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Yoda, the oldest genetically modified dwarf mouse, died on April 22. He was four years and 12 days old, or 136 in human years.
Researchers at the University of Michigan have been studying genetic mutations to determine if altered hormone levels can slow the aging process. Yoda was an integral part of this ongoing lifespan research. His pituitary and thyroid glands were affected by the genetic mutations, which scientists suspect played a significant role in his longevity.
Smaller than his cage mate, Princess Leia, Yoda is only the second lab mouse to make it to his fourth birthday without the rigors of a severe calorie-restricted diet. He also did not suffer the traditional adverse effects of aging like arthritis, cataracts and cancer. The average lab mouse only lives for two years.

6 Responses to Yoda

  1. Micky Mouse

    Yes Yoda was a very special mouse that found a way to beat the odds. Yoda was brave and lived life on her own terms. While only a dwarf Yoda was bigger in heart than any other mouse of normal size…we will miss you Yoda

  2. Prince Leia

    I’m sorry you were unable to break out of your cage but had you, they say you would have only lived for two years. I enjoyed your stories about the mouscateers!
    Prince Leia

  3. mickey Mouse

    MICKEYMOUSE whats that spell?
    Yoda I’m sorry we ate too much cheese I still think that was a bad experiment but drinking the Pepsi helped allot and I will always appreciate that.
    Mickey Mouse

  4. lenny the mouse

    Yoda,Thanks for all you did for me. Because of you I learned how to remove cheese off high tensioned spring bar mouse traps without being crushed. I learned how to store minute pieces of cheese and crackers in my mouth and not let go while on the run being chased by the fastest cats and playfull kittens.From you I have learned how to swat several colonies of ants with my tail while defending my cheese stores. And finally I learned never eat from yellow boxes that contain green pellets. Thanks you Yoda!
    -Lenny the mouse

  5. pigi

    so tell me yoda, if I trade my pigeon food in for some cheese, will I live 100+ yrs. p.s. if my owner only eats cheese will he too live 100+ yrs. take care yoda and I will see you in ….well about 100 yrs.:)

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