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Pat Tillman


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ptillman.jpgPat Tillman was entering his fourth NFL season when terrorists hijacked several planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001. Instead of signing a three-year, $3.6 million contract as a safety with the Arizona Cardinals, Tillman turned in one uniform for another.
He enlisted in the Army. His brother, is brother Kevin Tillman did so as well.
As Pat trained to become an Army Ranger, he made no statements to the press. Privately, he told colleagues he felt the need to “pay something back” for the life he had been afforded. His brother Kevin, a former minor league baseball prospect in the Cleveland Indians organization, also signed up.
Assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite light infantry force, Tillman was reportedly stationed with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Iraq in March 2003. He was later transferred to Afghanistan, where his battalion participated in “Operation Mountain Storm,” the U.S. campaign to hunt down Osama bin Laden and members of his Al Qaeda terrorist group along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Tillman was killed in action on April 22 at the age of 27. Apparently shot in a friendly fire incident, he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for combat valor.
In 1994, he arrived at Arizona State University on the school’s last remaining football scholarship. Four seasons later, Tillman was named Pac-10 Conference Defensive Player of the Year. He also earned a 3.84 grade point average and graduated with a degree in marketing in 3.5 years.
Tillman was the Cardinals’ 226th draft pick in 1998. He became Arizona’s starting strong safety, and set the team record with 224 tackles in 2000. The 5-foot-11, 202-pound athlete declined a five-year, $9 million contract offer from the St. Louis Rams in 2001 because he felt the Cardinals deserved his loyalty for taking a chance on him when he was still a rookie.
Last July, Pat and Kevin Tillman were honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the annual ESPY Awards telecast. The award, which is presented to individuals whose contributions transcend sports, was accepted by their younger brother Richard Tillman.
Complete Coverage From the Arizona Republic
[Update – Dec. 4, 2004: After reviewing witness statements, e-mails, investigation findings, logbooks, maps and photographs of the incident, The Washington Post concluded that Tillman died unnecessarily “after botched communications, a mistaken decision to split his platoon over the objections of its leader, and negligent shooting by pumped-up young Rangers … who failed to identify their targets as they blasted their way out of a frightening ambush.”
[Update – March 5, 2006: The Defense Department inspector general has ordered the Army to open a criminal inquiry into the shooting death of Cpl. Pat Tillman. The new inquiry, which follows three other military investigations, will be conducted by the Army Criminal Investigation Command. Previous investigations into Tillman’s death found a series of crucial errors made by his fellow Rangers in the heat of combat, but no criminal wrongdoing.]
[Update – March 27, 2007: A Pentagon investigation has concluded that Army officers violated regulations and misled members of Cpl. Pat Tillman’s family by failing to disclose promptly in 2004 that he had been accidentally killed by other American soldiers. Investigators also recommended that the nine officers, four of them generals, be subjected to disciplinary action. In response, the Tillman family released this statement: “The characterization of criminal negligence, professional misconduct, battlefield incompetence, concealment and destruction of evidence, deliberate deception, and conspiracy to deceive are not ‘missteps.’ These actions are malfeasance. In our opinion, this attempt to impose closure by slapping the wrists of a few officers and enlisted men is yet another bureaucratic entrenchment.”]

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  1. Del "Abe" Jones

    The two made quite a sacrifice
    By joining the Army’s elite
    The motto, “Rangers Lead The Way”
    Now, for one is bittersweet.
    They both walked from professions
    And put it All on the front line
    To do their Duty to their Country
    For, Freedoms of yours and mine.
    He lost his Brother to the enemy
    In an ambush firefight
    The Ranger Creed is what He lived by
    And He believed in what was Right.
    He said, his Grandpa was at “Pearl”
    But, felt He hadn’t done His part
    So, after Nine Eleven
    He knew what to do, down in His heart.
    He made the Sacrifice, Supreme
    And He surely gave His all
    And in that Army, up in Heaven
    You can bet He’s standing Proud and Tall.
    Del “Abe” Jones
    24 April 2004

  2. Willie

    i just want to say that i loved him he was my favorite football player he is one of the best men i have ever heard of he would rather die for this country instead of making millions of dollars.
    I love u Pat

  3. Kevin Young

    If everyone was like Mr. Tillman, we wouldn’t be fighting this war. We wouldn’t have to. God bless the Tillman family. Thank you for your sons. They both are AMERICAN HEROES. Your family is in my prayers.

  4. Idea

    I always try to find a reason for all the terrible things that happen in this world and Pats death is one. Maybe it will finally get the American public focused on the heavy cost the war policy of the current administration is having on this country for a war we now realize did not need to be fought.

  5. idanna

    I was shocked and saddened when I learned of the death of this courageous young man killed in the prime of his life. What an exceptional person he was and how proud his parents must be of him. He fought in a war over there so that we can be safe here. He put his life on the line for his beliefs and I’m sure God is taking care of him. God bless you Pat Tillman!!!

  6. Joe Guerra

    What does it mean to be a Ranger? My unlce is the most hardcore man I know. He also served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, not in Iraq in Vietnam. I called him on the 23rd of April and he said he almost shed a tear when he heard the story of Pat Tillman. He didn’t have to shed the tear to feel the Honor and Respect he had for his fallen brother. I play college football right now and with God’s grace I pray to soon be on my way to earning the Ranger Tab. Pat Tillman my uncle is my hero, and any brother in arms to my uncle is my hero. Rest in peace, you are the definition of a true American Hero.

  7. Hillary Kaye Theimer

    I went to Arizona State University when Pat Tillman was there. He was an excellent football player! I am praying for his family.

  8. Chris

    Pat Tillman is a true American and a true American hero. He gave up so much to do what was true to his heart. So many have gained so much by their citizenship but give nothing back. He will always be remembered by me and my family. I pray for his family and for him. I hope that this country remembers the sacrifice that he paid, and understand how he lived his life.

  9. Pete

    Pat Tillman and I started at ASU on the same day. I thought I was hot stuff by graduating in four years. Pat did it in 3 and a half and played Football for the school.
    How proud I can be to have shared a graduation stage with Pat, and how lucky I was to spend some time with him, even stopping to speak with him on campus, although I never knew him well.
    If I can be one tenth the American Pat Tillman was, then my family and country will be proud.
    God bless Pat and his family.

  10. Annette

    I just started reading about Pat and I am so saddened by his death. I have a son who is 5yrs. old I hope and pray that my son can be another Pat Tillman not in the sense of being a football star. But to have what he had unselfishness, courage, love, passion, caring for other that he didn’t even know. I would love to have a son like Pat Tillman.
    He is one of a kind. A true American HERO!!!
    God Bless his family.
    He is an angel watching over us.

  11. Paul

    My prayers go out to his family and friends, but I want them to know that no single man that I have never met, has ever effected my life as he has,with his courage and bravery,and the way he stood by his beliefs, and his ability to excel in everything he did, he truly was a living legend and an inspiration to us all. He will be sadly missed but never forgotten.There really are no words that can describe Pat Tillman but I guess the closest are: Warrior,Hero,and legend!! God bless Pat Tillman!! A True American Hero and my new role model forever

  12. Matt

    God Bless Pat Tillman, and God bless each and every one of you reading this. It is tragic that it takes death to sometimes remind us that there is still someone genuinely caring and good in the world and there is something worth fighting for in protecting our country. Pat reminded me what it means to be an American and strive towards a better life. I hope one day to meet him and shake his hand and tell him thank you, God Bless you Pat.

  13. john

    He was a hero. We all can be heroes. But, he just proved it everyday and in everyway. All the serivcemen and women are as great and noble as he. God Bless them all and bring them home safely.

  14. Rick

    For those of you who missed the Pat Tillman Memorial, broadcast live on ESPN it was the best tribute any man could hope to have. Senator McCain, his former team mates, friends, coaches from HS, college, and the NFL shared their feelings and favorite moments with Pat. His father was so gracious in thanking the communities of San Jose and Tempe for their support throughout Pat’s life. It was easy to see how Pat developed into such a remarkable man. I join the nation in wishing the Tillman family and his wife that time will ease the heavy pain of their loss. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to hear all who spoke so fondly & candidly about Pat at an extremely difficult time personally. I thank ESPN for broadcasting the memorial and would hope that they would re-broadcast it again in its entirety on Memorial Day or Veterans Day to remind us all of the truly great ideals & virtues that Pat and all our fallen American service men & women stood for. From this point forward April 22nd will always be Pat Tillman day for me.

  15. Gwen Adams

    I like others hope and pray that my son age 10 will grow up to be as honorable and couragous, loving and kind as Pat Tillman was. He is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO. I have read almost every article on the internet about him. He was a man that I wish we all could have known and met. A true inspiration to us all. Our prayers are with his family at this time. From Deep In The Heart of Texas May God Bless You All. UNITED WE STAND!

  16. Gwen Adams

    My son also wears the #40 on his football uniform in Jr. League football. He wears the #40 proudly and really will now. Pat is our role model. God Bless the Tillman family and other service men and women. We are proud to be American. From Deep In The Heart Of Texas.

  17. Terry

    I admire Pat and what he did for our country,
    few men would have done what Pat did.
    God will reward him in heaven- he will give him eternal life and peace. God Bless.
    Terry in TN

  18. Kenny D.

    Pat Tillman was just shy of being a God but he far exceeded being a man.
    I played safety in high school and college, thought I was pretty strong and tough. Now that I know about Pat Tillman, man, was I wrong about my toughness. Pat Tillman was forged from steel, cast from a mold that only a few men have experienced. Leaving millions to join the fight. I know no one else in this land that would have done that. It is beyond comprehension. I know one thing, when Pat reached the Pearly Gates he was not greeted by an angel. God Himself opened the gate and offered His hand to Pat and said,” You are one tough son of a bitch.”
    Be well Pat, you are now a legend.
    Regards to the Tillman Family,

  19. robert hivner

    having served in the 101st airborne div in the first gulf war, I was privliged to serve along side some of the finest men alive,Pat Tillman
    stands head and shoulders above us all!!!!!!
    Rest in peace brother

  20. Joseph Pastore

    It would be entirely appropriate and fitting for The NFL to retire Pat Tillman’s number along with that of Bob Kalsu (the only NFL player killed in Vietnam) and all 19 NFL players who were killed in WWII. It would befit his amazing selflessness to see the other NFL players who made the ultimate sacrifice also remembered in this way. The effect of seeing these retired numbers posted in every NFL stadium could not be overstated, perhaps also accompanied by a tributary message such as: “In memory of all who have made the ultimate sacrifice and all who serve in the defense of our nation.” Especially in view of the enormous public reach of The NFL, this will help to ensure that these honored heroes will be appropriately recognized as not only bigger and more important than the game, but are never to be forgotten or taken for granted as we give thanks for their courage and sacrifice.
    With humble gratitude,
    Joseph Pastore (Flushing, NY )

  21. Sean Post

    No words can express the gratitude that i have for Pat. He is an american hero and will be my inspiration for as long as i live, not only in football but in life as well. I hope that i can grow up to be half the man that he was and show the courage, Pride, and selflessness that he did. Every game that i play will now be dedicated to Pat and the number that i wear will now be #40.It will be my tibute to Him. Thank you Pat for your sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.

  22. Tom Loew

    A good cause for war doesn’t exist. There are only good opportunities for war. This Hero went to war for the benefit of a few men in Washington. The price he paid won’t hurt them, as he died for their profits. Thanks a lot in the name of Messrs. Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Shultz, Libby, Bush et al.

  23. Megan

    Thank you so much for being willing to sacrafis your life for your country instead of getting tons of money. You will always be a hero to remember.
    Thank you

  24. Dustin

    Define a True American Hero…I can his name was Pat Tillman,he didn’t care about football or even a big paycheck, only thing that he cared about was serving his country the way a true American should and he payed the ultimate sacrifice to avenge September 11,2001. He is someone that should be looked up upon as a definition of loyalty to country,himself and honor as a United States Army Ranger. We must never forget Sept 11,2001 and we must always remember those who parished and those who are still fighting in the War on Terrorism. God Bless You All!! We Love You Pat Tillman, You will never be Forgotten!!!!!!! Sincerely Dustin

  25. Mark E. Minor

    God grant passage into Heaven for Pat Tillman
    for his giving up so very much for the benefit
    of our country; God have mercy on the America-
    hating scum who belittle this selfless, courage-
    ous young man for his sacrifice!

  26. Johnny

    Fucking mercenaries get what they deserve. Tillman died for a lie, and that is as far as my compassion for him goes. He was motivated by hatred and revenge – and I am certain countless civilians paid the price. Who remembers them?

  27. Skull-1

    God Bless Pat and all the other Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who die protecting those of us at home.

  28. C.R.Draves Construction

    June 2004 Every year my company honors the latest hero since 911. Pat Tilman joined our list and will be remember as one of the most outstanding. My father served in the Koren and Vietnam. Before my father died he said no one will ever remember the sacrifices the individual soldier makes for others freedoms, only a soldier can know this. We honor you Mr. Tillman and I hope that American understands you died to keep me and my fellow Americans free from being terriorized. We didn’t ask to be attacked, we simple defended ourselves with the only path that made the most sense…! Thank you

  29. Dallas R. Ledington

    There is no grief, like the greif for the loss of a Patriot. Rangers lead the way, all the way.
    Thank you Mother and Father Tillman.
    Dallas Ledingtn
    Ret US Army Rng

  30. Don Kurtz

    Friendly fire ‘probably’ killed Pat Tillman in Afghanistan – The Associated Press, May 29, 2004
    “Friendly fire” bushwa! — I hereby coin a much more apt word for the killing one of our own by own forces: “PENDly fire” where the first syllable is taken from the Spanish word
    “pendejo,” a word whose meaning is on an order of several magnitudes worse than “estupido.”

  31. Lori

    “Friendly-fire accidents are an inevitable part of warfare, it should not diminish acts of heroism.”
    Only cowards call heroes stupid…
    God Bless Pat and his Family —

  32. ben dewberry

    Weather friendly fire or not what pat tilman did for his country is above and beyond i personal think he should be awarded the medal of honor posthumously. I will never forget what he did for this country and my deepest condolinces to his faimly for there loss.

  33. Lori

    Giving up millions of dollars and a cushy lifestyle to go and fight in the War on Terror in Afghanistan for his country and not telling the “media” about it makes him a good man…
    Dying for his country makes him a hero.

  34. Alan

    Ah, so now it turns out that square-jawed doofus Pat was blown away by his own people!
    What a delightful irony. Not even smart enough to be killed by the enemy.
    Rest in pieces, you dumb fuck.

  35. Chris

    Who ever leaves a nice lifestyle making millions to fight the very people who try to take that away from him is a hero who are you to call Pat Tillman a man who dies for our country a dumb fuck he gave up his life for us and is a hero and like all others who gave up their lives for america should be honored and not treated like he did something wrong

  36. Doug Cronkhite

    Friendly fire in and of itself does not make Pat Tillman a hero. Giving up the convenience and comfort of a professional athlete’s life to serve his country because he feels it’s the right thing to do makes him a hero. Dying changes nothing of this. Were he still alive, he’d still be a hero.
    Heros put YOU ahead of themselves. That’s Pat Tillman.

  37. T

    Pat Tillman is a hero because he fought and died in our armed forces.
    The circumstances of his death “friendly fire” is regrettable. The fact that “special forces” mistook him for the enemy is egregious (this is happening alot lately with the freelance military we have). There was no fog of war here or immediate threat. The people who shot him were not “special.” The whole unit opened fire on him from press reports.
    The intelligence officers who tortured handcuffed detainees (note the terminology used: detainee) were not “intelligent.” They’ve assured from the photographs that we’ll have plenty of desparate people that hate us for the next 30 years.
    Pat Tillman sacrifice is not diminished by the reckless acts of a few.

  38. another who loved Pat

    The reason you can speak as you did about a person you knew absolutely nothing about… is one of the many reasons Pat made his decision. He believed in life, he believed in freedom! If you looked into his beautiful eyes you saw his heart -a heart so full of love for his neighbor, for the one woman who was the love of his life, for his family and for friends. Maybe you should look in the mirror and see… instead of judging and calling this wonderful person such awful names!
    We love you Pat and you will stay in our hearts forever.

  39. Joshua Stephenson

    I played college football and am now in the us army, i know how hard it is to make it to the NFL and how very hard it is to make it as a Ranger! Pat Tillman did both and did it well. And for anybody living in this land, to get to enjoy the life we have, to set back and say such bad things about A REAL HERO should really wake up! The people who died on sep.11 2004 did not ask to. Please hold your tonge if you do not have anything nice to say! Thank you Pat for your service to this great country of ours!!!! You are truely a great hero and brother! -PFC Stephenson

  40. Marquis

    Thank you, Pat Tillman I can’t explain with enough words I much I appreciate you! your one of a kind, to have the guts to turn down Million of dollars, and to put your blood, sweat, tears, on the line! to keep our country protected for the enemy!
    I will pray every night! that more hereos! have gratitude and strength like you! I love you in Jesus Christ! Mr Tillman!
    I want mourn your passing because I know we only gained a angel!
    God bless!

  41. Marquis

    sorry Mr. Tillman I meant to say, I really appreciate you I made a speeling mistake, I don’t care If people think I’m weir for talking to you! I believe you have enternal Life! so when I send you a tribute I will talk to you as If your still here!
    Thank you so much Mr Tillnan! love you so much!
    God Bless you!

  42. Rickey Meyer

    I hope and Pray that my son will have the same selflessness and caring qualities that Pat Tillman had, he is a Hero among all other heros that have chosen to stand and protect our way of life and the protection of others that need it as well.
    The Meyer Family

  43. Billy Harrison

    Pat is truly a insparation to all, being the best he could be in anything he did, If we only had more people like Mr. Pat Tillman. He will be missed.

  44. jake

    I am getting ready to report to training camp to play college football. I hope God instills in me the same courage and toughness that Pat Tillman had. My heart goes out to his family, especially the wife he left behind. Tillman is an inspiration.

  45. gary and pat

    while reading and reflecting of all the great things that comes from this great land- the most important would be love of coountry, willingness to give of oneself to others, t share and love God-we have a just land with lots of opportunities but most of all lots of good people, great people, and some idiots who think they know how to protect us- thank God for lending us people like Pat -but how about taking care of their loved ones too- what happends to Pat’s wife and family now that he is gone for us?? We hope and pray that God watches over your family Pat but most of all know that with your will you will be watching over them too from above
    God bless you,Pat and I hope God keeps on blessing America
    Yours in Christ, Patty and Gary

  46. Craig

    For the individuals who are talking shit on Pat; You are nothing but a coward and a gutless disgrace to this great nation and to the human race. It’s a shame he was killed instead of you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Pat put his beliefs, courage and honor before a great life and money to protect the United States and it’s people. That includes you losers who bad mouth him. As a fellow Airborne, I salute you Pat Tillman. You are an American Hero and my Hero.
    Craig B

  47. Coach T

    As a coach, it is easy to allow our student-athletes to concentrate on winning. I have and will continue to talk about the sacrifices Pat Tillman made. He is a great example of commitment and leadership. I strive to influence my players that life needs to be lived everyday to its fullest. Pat Tillman did this and we will wear #40 stickers on our helmets for the football season. We need more people like Pat Tillman in our society. Thank you Pat for all you did and will do to help todays youth.

  48. Mike

    Pat is my hero, i am 13 and doin an essay on him as an american hero, there is noone i would rather do mine on.
    Thanks Pat for protecting me and my family

  49. Frost

    Regardless of religion, military branch, or feelings about the war… Pat Tillman, like many of our fathers and forefathers was brave enough to sign up and help make sure that we may continue to enjoy the many freedoms that we do. He has my respect, and will be remembered with honour. May his deeds as a man and his service as a member of the United States military never be forgotten, as he lives on in the halls of Valhalla!

  50. Steve

    I am trying to follow in the footsteps of my new hero Pat. I am going to give up the things I have planned for the rest of my life, and I am going to become a Ranger.
    Thanks Pat, you will always be my hero
    He may have been #40 on the field, but he is #1 in my heart….Love ya Pat

  51. John

    Thanks Pat for giving the ultimate sacrifice. For one of my classes I have to write a paper about a person whom I don’t know but I admire the most. I am writing it on Pat Tillman because there is not another person I admire more than he and all the others in the armed forces who have faught or are still fighting for our way of life. I have also been inspired to join the military upon graduation of college. Thank you Pat and all the others who are fighting for our country.

  52. Peter Amschel

    Yes, that is sad about Soldier Tillman. I thought all the troopers had better communications than that! Those muslims – remember what Harry Truman said “If you can’t beat them, join them.” If we all revert to Islam, which means simply “submission to God” it would not be so bad. This way we could be friends with the muslims (no way can we blast them all); we would avoid alcohol, gambling or fornication, adultery, and other forbidden sexual activities. That is all the Koran requires, plus doing good deeds and having faith in God. What would be so bad about that? We would all be better off, no question about it. Let’s at least stop fighting against them and stop supporting those crushing them (e.g. the Zionists) so they will stop fighting back against us. Let’s try to save them like we did in Serbia where more bad things were done to them by others. Muslims are people too! Let’s remember what happend to our all American boy Pat when we tried to crush the muslims, we crushed ourselves. Let’s try to be nice to them now.

  53. Brett

    Yes, maybe ghe was a hero, but what about all the others? We don’t have websites, and forums thanking them, maybe we should think of the cause, and why we honor those who gave up money, some had to give up their famalies, as i’m sure Pat did, but why not honor the others who weren’t famous who did more in the war and died? This is, to me, a load of crap. Yes, he was a great man now lets get over the fact he died.
    Peace to all those who gave their lives in this horrid thing we call war.

  54. Mike

    [[If everyone was like Mr. Tillman, we wouldn’t be fighting this war. We wouldn’t have to.]]
    I don’t follow. How do you get from Point A to Point B? If everyone was like Pat Tillman, then suddenly we’re not fighting this war – or we wouldn’t have to? Please explain how. Not disrespecting him – he was HOT. I just don’t follow your logic.

  55. Sam Venable

    I’m in 10th grade and i’m doing a report for english class tommorow. We need to pick someone who we think is a hero and I chose Pat Tillman because he’s not only a hero,he’s a role model for anyone. No one can deny that “hero” is a understatement in Pat Tillmans case. R.I.P

  56. Fellow Soldier

    I am a fellow soldier serving proudly in the Army. Yes I believe Pat Tillman is a hero, But so are all the other SOLDIERS that have given the ultimate sacrifice to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they all sacrificed all for this great country of ours. I am however DISGUSTED about how Tillman died and the way the Army covered it up.The OFFICERS in charge should have lost their commission, and the ones that squeezed the triggershould be kicked out of the ARMY. So much for “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY” I have served with some of the so called “Elite” Rangers and their COWBOY mentallity and bravado is what contributed to the death of a true and proud soldier. You ALL need to pull your heads out of your fourth point of contact and get back to the basics of being a soldier.

  57. ck

    [[[[If everyone was like Mr. Tillman, we wouldn’t be fighting this war. We wouldn’t have to.]]
    I don’t follow. How do you get from Point A to Point B? If everyone was like Pat Tillman, then suddenly we’re not fighting this war – or we wouldn’t have to? Please explain how. Not disrespecting him – he was HOT. I just don’t follow your logic.
    Posted by Mike on December 22, 2004 05:41 PM ]]
    If everyone had his EXTRAORDINARY Courage and Conviction (Point A) Then we would have solved the pending problems before they Attacked (Point B) . Thanks to Pat and the like…Now, if they Still choose to threaten the family USA, swift and deserved consequences will surely follow.( Future Piont B’s)
    Hope this helps Mike…
    Strength & Courage & Honesty & Conviction will fend off most diseases, any that slip through would be easilly dealt with.
    God Continue to bless ol’ 42,
    My son wore #42 (1996-2001) Pop warner and HS, as tribute to the small guy kickin ass on frank kush field… Then Pat enlisted… Oh my god!… Roll models don’t come packaged any better.
    BTW shame on ASU’s marketing dept. I was told 97 season they couldn’t print and sell #42 jerseys because of a marketing agreement limiting NCAA jersey sales????? Two per season??? I WANTED #42 then. Look what it took to get it.

  58. ck

    I am a fellow soldier serving proudly in the Army. Yes I believe Pat Tillman is a hero, But so are all the other SOLDIERS that have given the ultimate sacrifice to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they all sacrificed all for this great country of ours. I am however DISGUSTED about how Tillman died and the way the Army covered it up.The OFFICERS in charge should have lost their commission, and the ones that squeezed the triggershould be kicked out of the ARMY. So much for “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY” I have served with some of the so called “Elite” Rangers and their COWBOY mentallity and bravado is what contributed to the death of a true and proud soldier. You ALL need to pull your heads out of your fourth point of contact and get back to the basics of being a soldier.
    Posted by Fellow Soldier on May 4, 2005 09:07 AM
    Please, Wouldn’t we all be beter if we harness that energy and beter direct it. We are not great because we ignor the Cowboys. They Live and work with a certain bravado that has saved more asses than lost. More Young adults die in car accedents than combat. Please let’s not forget what got us here. bravado will have undesireable consequences, BUT the gains have been well worth it in the last 150 years…
    GO Fast Go Hard Fellow soldiers. Learn and learn some more but don’t stop pushing. The Thinking class will have to keep up with the Cowboy leaders in time of action. Age old debate.
    All is not wasted, only god knows the big picture.

  59. Timothy M. Petersen

    Pat Tillman, every Soldier, and Patriot
    A country worth dying for…
    America Noble Liberty
    No Trojan horse am I
    Not hollow wood I say
    No victory prize
    No cable stay
    No labyrinth ring
    Of thee I sing
    No religious conquest
    Or land do I lay claim
    But America,
    I accept the blame
    For bridging a populous of every race
    Virtue of thy strength and grace
    A country

  60. Brad

    Pat Tillman quit the Arizona Cardinals, a football team that is poorly managed, over-priced, over-hyped, and misguided.
    He joined the US Army, a military team that is poorly managed, over-priced, over-hyped, and misguided.

  61. Kelly

    Such a waste. There are so many ways he could have helped the cause he believed in instead of signing up for the Army. For one, he could have played ball and donated his millions to support families of slain troops. Instead he got psyched out thinking he could be some type of hero and joined the army himself so he could go kill the bad guys. Lame and selfish. What did he accomplish? Oh he’s a hero because he gave up millions to join the army. That’s impresses a lot of people. But he could have made much more of an impact sticking to where he was most talented. I hope those up and coming with a world of opportunity learn from this and work smarter to make a difference.

  62. Rose

    My son honored your memory last week when he spoke your name, Pat Tillman. The America that remembers what freedom stands for. How most of us Americans felt, seeing our planes and buildings coming down, that America, RESPECTS(!!!) all heroes who take up the cause to defend our country. People who do not stand behind each and everyone of our soldiers should be ashamed of themselves. Soldiers fight for our rights of freedom and put their lives on the line for it. They should all be given the GREATEST RESPECT!!!

  63. Kelly

    I do not understand the emphasis on Tillman being an NFL player. I am sure he was a great ball player. But he was a soldier. And that should be what everyone remembers. It is horrible that the military covered up what may have happenend. But unfortantly this is what the government and other companies do.
    I would also want to know the truth to my loved ones death, not sugar coated. I think this is what people have to be ready for, there maybe some information come out that they wish they did not know.
    We have friendly fire accidents more often than we are all aware of. But we do not see all those soldiers in the media. Arent they just as important?
    Tillman chose the Army and the risk, and we thank him for our freedom. He was a soldier not a football star.

  64. J C Rosas

    A person who takes de decission like these fine american young man is a trully hero, I’m no american, nor I aprove many things of America’s foreing policy, but, the act of men like these really make me believe that america is what it is because it has heart, and their heart is made of the bravery of such fine soldiers, god bless all of them, and the only thing we can say is that they departed to join the celestial armies with the satisfaction of the mission acomplished

  65. Erik Pierce

    Pat Tillman is a fantastic example of the ideal American: full of honor, duty, good strong moral values, sacrificed his life so that we can enjoy a better one, and Atheist to boot.
    Whoever said there are no Atheists in foxholes never knew an Atheist.

  66. Ryan Schmidt

    Those who call Tillman a hero with one breath, and pray for God to bless him and his family with the next breath should really get a clue. Tillman is indeed a hero, who selflessly shrugged off a lucrative contract worth millions for the NFL to fight and die in service of his country. He epitomizes sacrifice and honor and holds a standard that few can ever live up to. However you short-sighted God-folks miss out on an important fact:
    It is well documented that Tillman was an atheist, who harbored no belief in a higher power.
    This means, if you are a true and loyal (and by my way of thinking, disgusting) Christian, then you think that right now Pat is suffering under the yoke of eternal torment and damnation in the fiery depths of Hell. You believe that he is the worst scum on the planet Earth, someone who has refused to accept God’s “truth” and has chosen a life of selfish idolatry instead.
    Please, you hypocritical little people, either honor Pat’s memory the way he would’ve wanted and keep your thoughts about God to yourself. The challenge I put before you religious folks is this: Disregard your faith and keep your comments as non-religious as he was if you truly intend to treat him as a hero. That, or do as your deity commands and denounce Tillman as an infidel and sinner who is now getting what is coming to him in the pit of fire.
    Either way matters little to me, as in general I find your faith offensive and repugnant. All I ask is that you not be hypocritical, and that you honor Pat Tillman in an honest fashion, without patronizing tributes to a faith he never held to be true.
    Thanks Pat. You will be missed.

  67. C Strauss

    Jesus Christ is the
    ONLY way to Heaven!!!
    “I am the way the truth and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME.” — Jesus Christ (John 14:6)
    Pat Tillman served the country, yes, but he didn’t serve GOD or his son. Big difference.
    It’s pretty laughable when people say things like he’s in heaven or he’s an angel.
    Oh btw.. we’re all entitled to our opinions.

  68. J D Huston

    What makes Pat so extroidinary is he did this in a day and age when people just don’t do selfless things like this anymore. He put a greater good above himself, money, fame, and everything else. He understood he might die, he was OK with that…God bless those who stand up for those who cannot.
    Thank you PAt, and every other person who has ever fought for this country.

  69. James Bennett

    I am also a grad of ASU class of 1994. I would like to see the football stadium named after Pat.
    Last I was aware, the tunnel the devils enter the field through is called the “Pat Tillman Tunnel.”
    This is well meant and serves as an inspiration for the players.
    However, this has turned into a story that will transcend time and I would like to see us name the whole building after him:

  70. Indepp

    Well, I scanned through a lot of these responses. I did a little looking around and found out that those soldiers executed him from not more than 10 yards away. They killed him because he planned on turning anti-war. He knew it was bullshit to be in the war once he learned some things first hand.
    Now, don’t take my word for it or try to attack me for spreading knowledge. Go google it yourself and you will see.

  71. joshua

    – Pat Tillman’s cause of death were 3 bullet wounds to the head.
    – His fellow Rangers burned his body Armor.
    – No traces off enemy insurgency existed around The area where pat was killed.
    – Army Doctors suspected murder because the holes were tight and neat. And urged for an investigation.
    Conclusion: Pat Tillman was murdered.
    Please Read Pat tillmans biography on Wikipedia.org to learn the truth.

  72. wade

    I was in basic and airborne school with pat and kevin before he went on to become a ranger and i a member of the 82nd abn. my wife at the time was pregnant with our first child and i was young and scaired out of my mind. i broke down one day in the laundry room at old sand hill B 1 19 and didnt think i could finish. pat told me that i had to because if we dont stand and fight for our families no one will and he was right. i was one of the slowest and weakest but he helpped push me thru. and to kevin ….. i bet stiffter still hurts in his back from what you did to him when he called out pat in hand to hand… we all lost a brother. and i stand behind kevin and his mother for bringing the truth to light.

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