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David Reimer


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David Reimer, the unwitting subject of a controversial gender experiment, committed suicide on May 4. He was 38.

Reimer was born a boy named Bruce. When he was eight months old, a botched circumcision operation severely injured his genitals. Psychologist Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore persuaded Reimer’s parents to turn him into a girl. They agreed to submit their son to a radical sex-change procedure, give him female hormones and psychologically condition him into believing he was their daughter.

In 1967, Bruce became Brenda.

Known as the John/Joan case, Reimer’s sexual reassignment was carefully watched by those in medical circles. The experiment was widely considered a success, and served as proof to the theory that children were not by nature feminine or masculine, but socialized into their genders.

Reimer’s life in Winnipeg, Canada, however, did not reflect this theory. Classmates taunted him for how he walked, and refused to allow him access to school bathrooms. He didn’t like dresses and had no sexual interest in boys. Inside, he felt conflicted about his gender identity. Then, when he was 14, Reimer learned the truth about his past. After undergoing surgery and testosterone therapy, he changed his name to David and returned to a male identity.

Reimer later married and became the stepfather of three children. He shared his story with journalist John Colapinto in the 2000 book, “As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl,” and appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” in order to save other children from a similar fate. His story was also the subject of the 2001 PBS documentary, “Sex: Unknown.”

In recent years, Reimer suffered from depression following a series of personal and professional setbacks. His twin brother died. He lost his job, and he separated from his wife. But Reimer told his parents that things would get better soon.

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  1. Chris Schulman

    Holy smoke. I’d never heard of David Reimer. I’m grateful that the BOD posted his obituary; I want to read about him and find out what impact his situation has had on medical ethics. Thank you, Jade, and whoever submitted Reimer’s obit.

  2. Kim Scarborough

    Definitely go read “As Nature Made Him”. It’s a well-written account of the entire affair. It’s basically about how well-meaning but poorly-educated parents were taken in by somebody who really can only be described as a mad scientist, itching to prove his questionably theories, and pretty much ruining the life of their son. It ended on a hopeful note, though, as Reimer managed to seemingly recover and put his life back together.
    Now that’s all thrown out, and a horrifying story has a horrible coda. This is so sad.

  3. valerie

    What a sad story, particularly the end. But what a brave man to have gone on as long as he did and share his horrific experiences with others. RIP David Reimer.

  4. Ms. J.D. Parker

    I believe that I saw a story about his situation on TLC. To think in this “civilized nation” doctors could play with someone’s entire being like that!!! Suffice it to say, I am certain that these doctors wouldn’t have wanted someone else to decide their gender for them! May your soul rest in peace, Mr. Reimer.

  5. Jess

    I heard that this is coming onto film, and that Johnny depp is playing David….is this true can somebody email me and say?

  6. Sandi

    I read the book a number of years ago. It was a real eye-opener for me. David had an unbelievable life. A life with all odds against him. He seemed to have come out of it with many scars, but had a desire to help others, by having his story related- as difficult as that must have been. It is sad to think that his life ended this way. I wonder how those responsible for “the mistake” and the “doctor” responsible for the awful acts he performed feel about this life that was “snuffed out so young”-never able to have a normal life.
    To the parents of David -I have often thought about the difficult life you have had, dealing with something so UN-familiar, and in our hush- hush Mennonite culture where you just didn’t talk about those types of things. I Salute you for doing your best in raising your child. I am saddened to read that you also lost the other twin to death. My Condolences to you! God is our refuge-our present help in trouble. Although we don’t understand fully what you have gone through-HE (God) is there for you. He understands what it’s like to give His Son. My prayer for you is that “HE” will be your Tower of Refuge and Strength as you are facing yet another difficult time in your life.

  7. elaine titchousky

    My daughter has gone to school with his stepchildren.I have met him a few times and he was a very nice man and very friendly.I hope hes in a better place now.R.I.P

  8. Tania

    My heart went out to David. I read his story and it made me so sad and angry, I wanted to do something. I wish I could tell him how much I admired his strenght and endurance. this life is hard enough. you did the best you can David. all my love and admiration,Tania Maurer-Cleary.

  9. John G

    Dear Readers:
    You should know that David’s circumcision was entirely fraudulent and stupid. All boys have ‘phimosis’ at birth and for years thereafter. Any claim that this surgery was necessary is medieval, cruel and ignorant. What the physician (who barely deserves the name) saw was the boys’ balano-preputial lamina, a natural membrane. He thought it was a problem because he was (or is) badly educated and never studied in Europe where they understand male anatomy.
    [By the way–i f his attorney is reading this–PLEASE, YES sue me for slander–I would love to meet you both in court, just relish the thought, dream of such things.]
    Our members believe that both Brian and David BOTH suffered from David’s loss–and that both committed suicide because they both felt the other’s pain.
    Money should not be blamed for it all–he inherited a train wreck from the circumciser Huot, a complete idiot. but thenm he went on to be the tormentor of all time.
    I am urging the family to sue Dr John Money for Wrongful Death, the correct charge for someone who injures a child while conducting an unethical medical experiment merely to be famous (and causes a lifetime of hurt and sorrow.)
    David deserved better from N. American medicine. But he got the usual harsh treatment that many infant boys, American and Canadian, get, over 1.3 million per year.
    May Dr. John Money (a fellow New Zealander) rot in hell where he belongs, yoked forever to Jean-Marie Huot–the physician who diagnosed the boys with ‘phimosis’ a total fraud (indeed, Brian’s fake ‘phimosis’ cured up by itself.)
    May they both be forced to wear cauderizing irons on their genitalia set on high heat / maximum voltage.
    Rest in Peace, Brian and David. Those of us who know how harshly you were treated will carry on the fight to protect little boys from rapacious (and phenomenally stupid) N. American physicians.
    John Geisheker, JD, LL.M.
    Atty at Law
    General counsel
    Doctors Opposing Circumcision

    • LizaBella Stephenson

      Amen, Mr Geisheker, Amen…an absolute HORROR story and so unbelievably tragic that I couldn’t sleep for days after.
      I hope David and Brian have a special place in heaven and are at Peace.

      And I hope Dr Money burns in Hell for all of Eternity.

  10. Jeff Bryan

    I heard about David through a sexuality class in university. I, as well as my classmates, were shocked not only because of the ignorance of John Money but also the arogance of John Money. To experiment on a human being in this manner, is inhumane, cruel and self-serving.
    I am impressed with David’s courage to stand up and tell the world his story. How many of us would be able to do that in his place?
    I can only hope society learns from this tradegy. People are who they are, people are different hence individuality. Why does society need to place people in to labels and categories? Humankind is not cut and dry and neither is gender. The sooner this is understood, the sooner humankind can start evolving.

  11. xavrush

    I remember the last time I read about David it seemed as though he was getting on with his life. As someone who suffers from chronic depression, I know that can be a lifelong, uphill battle. My heart goes out to Brian and David’s parents who were only following what they were advised was best. I normally would not use such a space to advocate on any issue, but I have to say SAY ‘NO’ TO CIRCUMCISION!

  12. Jon Gall

    On my way to work I heard an interview with John Colapinto, I had a vague recollection of the incident in the 1970s. My interest was piqued, so whe I got to the Library (I’m a Librarian) I got the book “As Nature Made Him”.
    It was the most awful thing I’ve ever read. Dr. Money is the personification of evil, and I still can’t imagine there are truly human beings like that. I was horrified as I read along, but it was like driving by an awful car wreck and not being able to avert your eyes. I felt like a voyeur, looking upon somebody elses needless misery, but unsble to prevent it from happening.
    My sorrow and respect go out to David’s parents, if there is anyway they can be contacted and my sorrow expressed to them, I would like it done
    I hope somebody attempts to have Dr. Money (is that short for Dr. Mengele) brought to justice for the travesty he subjected all of the people to.
    Once again, my sympathy goes out to David’s parents, relatives, children and his former wife.

  13. Mo

    I live in Holland and was really shocked when I heard of his death. Only the week before an article was published in a Dutch magazine about
    his life. And also was mentioned how he picked up his life again.
    That made the shock even worse.

  14. patricia bohrn

    I’m shocked by what I have read about the whole story and I really feel sorry for David, his brother and his family. Some doctors should stop calling themselves doctors because what they do is just too cruel. Anyway, that doesn’t help David anymore…
    So, RIP

  15. Linda

    No person, much less a child, should ever have to endure the pain that had to be carried by he and his family. My deepest condolences to the family on their loss. David is happier where he is.

  16. r

    The foreskin, cover of the shaft of the penis and the scrotum are not just skin. Each has three layers: an outer covering of skin, a middle layer of smooth muscle and a deep layer of fascia. If there was just skin it would be fixed on the relative areas. Often the cover is removed from the shaft to some extent when circumcising. If too much of the penile covering is removed then the shaft may become “trapped” in the pubic area. The penis will appear short in this state even if the body of the penis is normal in length. Surgeons can free the shaft later by cutting scar tissue and ligaments that have adjusted to the length imposed by the trapped state. Then the shaft needs a new cover. There are two options: local flaps and free grafts. Each has significant advantages and drawbacks. I experienced this problem first-hand when, at age three, a surgeon used a scalpel to circumcise me. The surgeon cut along the line separating the shaft-cover and the scrotum and then sewed the two areas together. Years later, in my 20’s, I sought reconstructive surgery (which thankfully insurance covered). I have seen an improvement. I now have three sons which my wife (a physician) and I chose not to circumcise.

  17. r

    One clarification. When I said “The surgeon cut along the line separating the shaft-cover and the scrotum and then sewed the two areas together”, what I meant was that he cut at the line separating scrotum and shaft cover, removed the cover starting at the scrotum to the foreskin and sewed the edge of the scrotum to the remnant at the tip of the shaft.

  18. Joanne

    I was shocked to learn of David’s suicide. He suffered so much in his short life. Doctor Money, and I use the term “Doctor” loosely, should rot in hell for his mistreatment of that whole family. I read the book and he (Dr. Money) was a sadist as far as I am concerned.
    My sincere sympathy to the Reimer Family on the loss of both thier son’s.
    R.I.P. David*
    New Jersey

  19. Ray Ward

    I saw the programme about David, “The Boy Who Became a Girl” (Horizon, BBC TV). He seemed to have found happiness at last and it is deeply sad that his story should end like this. This tragedy is a product of the greatest nonsense of out time, that there are no real fundamental differences between people, no sex differences other than the absolutely undeniable anatomical ones, no racial differences other than the also undeniable physical ones of skin colour etc…

  20. steve white

    Rest in Peace David. Your story is truly touching and heartbreaking and hopefully, the so-called doctors who did this to you will pay for it one way or another. There had to be another way than this to solve your problems…
    What happened to you at 8 months old was tragic and should never happen to a child and no child deserves to be an experiment – regardless of what they hope to acheive. An innocent life was ruined in the name of mad-science.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    God Bless and Rest in Peace,
    Toronto, Canada

  21. Linda

    David Reimer meant so much to me in ways I can’t even express. His life has touched me like no other. I mourn him like a family member. My biggest regret was never having gotten in touch with him while he was alive. I never dreamed he would resort to suicide. All my sympathy and prayers go to his parents, his wife, Jane and her kids and grandkids. I know my life will never be the same after his death, just as it changed after I became aquainted with David’s courageous story.

  22. Sharon Mee

    I was touched and saddened by the sudden death of David, I am from the UK but have studied David’s case at college and watched the documentary on him on two occasions, I could never have imagined the torture that he indured through his life and it is with great regret that I did not consider that his life would end in such a tragic way.
    I send my thoughts and prayers to his family and hope that they can drawer from my belief that David is now at peace and no longer in pain.
    Sharon Mee

  23. anna

    I have heard about David’s life some time ago and I was really touched by that.
    I hoped that this will be a story with the happy ending- but now I found out that I was wrong. I was shocked when I’ve read that David comitted suicide.
    I only can send my prayers to him and his family, hoping that his sould can be peaceful now.
    R.I.P David.

  24. Mari

    I first heard of David in a documentary i saw on a cable channel. Even then i thought”my god what a life he has lived”, but thought he had finally found happiness by finding love and havin a family, but how unfortunate that it did not last for him. How sad it made me to hear of his death. All I can say is “Rest In Peace David”, you deserve it.

  25. sharon ON

    Until last week I had never heard his story. I just finished reading the book and it made me so sad and angry that he had to endure so much misery in his life. I was hoping for a “happily ever after” type story, but unfortunately that was not to be. I hope he is finally at peace now.

  26. Rick and Joan

    This is one of the most saddest true story that I have ever heard of for a child and his parents. I live in Winnipeg, MB and have never heard about any of this until I read about his death in the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper.
    I keep wondering if more people knew of his circumstances from when he was young till when he was older if there would have more of us, who are truly touched by his story, could have been visably there as a source of encouragement and source of strength and love for him and his family while he was still alive.
    His parents, who at the time did what they thought was best for him according to the advice they were given. They too could have used our love and support especially way back then also.
    When things are kept secretive and hidden—even though it was to protect the child at the time —is that always the best? Despite all the teasing and taunting— I believe there were people out here that have a heart and were full of compassion and would have been willing to encourage and support both David’s parents, his brother and himself and family.
    Why is it when we need the help we don’t know where to go for it? Where have we failed as fellow citizens? Why couldn’t David and his family find us?
    This is such a tragedy to all of us living around and near this family and not being able to love and support them in a way that was more tangible.
    WE can only believe that through this tragic story that all of us will have grown and learned. In the future if any one else is in this type of situation that they will have the courage to trust and believe that there are people living right here in Winnipeg who would be available to them for love and support!
    That we would ALL stand together in time of one’s need and tragedy!! That we would not feel that we are alone.
    For the parents —May the peace of God, that passes all understanding, rule and reign in your hearts as you grieve the loss of your two sons. Finally they too now live in peace and in the care of the Almighty!
    Our deepest sympathy,
    Rick and Joan
    Winnipeg, MB

  27. Rick and Joan

    Maybe someone who reads these articles and knows the parents could pass on all the love, the care and the condolences to David’s parents.
    Not every one is computer savvy.

  28. Jamie

    I have just finished reading an article about David Reimer for the first time in a local San Francisco gay paper,I honestly thought there was caption Confusion and this was a about an up coming movie. I guess I needed more conformation about his story,receiving just that after visiting several sites,I am sickened by this evil Dr.’s actions.
    He was so Courageous, especially with sharing his story. All the pain he and his family suffered,he was still willing to share to spare other of the same.
    I also agree with a previous post from Rick and Joan. I too would have embraced David and his family and hopefully that would have gain some Strength by knowing others cared.

  29. Barbara Beitch

    My deepest condolences to David’s parents and other family members, who have been through a living hell all of these years and who wanted only happiness for their two sons. As someone whose daughter died in a car accident– when she was only 30 and a mother of two young children– I know the pain of losing a child.
    I first learned about John Money’s cruel and sadistic role in the life of the two twins back in the late ’70’s, when I was taking a Human Sexuality course. I followed it over the year with increasing outrage and sadness. My thoughts are with you.

  30. Sganarelle

    My sincerest condolences to the Reimer family. I was shocked when I came across the notice of David’s suicide on the Reality Resources web site. The story is a tragedy of such unfathomable proportions.
    And to think, John Money and his acolytes are still out there. It angers me that David’s obituary in the New York Times did not mention Money by name, only as, “the Baltimore doctor”. (Money is a psychologist, not an M.D.)
    David’s and Brian’s parents have had such pain and suffering in their lives. Nothing will change what has happened, but I hope they find some comfort in knowing they raised an incredible son who showed amazing courage in speaking about his life.

  31. rearea

    i have learned about david’s story in my sociology class in college a few months ago. the whole class was in shock and silent at the injustice of it all. an innocent child has had his life ruined by one ‘professional’…last week my lecturer informed the class of david’s death once again we were silent and our lecturer was on the verge of crying in front of us. it just shows what human beings are capable of, using a child as an experiment which eventually has killed him. rest in peace david xxxxxxxx

  32. RandeyMichelle "Mekah" Gordon

    David’s passing through suicide, is regrettable, and could have been prevented.
    Dr. Money & I met about 10 years ago at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, regarding me transitioning from male to female.
    His diagnosis: “I feel that you are no more than a Crossdresser. You should look into joining an organization that gears itself to crossdressing at weekend getaways.”
    I told him that he was full of shit, and in addition, his “diagnosis” was misguided, as well as harmful, creating a possible catalyst for suicide.
    His diagnosis’s are based only on his theories of nature vs. nurture, and are terribly flawed, as well as dangerous.
    Money’s theories of “Trans issues,” have been written off by the majority of those in the medical profession.
    Says Money serenely, “I don’t mind being wrong a few times because I’m right most of the time.”
    Such unmitigated arrogance!
    Money espoused the position that gender identity flowed from early childhood experiences and that children could be assigned either gender without regard to any of the other sex indicators. This lead to treating intersexed children with early surgery so as to confirm in the child

  33. Irene

    My father, Dr. Milton Diamond, PhD was the person who went up against Dr. Money 30 years ago. He is the one responsible for bringing this story to light and for trying to get institutions to change their protocol on such things as sex reassignment in new borns. You can google Dr. Milton Diamond for more information on all his ground breaking research.

  34. Darren

    I would like everyone who has wrote on this website that I have read all your stories to David’s parents. I was David’s best freind when he past. I truly know how special he was. I thank you all for your comments as, David’s parents thought this was wonderfull. David’s parents do not have computer. I was up till 3:00am one morning reading your letters to them. I will keep reading your letters and share them with David’s parents. This website gives us great comfort in knowing David will not be forgotten. We will continue to push for David even when he is gone.

  35. Undisclosed (family friend)

    I am so happy to see that so many people realize that what he went through was a horrible thing that nobody could imagine going through….. I feel sympathy for the family which I know and also the ones that I do not know as well as for the friends and people who only know of the story. Being friends with their family I never knew of this story until recently (I am young) and what I know of it now is such a shock that I agree to the fact that the “doctor” who did this should have to pay for it. I am sure that if David was still alive as well as Brian that they would appreciate this very much from all of you. I hope that the rest of his family which is still with us learn that there are people who are out there and that care and will choose not to take their lives as David and Brian did.
    I can only say now to all of them we are here for you, feel your sympathy and hope that you will be able to move on now that your 2 loved ones are at a place where perhaps they are too happy now. R.I.P David and Brian and to the children of theirs which I know good luck in your lives and please continue this fight against wronfull doing by “doctors”

  36. Deannea Hoopes-Johnson

    This is the first time I had heard David’s story.
    It is tragic. And senseless (I mean what that “Dr.” did was senseless AND selfish.). My heart goes out to his wife and family and friends. I think David was quite brave in telling his story and I’m sure in doing so it has helped others. Thank you, David, for your courage.
    Deannea Hoopes-Johnson

  37. Brenda

    Today is the first time I have heard of the terrible things done to this beautiful boy and his family. I am in shock! I cannot imagine going through this. I am so sad for David’s family. Please accept my condolences. My son died in 1990. I know how hard it is to go on. You all will be in my prayers.

  38. kerri

    I was surfing on the net today when i stumbled across an article labelled ‘why did david reimer commit suicide?’ on the page. Curious, i opened the link and read the succeeding passages. bewildered at what would follow, i recognised that the situation before me was not totally unfamiliar; infact, on finishing reading i remember that i had seen Davids story a few years previous on 60 minutes. now considering that i am only 15 and perhaps only 11 when i first heard the magnitude of the horrors and severity of the physical, emotional and psychological trauma David endured during his life; it is only in anger and sadness that, on learning of his passing, i express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his wife, step children; and most of all; his parents. if i could say one thing to you, david’s parents: you are the bravest people i have ever encountered. you have walked through the realms of what many would call hell and are still fighting. you guys are truly amazing as i know that people call it quits for a lot less! never give up fighting; you are in my heart and prayers always.
    in love, life, and liberty
    western australia

  39. kerri

    ps- rot in hell Dr Money and all u bastards that advocated this shit back when it happened! wherever u r hiding, i suggest u stay hiding! u will pay for what u have done in the end

  40. Roberta Kavendek

    When I first heard of David’s story 4 years ago on a news program, I rushed out to buy “As Nature Made Him”.
    After reading it, I was both APPALLED and OUTRAGED at the sheer, blatant arrogance of “Doctor” Money.
    Now my outrage has escalated since just learning of David’s suicide today. I couldn’t believe it. Just like many others who have posted here, I mourn his death as if I were close to him. His story greatly moved me and my heart broke when reading about how people mistreated him. At the same time, it inspired me. I thought that if this guy could rise above his traumatic past and make a happy life for himself, then I could too.
    Of course, the troubles I had pale in comparison to the nth degree to his, but it’s still a lesson in the triumph of the human spirit. Even though he felt things too much to bear in the end, he still survived all those horrible times.
    It also distresses me to learn of his brother’s suicide as well. Life was equally unfair to him.
    My deepest, deepest condolences go out to their whole family, but especially their parents. I know you don’t know me from Adam, but please don’t blame yourself. You certainly had their best interests at heart and that’s what makes for very good parents.
    God bless all of you at this inexpressively painful time.

  41. Maryanne

    Like one of the previous postings, I stumbled upon the MSN article “Why did David Reimer Commit Suicide” and read it out of curiosity. I then looked up various article regarding David’s story. I have been shocked and saddened by what I’ve read and my condolences go out to David’s parents, wife and children. David’s parents didn’t do anything wrong – they followed the advice of “medical experts” because they wanted the best for their children. I hope they now feel absolved of any guilt because the world knows they loved their sons and only had their best interest at heart.
    These doctors should have done to them what they inflicted on this poor family. Doctor Money (and I use the term doctor loosely) is an evil and savage man who will get what he deserves in this life or the next. It is interesting that he is too cowardly to face the world after it has been revealed how terrible a person he is. What a destructive combination ignorance and arrogance can be.
    My love and deepest sympathies go out to David’s family and may David and his brother rest in peace.

  42. Renuka

    My compassion, my prayers and my love go out to the entire Reimer family. Like many on this board, my own life was transformed by your story. May Brian and David be at peace, and may all of you know that David is loved by many.

  43. Kade

    My first reaction upon hearing of David’s death was that John Money should be tried, convicted, and executed for murder. (For the record, I am against the death penalty and know that vengence won’t bring David back. My initial reaction was from a place of emotion rather than reason. I maintain, however, that David’s blood is on John Money’s hands.) I wish he could have known how many of us loved him, even though we never even met him. I wish I believed in heaven so I could believe that David is there now. I wish I believed in hell so I could believe that John Money will one day join another “doctor” who did horrible experiments on twins, Josef Mengele.

  44. Yvette

    David, although I never knew you you are an inspiration to me. I just finished reading your book last night and couldn’t sleep thinking about all the pain he and his family went through. My deepest condolences to the Reimer family. You are the definition of admirable.

  45. Christine

    As a post-op transsexual. I am happy with the results. Unlike David, I made the choice. The choice was made for him. I am outraged because of this pointless loss of life. As a nurse I am ashamed of the medical profession for making such decisions like this. To force someone to live in a body that doesn’t match what they feel inside.
    My deepest condolences to David’s parents. I am so sorry for your loss.
    David, I pray that you found the peace you needed for so long.

  46. Kevin

    I never knew much about David until the time in Anthropolgy class where i came across his life story in the textbook. It really changed my life. For the most part, David had been strong for 38 years and i admire him for his courage and strength. If we talk about heros, David would certainly be a great hero. Although i know that those 38 years were rough for him, but i know for a fact that he’s free from his past.

  47. raine

    I read about David some years ago and the depth of pain and sadness in his eyes always deeply touched me. I am really saddened that he took his life, I thought he may have been able to reach a place of peace, but forgiving and forgetting are easier said than done. Everyone has issues, but the mammoth emotional, physical and spiritual damage done to David was and would be too much for any soul…Rest in peace David (and families) and I hope your next life is a breeze…raine.

  48. Catherine

    No other person has ever touched and changed my life more than David Reimer. I’ve become so aware and alert about such cruelness that i never knew could exist. Although he has now sadly passed away, his story will forever live.

  49. Jill

    My heart aches and aches for the Reimer family…so much sadness. But I also see a family that stayed together and loved one another through all the madness. Please have faith in the resurrection hope (John 5:28,29). God didn’t cause this. Evil, opportunistic doctors did. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  50. Nancy

    I have just finished reading AS NATURE MADE HIM. How is it that no one has mentioned Dr Money’s gender-identity problems? He certainly had a propensity towards castrating males! I am a healthy, free-thinking, liberal heterosexual, yet I find nothing either normal or therapeutic in Money’s pornographic sessions. On the contrary, with today’s knowledge, this man would be locked up. Indeed, I could argue a case for second-degree manslaughter–either depraved indifference or reckless endangerment. While I deplore our litigious culture, this is an instance where it would not only serve justice, but a warning to the arrogance of warped minds and elephantine egos.
    Dr. Money’s intractable self-interest has wreaked havoc and death on three generations of a family. The Reimers bear no blame, only grief. Though he fought valiantly, for decades, to just “be” who he was, the fire finally flickered and died, and David succumbed to the pull of his netherworld.
    My deepest sympathy to the friends and family who survived him, and to the one who didn’t, Brian.

  51. charlie

    May David, Brian and his surviving parents find peace. But having said that, how could the “medical establishment” buy this radical mutilation hook, line and sinker? What about peer review, duplication of results, and just plain courage to do what’s right? Medical hubris, indeed!! I’m not a lawyer (in fact, I think the legal system generally stinks) but if there’s a class action lawsuit that is deserving, this is it!!
    RIP, Brian and David

  52. Tricked wink

    I met David Reimer through his daughter sherry whom I was friends with at the time. he was a very nice nice man . It’s such a horrible thing to happen to someone. I feel bad that he had to go through all of that. my sympathy goes out to his familly. rest in peace.

  53. J Thornton

    My deepest sympathies to David Reimer’s family and friends.
    But I have to note that David would never had to go through this if routine infant circumcision was not an accepted practice (especially here in the U.S.). There is no ‘choice’ for the millions of males who are circumcised as infants, and there is little if any media coverage of males who are injured by their circumcision just as David was when his circumcision was ‘botched.’ And an interesting word choice ‘botched’ is, but not quite appropriate to describe having your penis literally burned off by a doctor who obviously did not know what he was doing.

  54. Robert A. Diaz

    Mr. Colapinto’s phenomenal book on David’s life opened my eyes to the horrors of mankind, especially in ‘medicine’, inflicted upon a human being and what they can do to a person’s soul. The book was a monumental read and struck me as a triumph, which is now a eulogy. It would’ve been a pleasure to meet David…
    I offer my deepest sympathies to those he loved and who loved him, may the doctors that inflicted David with his wound find forgiveness and peace of mind (As well as a valuable lesson), and “Doctor” John Money: ROT IN HELL, YOU MURDEROUS PEDOPHILE!
    Suicide is not honorable, but when you consider everything, is it any wonder he did it? In spite of it all…rest in peace, David, and thank your for the privilege of knowing about you and what you suffered. Thank you for sharing your life, regardless of the cost.

  55. Louise

    Today i read an article written by John Colapinto of Davids horrendous account as a child and brave and courageuos triumph as a man. So touched and inspired by Davids story i immediately logged on to the internet to learn more of this man.
    I can honestly say that my heart broke and i cried so hard to learn of Davids death.To Ron and Janet i am so sorry for your loss and years of continous pain. To David and Brian,take care of each other as i am sure you are, may you both continue on, free of pain, hurt, sadness and anguish.

  56. A King

    I just read “As Nature Made Him”. Then a friend told me about David’s suicide. I was so sad to hear that David’s anguish finally overtook him. My sympathies and prayers go out to his wife, children and parents. May God’s love envelope you and give you comfort. I agree with the others that have posted previously, Dr. Money should, and probably will, rot in hell. David may or may not have known it but he will always be a courageous inspiration to anyone facing what they consider “more than they can take”.

  57. Gerry D. Sadorra

    The life of David Reimer has had a profound impact on me – undoubtedly thousands before me and millions to come. The unforgiving trauma that David endured throughout his young life demonstrates a strength beyond our own comprehension. David’s life teaches us will, hope, and spirit. David will always and forever be a teacher of strength.
    God Bless You Reimer Family! Rejoice in knowing that David has taught millions to be strong!
    Lovingly, Gerry

  58. Jennnifer J. Allen

    I had seen the story in my sociology a few years and was taken by the story. A few years have passed and I just finished the book As Nature Made Him for another class. Once again, I was taken by the story. After finishing the book, I logged onto the internet to see what current information I could find, only to be DEEPLY SADDENED to find out that David took his own life. I had hoped for him all the publicity and speaking out would help him heal and have a better life. My heart goes out to David, his brother Brian who has passed as well and his mother and father Janet and Ron. May God be with you. Know in the end Dr Money will answer for what he has done to David and to you all as well. I extend to you my deepest sympathy.

  59. Gail Gatto

    I read a small notice in Rolling Stone about David Reimer’s death about a month ago. I read the complete article then got the book “As Nature Made Him”. My heart and prayers go out to the Reimer family. You’ll never comprehend how his tragic story affected so many. Having just finished the book yesterday, I decided to try to find out more about David and unfortunately found out that his brother passed away too. I am extremely saddened by the loss of both David and Brian. I will look for more info on how all this transpired and am willing to support whatever group that has been formed to prevent infant sex-change (mutilation) practices as well as a ban on infant circumcision. My son is almost 17 and I was not even asked prior to the procedure. I hope things have changed for newborns today.
    God sees all things Dr. Money – you are a sick, attention seeking pervert. You will get what you deserve when you stand before the highest power. Rest in peace David. You are so loved!

  60. becky

    Today is the first time I heard of David’s passing. I also have a son who has suffered from “gender reassingment” and he was born in 1996!
    I wish there was something to say to his family but words fail me…. Take heart in the fact that all parents can do in the face of such situations is take the reccomndations of the Doctors that are susposed to help us. Blame them, not yourselves! Please know I do understand your situation.
    God bless and keep you,

  61. Charlotte F

    I read “As Nature Made Him” several years ago after hearing about it on NPR. Like many others, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt so deeply for David and was angry about how he was used by Dr. Money. I thought about sending David a note to thank him for allowing the book to be written and saying how sorry I was that he had to go through all he did. Last night I saw a document on public television about this story called “Sex: Unknown” and was affected deeply again. The postscript for the film indicated that David’s brother Brian committed suicide in the spring of 2002 (6 months after the documentary was aired) and that David killed himself in May 2004. The timing made me wonder what effect the documentary had on Brian. I noticed that neither Brian or David’s father were interviewed for the documentary and wondered about that too. I think it was so courageous of David to be willing to have his story publicized so that other children don’t have to suffer what he suffered. I really hope that the publicizing of the story didn’t add to the family’s pain and suffering. My condolences to everyone who loved David and who were affected by his death, especially his parents who were faced with an impossible situation when Bruce/David’s penis was destroyed during circumcision.

  62. Angela Sanders

    I saw the documentary today and my condolences goes out to the family. It’s sad what David/Bruce had to go through. He seemed to be a loving but tortured soul and also brave because he chose to share his life story so that hopefully other children will not be put through those nature-vs-nuture experiments. Doctors should not be allowed to experiment and play God when it comes to the lives of our babies.
    May you rest in peace David.

  63. Jennifer

    There is such pain in the world. It is not only David that carried the anguish of his tragedy, but his parents and his twin brother as well. John Money himself is a recluse now and is ruined due to his narrow minded adherence to his own agenda. Suicide for both these brothers is a testament to the despondency attached to social conditioning. I was raised a Mennonite. I understand the weight of structure and the blind asumption of identity. There is an expected adherence to confines that erringly permits a false sense of freemdom. That, in part, was the demise of the Reimer twins. I wish their parents a sense of finality and peace in the horrible journey they have been given. I welcome feedback to my thoughts. Jennifer.

  64. jessica

    I just finished watching “sex-unknown”, and thought man, I can’t imagine this guys pain or his strength! I was so devastated to see at the end that he and Brian died! I missed the first part and was curious to see how old David was, learning that he was 38 as am I just blows me away, he still had a lot of living to do! The monster that did this to him better cry out to Jesus to save his soul and may God stop him from ever hurting another family. Wish I could’ve helped some how! My prayers to his family! Jessica

  65. James Hawkins

    My heart goes out to the Reimer family.I was shocked to see in the paper that David had left us. May he rest in peace.
    I just discovered this website and I just had to write.
    Having attended the same Elementary school with both David and Brian (Glenwood)there are many names and situations in his story that I can identify with. David/Brenda was in a couple of my classes, and brian and I shared a desk all through grade eight. As I was reading “As Nature Made Him” I would often well up with tears as it became clear what that poor girl who always sat by herself was really going through. This poor girl used to use the furnace room in the basement to change into her gym shorts instead of the girl’s changeroom.
    I remember Brian telling me in grade eight how the family was going to Baltimore, and that they did every year, and he didn’t seem to happy about it. At the time I could only think how lucky he was to be going away on a holiday since I had never been anywhere. When I read the book, I discovered that I was the lucky one. I remember when Brenda disappeared and David first surfaced,it was that last summer before grade ten, and Brian tried passing Dave off as his twin cousin which seemed very unusual. One night that summer, a few of us were having some beers around a fire down by the river, and it was then that Brian broke down and told me the whole story. He confided in me about Dave’s botched circumcision and how had been raised as brenda. The whole story came pouring out, and he swore me to secrecy. This was at fourteen to fifteen years of age. True to my word I never told a soul. After that summer we went to different high schools and I rarely saw David or Brian after that summer.
    One day, some twenty years later, I saw a sidebar on the front page of the paper that said “born a boy, raised a girl” and I said to my wife “I think I went to school with this guy”, I then proceeded to tell her the story that I had learned some twenty years earlier. When I finished, we opened the paper, and everything I had just told her was in the article.
    After reading and re-reading his book, I realized that this poor child wasn’t just teased in the classes that we shared, but in every class,in every school, and pretty much wherever he went, all day and probably every day. I really hope that when any of David’s tormentors hear his story that they feel even half as badly as they should.
    I never saw Dave/Brenda ever treat anyone bad, I just remember a quiet and somewhat uncomfortable appearing (who wouldn’t be) child with a nervous, yet sweet smile. I think that it was awesome that David wanted his story to be told in order to help prevent this from happening to other children in the future. I think this speaks volumes about the kind of person that was/is David Reimer!
    Ron & Janet, being a parent myself I can only imagine how hard the this has been on you both. I am so so sorry for your loss.
    God bless you both, and god bless David and Brian
    James Hawkins

  66. Elizabeth

    I read this many years ago and was so impressed by his resolve to fight. However, in a gender and justice class I was given the article to read again. Deciding to go a bit further in reading, I googled quickly to see where he was today… I am surely saddened by his death. However, I am even more saddened by the medical community that couldn’t just realize that heir experiment went afoul. If the parents read this, please know that you and David are in my prayers. David, you truly won the struggle with Goliath … rest in peace.

  67. Ellen

    I remember this “case” from an article published in my native South Africa and was truly saddened to read that David gave up his fight for life earlier this year. What a tragic waste of life. David, you are a true hero. We will never forget…

  68. linda massie

    May David rest in peace and let us all remember that to date no country in the world has defined this original unnecessary trauma as an illegal act. Despite the fact that the UK Law Commission amongst others are aware of the facts.
    I am the parent of a male child who was circumcised on pseudo medical grounds and currently an international expert in this area. Our lives are ruined also, my child attempted suicide at the age of 20 thankfully currently he is still alive.
    However his dying wish would be to see a male genital mutilation act to protect others from waht we have endured.
    This would only provide equality. We are the one of the most marginalised groups within society and we are tired.
    Linda Massie
    7 moyola Park
    County Antrim
    Northern Ireland
    BT36 5ER

  69. pamela

    i have folled Bruce/David’s story throught my own life and was shocked to learn of both Brian and David’s death i hope that both Brian and David have found peace
    and my thoughts are with their parents
    god bless

  70. Dave

    Its obvious by all the tributes that the average person cannot believe such a decision as made by Money would ever be correct…to change a gender because of a negligent operation was beyond belief.
    And why would he be allowed to interview children ALONE is beyond me as well….his parents cannot be blamed for this because there are so many people who put their trust in doctors and hold them up as gods….one lesson to be learnt from this tragic case is “Doctors are peoople and falible and if you do not agree with them and know it in your heart…dont follow everything they say…argue your case”…
    I get more sense from the pharmasist than most doctors….and NEVER let them alone with your kids….there are perverts everywhere….
    Doctors should not be able to take high and mighty approaches to us as if we are stupid….
    Seeing the film last night about David and looking in from outside it was so clear as to what should have been done….
    His parents are blameless in this as are the twins….Money should take all the responsibility…..If you were not 100% sure of your theory or facts you should never have experimented on a person…..and ruined 4 lives………Only now can you be at peace David…what a price tp pay for it….

  71. pamela

    We watched the programme about David last night and were shocked and horrified at the senseless waste of life caused originally by a needless circumcision operation.Why people continue to allow this cruelty to be inflicted on their sons is beyond me.
    We were also astounded that the evil “doctor” Money was allowed to conduct interviews alone with the children. If you put yourself in Davids’ place, a child of seven, with this evil man telling you to take your clothes off and asking you strange questions about the differences between boys and girls you can imagine that that trauma would live with you forever.
    Our thoughts go out to his family who always did their best for David and Brian and now have such sad memories that they must live with through no fault of their own. What would we have done if it had been our child and a so-called expert seemed to have all the answers.
    In the interviews with David you could see the pain in his eyes, let’s hope that now he doesn’t feel that pain anymore,

  72. Lucinda Steer

    I watched the show on Horizon about David last night. It almost made me cried. How could his parents bring him up, knowing how his life was a complete lie. I know i couldn’t do that. And it would be horrid if i found out that i was a boy when i was 14. I only wish that he hadn’t have killed himself. After all he had been through, and he had to kill himself then.

  73. Megan in California

    I read “As Nature Made Him” only last year and was profoundly moved by the story. I remember being enraged by the arrogant abusiveness of John Money, saddened by the suffering of David and his whole family, and inspired by David’s courageous willingness to speak publicly about his story. I was also heartened to read that David had married and seemed to be finding happiness and healing. It was therefore with deep sorrow that I recently learned of David’s and Brian’s deaths. As someone who has struggled for years with suicidal depression, I can identify with the feeling that only death will bring relief from excruciating pain. I pray that David and Brian are now at peace, and my heart goes out to their families. May they find solace, comfort and healing in the midst of grief. I hope they recognize that both David and Brian made this world a better place by touching us all with their courage and integrity.

  74. Christina

    when i first read the david reimer story in anthropology class i was mazed at the fact that one human being had indured so much pain and angony. mr and mrs reimer i feel your pain and loss and im truly sorry for what your going through. David reimer and Brian reimer R.I.P and may god watch over your souls
    Christina Petruzzelli
    Brampton, Ontario

  75. Daniel G

    I remember seeing the David Reimer story on “60
    Minutes” (or some such magazine show) a few years
    ago and was shocked by the cruelty of it all. I
    cannot help but think of Dr. Money as a modern
    version of Dr. Frankenstein, basically playing
    God with a child’s sexuality, trying to create
    a girl out of a boy. I was pleased to see that
    David Reimer was a married man and recovering
    from his ordeal by getting on with his life. I
    admired his courage in coming forward to tell
    his story to the world, so that it would not happen to others. It seemed to all end well.
    I recently got to thinking about his case and
    looke him up on the internet. I found out just
    tonight that he killed himself. After the shock
    of reading that wore off, I admitted to myself
    that I wasn’t really surprised. I mean, what
    happened to him would scar the toughest person
    for life. How do you possibly recover from something like that? And all that he endured
    growing up, thinking that something was wrong
    with him, getting picked on relentlessy.
    This whole situation is sad from beginning to end. It destroyed the lives of David Reimer,
    his borther, and his parents. I just wish that
    Dr. Money can somehow be held responsible for
    what he has wrought. His quack theories are
    hopefully consigned to the scientific trash
    heap, where they belong.
    I hope in all sincerity that David Reimer is in
    a better place.

  76. john charlton

    my deepest condolances to Ron,Janet,Jane and the children. Like so many who knew or did not know David or Brian I have felt a wave of grief over their untimely deaths. My wife and I have experienced the death of a child and I never thought it possible to feel so deeply about someone outside of my immediate family.
    I would like to say to Ron and Janet that despite all the trauma I think you raised a beautiful child in Brenda, it pulls at my heart to think of the torment she received from classmates and the discrimination she endured, this chapter in itself must stand as a message to humanity about how we should treat and be educated to treat oneanother despite our differences.
    You must have loved Brenda very much and whilst the truth did not come out a moment too soon I can only imagine that you felt a kind of grief for her when David emerged.
    David and Brian are champions. Twin relations are complex enough but this revelation between them must have ultimately been too much. Their love for one another must have been immense and I fear it never found its true expression here on earth.
    Their lives have and will change lives and I hope that now they are together again the full expression of that love is realised, at our sad loss Heaven has opened its gates to a great treasure.
    With love and a prommise never to forget
    John Charlton & Family

  77. john charlton

    if considered appropriate it would be heart warming to know that my above words of condolence have been passed on to the family. If anyone has any information about organisations, present or future that can help people who have had similar trauma I would be grateful.
    Thank You
    John Charlton

  78. S.H.

    My deepest condolescenses to the Reimer family.
    Everytime I hear about David’s life (and that of his family), I always get a lump in my throat.
    All my problems seem so tiny when I think back to what David went through, as a child and as an adult.
    I want to know whether that evil ‘person’ who absconded with David’s financial upkeep was ever caught and brought to justice… he must be one despicable individual; how can he do this to such an innocent, wonderful human being that was David ?
    Sincerely yours

  79. Martin

    I am writing in response to a comment of Tania (Maurer-Cleary), posted on May 17.
    Marcela – your cousin – is looking for you.
    If you read this message, please contact us.
    Martin (your “cousin” in law)

  80. Galit

    I came across David’s story several years ago. I think I was about 14. It really touched me then. I’m 19 now and it still hasn’t left me. I could not believe how this one person could be put through so much in his life, and I was glad that he was getting his life together.
    I only just found out about his and Brian’s deaths today while doing an internet search (This is how I also came across this blog). I was and still am deeply saddened. I’m almost teary-eyed writing this.
    To David and Brian’s parents, I hope that you take comfort in knowing that your sons’ lives were not in vain. They affected so many people and this story will help save many infants born intersexed from unnecessary procedures. My heart goes out to you and you are in my prayers.

  81. Darlene Gauthier

    I was a childhood friend of Brenda’s/David. I went to Glenwood school with her. I noticed James Hawkins on the list, I remember him as well. Brenda was always so kind and gentle, which made her an easy target. She was teased so often and yet when you needed a friend, you knew that Brenda would talk to you. She had a hard life and yet I remember her smile and her laughter. I just wish it could go on forever.
    Another strange girl in school was Esther who later became one of my best friends. Esther was so odd that she used to walk her hampsters on strings down Pilgrim and she wanted to knit a sweater out of her dog hair. Looking back at it now, I thank God for weird people like Esther. Esther loved hampsters and puppies and bugs, but most of all, she loved Brenda. She was the only girl in school who seemed to be able to really connect. I call her Brenda, because that’s who she was to me, my friend. And yet, our friendship wasn’t as strong as I wish it had been. So many times, I wished I could have gone back for one more day to see Brenda the way she was seen by Esther. A person.
    I love you David, you are missed.
    Darlene Gauthier Schacht

  82. Sarah Pappas

    I first heard of David Reimer in the Rolling Stone article that was printed on his nightmare of a situation seven or eight years back. This led me to buy the book As Nature made Him, though I didn’t actually read it until over the weekend.
    I read about his death last summer although I didn’t find this page until an hour ago.
    Dr. John Money is the epitome of evil. The things he made those two boys do to one another(sexually-in the name of therapy) is absolutely unimaginable.
    My heart goes out to the Reimer family, his parents, wife, stepkids.

  83. Caroline

    I heard about David’s story and read the book a few years ago, and just now learned that he has died. The horror of his childhood was heartbreaking enough already, and then now to find out that the pain and scars finally became too much and drove him to commit suicide….I can’t begin to express how sad this makes me, and also how outraged. What this guy had to endure throughout his life, his brother and parents too, just because of the narcissistic arrogance and selfish motives of Dr. John Money. David, I hope you know how much you were admired, respected and loved by myself and so many others. May you finally rest in peace.

  84. Rebecca Reynolds

    I cried when I heard about the life of David Reimer…How could anyone do such a thing to another human being? I hope you are free whereever you are David! I hope you will rest in peace in the kingdom of heaven! Love Rebecca

  85. M

    As a student of a Family Studies course at a state university, I first was exposed to the Reimer’s story. It is so heart-wrenching for me. I am a parent and a person with a heart for helping families. If only the professionals along the way had been honest and compassionate with this family, maybe they would not have had to suffer as much as they obviously did.
    To the Reimer family, your strength is to be commended. God does not want bad things to happen in our lives, but he will bless those who find peace with him. I pray that His peace will be upon you all.
    Above all else, thank you for allowing your story to be shared with the world. Though I am sure it is with a high price, your story opens the eyes of the world to the horrors of some of those in our so-called medical professsion. If lives are changed and these tragedies can be avoided in the future by the knowledge that you have shared with us, your struggle is not in vain.
    Thank you and God bless you with his peace that passes all understanding!

  86. josh

    A sad story turned good. David is more of a man than I will ever be. congratulations on getting married, being able to be intimate, and showing the world that there is an assigned sex role according to the way that God creates our bodies. God bless you sir, for you have blessed me and the world. A true man, you will die an incredible MAN…

  87. Mary

    I first heard the Reimers story in a college sociology class seven years ago. We had read a short article and then had an open discussion about its impact. And I can tell you I was deeply impacted by what had happened. I only recently read “As Nature Made Him” and was again deeply moved. So moved, in fact, that I was searching the internet, trying to find a way to e-mail John Colapinto, the author. I had never in my life been so deeply disturbed and saddened by the lack of ethical responsibility to this precious child and family. I was unsuccessful in locating an e-mail for the author and thought maybe I could find some way to contact the Reimer family. I thought of them often and wanted to lend my support, in any way that I could. It was then that I learned of the tragic loss of both David and Brian. I cried as I read their story and cried again as I learned of their deaths. Both of these men endured more than I would have thought humanly possible. My condolences and prayers are with the entire family, and I pray these men have at last found eternal peace.

  88. linda massie

    Tonight as I sit alone in my house in Ireland, as my disburbed community around me ignores the pain of David Reimer and so many others and allows it to continue.
    I remember when I first read about David and cried in the Californian mountains with Marilyn Milos, the one person in the world who has has done more to stop this assault on children than anyone else I know and who I love to bits.
    Linda Massie Nocirc of Ireland.
    7 moyola Park
    county Antrim
    Northeen ireland

  89. Laura Townshend BSc

    Having studied John Money’s work with regards to John Reimer on sex reassignment and having read Colapinto’s book. I felt tremendous shock and sadness to learn of his death. As a psychologist I find it hard to understand how such a person was allowed to practice his beliefs and, that in this case and documented others, humans, such as John Reimer suffered anguish and torment leading to death.
    In disbelief and sadness my heart goes out to John Reimer, his twin and family.

  90. Alison

    After watching a documentry tonight about the Reimers ordeal, it shocks me that that such an educated individual such as ‘Money’ (a not so famous New Zealander in NZ) would even contemplate tampering with humans as tho they were not given the god given right of instinct. We know what we are deep inside regardless of brainwashing or ‘nuturing’ as they called it. I feel for the Parents of David I believe their innocence and faith in modern medicine (at that time ) was badly abused. What a handsome articulate man David turned out to be and what an unfortunate end to his life . God Bless the Reimers, friends and extended family .
    New Zealand

  91. Kate

    Tonight I watched a documentary about David, which I taped last night. I had seen David on tele a couple of times before, including on the Oprah Show. I was shocked, however, to learn of his death. Even as a survivor myself, (of a great deal of abuse), I can only imagine what David had to endure. Not to forget his brother Brian, and also his family – especially his parents – who have to live on with this. I only hope his parents no longer carry any guilt, though I rather imagine they will carry guilt for the rest of their lives.
    We human beings have a tendency to put our total trust into “professionals” and authority figures and it isn’t until something goes horribly wrong, and it has to be glaringly obvious in many cases, we slowly begin to realise what is really happening. I know this from personal experience and the experiences of so many others. (I was abused by a “psychologist” as a young person.) Hindsight is a wonderful thing and many of us would do the same if we were faced with a similar situation.
    I was also shocked to learn that Dr Money is a New Zealander, like myself. I am so proud of my country and even have a Kiwi group on Yahoo! Still, paedophilia is alive and well here, the same as it is anywhere else in the world, and along with our heros go our darkest characters, like Money.
    It also perplexes me that David’s situation has been aligned with gay and transgender issues, since I believe it was quite different. Although I don’t support gender alignment in any case, in David’s case it was totally against his will, making it a double tragedy, or travesty, in my view.
    Having said all that, I wish I could have been more positive here. There is a lot of good to be said. David’s was a beautiful life well lived. Rest in peace David. Rest in peace Brian.
    Much love.
    “I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.” ~ *A Course in Miracles*

  92. Jerome Daley

    Most of these letters focus on the horror of what John Money did, ignoring the other doctors who performed the original mutilation. If not for them, none of this would have happened.
    Perhaps living always with a “What if?” mentality may not be healthy, but as a victim of this mutilation foisted on me called “circumcision” the thought is always in my mind that this could just as easily have been me. This needs to stop. Rest in peace, David. You’ll not be forgotten.

  93. Robert A. Diaz

    It’s been over a year since I posted my tribute to David Reimer, and only shortly afterward learned about Brian. This has got to be the most profound tragedy not only in Canadian social history, but in human history. The waves continue to spread outward…
    The worst sober reminder of this all is when I see a semi on the road in green and white, bearing the name “REIMER – Winnipeg”…and the memories return. While in Edmonton a week ago, I saw so many of those Reimer semi trucks that I told my hosts of David’s story; Surprisingly, they never heard of it at all, yet they were astonished and speechless when I finished. Even the 125-plus kilogram guy who was along to hear it was flabbergasted.
    I recommended the book to them as I do to everyone I talk with regarding this. It should not only be must-read in schools, but in general society. People like ‘Doctor’ Money need to be exposed and isolated from continuing to do such harm to anyone, and the real doctors like Diamond need to get out there and help others in similar straits make the best of their lives…not help themselves to their patients’ wallets and acclaim from the press. We can truly be a decent world society if we can achieve this, in spite of the loss beforehand. What do we have to lose?
    Brian and David: Remembering you always. To family and friends: My deepest respect, always. Fight the good fight, never give in. We’re all behind you!
    –Robert A. Diaz, Lake Stevens, WA, USA

  94. Mrs Sharon Stone

    I have just finished reading John Colapinto’s book which was so brilliantly written. I want to know if Dr Huot and Dr Money (who I feel was more of a sexual predator and paedophile than a doctor of sound moral standing) were ever made to account for the terrible things they did to David Reimer and so many others, and for the lies that were told to cover pride and arrogance. Shame, shame on you for incompetence and immorality at the expence of the innocent.
    My heart goes out to David and Brian’s parents who were also innocent victims and did the best they could with what they were told.

  95. Helena

    I know it is more than a year after David’s death, but I still think of him. I never met him. The first I heard of him was in the Rolling Stone magazine article that didn’t tell his real name. When I finished reading the article, I sat back and cried. Finally, I could relate my experience to someone else’s in that I grew up feeling like a boy. Physically, I am totally female. But inside, who knows. I hated “girl” stuff and loved boy stuff.
    What I would like to contribute is that I think society needs to stop placing so much emphasis on gender and what it means to be a male or female. All people are made up of a man and a women, and carry parts of both inside.
    Go to a toy store. The “girl” aisles are entirely pink, while the boy stuff is all in primary colors. Why can’t girl’s get red, blue and yellow stuff too? It’s sickening to me, the roles and categories and narrow definitions kids are placed in. To this day, I hear parents telling their kids not to act like the opposite gender. Why? Why not? Shouldn’t kids do what they like, feel what they really feel and not what they are told to feel?
    Reading David’s story did change my life as I see it has so many others. He was very courageous to reveal his true identity. I hope that in the future, children born with sexual features of both genders are left to be and grow as they are. When they are adults, they can choose how to live. While they are kids, it is up to us to let them live in peace, and to find themselves.
    My sympathy to David’s family. I also had a brother Brian who committed suicide. He had alcohol and drug issues stemming from the fact that he was gay and couldn’t reconcile that with what society expected of him. I don’t know if it was nature or nurture in my family that made so many of us gay or whatever, but it really shouldn’t matter. Let’s try to accept people for who they are.
    Thank you for having this site.

  96. Stewart

    Read the tribute posted in this room from Gail Gatto. Gail is the mother of my son who is soon to now be 18. Total lie when she said she was not given the chance as to whether or not she circumcised him. The doctor clearly asked both of us and we were both in agreement. Gail stayed in her bed, and I left and watched the doctor conduct the procedure. Take what this woman writes in here like a grain of salt. She’s a compulsive liar.

  97. Jen

    May you rest in peace both David and Brian.
    I have never been so truly touched by a story and yet so sickened at a person’s actions to ‘succeed’ at the expense of another human life.
    Your true courage shone in coming out of the shadows to tell your story. May you have made a difference to the lives of others in giving them hope and a voice.

  98. taslima

    My heart goes out to the Reimer family and I offer my sincerest condolences….the family should sue that Dr John Money for Wrongful Death, who does he think he is…
    I have never been so truly touched by this story…
    we should accept people for who they are.
    RIP David….&Brian

  99. Symn Waters

    I was given the book ‘As Nature Made Him’ just under a week ago and have read a number of pages. I looked on the internet and found out that both David and Brian are now dead. This upset me to tears. I am extremely shocked that John Money was allowed to practise on after what he did. I leave out the word ‘doctor’ in front of his name as I don’t think he deserves the title.
    If there is a God, then may He give both David and Brian the healing they deserve after the attrocious time they had on earth, and may He look down favourably on their parents.
    A very, very sad tale indeed.

  100. Sherry Zuver

    I just finished watching: Born a Boy Brought up a Girl, on the Discovery Channel. I first heard about David in a sociology class I took in 1997. The book that was used at the time talked about the case under the topic of nature and nuture. It told about the experiment and how the boy who was raised as girl had been successfull at least up to the teens and then there was no information about it. A few weeks later I ran into an article in a magazine on how it had not worked and he was now living as the man he was.
    I showed the article to my professor and he immeadiatly made a copy. I am sure the college did not use that book the following semester. David had stopped the lie from being told at that college.
    Later I had seen a special on David and was happy to see that he had married and was verry happy to have her children.
    When watching the documentrary tonight I was heart broken to hear about Brians death and was brought to tears when I learned David had ended his life also.
    I wish the psychologist who dosn’t deserve to have his name mentined would admit and write on how horrible his theory was.
    I feel what he did to those boys was an act of molestation and that he had a huge part in Brian and David’s deaths.
    My heart goes out to David’s parents as well as his wife and children.
    I also believe that Brian and David are both in a place where there is no more sadness.

  101. Aaron

    I find it interesting at what TLC has broadcasted, but at the same time I find it sick that they also broadcast similar titilating people who may be considered freaks.
    I believe TLC has around 20 shows that focus on people such as David, and I find it to be poor on TLCs part to do so. They might as well trolly these people around town with the background information that they run on their shows and post right next to them for money, in their case, ratings or subcriptions.

  102. Lyn

    Rest in peace, David and Brian.
    I just saw the documentary on TLC and my heart goes out to the entire Reimer family. Know that you did nothing wrong.

  103. amanda rae

    I just saw a show about this tonight on TLC. I cried. This was so sad. I wanted to speak with David and just talk to him…and then I found out he died. I feel like his wife wasn’t there for him as much as she should have been….but I don’t know her…. I feel so bad. I hope this case gets as much publicity as possible. It seems it has got a lot which is good.
    r.i.p. david reimer <3

  104. name withheld

    I heard of David’s story back in 2000, when I was told that I had been born with enough ‘defects’ that it was simpler to make me a girl. I’ve had ‘As Nature Made Him’ on my bookshelf ever since, but have been too scared to read it, because of this nagging fear of a deffinitive ending.
    Me, I’m glad TLC and the rest have shows like this. If it wasn’t for seeing broadcasts of this back in ’99, I would never have thought to question what I went through. I’m just thankful he was brave enough to tell his story.
    I only tonight heard of his death, on the same special on TLC that everyone else posting tonight probably watched. I never met him, but he was someone I could think of and hope that everything would be alright one day.
    Rest in peace, David.

  105. Kirstin

    I became familiar with David’s story in the fall of 2001. My husband came across John Colapinto’s biographical book in the library and brought it home for me to read. He had been looking for material related to cicumcision injuries.
    This was a subject that was then, and continues to be now, very personal. Our son, born Sept.2001, was injured by cicumcision at 3 weeks old. I was so devastated by what had happened to my baby, and my family as a whole, as a result of this mutilating procedure. As I read David’s story, the undeniable truth of how senseless, foolish and barbaric routine infant circumcision is, became painfully apparent.
    Although my son’s injury was not as extensive as David’s, his story helped me through a very difficult time. It also helped me to understand and deal with much of what has happened with my son since then. I am better equipped to deal with the medical community in regard to his injury and stand firmly against circumcising any other children. I now realize my right as a parent to protect my children from so-called professionals who intend to harm them.
    We have since had another son who did not have the procedure done. My injured son is under the care of a world-renowned pediatric urologist at Johns Hopkins, but I am very careful about any advice or course of action that we now take. We may not know the full extent of his injury in regard to sexual function until he is much older. Until then, we are raising him to understand his body and respect and love himself for who he is. We definitely don’t want to impose any further physial or psychological injury or trauma on him! Right now we wait and let him heal, body and soul.
    Restitution will be pursued from the “doctor” who mutilated him, although malpractice cases like these seem to be very difficult. Unfortunately, most of society is not familiar with the dynamics of all of this and it is an uncomfortable topic for most people.
    I saw the documentary on TLC tonight and was so pleased to finally see and hear David speak. His story has impacted my life so profoundly. Then, I was shocked and so deeply saddened to learn of all of the terrible misfortune that had befallen him and his family in the last few years. I am so sorry to learn of his death.
    I wish I would have contacted him in life and told him how inspirational he has been to me in my situation. I am still in awe of his inner strength and kind spirit! I empathize the pain he and his family have endured. I want to extend my sincerest sympathy to the Reimer family. I am so sorry for the mistreatment and loss of both your sons. Peace be with you.

  106. Kirstin

    I realize that this is extremely difficult, but PLEASE pursue Wrongful Death cases on behalf of David and Brian against the doctors responsible. Don’t let them get away with this! Especially John Money who is a demented, evil man who knows no shame! He should not be spared from suffering some consequence for his unspeakable actions against these children. In my opinion, he exploited a family’s terrible tragedy in order to boost his own pompous ego and gain professional recognition. Not to mention what kind of strange sexual gratification he may have gotten from the whole experience.
    You have nothing to be ashamed of, the guilt is theirs. They should reap what they have sown and the world should know.
    Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to expose wrong doing in the eyes of society is through legal action. In doing so, we may come one step closer to a future where all children will be protected from harmful, unnecessay procedures.
    Once again, I send my heartfelt condolences to all members of the Reimer family.

  107. Sarah

    Back in the 80s when I was in high school I read in a psychology textbook about the successful gender reassignment of a baby boy whose genitals had been damaged during a circumcision. His twin brother identified as a boy; the injured child identified as a girl: proof if anyone wanted it that gender was not determined by nature.
    The story of the ‘successful’ reassignment had stayed with me, so I was quite surprised to learn many years later that in fact the reassignment had not been a success and that the little ‘girl’ had decided to live as a male after years of distress. I realised that I had been living under a misapprehension about David all that time. And learning the truth brought a real humanity to the case I’d read about in a school text book.
    At that time, things seemed to be going fairly well for David and I was pleased that after so many years of suffering he had been able to take charge of his identity and his life.
    I did not hear the news of David’s death last year; I have only just learned of it and I am deeply saddened. His story has made a lasting impression on me and I won’t forget him.

  108. NICOLE

    I really don’t think we should lash out at someone for the common procedure of circumsision, we should be more worried about the man who tried to turn him into a girl. That’s the real crime here. After the botch there were better medical ways to handle this. Like not removing the scrotum for one thing. Then when medicine advanced he could have reconstructive surgery.

  109. Kirstin

    David’s circumcision “botch”(which is putting it a bit lightly) is at the root of this whole terrible tragedy. Had it not occured there never would have been the opportunity for the horrible events that followed.
    Most people who consider circumcision a “common” and acceptable procedure seem to have a very hard time coming to terms with this reality. Of course the doctors who attempted the gender reassignment are at fault for shameful crimes, but if the mutilation of male children’s genitals was not permitted in our society in the first place, the window would never be open for this kind of thing to happen!
    Circumcision is an unnecessary, outdated, barbaric ritual. It is a bodily assault on a helpless, non-consenting, innocent child. For crying out loud, The American Academy of Pediatrics deemed it medically unnecessary and issued a statement in 1999 stating that they no longer endorse it!
    Do people have to experience some sort of tragedy first-hand to realize this? Use some common sense and don’t comment on things in which you have no experience or knowledge.
    The fact is that infant circumcision should be illegal for male babies, just as it is illegal in most countries to mutilate female children’s genitals for asthetic and cultural purposes. (Yes, there are countries that do that to little girls.) In the US and other western countries we protect female children with these laws but allow boys to be routinely victimized.
    Unfortunately, most people have been conditioned to accept what is commonly done to our male children and their attitudes are not easily changed. A bit like brainwashing,huh?
    I am too close to this issue to be objective any longer. The truth was thrust into my awareness very quickly when my child was the victim of a “botched” circumcision. I came to realize that every circ is a mutilation to some extent and all boys should be left intact AS NATURE MADE THEM! The potential risk of serious injury is there every time. I only wish more people could understand. I think David Reimer would be inclined to agree, NO CHILD SHOULD BE CIRCUMCISED!
    Rest in Peace David.

  110. Jacob

    I just finished a human sexuality class and learned about David, his family, and Dr. Money. I’m just an undergrad. but I think this story is very powerful and speaks to alot of students in my class, psychology majors. I didn’t get to watch the TLC doc. did anyone Tivo it…or have a recording of it? If so please e-mail me at I would like to watch more of the story unfold. I am turly sorry that he passed away and hope that his story will stop others from having this gender resassigment happen thinking it will change our sexuailty.

  111. Jan

    While reading the book, I was amazed that the medical world, even back then, so readily accepted Money’s theory. I am amazed he was allowed to “counsel” those children alone. Has Johns Hopkins ever accepted any of the responsibility for Money’s actions? I am so outraged by this travesty. I can’t even begin to comprehend what David, and his brother, suffered. As a parent, my heart wrenches for his parents. This should NEVER have happened.

  112. George

    Nicole (12/08/05) really needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The mutilation of the genitals of female infants is unthinkable in the Western world. So why should the routine mutilation of male infants be considered a ‘normal’ procedure? Do you think the foreskin was a mistake? A biological aberration? Are the rules for males different from those for females?
    What happened to Bruce/Brenda/David (how can anyone go through life with three identities?) wa the direct result of a misdiagnosis by an incompetent practitioner who should have been removed from the medical register. Money then compounded the injury by arrogantly using Bruce as an experimental guinea-pig to test an unfounded and untried hypothesis. he had no concern whatsoever, as far as I can see, for his patient. He was in breach of his oath as a doctor – “First do no harm” – and his “therapy sessions” would certainly be grounds for criminal prosecution in the UK.
    My heart goes out to David, his parents, and his twin brother. There are no words.

  113. Katie

    I first heard of David in Rolling Stone magazine as well. I didnt actually see the original article. I only saw the small tidbit they printed after he commited suicide. I remember it was on the Letters to the Editors page. I was so intriqued with the tidbit I read there that I searched the internet to read the entire article. Not less than a day after that, I ordered John Calopintos book off the internet and I read the book in less than a week. I’ve never read anything so compelling in my life. A year later, I am reading it for the 2nd time and find myself as intriqued with the book as the first time I read it. I cannot believe anyone could be put through so much pain and suffering for a ridiculous experiment. My heart goes out to that entire family… torn apart for no reason whatsoever. Anytime I have a hardship in my life, I will try and think of David Reimer and remember that I do not have it so bad… neither do the majority of us….
    R.I.P. David Reimer

  114. Stacy

    While working on a paper about circumcision for a class I’m taking, I remembered the book, “As Nature Made Him.” This compelling story of the horrors a little boy endured while being raised as a girl left a lasting impression on me. I thought David had been able to move on with his life and had hoped he was happy.
    How shocked and heartbroken I was to read he had taken his own life in 2004. David, I hope your demons are at rest now and that you are finally at peace. I’m so sorry it had to end this way.

  115. Natalie Waterworth

    I have Just finished As nature made him, despite having been given it several years ago, I never got around to reading it. Just want to say how shocked and saddened I was to find out that he had taken his own life. What a sad end to a torturous life.
    What a disgrace the authorities are for allowing such practices/experiments in the first place.

  116. Melissa Ruschin

    Earlier this evening I saw a Horizon documentary on the life of David Reimer. Before now I hadn’t heard of David or his case.
    David’s story is truly sad, inspiring and unforgettable.
    I was moved to tears over the story of David’s life and that of his family, and also shocked and horrified at what he and his brother were subjected to.
    I cannot understand how a studied medical psychologist or whatever Dr Money was, could believe that by telling/ nurturing someone to be either male or female that they would then adopt this gender without question. After all, animals when born are not given make up or trucks to play with and still know what sex they are. Even transexuals, born into the wrong body know inside who they are!
    I don’t think that any human being’s life should ever be the cost of trying to prove the credibility of a “Dr’s” theory.
    Ron & Janet my sincerest condolences to you on the loss of your boys. After learning about your story I wished that I could’ve have met them, or at least had the opportunity to express to David what an amazing individual he is. I have only admiration for you as parents who only ever wanted what’s best for their child, like all parents do. I can’t imagine the pain you have felt and continue to feel, and can only hope that you can take some comfort in knowing that by your son coming forward to expose the truth about his story that he will have helped many people.
    I will be looking to obtain a copy of the book written about him and to then share this story with people i know, so that not only can they learn of the dangers of circumcision but also for others to know of David’s courage.
    David’s story has deeply affected me and I won’t forget him, Brian or you.
    David & Brian I hope you are free and at peace.

  117. Sherry Reimer

    Hi, my name is Sherry Reimer. I’m Dave’s oldest daughter. I just want to thank eveyone for your comments and best wishes for my family. I just found out about this blog only yesterday, I had no idea there were so many people touched by my dad’s life. He would be so happy to know that speaking out really did make a difference. Now people are aware of the things that are happening to not only children but people all over the world, and we as a whole will know to ask more questions and be more carefull.
    I would like to take this opportunity to correct a mistake made by many. My uncle Brian’s death was never deemed a suicide, the medical examiner reported death unknown but he was thought to have had an aneurism.
    I Would like everyone to know my grandparents are doing well. My cousin(Brians son) is living with them and looking after them.
    I’m just so glad to see that my dad’s suffering and pain wasn’t in vain. His last year was very difficult for him. After Brian died he became very depressed becuase he felt that he should have done more for Brian. That is just the kind of person he was. My dad always had only the best intentions for everybody even though they didn’t always come out that way :).
    Once again I would like to express my gratitude for all the love,prayers and best wishes everyone is sending. Thank you!

  118. Cindy Hanson

    I had just finished reading the book about David Reimer, As Nature Made Him and decided to do a google search about him as a follow up to the book. I had not been aware that Mr. Reimer had taken his own life. I pray he is finally at peace. His speaking out will help thousands of children from living the same type of existence he did. I’m glad to hear that his parents are doing well. God bless this family and I will keep you in my prayers.

  119. Lincoln

    When David’s story went public in the book As Nature Made Him, I checked it out from the library for educational purposes. I never dreamed it would slam me up against my own gender issues.
    I was so sad to hear that he had taken his own life, but not really shocked. We lose so many people who get crushed in so many ways for not fitting into “proper” gender roles.
    Sherry, it’s so good to see that you’re proud of your dad.
    I will never forget David. He gave me the courage to live my own life….I felt so guilty when I heard about his death, like there was something I should have done to stop it.
    But I know he is at rest, and as long as all the folks who posted here never forget, then David’s gift of himself to the world will never be lost.
    I lift my hand in tribute, one man to another, to a man much braver than I am.

  120. Melissa

    Hello again, I was doing some more suffing on the web and found out that John Money died on July 7, 2006 of on set Parkenson’s disease at a hospital in Towson, Maryland. He lived to be 84. I find it very sad that he could live so long, it is truly unfair. Just thought everyone would like to know.
    Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA

  121. Joelle

    I just finished watching “Born a Boy, Raised a Girl” and I have no words to express the deep sadness I feel. As I was watching the show, I kept thinking how I would just like to give both the brothers a big hug and tell them that they are loved. To find out at the end of the documentary that they were both dead, stunned me to tears.
    My heart goes out to the parents who have endured so much pain. My prayer for you is that you find peace the only way one can, through Jesus Christ. In Him you will find comfort, peace and the ability to carry on when your load is so heavy. Rest it at His feet. God bless you both. I am Praying for you.
    Joelle, Ontario Canada

  122. elsje

    while watching the story of davids life on tlc tonite the deep sadness in his eyes will stay with me forever… was the same sadness i saw in my sons eyes when his girlfriend emailed me a photo taken a few months before he committed suicide in july of 2004 at age 35… what david went through in his life was tragic and he was such a gentle and strong young man!after all he overcame to fall victim once again this time to depression leading to his suicide is truly heartbreaking to me….suicide is part of his emotional life story …i grieve for his mom and all other mothers who have lost a child to suicide
    elsje in bc canada

  123. Sara

    I suffer/suffered from siucidal depression (from a fair amount of child abuse although I would never think of comparing my situation with his) and I learned from this story that you can’t make other people’s greed, blindness and arrogance make you give up, you have to keep fighting. Davids story helped me, but at the same time, after just seeing the documentary, I feel sad. I can’t blame poor David for what he did although I wish he had not given up hope, and I also wish he could have found/seen more love and happiness. I hope that many others will continue on with his noble fight as I plan, but I still wish that such a beautiful person was alive. Maybe then, more badly injured human beings could have more hope. Even if his suicide will make his fight more powerful or rememerable, I wish he wouldn’t have done it.
    As for doctors: This story just reinforced my already held notion that many people with Phds are extremly arrogant and the majority of doctors are in it for money and glory, and not for the advancement of medical science, or for people. Sadly, Universities are a thriving ground for that type of person (with trusting students and tenured teachers) and although I would not wish anyone the eternal punishment of hell, I hope that Dr. Money pays for his arrogance if there is an afterlife. Also, if circumsision is really a completly unecessary procedure and equivaltes to male mutilation, I hope that people will learn more about it. I am planning to read about it because of some posters, however, I think it is flawed logic to attribute Davids life of suffering on a medical accident/malpractice, even if that is how it started. From my experience, although I have a permanately injured knee, physical abuse passes, but mental abuse stays with you and tortures you much longer. The mental abuse of his psychiatrist was so sick, corrupt and painfully long.
    I hope you are in heaven David, and also Brian. RIP.

  124. Sara

    I just want to add that it is sick how Dr. Money’s collegues don’t show any signs of remorse or sorrow. Human lives should NEVER be experiments.

  125. John

    I just saw the show on television about this case. I have a two year old, and another on the way. I came across a quote of Money’s in which he says, “You can’t be an it,” which sums up the whole idiocy. What he means to say is that you can’t have a superficial appearance that isn’t one thing or another. The fact is, David wasn’t confused at all; he was only an “it” to Money. That he maintained Money careerist theory contrary to evidence is extraordinary, and beyond any redemption. More than anyone else, he was the blank slate created by culture. He was raised to believe “you can’t be an it,” and spent his life, no matter what damage might result, touting that aphorism. If there’s any soulless it to be found here, one should look no further than Dr. Money.

  126. Tasha Rae

    I am a 13 year old girl and last night I found my grandmother watching the special on the Discovery channel. Once she told me the circumstances i couldnt stop watching. I had wondered why they hadnt shown his brother until very late in the special. Then hearing that Brian died (wether a suicide or not) shocked me but not so much as hearing that David killed himself. When they got to the part that he got married and made himself an instant father I thought that finally he had found happiness. He had but when things took a turn for the worst, I can understand his pain. He was already emotionally scarred so everything just must have gotten too much. And I blame it all on “Doctor” Money. That man was sick and stupid, he had no idea what the heck he was doing. He was so bent on his theory being a success that he failed to realize that his “test subjects” were living, breathing, thinking humans with their own minds! I cried all last night thinking about the horror that goes on in this so ‘modern’ and ‘advanced’ world. This should have never happened, the circumcision (dunno if i spelled that right) should have never happened, “Doctor” Money should have never happened and i believe David would still be alive today. My heart goes out to all of David and Brian’s family, especially their parents. I know they thought they were doing what was right and probably regret doing what they did every day. So I just pray that David and Brian have found peace and that their family will too…
    Rest In Peace, David and Brian

  127. Jodi

    I saw for the first time lastnight the story of David and Brian. I am appalled by “Dr” Money and that he and the doctor who performed the circumcision have not be charged as criminals?
    David and Brian ended their lives to escape the hell that was forced on them by medical professionals who chose to play God. My heart goes out to their family and to David’s wife and step children. God Bless. As I lost my son at age 11, I know that only God can bring comfort to those of us that are left behind.
    To David’s Mom and Dad – don’t blame yourselves – you did what you thought was best based on your love for your sons. They always knew that.
    Columbia TN America

  128. Tiffany

    Seeing the picture of such a happy,proud mother holding her 2 beautiful twins and then watching what the carelessness of one person can do to an entire family is an atrocity to humanity. Then to see an educated doctor view a human as an experiment makes me realize how egotistical and selfabsorbed people can be in “his own love for thinking he is so smart”. Too many doctors separate themselves from the rest of the world because of the piece of paper they receive after going to school. Its supposed to be about humans, humankind, caring for our wellbeing. What a horrible thing to suffer through as a parent, son and brother. David was such a smart beautiful child who was very mentally stable in such a whirlwind of confusion. He seemed so strong. You could see at 6 years of age he needed protection and reinforcement to be who he needed to be. It breaks my heart for the whole entire family, such a beautiful family, who’s whole entire lives were completely ruined. Is this what happens? Do we have to crush and mutilate and destroy so others can go on, and thrive? It seems like we can relate many situations to this. This documentary has bothered me so much, it could have happened to any male baby. God bless this family. I am a parent of 3 – 2 girls and a baby boy – I know that every mother’s heart breaks for this family. I know that anything I could ever, ever accomplish could not compare to me being a mother first and foremost. In saying that, Mr. Big Money I bet was not a parent. I wish I could protect all children.

  129. Valerie

    How sad. I can’t really add anything that hasn’t already been said but one thing does nag at me about the suicide. Why would his wife leave him at such a devastating time? Knowing all the heart-breaking things that had happened to him over the past few months (losing his brother, his job, all that money to the con man) why in the world would she put the final nail in his coffin by abandoning him?
    Obviously I don’t know what went on in the marriage between the two of them. He may have been impossible to live with but still, it seems unthinkable for her to have left him when she did.
    I feel the most compassion for his parents. To have so much hope and promise in their lives….for their sons. Then in the end…to be left with nothing but devastation and grief.
    I can’t imagine the pain David lived through his whole life. He was strong to have made it as long as he did.
    I would love to have known him.
    Valerie, North Carolina

  130. Ellen Doyle, Michigan

    What a terrible tragegy. I hope all those Doctors involved are held accountable.
    My heart goes out to Mr. and Mrs Reimer. I hope that you will be able to remember all the happy times in your family and know how much they loved you. Your son was a very brave man.

  131. Jimmy

    I just watched “Born a boy, Brought up a girl” and it was the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. From the very beginning of the story it’s sad, the botched circumcism… trying to make him a girl, always being teased in school… being confused about himself, trying to be persuaded into surgery, truly just for benefit of the doctor… When I first started watching, I was thinking that after all these issues, there’d be a happy ending. It just got worse and worse and worse. I can’t stop thinking about it.
    I hope that wherever David is now, he is in peace, same for his brother. And I really hope that his parents are also okay.

  132. colleen mangan

    Dr. Money played God. As the saying goes “i’d like to be a fly on the wall” when Dr. money meets the Creator. At that time justice will be served!
    heartfelt condolences to David’s family.

  133. Lisa

    There is nothing to add that hasn’t already been said on here, other than to hope that children who are born intersex, or with ambiguous genitalia be given the chance to make their own decisions as to how best to lead their lives when they are of an age to understand what it is their bodies are telling them.
    David’s parents did what they felt was the best thing for him as a baby, and they did it out of love and concern for their child. Unfortunately, they were given horribly bad advice. Hindsight is a great thing. There is no doubt of the guilt they feel, but the guilt is not theirs; it surely belongs with the doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists who intervened in this case, but did little to prevent it happening. However, sadly, it is from such gross errors in judgement the like of Dr Money’s theories of Nurture V Nature, that the science of human sexuality and related issues involving gender is able to advance.
    R I P David, and Brian. Your lives were way too short, and unhappier than many of us can ever imagine.

  134. tonya

    God bless his soul I wish I could have been his freind what the world misses when they over look ahurting soul. Let the world see the cracks in your armour so the light can get out so others can heal through you.TONYA

  135. Dan

    i have only just heard this story today at school in a General Studies lesson, really upset me and made me think for a moment, i just hope people can learn from this story i feel this story has had a massive impact on me already.

  136. Peter S.

    Every person who has written a tribute
    before me is a testament to the
    love that exists within us all.
    To accept each other,
    as we are, however we look, however we dress, however
    we act, and however our bodies are given to us.
    Since I first heard of David’s story,
    my mind and heart have been filled with
    only one thought,
    I love David Reimer,
    and his family,
    and all of you who are
    touched by his life, and death.
    Let us celebrate his life,
    and his struggle,
    by turning to each other with love and acceptance.
    you will live forever in the kind
    and forgiving hearts of
    we who have never fit in.

  137. Sherry Reimer

    I would like to first say that it is unfair to pass judgment on my mother for things that she did not foresee. Just like every other marrage in the world, they don’t come with insructions and they aren’t perfect, there are issues. My dad would frown on you because his whole life was spent with people passing judgment on him. My mother only thought that if she gave him a choice to help himself and their marrage that he would choose to seek help but insted he chose to end things in the most permanent way. I can’t express to you how much sadness my family has endured. He was “DAVID” who defeated Goliath and will always be my hero. My tears for the fallen soldier are endless. If you feel the need to lay blame on the people who loved him most then you shouldn’t write here. My whole family thinks about him every day, we remeber the good times, we cry for all the things he has to miss, and most of all we send all our love in silent prayers. I love you Pappy and I miss you everyday.
    Your little girl,
    Sherry XOXO

  138. Beth R

    I just read the story, As Nature Made Him, and I was very shocked and shakin by what I read.
    It upsets me deeply to think that David and his family had to go through so much pain and tormoil.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to David’s parents on the loss of their 2 children.
    May 2007

  139. Tanisha

    Dear David,
    I am deeply sorry for what happened to you and your brother. As a person who loves psychology and the good in it, I have always felt it to be the most invasive science of all. Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Therapists are truely able to monopolize a part of your brain, getting into your psyche and changing/traumatizing your life forever. We are a society who think doctors are Gods and the end all to pain and physical misery. That is not true and I apologize for the doctor who ruined you and your brother’s lives.

  140. Mari

    I saw David on television a couple of times and was struck by how sincere and kind he appeared. If you had an ounce of compassion, you could see he was a tortured human being. The Reimer family as a whole, has seen more than their fair share of sadness and tragedy.
    John Money died recently in Maryland and left several pieces of his “beloved art collection” to the EASTERN SOUTHLAND ART GALLERY IN GORE, NEW ZEALAND. In all fairness, those expensive pieces should be auctioned off and the monies donated to the family of Brian/David Reimer. Some would argue that money would not bring back David or Brian, and of course it doesn’t. But, money does make life easier and I think we can all agree that life wasn’t easy for David or Brian. And the Reimer family as a whole.
    In addition, what about the $47,000 investment that David made to Gary Perch (pro golf shop owner). Has anyone gone after him? Where is an attorney when you need one?
    In closing, I wish the entire Reimer Family my sincerest hope for peace in their lives. I am so sorry.

  141. Natalya

    Dear Sherry,
    I hope you are reading this.
    I watched this TLC program one night last week, and though I cried the whole time I could not make myself turn it off. My heart went out to David and especially his parents. I cannot even imagine what they all were going through and what his parents still go through.
    I started looking for information about Reimers on google. I desperately hoped that they were not alone in this world after losing their two sons. I found this blog. I am so happy they have you and Brian’s son and are taken care of.
    Please take good care of them. Do tell them that their sons are at peace now and not suffering any more. I do hope that Mr. and Mrs. Reimer find joy in their grandchildren and live knowing that our hearts and prayers are with their entire family.
    I wish you all the best.

  142. Darrell Kern

    I had heard of this story quite a while ago and was dealing with my own childhood trauma issues and this story became a background rant of yet another cruel injustice inflicted upon innocent children when adults, as clever liars that they are- simply pawn the blame off. Dr. Money (AKA; Dr.Mengele- yeah sue me shit head- I welcome it as well) made quite a bit of money and and fame for destroying the lives of a family. Yes, well- that’s what you get with a Harvard education that tells you you are smarter than most. Harvard University and the like nurture pure arrogance with their witless rhetoric and cold-hearted cruel killers hide their crimes behind fancy degree’s and big fat fee’s. I truly wish David had pulled the trigger and blew a hole clean through that other arrogant ass who performed the circumcision. David and his family should have received hundreds of millions of dollars in damages- but instead David was offered a job sweeping up guts and entrails at a slaughterhouse- this clearly shows how the horrific events influenced what David thought of himself. Its not just the botched circumcision, sex reassignment, and psychiatric blunders- but combined- defined this man’s life and devastated the rest of an already afflicted family.
    The fact that the “accredited” institutions where whom the perpetrators studies should also bear the brunt of responsibility and be smacked in the face by losing credibility and accreditation. The so called doctors should have their degree’s stripped from them and be branded and remembered as the brutal arrogant monsters they are forever their legacy in a hall of shame.
    Let us never forget that David held a gun in anger in the face of the devil- whom no one could blame David for pulling the trigger and as the heat of his justifiable rage pulled the hammer back on the gun- he felt sorrow for the dismembering demon who butchered him- David’s heart poured out and endless supply of love and compassion that he never experienced himself.
    This lesson and example of the power of love is the song that David sang- yet no one really heard. The memory of the Reimer’s is that of tragedy, pity, sadness and insanity- which is not how he and his family deserve to be remembered.
    The Reimer’s are hero’s and they deserve a monument from us. They are a testament to the strength and of love in this seemingly endless evil world.
    Their are not many people in the world that could withstand even one tenth of their personal struggles and live nearly as long.
    The Reimer family is proof of God’s existence that goes far beyond science, logic and medicine- and even the Church- whom the latter should have stepped in and picked up on this from the very beginning- but like everyone else- they slithered off into the dark abyss hoping to go unnoticed and unchallenged.
    This is not only one of the most cruel events ever recorded in human history- The Reimers have shown us just how strong we oppressed really are.
    I for one will continue to post David and his families heroics until the day I die.

  143. Darrell Kern

    Dear Sherry-
    I understand your not wanting a judgmental view because your father and family persevered through so much judgment and turmoil and to add your mother to the list seems cruel.
    To view this from the perspective of someone learning about for the first time- well they are likely to think, your mother should have stood by him forever fully understanding the damage David had endured and deserved a lifetime of support- which he did.
    I think it would serve his memory and your mother’s legacy to quote David directly, “walk a mile in my mother’s shoes- then we can talk about it”.
    To encourage people not to speak about their feelings or write them in this blog is not something David would have wanted.
    I believe he would want to know what everyone’s opinion would be and how they truly feel about what happened.
    Rage is a very difficult thing to live with, especially when it is not your own. It slowly tears the entire family apart and that your mother survived justifiable rage for 14 years is yet another miracle.
    The fact that (in videos) we are able to see that your family did have happy moments (and even smiling child photos) clearly show that the most powerful love exists is the most evil and cruelest places.
    You must understand that we too are enraged and saddened which are emotional states that cause us to snap at every seeming injustice that your family has endured- we carry the burden with you, to help lighten the load and bring you peace- in as much as we can through God working through us on your behalf.
    So, I ask you now, to allow me to carry the judgment that was passed to your mother- right to the garbage dump where it truly belongs. Now you can forgive the person who posted in haste- so angry for the injustice, and inadvertently pinned it on the wrong person.
    I sincerely wish you and yours the best that life has to offer.
    Much love,
    Darrell Kern
    Los Angeles, CA

  144. Janine

    I finished reading “As Nature Made Him” 2 days ago and thought that I would look up David on the internet and see what the latest news was from him. When I saw the postings about his suicide I wept. His story touched me profoundly and made me glad that I had chosen not to have my own son circumcised. It is clear from the book how much damage can be done by one person playing God. My deepest sympathies go to his family who loved him so much.

  145. carla

    I went to high School with David and he was one of the most kindest people I know we hung out as a group and we went to parties and well just hung out, he was so much fun. Their was so much more to David than what happen to him. I can remember the talks we would have about everything and anything.
    I can tell you that he is someone I won’t ever forget.
    After High School we all went on with our lives however when I would run into David he was always the same pleasent,kind and the biggest heart.
    I can remember one time David and I singing at the top of our lungs Too love somebody by Eric Burdon and the Animals.
    So when you think of David it is very sad what happened however he was a great guy and I gave the people around him some great memories.
    I think of him often I hope his Wife and kids are doing well and also his parents they have dealt with so much. David and his Brother are together and at peace.

  146. Amy

    I read the book “As Nature Made Him” a few years ago, and David’s story made such an impression on me. I recently picked it up to re-read it and decided to see what the latest news was. I was horrified and saddened to read of David and Brian’s untimely deaths. I realize it has been a few years since these sad events, but the pain must still be difficult to bear for the family. My heart goes out to them all. They should be proud of these young men and the lives they lived under adversity.

  147. Sue

    Having just viewed a program about David’s life, I had to log on to learn more. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of the childhood he led – being ignored, taunted and teased – for nothing he had done! How could we treat children this way? If nothing else, I hope his short and kind life will spur more of us on to be kind, not to be so judgmental, and to be accomodating to differences beyond our control. What a waste of a wonderful life. My sorrow runs deep.

  148. rapitt

    I just finished reading AS NATURE MADE HIM.
    I am sick to my stomach with what this so called doctor of medicine did to an innocent child. I decided to do the same……..look David’s name up on the web. To my horror, the website popped up with his death. I cried with dismay. I admired what he had survived. I admired his instant refusal to kill the SOB who mutilated him. I too, admire his parents and how they tried with all their hearts to deal with their son who was mutilated. They did the best with what they had. They relied on the professionals and they were failed miserably. And I have never had so much disdain for one person before; the Dr. Money. I can think of only one punishment that is serviceable to one so cruel. And let God deal with him. I think Dr. Money was a cruel demon with sadistic sexual tendencies and used children for his own gratification, even tho it was only by talking and “exams.” I wonder if he will burn somewhere that’s really, really hot.

  149. rapitt

    And I should have added one more thing…….David is now at peace with his other twin brother. Let us all remember this, so we all may be a kinder, gentler people.
    David, I wish I would have known you.
    May you rest in peace.

  150. Darrell Kern

    Just logged back on to say what a brave and wonderful men David and his brother were. This can be a truly terrible world and an even crueler society. Yet there are moment and people of amazing grace and beauty who survive and also die so that those of us who live through it are able to see what we are truly capable of.
    Rest in peace, gentlemen.

  151. Courtney Redd

    Much respect and admiration to David Reimer for his courage. Such a remarkable man and gone too soon.
    My condolences and warm regards to his family. I know your loss never gets easier.

  152. erin

    I had just seen documentary for the first time on television about David, and it was difficult to watch, but most of all had to be even more difficult to live through.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the parents and to the twins for such a terrible tragedy they all have suffered.
    When i think of how i would have to have made a desicion that intense about one of my children, i would have done the same thing. NO ONE was at fault for anything that happened. Except the airheaded doctor with no morals just greed to get his experiment published.
    The world is extremely cruel, but having to survive the doctors experiments and the world shows what a brave man David was! All will be In Our Prayers Forever- God Bless-
    South Carolina

  153. Melissa

    To the Reimers:
    I just spent the entire day reading David’s story and I just want to say that I understand – in the most painfully fundamental way – how you made a choice that you believed would only help David when he grew into an adult. Perhaps what is particularly frightening about this story is that it could have happened to anyone. In fact, it HAS happened to quite a few people. I have an 8 month old son who was circumcized when he was about 6 weeks old (due to him being born 6 weeks early; the doctors thought it best to wait) and I remember feeling anxious about the possibility of an accident. You try to ask yourself what you would do in a situation like that…how you would respond. When an individual makes the transition from person to parent it becomes clear that sometimes the decisions that we make out of love our the ones we end up regretting the most.
    I say this because it hurts me to know the pain you have gone through and continue to go through. You have lost two sons and that is a tragedy that no person should ever have to endure. I am so very sorry. I think you both are very brave and I imagine that the amount of people who will benefit from this story being told is immeasurable.
    You loved your children completely and fully. There are a lot of people who don’t and so as hard as it is I want you to know that there are people out there who sympathize with what has happened to you and who hurt when they think of the insurmountable pain you are dealing with.
    I’m just very sorry. God bless you both and I hope you find some peace.

  154. James Loewen

    If David’s story teaches us one thing it should be to respect children and the natural body they are born with. There is no need to tamper with infant and children’s genitals. David is not the only boy so damaged by circumcision that reassignment as female was the best that could be done.
    It is sickening to read comments by I suppose well-meaning parents who are still circumcising children. Children are born perfectly formed. There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON to take a cutting or burning tool to their genitals.

  155. Jamie

    I have watched this story on T.V. twice and have been so sad both times. I just can’t believe a doctor could be so stupid & selfish. He must have known the impact the pictures and the things he would ask them would have had on them.
    What happened to the parents? I haven’t heard anymore on them since David’s death.
    God rest both Bryan & David’s souls.

  156. Darrell Kern

    Another year has gone by but the Reimer’s memory stays with me and again I wish them much peace and happiness- that entire family should be honored.

  157. Max

    I remember hearing about this family because I am from the same city he was born and raised in. Today we watched a video about this family and before our prof even made any comments about it, I already knew the family he was about to show us a documentary on. It was the Reimer family and I had actually read an article about him published in our local paper that went to his home and talked about what had happened. This was many years ago as he was still alive at the time. It was only today in class that I was told that he had in fact committed suicide. I was deeply troubled to hear this and I was rather upset over hearing this news. Poor guy went through a lot. The good thing is he’ll now have many good people to help him in his passing and help to restore great love within him. I wish the mother great strength.

  158. Darren Peters

    I noticed in a few of these tributes that people are asking about the parents. David’s mom and dad are doing well. They have a hard time on the anniversary of both David and Brian’s death. I see them every two weeks. We spend alot of time talking about old time and the fun we had.

  159. Tam

    Darrell Kern,
    I was shocked and appalled by your post; who are you, a complete stranger to the family, to claim you have any real understanding of what David would have wanted? I have no more knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the difficulties that were within his marriage than you, so, at the request of his daughter and with a certain amount of my own common sense, I will not even attempt to pass judgment on a situation of which I have no intimate knowledge of. How dare you?
    Sherry Reimer,
    Your bravery in posting on this board and defending your family against further cruel and arrogant assumptions is extraordinary. My belated, but most sincere, condolences to you all.

  160. Steve

    I watched the BBC Horizon documentary about this family tonight, and I’m at a loss for words about how I’d like to express my feelings for them – particularly David’s mother who spoke so calmly and eloquently about something that must just tear her to pieces every moment she thinks of it.
    My sincerest sympathies go to all of you, and I am so glad that there are so many other people that feel similarly affected enough to seek out a forum for expressing their own shock, disbelief and heartfelt compassion for you.
    May people continue to post here for as long as the internet survives.
    I’d send you a card or give you a hug if I could but failing that, I hope that in your times of sorrow, you can find strength and some solace in the comments posted here. I hope that in some way, by sharing your tragedy with the world, you are given some relief from the pain you must all be suffering – I think we all share a tiny portion of your grief.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  161. ponygirl

    I saw the Reimer family story again last night. The overwhelming sadness of the whole story quickly becomes eclipsed by my anger towards John Money and his complete narcissism. To call him arrogant is kind. But I must remember that this is about the loss of an incredible man, who even as a child, stood his ground for what was right. Hats off to you David. Truely, rest in peace.

  162. shannon

    David; I know you will never read this and that is unfortunate. There have been many intersexed people butchered because of what that arrogant SOB published when he knew he was wrong. Many People did not stand up to him because they are afrade, because they do not want the publicity, because they do not want it to effect their lives today,or they just do not have the energy. You had it worse than anyone and yet you exposed him for what he is. I guess he was wrong about something else too. He is not one of the smartest men in the world and we do not have to listen to him because he does not know what is best. I thank you. What you did is going to help countless people in the future. I deeply hope you are at peace now. Shannon

  163. kirstie jones

    hello well i have just started my medical degree hoping to spesialise in pschitry and davids story was told to us the other day
    whata horrific thin to have to go through it makes me question this proffesion now and question if i really want to be involved in a proffession like this people doctors often feel that they have the power of god at the end of the day and this is so trully wrong as they are the same as everyone else
    im so sorry for your loss david was very brave to fight against the system like he did and so was brian
    my deepest sympathy to you all
    love kirstie jones
    united kingdom

  164. Brett

    A remarkable story. I ran across this story on the Altered Dimensions web site and was fascinated. There is also rumor, as David had stated on the 20/20 TV show, that the doctor took uncomfortable pictures of him and his brother. David also claimed on that show that the doctor had molested him.

  165. gloria mieyette

    I didn’t know him but I was about 12 when it happened and my mom was friends with a nurse at st. boniface emergency when it happened. We heard about it immediately and I never forgot. My sister later went to Glenwood with David but I didn’t know until years later. I recently read the book and my prayers go to his remaining friends and family for they have endured more than most should ever have to.

  166. Sandeana

    I first saw the story of David Reimer on a documentary on MSNBC a couple of years back. I was very moved by what happened to him, & was sorry to hear he took his own life. And I’m very sorry for his parents, & for his widow, & stepchildren. It’s also horrible to also hear that his twin brother, Brian, lost his life a couple of years before David did.
    I’m responding to several posts here that are anti
    circumcision. For as bad as the story of what happened with David Reimer’s circumsision is, I think it is still the right thing to do for a newborn boy. It seems to be more sanitary, & clean cut. I do not have children yet. But if I ever have a son, he WILL be circumcised. I have been in a couple of relationships with men-both circumsised, & not. Uncircumsised is not sanitary. It also contributes to infections & disease. I also read in a book written by a doctor that penile cancer NEVER occurs in circumcised men. Penile cancer is rare,
    but in cases that do occur, it has only been found among UNCIRCUMSISED men. Whether it is natural or not, the foreskin is just plain unappealing, & a circumsised organ is just a nice clean cut way to be. I’m thankful that the man I’m in love with now is circumcised. If I had stayed with the uncircumsised man I almost fell in love with, I would have urged him to be circumsised-even at the age of 24. I did mention it to him after we were together for several months, & he was none too pleased. It was not a contribution to our breakup, but it would have been better healthwise-for him, & anyone else he gets involved with if he did get circumsised. Circumcision is just a better, & healthier way of existance. At least I know that the man I hope to marry, & any sons we do have will never get penile cancer.

  167. Nicole Boznango

    I just watched the story of David Reimer on TLC. The story born a boy, brought up as a girl kept me glued to the television as i watched the story from beginning to end. This was a very eye opening story. My heart and prayers go out to David Reimer and also his twin brother. Life hands you many hardships and lessons you have to overcome, but unfortunately david never had a chance at a happy life. Its as if he was cheated out of happiness that we all struggle to maintain in our lives. I can only pray that i will be as stong as david when i am faced with difficulties life hands me. RIP David Reimer

  168. Darrell Kern

    I made a promise to come back to this and remember David and his brother as well as the families they left behind.
    With current events as they are- it becomes less surprising everyday that something as reprehensibly odious as the Reimer childhoods occur and for the most part are forgotten and swept under the “SYSTEM” carpet as if nothing had happened at all.
    The Sylvia Likens case- the Reimers did not even get a movie about it so the family could at the very least get some financial aid without having to beg money from the very “SYSTEM” that threw them under the railroad tracks.
    What is even worse are all the Americans who still pay taxes and support such an insatiably evil device which could not care two fucks to Sunday about them!
    For myself and many millions (and growing) Americans are finally waking up to the fact that these heinous events are no coincidence or random mistakes- but rather they are carefully orchestrated acts of violent domestic terrorism intentionally aimed at the people by the very same leaders whom had and are being paid to protect!
    The only fathomable intelligent explanation for such evil atrocities are two truths: CONTROL and Isolation from God.
    So to the Reimer family- past present and future- please know this.
    The people, groups, organizations and all involved will crawl on their bellies like the snakes they are and will be WITHOUT excuse and they will be judged accordingly. I am not 100% certain- but I am willing to bet almost all I have- that these monsters will roast in torment for all eternity AND THEY WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHY and this knowledge will be eternally burning with them.
    This is what happens to satanic perpetrators who do not repent and turn away from wickedness and unrighteousness.
    David and Brian are testaments of proof that only a God created human being can endure as long as they did. Meaning- in the end evil loses and human beings are better than fallen angels and the pathetic brainwashed followers they manage to corrupt!

  169. Joe Bishop

    I have read the book several times and it is the most important book I have ever read. Your April 2007 blog entries are moving.
    David’s pre-teen and teenage years must have been terrible. I wonder if David ever talked of other children/classmates who did the right thing and stood up to those who must have been tormenting him ? If so, perhaps they deserve some credit years later. Just a thought.
    Joe Bishop

  170. Fuatino

    It’s 2015,and came across John Colapinto’s biography “As Nature made Him” in a second hand bookshelf. Looking for another book to simply help me through bouts of insomnia, instead I’ve been incredibly blessed and inspired to read about loving parents who during a time where no-one dared question any certified “authority”, put so much faith and their sons lives’ into the hands of unethical, biased certified “specialists” of that time. Nearing the end, my heart wept for the Reimer family and when I discovered that both David and his twin brother had committed suicide. I acknowledge Colapinto’s great written skill in writing a book which presented well researched facts and in doing that, reveal a heartbreaking story about an innocent family, whose lives were to change from the time the twins were left with the first incompetent professional, Dr. Jean-Marie Huot, and from then on suffer mercilessly in the hands of “Dr” John Money. To note, Colapinto’s acknowledged the brave qualified researchers such as; Dr Milton Diamond and David’s last psychiatrist, Dr Mary McKenty, who took a stand against Money’s self crusading hypotheses, and support David in his bid to be who he knew and wanted to be. My heart and prayers go out to David and Brian’s parents, Janet and Ron. David’s brave legacy has helped so many children and in particular, teach those who are trained with skills to support/provide help with the central aim being to protect an individual and his/her family.

  171. gagirl

    I too just came across this story and am floored. I have never heard such a sad story in my life. My heart absolutely aches for the pain David (and Brian) endured. That poor, poor baby. I truly hope his tortured soul is at rest.

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