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Paul A. Theis


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Paul A. Theis, a former speechwriter in President Gerald R. Ford’s administration, died on March 24 from complications of heart surgery. He was 84.
Born in Fort Wayne, Ind., Theis earned a journalism degree from the University of Notre Dame and a degree in foreign service from Georgetown University. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Forces as a B-17 Flying Fortress combat pilot in Italy.
Upon his return to the states, Theis covered Washington for Newsweek and Army Times, then served as an executive assistant to Rep. Oliver P. Bolton (R-Ohio). He also worked on the inaugural committees of Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon, directed public relations for the Republican Congressional Committee and co-edited the book, “Who’s Who in American Politics.”
Shortly after President Ford was sworn into office, Theis joined the White House staff as head of its editorial department. There he was in charge of speechwriting, presidential messages, research and writing correspondence. President Ford named him deputy undersecretary of agriculture for congressional and public affairs in 1976. But when the president was defeated in the next election, Theis became a staff consultant to the House Committee on Agriculture.
Theis founded Headliner Editorial Service in 1981, and ran the Washington-based firm until his death. In January, he self-published his first novel, “Devil in the House.”

7 Responses to Paul A. Theis

  1. Martha Theis

    Paul was a third cousin, have always heard about him and enjoyed knowing that the Theis name was important. I ordered his book off the internet and couldn’t put it down until it was finished. On our latest family newsletter, I talked about the book, hope that other family members will also order it. I finished it a coulpe of days after Paul died and never got to tell him how much I enjoyed it. You were a credit to the great Theis name. Martha

  2. Michael

    I got to meet Mr. Theis through his son Mitch who was a college roommate of mine. I can honestly say that he enjoyed his life, his wife and son. He was very humbled by his accomplishments and when I met him he was very interested in me. I find that hard to believe with all the famous people that he met and worked with that he would be interested in someone like myself. His wife continues to work in politics and his son will probably dabble in it as well. I know your family misses you Mr. Theis, but you won’t be gone from their hearts.

  3. Tracy

    I met Paul Theis through his wife only once, but I was immediately impressed by his kindness, great smile, and intellect. He enjoyed a successful marriage and leaves behind family and friends who love him and miss him very much.

  4. raul armando

    yo quiero mandar un saludo para todo esa gente que ya despues de muerto chali y su hijo lo siguen apoyan eso es todo mi genete bonita.
    Yo estimava mucho a esos padre he hijo sanches
    fueron los mejores chalino fue el mejor rey del corrido y adan tambien fue el mas chingon arriva
    chalino sanches y su hijo adan sanches seguro que si.

  5. Mike Cramblitt

    I met Paul Theis in 2003, while working at the Cosmos Club of Washington, D.C. as the desktop publisher. I only knew Paul for a few years. But in that short time I came to know him quite well. We became close friends during that time. He was a most kind, understanding, and generous man. I shall always miss him.

  6. Martha Theis

    Hi, i have to say this is weird for me. My name, as other woman in this site, is Martha Theis, the difference is that i’m from Venezuela. what’s the chance!!!??
    Would any body tell me what is this page about?
    My family here tell me that this last name(Theis) is from Holland. Where are you from? is there any chance that we ar family? it will be nice to know you all.
    Martha Theis

  7. Martha Theis

    Arriva Chalino Sanches y su hijo Adan Sanches los mas chingones del corrido y apresio a toda esa jente que los apollo en su carrera dios los bendiga. ” y arriva Chalino y Adan Sanches raza!!!! De Jesse Villegas from Dallas TX.

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