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Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan


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Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan, the world’s oldest woman, died on May 29 of pneumonia. She was 114.
Born in 1889, Iglesias-Jordan’s baptismal certificate listed her birthday as Aug. 31, but her birth certificate said Sept. 1. Regardless of this discrepancy, officials at Guinness World Records declared the supercentenarian to be the world’s oldest living woman last April.
The eldest of 11 children, Iglesias-Jordan married Alfonso Alonzo-Soler, a bank manager, in 1912. The couple never had any children; he died in the 1970s. Iglesias-Jordan lived a comfortable life and liked to drink beer. She died in a nursing home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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  1. Jeanette

    Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan, known to the family as “ Tatita” and her husband
    Alfonso legally adopted her biological nephew R. Torres( my Grandfather) when he was a newborn. They both raised Torres and put him through college. He was a successful man due to their fantastic upbringing. Tatita was my wonderful Great Grandmother whom I Love very Dearly. I Miss her greatly. I Miss so many of my Puerto Rican Relatives. They have put so much Love, Dedication, And community service for their beloved Island Puerto Rico. My Maternal Great Grandmother was the President of the Spiritual Association. There is much more to know about Ramona “Tatita” and I will be the one to share it with all of you. I am working on a bio about Ramona and many of my relatives.
    Thinking of you Grandma and Missing you.
    Your Granddaughter,
    Jeanette Regan

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