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Rod Hall


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rhall.jpgRod Hall, a prominent British literary agent, was murdered last weekend at the age of 53.
When Hall didn’t show up for his daily appointments, a friend visited his London flat and contacted the police. Hall’s body was found on May 23 in an upstairs room; the case is still under investigation. Cause of death was multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen.
Growing up in Sussex, Hall was the next door neighbor to actress Vivien Leigh. His 25-year publishing career was highlighted by numerous accomplishments. He launched the U.K.’s first film and television tie-in department at Penguin Books in 1978. Six years later, he established the Film, Television & Theatre Department at AP Watt, the oldest literary agency in the world.
Hall and colleague Clare Barker left AP Watt in 1997 to found a rival agency for playwrights and screenwriters. The Rod Hall Agency represents 60 of Britain’s top film and TV writers, including Juliette Towhidi (“Calendar Girls”), Lee Hall (“Billy Elliot”) and Simon Beaufoy (“The Full Monty”).
[Update – Aug. 8, 2005: Usman Durrani, 22, received a life sentence for killing literary agent Rod Hall. After meeting on the Internet, the pair began a brief relationship and indulged in sadomasochistic sex, with Hall acting as the “slave” and Durrani as “the master.” Durrani confessed to being Hall’s killer but claimed manslaughter on the grounds that he was mentally ill at the time of the killing. A jury convicted Durrani of murder and Judge Gerald Gordon sentenced him to life in prison.]

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  1. Karl Agard

    Rod was more than a friend to me! I loved him very much! So much that there aren’t words to express the unconditional love I have for him!
    To hear of such tragic news at such an unexpected time has been a major blow to me!
    I will always love you Rod! I will always remember the day you walked into my life, the good times we shared, the things you taught me and the love that you brought to me when I was going through my rough times!
    I have your pic framed next to my bed!
    I love you!

  2. Dedra Bartlett

    Missing you Rod… you are an excellent guy. we in Barbados are missing you terribly. you alway showed compassioned and always gave your best. you will never be forgetten. you are one above the rest. you were snatched from us so cruelly but i know that the one will pay. you will always be in my heart and i hope that you find comfort there. Sadly missed by a friend who appreicate all that you have done for her in Barbados.
    To the Friends and Family of Rod: i wanted to say this but i dotn have any contact information to anyone buti will say it here:
    There is sadness in my heart knowing that we have lost a true friend and family member. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rod Hall in December 2002 when he made a vacation trip to Barbados and since then i know that i had made a great friend. At the time i was a student at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus and i can boast that Rod ws a true life saver in editing my thesis for me and instructing me on the various mistakes i was making in my writing. it was truly a great help and all that i have to prove of such is his mention in my acknowledgements.
    i will truly miss him. we chatted online when ever i saw him there and we would discuss a variety of things. i am sorry about this cruel and untimely death and i know that justice will be served even though the only justice for me and you his friends, family and collegues is to have him back with us.
    At this sad time all i can say is that my heart go out to all that will miss him and have loved him dearly for so long. i may not be there to grieve with you but know that some people here in Barbados are missing him too and are in deep regret in having to lose such a love one and always caring friend.
    My Deepest Sympathy to All
    My heart is with you.
    Rod I Miss You Dearly

  3. tim hunkin

    I didn’t know Rod personally that well – but he changed my life. He came to visit me in 1984 while I was in the process of making a giant steam powered clock. He was delighted by it and immediately offered to be my agent. He then encouraged me to try writing something for television. Without his support I would never have embarked on my ‘Secret Life of Machines’ series – which went on to win prizes, be shown all over the world and propel my career forward. He has continued to be a brilliant agent for me – I will miss him a lot.
    tim Hunkin

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Rod,
    I was lucky to meet you on that Island in Seychelles. We were both so bored to see all those nice couples in their honeymoon that it took several bottles of your South African white wine to make us feel less miserable. After that, we became friends. We talked a lot during that trip, and then over the internet, and you allways cheered me up. You welcame me in London for two nights on my way to Japan, introduced me to your friends. Gave me tips for my holidays in Costa Rica. Showed me your city. We laughed so much at the Jerry Springer Show musical… It was as if we allways knew each other. I think it’s the kind of effect you had on people. You were so brilliant. So sensitive. So kind.
    Your mailbox was full for a while… and now I just learned the awful truth. On the internet.I’m so shocked. I’m gonna miss you a lot. I wish I could give a big hug to your Mamma, to Karl, to your friend in Barbados. To the people of the Agency. I know it was more difficult at the office lately… But even those who split must be devasteted. We talked so much about them… It’s just as if I knew them all. All my love to them. All my love to you. I have had the privilege to be your friend. You will stay in my heart forever, old man.

  5. Joseph Gillin

    I had known Rod from about the age of 5. He was a very close family friend and one who cared for me, my brothers and my sister very much.
    When ever he saw us he spoiled us rotten, taking us out on trips to Museums, buying us videos, and ice creams.
    I have great memories of driving around london in Rod’s Convertable Saab with the roof down, and eating oysters at a house we stayed in with him in France.
    Rod, and his partner Stuart, were huge influences on my life and I will love them forever. Rod was like a loving Uncle to me and I miss him deeply.

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