Florence Yoo

    I was walking to the subway thinking about one of my FAVORITE comics of all-time — Drake Sather on Fri., Mar. 26th, ’04. Later that evening, I spoke with Amy Moon. She told me I should check out Margaret Cho’s blog, that it was interesting. She told me that she herself had not checked it out in awhile. I hit Margaret’s site a couple of days later, and I was freaked out to see that on 3/26 she wrote: R.I.P. Drake Sather! I was shocked. I had not heard the sad news. I used to see Drake around San Francisco a lot. I was a HUGE fan, but I’m actually a very shy person, and even though I LOVED his act, I never told him.
    I wish I had. He was just so tall and handsome. That kind of thing scares me.
    May the angels be enjoying your act, Drake.
    God bless you and yours.

  6. Greg

    I have only seen one of Drake’s stand-up routines. I personally think it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. I was just now looking on the internet to find out more information about him when I discovered his horendous demise. Through the one bit of stand-up that I have seen of his I know that he was a dark and troubled person. I never knew how troubled he truly was. I think he was a truly brilliant mind and am terribly grieved to hear about his suicide. I hope in time people will become aware of Drake and how truly wonderful he was. R.I.P.

  7. Ron Digman

    I worked with Drake on the “Mr. Ed” project for about two months. At first, I wasn’t completely sure what to make of him. He was a man of few words…when he did speak, it was with a biting wit that often left me near tears, often at the most inappropriate times. I looked forward to every meeting with Drake. He was a real person in a business that does its best to take anything real out of anyone it can. Drake spoke to me about his children with genuine affection… I wondered to myself what it would be like to have him for a Dad. I shared with him the loss of my boyfriend last May, and Drake showed heartfelt empathy and concern for me. He was in fact one of the first people, outside of my family and close friends, that I have ever even mentioned the death to to this day. I trusted him whithout knowing why. When I heard about his death, my first reaction was that this was a very sick joke that Drake was playing and that he was in some far-away place doing something fun and chuckling while everyone squirmed back here in LA. I have no idea how or why something like this happens, the loss seemingly so senseless. What I do know is that whatever world that Drake has gone to has just gotten a whole lot funnier. My sincere condolences to his wife and children.

  8. miss_kitty

    i just found out…about a week ago i was telling someone how hilarious drake sather was…
    my friends and i used to catch him at swannie’s here in seattle in the mid to late 80s…one of my fave routines was about his hippie girlfriend lather and how she would ask him which arrangement of the wrinkles in her t-shirt looked the best…”this way?” (pulls on his shirt and pouts a little) “or THIS way?” (pulls a tiny wrinkle in an ever-so-slightly different direction). and thanks for reminding me of the “fuckin’ clown” joke…
    he was so young and cute and tall and skinny and he dyed his hair black! and we all had a crush on him…i was happy to see his name in ‘News Radio’ credits, his talent was so obvious, even on that grotty little stage.
    I am glad he had kids that brought him joy. Sorry he felt that his way to peace was death, and i will truly miss his contribution to this world

  9. a comic

    Excuse me. He had meds he should have been taking. Now four kids are without a father and a woman is feeling unnecessary guilt. That’s not funny.

  10. chris osterhaug

    Well i am shocked to hear about this news about Drake and i found out about this today sunday april 4th.
    Where do i begin i knew drake very well as did my older brother he went to Edmonds high school with my older brother and i was just a kid then. He also lived 2 blocks from my house in Edmonds his parents are really neat people.
    Yes drake was a quiet kind of a guy and i remember when i was 12 i picked on him for having long hair like a girl and he picked on me as well HA HA.
    Drake was funny and also i knew his first wife crystal, and son rudy when he was 13 months old and drake let me stay with him in LA till i had my own place there in West Hollywood. He told me where to go to find rockstars, actors, and where they hang out. I have met alot of them in person and it was a blast and even dave mustaine gave me a ride home in his mercedes benz.I remember this place where they hang out was called west hollywood AA fellowship on santa monica blvd and san vincente, upstairs second floor drake told me that’s where they all go and wow that was a dream of a lifetime to met all actors and rockstars and i can’t name them all.
    I the last time i saw him was at my sister’s memorial last JAN of 2003. My sister was gunned down in cold blood by her husband and she was 5 months along. And i told him one of his jokes that he told on david lettermans show back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.
    It’s really a shame that people have to do these things and not fully understand there is a BLESSED HOPE for all mankind.
    I know my life has changed from the old man to the New man. JESUS CHRIST THE LORD THAT IS ALIVE!

  11. Rachelle Miller

    Drake was such a great guy. We started doing comedy in Seattle at the same time in the early 80s and he always included me when he got a great gig. I was living in my car for a time and Drake insisted on helping me get back on my feet. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was so funny and intelligent – I just can’t believe he is gone. The world seems so much more lonely for me today.

  12. Scott Semans

    A couple days ago I found Drake’s “case” on a tape of old Peoples Court episodes, recalled having been impressed with him as a young comedian in the mid 80’s so I Googled him and found this! I wonder if the pretty stripper ex-wife who sued him over a trifle was the same one he suicided over? What a waste, in any case.

  13. Florence Yoo

    I am still in shock over the sad news of Drake Sather’s passing. In San Francisco, he and Margaret Cho were my favortie comedians. I thought that Drake could have had a big career as an actor. I wondered why he didn’t and I thought he still could, but now… God rest your soul, Drake. My deepest sympathies to all who loved you and to those you were close to. Your fan, Florence Yoo

  14. Evie M

    I got to know Drake pretty well during the ’80’s in the San Francisco comedy scene. Even dated him a couple of times. I thought he was unbelievably talented, dark humor, but the best dark humor, handsome, wonderful. It is so sad to hear of such a beautiful person coming to such despair. I only hope he is making them laugh somewhere in a happy place.

  15. Jed Fearon

    Okay, I may be the last one in the world to hear this sad tale. Holy shit this is depressing. I was just talking about his writer’s commentary on the Zoolander DVD the other day and had no idea. Drake will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  16. jill combs

    A tragedy. I recently heard the news and I am saddened at the loss of this man and the devastating effect on his family. I grew up spending every summer vacation with Drake and his family as our parents are lifelong friends. As kids, I remember Drake as quiet, gentle, and shy. He was the youngest of us and would follow his sister and I around – always walking a few steps behind. Always with a cute smile. Adorable. Due to his shy and quiet nature as a child, I was surprised when he became a stand up comedian – a very gifted comedian. However, it was no surprise from where he acquired his gentleness, dry wit and intelligence. His Mother, always so gentle, sweet and kind. His father, so sardonically funny, intelligent and sensitive. Unfortunately, over the years, I let life get in the way and I lost touch with Drake. However, I kept up with news of his family from short visits with his parents and from letters his father sends my parents from time to time. It was always so good to hear of Drake’s successes and growing family. Just recently we learned of this tragic news. I am so sorry for the tremendous pain and dispair that Drake must have suffered. I am so very sorry for the hideous pain his family must know endure. May God bless Drake Sather and his family. With much love, Jill.

  17. The Whip

    Strangely enough, I was just thinking about him yesterday, about the one time I saw him doing stand-up (on a Young Comedians’ Special hosted by Dennis Miller some years ago–Miller introduced him by saying, fittingly enough, “This next guy makes *me* look chipper.”). He did a bit I’ll never forget in which he opened by saying (probably paraphrased slightly but I hope I’ll do him justice), “I’ve been feeling really down and tired lately…I’d go see my doctor but I already know what he’s going to say–‘STOP SHOOTING HEROIN.’ Boy, is *that* guy a broken record!” Also “My girlfriend thinks I’m too nosy…at least that’s what she keeps writing in her diary.” It’s the rare comic who will stick in a person’s mind that long with such a short routine and little else in the way of high-visibility gigs. He was a funny, funny man and a hell of a writer. Now today I idly look him up at to see what he’s been up to since then and find out that he killed himself only two months ago…just terrible news. His absence is a real loss to the world of comedy. I can only imagine the loss his children feel–my thoughts go out to them tonight…

  18. Chris Pfaff

    I found out recently about Drake’s death while checking headlines on my father’s death, which occurred the same week. I was shocked to hear that he had died; more shocked to hear that he’d taken his own life. I met Drake in 1988, while working at the Improv in Chicago. I felt that he was one of the most original comic talents on the scene; he had great deadpan timing. Several months ago, I listened to his commentary, along with that of Ben Stiller, on the DVD for ‘Zoolander.’ I hadn’t known that he’d created the VH1 skit with Stiller until watching the DVD.
    In a world full of second-rate talents, Drake’s original voice will be missed. My thoughts go out to his family and close friends.

  19. Shea McGrath

    I met Drake in 1987, At The Old Cobb’s Comedy Pub,..and fell in love almost imidiately. He invited me back to see a show the following night, where after we went next door to Joe’s for a midnite meal. I remeber being so nervous, talking so stupidly… and he sat across from me just absorbing all of this crazy blog from me. I remeber leaving dropping him off at his old house on Oak St. and driving away wondering if I’d said the wrong thing. I waited for days, he never called. I left msgs, he never called. Still as the years went by I would see him, his career, blossoming,..and I always thought of him fondly. Never did it even cross my mind to be angry with him, he was just so deep. Whatever it was that kept him from calling or contacting me,..was some intensely dark rhyme, that I could never understand,, looking into his eyes you knew the regular thoughts of a regular guy never grazed his beautiful dark head. But in finding out the horrid news,..I still find myself at a loss for words, as I always was with him, tounge tied, and stupid sounding,..he still floors me. I thought hard about him having children, and a wife? I wondered what sort of individual drew that sort of trust from him, must be extrordinary….
    I can still see him off to the side of the comedy clubs,..with his backpack, and notebook,.. writing away… I hope those notebooks will be devoured by his children, and his memory will live on hru them.. First Jeff Buckley and Now Drake,.. My Tall Dark haired, mysterious men,..why do you leave me….

  20. Ryan

    Drake Sather and Bill Hicks are the reasons I started doing comedy. I had never seen nor met Drake Sather, but his work on camera and off has been an impressive retrospective. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Ryan

  21. Brian Haley

    Drake and I started out together in the Seattle Stand up comedy scene. I admired the way he never played the political games that show business tempts one to partake in. We were very different in style, but we admired each others originality. He told me he liked a joke that I did just once that never got a laugh, so I brought it back and sure enough, it became a staple of my act. Years later in LA I went over to his house for a barbeque. He was excited about a new movie script he was working on (I think it was Zoolander). Though both Drake and I would probably fancy ourselves avant-garde, it was impossible for me to “get to know him”. He was always so distant. Not at all in a rude way, in fact, it was he who called me and invited me over. He was very warm, but I just couldn’t seem to connect with him on any level. This posed a both sad and wonderful element about Drake. He was dark and brooding, but inside kind and tender and above all honest. A hipster through and through, but a good family man, too. I have never met anyone like him. His wife seemed very lovely, I wonder if she was unable to cope with this mood of his. After reading this board and hearing all the nice things he did for people, I was convicted that I probably didn

  22. timothy merritt

    I never met Drake Sather. I’m not a comedian or even in the entertainment business. The mere fact that I can remember his name and some of his material is testiment to how much he impressed me. This must have been over 15 years ago. I’m watching his act on television and he says:
    “Ever get a $5 dollar bill in the mail from your
    grandmother at Christmas ? What’s worse, your mother makes you write a thank you letter. Yeah, you can tell the sincerity in that note – ‘Thanks for the 5 spot, Grandma. I can almost go to the movies. P.S. Now I don’t have to sell crack all day.'”
    I wish I could remember all of his material.
    I will miss him. God be with him and his family.

  23. Terry

    Why I thought about Drake today, I am not quite sure…….I was a struggling actress in the mid-80’s and I worked in a cafe in the Hollywood Hills. Drake and his roommate (another comedian)used eat lunch there periodically. While his roommate would try out his newest jokes on me, he just sat quietly, observing. Every once in a while, he would share some of that wonderful sense of humor. Then one day he asked me out and we had an “interesting” dinner. He never spoke, not a single word, all night! He just stared into my eyes and let me gab away. When the evening was over, he smiled, leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said what a great time he had. I started laughing assuming with his dry humor, that he was kidding, but he wasn’t! It was such an odd evening, that almost 20 years later, I still remember it and smile…….My heart goes out to his 4 children and wife. Terry

  24. U.S.

    I have never seen him perform but I have seen and liked zoolander. I want to see how he looks like and the internet does not have any pictures of him. So can anyone if you have a picture of him send it to me at God rest your soul, Drake. My deepest sympathies to all who loved you and to those you were close to.

  25. gojotv

    I was stunned and saddened today to learn of Drake Sather’s death. I saw him in Montreal in 1991 and again at the JFL Festival in ’92. What an intelligent, original and superb comic!
    I remember, near the end of his act, he had a dirty little song he called the “Pussy Song”, and the Chorus was “Pussy, Pussy, Pussy, Pussy, Pu-Pu-Pussy…” and then he’d say, “Everybody” and repeat the chorus. Well, naturally, I chimed in and sang, “Pussy, Pussy, Pussy…” He looked shocked, and said, “Wow, no one’s ever sung along before…” So I answered, “Welcome to Montreal!”
    It seemed that whenever I saw a project which was original or that I particularly liked, his name would come up in the credits. I can’t imagine that that bright, original man would take a weapon to himself. If I, who barely knew him miss him, I can’t imagine the pain for those who had the privilege of knowing him well.
    I wish his family and friends solace and a lasting happiness.

  26. A Friend

    Drake was a very important part of our lives. There is the old saying that when the student is ready the teacher will come. That was the relationship that he had with my husband. It will take our family a while to get over the anger and pain of what has transpired. Drake made my husband a better man. He nourished a part of him that I couldn’t. He was the voice that was always telling him “you’re good kid – you can do it” Now that huge part is missing. I never knew Drake the comedian, I knew the Drake that my husband considered his best friend and mentor. He and his wife are incredible people and they would always be there to help us when times got tough. I always worried about Drake. His dryness made me nervous too! There were times that I would have to call him and I always felt like a tongue tied idiot! I understood what was going on in his head but my husband couldn’t accept it. There is a part of him that will always live on in my husband and I hope that Drake was finally found the peace he was looking for. My heart goes out to Marnie and the kids. She is an extraordinary woman and I always have admired her. I could only hope to be half the woman that she is. It all doesn’t seem real still. We still haven’t been able to remove his name off our IM list on our AOL. RIP Drake. Please know that we are among the people that loved you and admired your talent.

  27. George McClure

    I worked with Drake on several occasions, both in my hometown of Denver (where he was a favorite) and on the road in places like Albuquerque, where they really didn’t seem to get him. Of course, it’s more interesting to watch comics when things aren’t going well, and I always admired Drake’s commitment to his act. He was the anithesis of the pandering clown

  28. Sam

    I am really sad to hear of his death and hope that his family and friends realize how much he was loved by the people who met him. I was lucky enough to get to listen to Drake’s act for a solid week in the early ’90s when I was a waiter at the Dallas Improv. He was opening for a comic Rick Corso and the Texas crowd really didn’t get his dark sarcasm (lots of cowboy hats), but he was a huge hit with the waitstaff, we absolutely loved him and were quoting his jokes all week. To give you an idea how dark his humour got, I vaguely remember this one bit that has stuck with me all these years, it went something like: “…Like last week I talking to my therapist and asked him: “How come everytime I bounce my baby boy up and down I get a hardon?”……he says: “You’re a faggot baby-fucker”…….”I was like, gee doc,…you don’t have to sugarcoat it for me…can I get that in layman’s terms?” I would love to find a copy of his act from back then…it was like a breath of fresh air, so original and dark. I went up to him one night after the show to tell him how much I enjoyed his act but he was obviously very uncomfortable with strange people complimenting him…I was pretty young too and probably sounded like a goof anyway.

  29. Eddie Random

    Wow. This being an INCREDIBLY late post as I just find out about Drake’s passing upon reading his name listed in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s 2004 obituary. I remember his stand-up act fondly and have quoted him on several occasions (always giving him credit, thank you very much!) I just cannot believe the senseless tragedy of his passing and truly hope that he has found peace. I have been so very close to that edge for reasons too similar to his and I can understand the pain and feeling of helplessness…I just wish he had something pull him back that last second that I had.
    “I still have the Jehova’s Witnesses coming to my house. They are so persistant, “…but sir don’t you want eternal life?”
    “not if it’s going to be with a bunch of Jehova’s Witnesses…what the hell kind of sales pitch is that?”
    – Drake Sather
    Eddie Random

  30. Michael K.

    I had heard back in March that Drake had died, then forgot it over the year until seeing his name again in an “Arts & Ent. People Who Died In 2004” type of obit — which lead to searching Google for more info — which led to Margaret Cho’s blog comment on Drake — which led to this site.
    I’d seen Drake do standup on TV in the mid-80s and so was delighted when he and another comic did a standup show in, of all the weirdest possible places, the cafeteria of my collge dorm building at Cal State Long Beach, in late 1987. He was great, like usual…and that was the last I ever saw of him. A year or two ago I noticed his name in the Writer credits of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and then shortly thereafter learned of his suicide. R.I.P. Drake.

  31. Enna

    Everybody wants to talk about what a great guy Drake was but the sad reality is that Drake was miserable and I like everyone else allowed Drake to be this misery since it’s what made him sexy. Drake was this mirror shadow of ourselves that we all found alluring. And if he was such a great guy why didn’t the man tell me about his other two kids, daughters I’m sure. Bottom line: if you let a person get away with being a miserable asshole then expect the consequences.

  32. Marc Berliner

    Drake Sather was a true comic genius! I remember first becoming aware of his work on Comedy Central during the early-mid 1990’s. He did a bit about catching his parents having sex that was so sick, so dark….so original….and so damn funny that I actually wrote a character in a script (which didn’t turn out so good) loosely based on Drake. I cannot believe such a brilliant man would take his own life. I am dismayed that we have lost such an original voice and talent and my condolences go out to his wife and children. Rest in peace, Drake, keep ’em laughing upstairs.

  33. Keith G

    Drake, I was lucky enough to enjoy much of your work and laughed with every one eles at your witt. On behalf of every comic and fan of the snl and your many projects, God Bless you and take your place with the other Comic heros up there with you that have left us way to early.

  34. Janie Malloy

    AW, Drake. I am so sad to hear that you commited suicide. I did comedy with you in S.F. during the 80’s. I can remember how frustrated you were when you couldn’t get stage time at the Other Cafe. Now, both you and the Other are gone. A pity.

  35. Gregory Greenberg

    I met Drake in ’92 on Dennis Miller’s first talk show. It was my first TV gig and I was always nervous and insecure, being the youngest writer on a staff with amazing talents like, well, Drake Sather. As brooding and ominous as he seemed, though — I remember him wearing sunglasses and sitting perfectly still in meetings — he was actually kind and encouraging, and I’ll never forget what that meant to me. God bless you, Drake, and thank you for being so nice to New Guy.

  36. mike

    i woke up this morning with Drake’s “Ronald McDonald house” joke on my mind, remebering it as a pretty funny bit. wondering what Drake haas been up to lately, i ran a search to see if he had a webpage, and i see this. i mean, i knew he was behind the scenes of alot of projects, but i was wondering if he was going to tour with his act, only to find out he’d passed away 2 years ago. RIP Drake. You were one of the good ones.

  37. ben newham

    “i’ve been trying to quit smoking..But I just know if I do I’ll go RIGHT back to cocksucking! You know how you drop one habit another one just marches right in there..”
    I still remember all his lines from that 1989 HBO concert, and I haven’t seen it in 15 years. Will miss the Drake..

  38. some fat, white kid

    Drake was, and still is, one of the best comedians to grace our planet. Thank you for giving me many, many belly laughs.

  39. sherilyn

    I work with Drakey on his last project Mr. Ed and adored him. Just two nights ago while driving home from a dinner i felt his presence so strongly I was crying. Though it was a short relationship, he impacted my life greatly as he did with all who met him. He was wronged by the powers that be at FOX, they didn’t have the eyes to see how special he and his perspective were.He told me that the business was so “heartbreaking.” We shared this point of view among others. He was truly ahead of his time…as now we finally see the way comedy is changing. He constantly spoke to me of his children and his love for them…
    I so wish he hadn’t made the choice he made but am thankful to still feel him around. I know he will always be there for those closest to him…… we love you Drake….we think of you…and we feel you.

  40. Ralph

    Drake….you listenin’? I’ve had a lot of fun repeating your jokes over the years. You will live on as I keep doin’em. Darkness is tough. It’s tough on relationships. Sometimes it seems like you’re the only one to see it that way. And when I say you I am really saying I. By the way, I’ve been seeing this chick lately. But she’s been costing me hundreds and hundreds of dollars- so I confronted her on it. She said, “I’m a prostitute…..I thought you knew that”. Drake, I hope you find your way out. I’m still trying to find it myself.

  41. JD

    I saw Drake do his stand-up on our local, now classic Seattle comedy show on KING TV–it was called “Almost Live”….Drake came out, pouting, dressed like a late 80’s punk, and proceeded to be devastatingly funny!!…I thought “This guy will move past Seattle very soon!”
    The last time I saw him, he was doing the very same routine–but this time on David Letterman!
    Astonishinly, the same routine that “killed” in Seattle absolutely “bombed” on Letterman!…I felt so sorry for Drake, standing there between joke bits, looking out at the audience with incredulity at their lack of response….
    Clearly, there was both an “edge” to his dark humor that was simply too far beyond this audience–or are there indeed, regional differences in this country that nullify types of brilliant humor?..either way, you could tell that Drake was devastated at the mean silence his routine evoked….even Letterman looked bewildered as he thanked Drake, and hustled him off the set as quickly as possible…I didn’t see or hear much of Drake after that; but it is as least somewhat gratifying to see that he managed to forge a successful career in the mean streets of heartless Hollywood….and, for all of you people who centered commentary on his good looks, tallness, cuteness, etc….that’s all quite meaningless, isn’t it?…it was the man’s creative spark that we will remember….JD

  42. tara

    Drake was actually my second cousin..his dad(uncle rudy) is my grandma’s brother(dad)Unfortunatly, I was quite small so really don’t remember him well.I know depression and mental illness plagued my grandma’s mother.Drake was a gifted man who was real.I enjoyed his clips on u-tube…very dark and funny…Thank you for all your kind words……I wish i had known him better. R.I.P Drake…eternal xoxoxo

  43. tara

    I had also wanted to say ..Thanks you for all your heartfelt feelings and kind words About Drake …reading your kind words and enduring stories just makes me sad I didn’t know him as well as all of you….He was truly, one of a kind. Thank you Drake, for enlightening the world with your humor..I hope you are finally free..

  44. Ron

    Wow, What a shock! I was here watching some old Comedy Central Stand Up from the Santa Monica Improv and it’s my FAVORITE bit:”When i think of my grandmother, three words come to mind: what a lesbian! Yeah. don’t you hate it when your granparents come out of the closet–on Thanksgiving?”Here’s the turkey, i’m a dike!”
    That one had me absolutely rolling on the floor!That one and the other one’s mentioned previously..damn!Incredibly Hilarious Stuff! What a talented, funny, funny man… and what a devastating loss. Safe journey, Mr. Sather.

  45. ajparrillo

    I was actually searching for Drake’s appearance on People’s Court on YouTube, but could not find it. However, I stumbled onto a show from the improv and brought back all the memories of his humor. I have only seen him on TV, but his jokes, even though I forgot they were his, are those the struck some fundamental cord and I repeatedly think about…I think about that Ronald McDonald House joke every time I see the sign. I got curious and decided to search to find out what ever happened to him and was genuinely saddened when I stumbled upon this blog. I am not the most sentamental of persons, but I shed a tear for this stranger from TV who impacted my life at a young age with a humor that was very rare. If anyone knows where I can see Drake’s case on People’s Court, post it please!

  46. patrick b

    I was/am a great fan of Drake’s comedy. I met him in Minneapolis where I started stand-up comedy. It was right after his new-found Letterman fame and he was a great guy and he spent time talking with me about comedy. I then ran into him at the Laugh Factory several years later when I moved west and he was the same approachable and nice guy. I just found out about his demise just now after watching some clips on YouTube. Drake was a cool guy.

  47. carrie

    It’s years after his death but i just now found out. I met Drake in 1986 a few times in Portland, saw him do his stand up iive once, which i found hilarious, this was while he was still in Seattle. Didn’t keep in touch, but saw him on TV, and saw his name appear in credits. heard form a friend they’d randomly seen him on people’s court. Just now the name Drake came to mind, and as he’s the only one i know, i decided to look him up, and found out about his suicide. Not a close friend, but after 20+ yrs i hadn’t forgotten him. Sorry to hear the news, especially for those close to him and his children.

  48. Pamela

    I’m so sad for his family and the loss of such an amzing person. We met and dated in the early 90’s. I have to say that I will miss everyting that he brought to this earth. Dinner at Trats,Sweedish fish,books stores and laughing at nothing when there is nothing. “Lotion” need I say more my dear friend..May you silently watch and then darkly make ‘um laugh! See you on the other side someday..

  49. Jordan

    I just found out that Drake went. He was one of my all time favorite stand up comics. Writing for a comedy troup I was going to contact him to run some ideas by him. Then I found that out today.
    My favorite Drake joke: “I just stopped smoking recently. It’s a filthy habit I know. There are a lot of of other filthy habits that I need to quit. Like sucking cocks” LMAO !!! He was one of the greatest by far.

  50. Todd Tucker

    Drake Sather was such a wonderful comic. He and Bill Hicks always got me rolling. So much fun. I used his jokes so many times. So sad. I wanted to know if anyone knew exactly what they did to him on the set of Mr. Ed. How they treated him like garbage as someone put it. What went on in the last few days or weeks for him on the set before they kicked him off. Any pictures of his apartment and the walls of the cartoon drawings of suicide for the cops. Any People’s Court footage of Wapner telling Drake off.

  51. Randy

    I was a comedy club manager in the Mid to late 80’s and Drake was one of the comics that used to play the club back then. I remember watching him right before he’d go on stage. He’d go up to NWA. It was fun to watch him work. Sad to see you go Drake. Still tell stories about you. R.I.P.

  52. Jeni Fan Too

    I just finished watching Drake now on a HBO Young Comedian special hosted by a young Dennis Miller in 1989. It takes a lot to make me laugh when I am alone. Laughed during his entire 10mins gig. I immediately googled his name, on the chance he may still be performing. Sadly to find out I’m 8 years too late. I will watch him on You Tube. What a talent, so funny. If dark humor is a red flag for depression, can someone please check on Steven Wright? 🙂

  53. Joan

    Wow, I just saw the “Young Comedians” HBO special from 1989, Drake was so funny and unique, I rewound it on the DVR, and had my adult son, who had just come by sit down to watch Drake’s bit. He laughed, and it’s not easy to get him to laugh at many comedy acts. I knew he would enjoy Drake’s delivery, as my son’s favorite comedian is Steven Wright. When I went to look him up online, and saw he had committed suicide, I was so disappointed. I wanted
    more of him. He just really got to me. And I thought of my other favorite comedian, Richard Jeni, who went out the same way a few years ago. Such incredibly talented men, with dark depression that cannot be conquered. So sad because I know his children are missing him still. Sorry you checked out so early, Drake, you have another heartbroken fan. RIP

  54. skip m.


  55. Colton

    I’ve only seen a few clips of Drake on Youtube and have heard his name mentioned in multiple TV and podcast interviews with other comics. Jesus, I’m only 21 but 2004 seems like a lifetime ago. Rest in peace.

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