During his 25 years as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service, Robert Ephriam Camp Jr. protected six American presidents. From Richard M. Nixon to Bill Clinton, he was always willing to risk his own life to secure the safety of the commander-in-chief.
At 20, Camp joined the Army as part of Company F, 75th Infantry Rangers in Vietnam. He served two tours of duty, and earned a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. When he returned to the states, Camp joined the U.S. Secret Service. He handled counterfeit cases and was the intelligence coordinator for the Secret Service during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.
After Camp retired in 1999 to care for his terminally ill father, the Kennesaw, Ga., resident became an outspoken supporter of gun ownership.
He died on May 16 of cancer at the age of 55.