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Gerald Anthony


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ganthony.jpgGerald Anthony Bucchiarelli, the Emmy Award-winning actor who played the same character on two different soap operas, died on May 28. Cause of death was not released. He was 52.

Anthony grew up in Pittsburgh as the son of Italian immigrants. After graduating from high school, he traveled to the West Coast in what he once called a “late-’60s hippie exodus.” Anthony discovered a passion for acting at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He formed his own theatre company, studied drama at the University of Washington and Temple University, then moved to New York to seek fame and fortune.

Anthony first played the shady Marco Dane in 1977 on the ABC soap opera “One Life to Live.” A decade later, he jumped networks and appeared as Rick Madison on NBC’s “Another World.” In 1992, Anthony reprised the role of Marco — this time on ABC’s “General Hospital” — a cross-over performance that earned him the 1993 Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Anthony wrote and directed “Twisted,” a short movie that toured the film festival circuit. He also acted in several primetime TV shows, including “Moonlighting,” “L.A. Law,” “MacGyver,” “Wiseguy,” “Law & Order” and “Third Watch.” Anthony was briefly married to actress Brynn Thayer.

“He was a superb human being, a great actor, so much fun to be around, so volcanic and mesmerizing in his choices as an actor, so daring, take-away-the-net in his choices as a man,” actress Robin Strasser said on her telephone hotline.

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  1. Jackie

    I remember Gerald as Marco Dane on General Hospital. He gave the show uplifting and I always looked forward to seeing him in the next episode.
    His passing is very sad. Not only was he a great actor and quite funny, he was extremely good looking too.
    He will be missed. God Speed

  2. Paula Prince-Meserole

    To me Gerald Anthony was the consumate actors actor. He was believeable in every role I ever saw him play. His work has been so appreciated by so many. He will be missed greatly.

  3. norman chramoff

    He was very gifted. He brought a human dimension to Marco that no one else could have. Remember all those moments on One Life to Live puts a real smile on my face.

  4. Margaret Buffa

    I was very saddened to hear of the recent passing of Gerald Anthony. He was such fun to watch as Marco/Mario Dane. He was quite a gifted actor and he will be greatly missed. May his family find comfort knowing that he is resting gently in the arms of the Lord. Sincerely M. Buffa

  5. Jo

    I remember Gerald Anthony as one of the best actor’s to enter daytime TV. He was complex; on OLTL he should have been someone you detested. But he had a heart of gold .. and that came through loud and clear. He was the pioneer in the arena of true daytime stars.

  6. Diane LeBlanc

    I was devastated today to learn of Gerald Anthony’s passing. A friend called me and said someone they knew read it in a magazine. I didn’t want to believe it and was hoping it was a mistake. I got the courage to call Jerry’s mom and unfortunately it was true…our beloved Jerry is gone…I thought the world of Jerry. You see, I ran his fan club when he played Marco/Mario on OLTL.He was the kindest,loving, considerate and most generous person I have ever met. I carried his picture in my wallet for over 20 years and I was hoping someday to get together with him again. He felt like a part of my family and we all welcomed him with open arms. I thought of him so much lately and was just showing my daughter all the pictures I had taken at the fan club gatherings we had for Jerry and when we surprised him at our house for his 30th birthday! I am so mad at myself for not trying harder to get in touch with him and I will never forgive myself. My heart goes out to his family, especially his mom who is such a wonderful person and I can’t even imagine what she’s going through right now. Jerry was an A+ actor…he was smart, talented, compassionate…the list goes on and on. You have no idea Jerry how much you meant to me. God Bless You and watch over your family.
    Diane LeBlanc

  7. Josie B. Grignon

    I am his sister and this was his Eulogy.
    Brother, son, confidante, teacher, leader, friend, mentor an inspirational artist. Jerry was all these people wrapped in one and much more. Anybody who truly knew him and loved him knew he was a genuine, good-hearted person. We were blessed to have him in our lives. Jerry was passionate and lived his life with zest. He traveled all over the world and tried everything from race care driving to parachuting.
    Jerry was literally a genius; he was a brilliant actor and an idealist. Jerry was part of Woodstock, the 60

  8. Ms. Chris Keen


  9. Diane LeBlanc

    Okay folks, let’s set the record straight. I’m already receiving e-mails from past fan club members who have read in Soap Opera Digest that Gerald Anthony committed suicide! This is a LIE!
    I spoke with his family and he died of a heart attack. Please do not believe everything you read and if you wish to do something for him (and his grieving family) then write about your feelings and thoughts on Jerry and send it in to a magazine or newspaper so people can read about all the great things Jerry was about and how many friends and supporters he had over the years. STOP these rumors. Jerry was a wonderful, smart, talented, generous person and very very caring. He loved his fans SO much..now it’s time to let the world know how much we love him. Take a few minutes today for Jerry….for all the wonderful things he did for charity (Save the Children is one he was involved with), let’s give him a tribute to thank him for being a good part of our lives. I know he’s up there watching and smiling down on us with that Marco kind of smirk!
    Diane LeBlanc

  10. Charlie

    I remember Gerry so well as Marco on OLTL. I got attached to OLTL through my late mom who adored his work. I loved him too. Some of OLTL’s best storylines revolved around Gerry’s incredible talents. The original baby switch story, the VIKi the Hooker storyline, the Marco/mario storyline were all enhanced by Gerry’s incredible performances. I know my mom is looking down shocked at this tragic news but I take one consolation. Gerry is gone to us now in this life, and btw my condolensces to his family but now my mom’s allready wonderful heavenly experinece has just been made one light sinister. Rest in peace , Gerry.

  11. kimberly

    I was so saddened to learn of this tragic loss. I loved watching him on OLTL when I first started watching the show, which was so long ago when I was very young. He seemed young to me then; still young — he was too young to leave us. I was hoping that he would some day return to the character of Marco because he was so good in that role and wonderful on the show.
    My best wishes to his family and loved ones and I am so very sorry for their loss. I hope it will bring some comfort to them to know how well loved he was and his work will not be forgotten.

  12. Rox Ann

    Just found out about Gerald Anthony’s passing. This is quite a shock and a bit scary too. I’ve lost touch with his work and was wondering about him the other day. I loved him on ONE LIFE TO LIVE & GENERAL HOSPITAL! My condolences to his family,friend,and co-workers(past & present).

  13. Roger Froilan

    I have been going through some old, unmarked videotapes and trying to mark them and happened across some old General Hospital episodes and saw a commercial congratulating Gerald for his Emmy. Even though I never watched OLTL, I always remembered the great character Marco Dane when I saw him on GH. As soon as I saw the commercial I jumped over to the computer to see what Gerald had been doing since GH. In fact, my wife and I were talking about him recently and she fondly remembered him from OLTL. I was very shocked to find that he had died. I’m in video production and always had it in the back of my mind that I’d try to get him for a project, and now that opportunity is lost. I’m very saddened by his passing. Our family is currently going through a personal tragedy and we’ll include Gerald in our thoughts and prayers. I wish for strength for Gerald’s family and friends to cope with their loss.

  14. Michele

    Gerald Anthony was one of the brightest spots in soap opera history. I have waited for years for him to return to One Life to Live, what an exciting time in soaps…Marco and Karen! He might not have always been the star, but he was definitely “the spark”….from which everything and everyone evolved. Kindess exuded from his face and those eyes; those eyes, the very essence of his soul. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

  15. Adrienne

    Gerald Anthony was truly an actor’s actor. I watched him on OLTL and GH. As the sister of an actor, I could truly appreciate what he brought to the craft. It’s really hard to lose someone who is so special and brings so much into the lives of others through his art. The only solace is knowing that he’s in a better place doing what he loves. God bless.

  16. Tanya

    Gerald Anthony was one of the great soap stars. He brought true theater to television. He will never be forgotten. I hope these expressions offer some solace to his family. He will be remembered fondly by so many people.

  17. Janet E. Walker

    My prayers go out to the family. I very sorry to hear about Mr. Anthony. I was a long time watcher of OLTL, and I remembered his character, (Marco Dane)….. God Bless
    Janet E. Walker

  18. Nancy Williams Watt

    I was very shocked and saddened to read of Gerry’s passing. We were friends, colleagues in “Daytime” and once upon a time, neighbors. Over twenty years ago I had a little typing business in what was to become “Soho”, at the time was doing it out of my little walkup apartment on Thompson Street. I’d become a soap fan, watched Ryan’s Hope, AMC and One Life, was completely hooked on Marco/Karen storyline. One day after watching a particularly compelling episode I ran across the hall to ask a recently moved in neighbor whom I hadn’t met to keep an eye out for a client I was expecting. I knocked at the door about one minute after One Life had ended. Who opened the door but Marco Dane himself! I was stunned, totally blown away, stuttered and stammered like a complete fool. Gerry thought I was nuts but humored me and said he’d keep an eye out for my customer. I’m sure he was re-thinking about the move to this apartment building. Anyway, we became friends and amazingly enough I started working for AMC not too long after that. I became a “soap” writer, wrote for GL for many years, left them to write for Passions. The last time I spoke to Jerry was right after he won his Emmy in 1993. I was part of GL writing team that was nominated and won that night too so I’d brought home an Emmy and was thrilled when Gerry got up to receive his. But the place was mobbed, too crowded for me to get to him. A couple of days later I called the GH studio out in L.A. and was finally connected to a security guard on the lot who said he’d give Gerry message that I’d called. About 15 minutes later he called me in NY and we talked for a long long time. What a laugh we had that two “ne’r do wells” from a little tenement walkup on Thompson St had walked away with Emmys a couple of nights before. We promised to keep in touch and never did. I really cared about him and my heart goes out to his family and all who loved him. Thanks for giving me a place to express my feelings.

  19. Michelle Marks

    I just saw of Gerald’s passing in June 20th TV Guide.
    I was shocked and saddened, I loved his character.
    May God be with his family.
    Michelle Marks

  20. sal

    although I stopped watching soap operas many many years ago he is one guy I do remember, my buddy told me over lunch today and all I could say was damm it he like Ralph Wiley left us WAY to soon

  21. Michelle

    My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Gerald’s family and thanks to his sister for sharing his eulogy. It was with great shock and disbelief that the man who made Marco/Mario Dane the most believable character on daytime soap! I look forward to seeing him in the project with Spike Lee.

  22. Cindy Wiley

    I was at a checkout stand today and saw the Soap Opera Digest cover about Gerald Anthony. I was really shocked when I read that it looked like he committed suicide. So I decided to search the net and found this site. I’m so glad that his fan club president, Diane LeBlanc was able to tell us the truth. I, too remember the Karen/Marco storyline on OLTL many years ago, and also remember when he was married to Brynn Thayer, who was also one of my favourites. My condolences to Gerald’s family and I hope that they have fond memories of him. Also thank you to his sister for posting her eulogy to him.
    Cindy Wiley, A Canadian Fan

  23. Marg

    I have watchewd soaps for nearly 50 years (on and off –depending on the hours I was working. I remember Marco Dane very well, and his brother. He was a forerunner of characters like Todd Manning and Luke Spenser. He was a very strong character, one that you could not forget. I am so sorry to hear that he died — so young. He had a great talent and sparked intense interest and fascination to his roles. Sad to see him gone, but I wanted to honor him in some way. After all, he gave me many, many hours of magnificent and unforgettable acting. Good bye, Gerald.

  24. Lita

    I am so saddened to hear of his death. He
    was an incredible actor, and it seems a wonderful
    human being as well. Prayers going out to his
    loved ones.

  25. Darryl Duren

    I met Gerry at Gold’s Gym, Venice in the early 90’s. I’m a GH fan and recall him on the show…great talent, very under-used by GH. Ironically Gerry joined my gym in Croton, NY and we reunited and became friends. He was doing commercials and writing, then started teaching yoga at the gym. ALways positive, upbeat, sunny….his death is a total shock to those at the gym who remember him. ALways offered his help with anything from training to acting, to life in general. He’s missed, a huge loss to anyone who knew him.

  26. Marilynne

    How do you measure brilliance? You could always count on Mr. Anthony to bring color, energy and life into Marco Dane…in a word, phenominal. How lucky we were to share his talent, if only for a moment.

  27. Stacey J

    I really enjoyed the work of Gerald Anthony. I can remember when I was a little girl watching oltl with my mother. I thought Marco was the coolest and funniest man on the show. I watched it because he was truly addicting. The interactions that he had with Karen were great story lines. I will miss the man that he was and I truly appreciate the fond memories that he added to my childhood.

  28. Derek

    I just loved, LOVED this man!!! He was always extremely fascinating to watch on both OLTL and GH as Marco Dane! Whenever Gerry was on I just HAD to watch! I had often wished he could come back to OLTL! I just cannot believe he is gone. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the family …

  29. Matt Landers

    I worked with Gerry on an episode of Wiseguy. I flew to Vancouver, knew no one on the series. Gerry saw me in the lobby, pegged me for a guest character on the show and invited me to lunch. He made me feel welcome, showed me the ropes. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot to me at the time. We had no scenes together in the episode and I never saw him again. I just wanted to say thanks. What a good guy.
    Matt Landers, NYC

  30. Donna

    I just found out from a friend of mine that he had died and I can’t believe it. I was just telling my mother last week that you never see him anymore. I started watching him when I was 14 and was totally mezmerized by him. He was such a compelling actor it is such a terrible loss. My heart goes out to his loved ones. He will be greatly missed.

  31. c. howard

    I too had recently been thinking about him. Wondering what he had been doing recently. Loved him on OLTL and felt his stay on GH was much too short.
    I saw the magazine cover today. Was shocked and saddened. Glad to have the corrected info now from this site. God Bless you Mr. Anthony — you brought great enjoyment to many people.
    My condolences to his family.

  32. Ron Pena

    I was saddened to hear about the death of Gerald Anthony. It took me back as a 17 year old in 1978, watching Marco Dane, Karen Wolek and Katrina Karr romp through one escapade after another during the Golden Days of “One Life to Live”. He had a presence and a charismatic quality along the likes of Brando, Pacino and DeNiro. He left us too soon. Good Night, Sweet Prince ! We shall miss you !

  33. Harlan and Sandy Dye

    We were so sorry to read of the passing of Gerry. My husband and I were so lucky to have known him and other crew members when they came to our ranch in Wyoming for a week in the ’80’s. He was fascinated by the fact that a woman’s life involved working cattle, running machinery and a household at the same time. How he loved riding our horse “Lollipop” and watching the exhilleration on his face as he rounded up cattle was a real thrill. Here’s a man I watched on TV every day, sharing our life and doing our stuff. We got letters for a while but lost touch eventually and now he’s gone. So glad to know he did’t take the easy way out because that just wasn’t the man we knew too briefly. “Ride hard and fast baby and don’t worry about the prairie dog holes any more”

  34. Chris W.

    I, too, am shocked and very saddened to learn of Gerald Anthony’s death. What a loss of a wonderful person and actor. I am so grateful to have read his sister’s eulogy — thank you, and my thoughts and prayers are with friends and family.
    With deepest sympathy,
    Chris W. Portland, OR

  35. gail gruenburg

    i was so sad to hear about the death of gerry. i remember the marco dane character on OLTL very well, even though i was young. gerry was a great actor and i was hoping to see him in another show or movie. even though some people poke fun at the “soaps” i think its important to realize that soap stars often work every day and have very little time to practice their lines. this is quite different than some of the phony “movie stars” that sit in a trailer all day, get pampered and do tons of re shoots until they get it right. gerry brought so much character and charm to his roles and he will not be forgotten. god bless his family and friends.

  36. Sandi

    I was so shocked at the passing of Gerald, I had read on another site that he had committed suicide, am so glad I found this site and got the real cause of death.
    He will be missed by myself and daughters, loved him as Marco/Mario.
    God Bless him and surviving family and friends.
    I also came across a site, where you can leave notes on a Tribute to Gerry.
    http://www.findagrave.com Look him up on Non-famous graves, don’t know who posted it. Should be on famous!!
    Rest well Gerry

  37. DEBBIE


  38. Kathy Cipollini

    I didn’t hear about Gerald’s passing until I read it in the TV Guide. What a shock! We couldn’t get enough of him as Marco Dane, so he had to come back as his twin brother Mario! Too bad he wasn’t a triplet! He was one of a kind. I hope his family, friends & fans can look to the Lord for some kind of comfort.

  39. Maria Bucciarelli

    We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all those to sent flowers, gifts, cards and your kind words of love and support at this tragic time in out lives. Jerry meant so much to us and he will be missed so very much. It helps to know what he meant to so many people. Thank you for being there for myself and my family.
    Maria Bucciarelli & Family



  41. Lisa

    As an avid fan of “One Life To Live”, especially during the time Gerald Anthony was there doing his brilliant portrayal of Marco/Mario, I wish to express my most sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the Bucciarelli Family on their loss. Gerald Anthony was a pleasure to watch. Not only was he beautiful to look at… His performances were nothing less than fabulous.

  42. Linda

    I will miss Gerald Anthony so very much. I am saddened to hear about his passing. He was one actor who made watching OLTL and GH enjoyable.
    I want to send his family my condolences and let them know that he is with God and there is a reason.
    He will be greatly missed by myself and many others.

  43. Ellen BAir

    I just say the memorial to Gerald Anthony at the end of OTFT, I can rememebr his character on the show – his exploits with Karen and others – Thanks for the memories

  44. Lisa Thomas

    Gerald Anthony was a terrific actor and I will miss him dearly. I enjoyed watching him on One Life to Live. My Love and Prayers to his family
    Lisa Thomas

  45. Debra

    I was shocked to hear of the passing of Gerald Anthony. He was a Fabulous Character Actor and his portrayal of Marco Dane was proof beyond belief. He was a character you “Loved” to hate! He gave great pleasure to many a soap opera fan. Thanks for the “Entertainment”, you will truely be missed. God’s speed and tell my Mom in Heaven I said Hello!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Michelle Miller

    This news brought tears to my eyes. I was at work when my daughter (at home watching OLTL) called me and told me someone died in real life and got half his name out when my heart dropped. I will never ever forget the impact Gerald made as an actor playing both Marco/Mario. My heart and my prayers go out to his blood family, his OLTL family, and to all those fans whose hearts are breaking as mine is right now.
    Did he not have the greatest eyes and smile???

  47. Elaine

    Truly an artist, Gerald Anthony was my favorite character on ONE LIFE TO LIVE for many years. The early stories were wonderful, but I always enjoyed anything he did. It seems as they say, that the good die young, and this is certainly the case in the passing of Gerald Anthony.

  48. Pam & Reese'

    We too just heard of Mr.Anthony’s passing,and we want his family to know we LOVED him although we didn’t know him personally.He was DEFINITELY an EXCELLENT actor,and you could tell he enjoyed his work.We could use more actors and actressess who REALLY put their heart into what they are doing.We know his family is experiencing a GREAT loss,but;the comforting thing is we KNOW he’s with the Lord.Our hearts go out to Mr.Anthony’s(Marco’s)family.We LOVE you Mr.Anthony(Marco),and we will miss you MUCH!!!

  49. Jolene

    I was saddened by the news of Anthonys passing but it threw me when he passed on May 28th and today is June 24th. Why wasn’t the “One Life” told sooner of this

  50. leslie bittel

    gerald anthony first appeared on OLTL when i was about 12 yrs old, one evil glance and three smirks later, this pre-teen had a mad crush on him and i wanted to marry marco dane… all my friends loved brad and jenny and karen and larry as couples, but me, i always rooted for marco to break them up, and after he gave jenny the baby, i wanted him w/ her…i loved that gerald anthony and brynn thayer later married in RL, and was saddened by the break up of that marriage. i was a die-hard marco fan, one of the first “you love to hate him so much” characters of daytime. he held his own w/ such amazing actors as robin strasser, erika slezak and the phenomenol judith light, who would have been much less lovable, were it not for gerald anthony’s seemingly effortless portrayal of marco dane/mario corelli. i missed him on OLTL as soon as he departed and was thrilled when he joined GH, as not some new character, but as my beloved marco dane… this performance earned him an emmy that he had deserved for years… a truly legendary character and a much under-appreciated actor… my heart goes out to all of his loved ones… here’s to you, mr.anthony…

  51. J.Spalding

    I was watching OLTL today and at the end of the program saw that Gerald had passed. I feel very sad. I thought he was one of the best actors/characters that the soap industry ever had.
    Only 52 but 52 years that will love on.
    My deepest sympathy to his family.

  52. C8lin

    I was watching OLTL today and saw the flash at the end of the program, and I am saddened by the loss of Gerald too! He was wonderful as Marco/Mario. What a loss.

  53. Tamara Walchle

    It been a long time since isaw Gerald but 3 weeks ago some how he came to mine I asked my mom did she remember marco Dane on One life to live.. She reply yes she did remember him. And then I asked her did they kill him off or did he go to prison on the soap. She could not remember that And the date I thought of him was on May 28, 2004 The day he died So sorry for the lost

  54. Ronna

    I am saddened to see that Gerald Anthony has passed. I enjoyed his work on OLTL and GH and anything else that I caught him on. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

  55. Helyn Rose

    To the Anthony Family.
    I am so very sorry to hear about Gerald.
    I enjoyed his work. He added a spark of life to every part he played. I will keep you and he in my prayers. Sincerely. Helyn

  56. Judy Musselman

    I,too,am a working mom who tapes AMC, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, & GENERAL HOSPITAL everyday so I can watch them when I get home. My daughter is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for my 3 grandchildren. She is hooked on One Life and just called me to ask who Gerald Anthony was. I was so excited thinking that they have brought back the terrific MARCO DANE!!! Then she broke my heart with the news of his passing…..To Gerald Anthony, you brought so much entertainment into my life, may you rest in peace. Thanks for being Marco/Mario.
    My most sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Anthony. I am going to make a contribution to Save the Children foundation in his memory……….

  57. Rebecca

    I found this tribute site thru a google search because I saw the picture and memoriam today at the end of One Life To Live and still feel so shocked! Yes, I remember Marco Dane with his snear and smirk and evil dashing twinkle that I adored and found hypnotic… often I’ve wondered what is that guy up to with all his talent and good looks! I put him in the category with Anthony Ponzini who played the original Vinnie Woleck on One Life to Live – Extrodinary Actors!
    I indeed tip my cap and bid a loving cheerio to you Mr. Gerald Anthony and a sad adieu.
    With my heart felt condolences to Gerald’s family.

  58. Denise

    I was so shocked to hear about the passing of Gerald Anthony. He was a wonderful actor. I will always remember him as Marco Dane. Condolences to his family.

  59. Alex Nagel

    I saw the picture and memorium at the end of OLTL today and I was truly saddened. I have been a long-time fan of both AMC and OLTL and remember the late 1978-early 1979 storyline when “Marco” was murdered by Talbot Huddleston but in actuality it was his twin brother Mario instead – like it was yesterday. Gerry was truly a gifted actor; the likes of which we may never see again. But he was an even better human being. He will missed immensely.

  60. Mark W

    I was just watching SoapNet and saw the memorium at the end of OLTL, I ran to my computer to find out who Gerald Anthony was, I didn’t reconize the name or face, once I put in his name this site came up and as I read the story it all came back to me, it was Marco, as mentioned in the above tributes I to felt that this man, this actor, did justice to his craft, he will always be intertwined in our lives and in our hearts, may God bless him and his family

  61. Beverly

    I am very saddened about the loss of Gerald Anthony. I just found out at the end of Watching One Life. I was at the end of high school when I started watching the show and I remember how great a character he was. I always thought it would of been great to bring back his character but unfortunately I guess that can’t happen. I wish his family and friends my best.

  62. Michele Clarke

    I JUST FOUND OUT TONIGHT!! I was looking at OLTL on Soapnet and at the end I saw the “In Memory of..” I got up and ran to my computer to see what had happened. My condolences to the family and close friends of the family. He was a superb actor.

  63. Vicki Talbott

    I love him and his portrayal of Marco–he will be sorely missed. I’ve always wanted him back on my favorite soaps. My condolences to the family–I know personally how hard this can be. Vicki

  64. Nancy Hubbard

    I was truly saddened today to see that a such a fantastic actor had passed away. Gerald Anthony was a groundbreaking talent in the daytime world. I remember his beautiful eyes, his infectious smile and his evil chuckle, but much more than the physical, I remember his amazing talent that paved the road for so many of today’s daytime stars. With as many ‘remember when’ clips they have shown on the shows lately,(Vicky and Ben just last week) one would think that as a tribute they might have shown a little peice of his fine work. The way they weave the storylines together, I would think that it would not have been that hard to make it work within the show. What a sad sad loss this is to daytime fans. REST IN PEACE GERALD!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!!!

  65. J Grasty

    When I saw the memorial at the end of OLTL today, I too was shocked and saddened. I really loved to watch Gerald’s acting, but especially his portrayal of Marco Dane, who is one of my all-time favorite daytime characters. I will truly miss him!
    I pray that he rest in peace and that God would comfort his family.

  66. Julie Wade

    To the Family of Gerald Anthony Bucciarelli…
    My sincere condolences on the tragic loss of your beloved Gerald. I was shocked to see the memorial today at the end of One Life to Live. He first came to my attention as Marco Dane on One Life to Live…and I often wondered what happened to him in life after he left the show. Gerald was SO great, so believable as “Marco” that he actually scared me when he was angry, but I was young then, and I loved watching him. When I saw the humorous side of him and his gentleness for “Karen” (Judith Light), and his gloriously friendly smile, I knew in my heart that he was a good guy and a special man…and I was no longer afraid to watch him. Gerald did indeed bring a new kind of character actor to the daytime screen of soaps and set the bar high for other actors to follow in his footsteps. Sadly, there are few who have measured up to his charisma, his believability, his flexibility as an actor who was comfortable in whatever part he had to portray, whether it was anger or goodness or humor. Your beloved WILL be remembered and loved…and missed by many who knew and loved him as you did (but in a different way)…for a long time to come. It’s sad he’s gone and we won’t get to enjoy his immense talent again, but he’s in a better place and in God’s care now. God be with you in this time of sadness, as well. Sincerely, J. Wade

  67. Deborah Angeli

    I am just hearing the news as a lot of others I see. I am sorry to see he is gone, as I am sure his co-workers are. God bless his family and his soul.

  68. Celia

    I too just saw Soapnet’s “In Memory of…” and got up and ran to my computer to see what had happened. My sincerest condolences to the family and close friends of the family.

  69. Mike

    My name is michael and i am 15 years old. I Lived in the same state as Jerry and only about 25 minutes away from his apartment. My mom Patti was best friends with him and i was also very close with him. He was the sweetest person i have ever met. He would give you the shirt of his back if you needed it. When my mom had told me what happened i cried my eyes out. I could not believe what had happened. Jerry was giveing me guitar lessons and he was always around to give me adivice and then this tragedy happened. I am astonished, i cry every time i think about him. This man will definitely be for ever missed and i hope hese in a better place. I LOVE YOU JERRY, I REALLY DO. I can’t get over this whole thing i just cant believe what has happened. You will never be for gotten.

  70. Margie

    As I was watching my tape of One Life to Live tonight, I saw the memoriam at the end of the show. My heart sank when I saw Gerald Anthony’s picture and I thought,”No, not Marco!”. I was very saddened upon hear of his passing. I too went to the computer to see what happened and found this site. I’m sure it is comforting to his family and friends to see that he was so loved by so many people. Thank you to his sister for posting the beautiful eulogy. It brought me to tears and my condolences to his family. You are in my prayers. Jerry will be missed by all.
    –Margie M.

  71. Marjean

    As a young woman growing up, I can remember watching Marco. I was watching One Life To Live tonight on Soap.net and saw the tribute to him. I could not believe it. Gerald’s character “Marco” added fun to the show. There will never be another character that could even try to replace his personality. I was sad when he left the show, but my heart is broken to see that he is gone. I know that he is in a better place in the heavens now.

  72. Big Fan Of Geralds

    I loved Geralds acting he played Marco Dane so well I thought him and Judith Light played so good
    together. He will be missed and I know God will Bless Gerald and keep him beside him.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and everyone missing him.
    Sincerly Cheryl Roady

  73. Trisia

    I just found out today. I loved him as Marco Dane. He was one of the best and will be greatly missed!!
    Trisia – Pearland, Texas

  74. Diane LeBlanc

    It is wonderful to see and read all the wonderful and kinds words and feelings on Gerald Anthony. He was one of a kind and his memory will never be forgotten. Anyone wishing to sign his guestbook can go to the following:
    post-gazette.com and leave a message for Jerry and his family.
    Diane LeBlanc

  75. gwen jenkins

    I just found out on 24 June 2004, that Gerald Anthony had passed. I am big fan of OLTL, I was hoping that they would bring his character back. He was great on GL also. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him, and all the fans who loved him.
    Gwendolyn- Leesville, Louisiana

  76. Tracy

    I was in the 8th grade when I started watching soaps with my friends after school. We loved looking forward to what Marco Dane would do and say next. I too was watching Soap Net when I saw the tribute. I too am wondering what took so long for ABC to find out of his much too early passing. My heart goes out to Mr. Anthony’s family, friends and co-workers. Tracy

  77. VP

    Thank you Gerald Anthony for your Life!
    Thank you for sharing your great talent with the world of “Soaps”.I hope you ( and all the other great soap actors) know how much your work means to your fans. You came into our lives like a member of our family.We counted on you to open a world of understanding of this character. You never failed us!
    Well done,Well done. BRAVO!BRAVO!BRAVO!

  78. Kelly

    I was a kid and watched Marco Dane on OLTL. He will definately be missed. I am glad that the story is straight that he died of a heart attach, and not of suicide. How could people make that kind of mistake, to someone who was a great guy and touched the lives of so many people. Rest in Peace Gerald.

  79. Jeanne Marie DeCoste

    I was truly saddened to learn of Gerald Anthony’s death.
    He gave so much to the world,both in his professional and personal life. There aren’t a lot of truly amazing people in this world,but he was definately one of them.
    Thank you for allowing us to share with his family and friends how much Mr. Anthony was loved and respected…I hope it brings some comfort.

  80. j vickerd

    my deepest sympathies to the family of gerald anthony.I have been a fnn of oltl for many years. I remember watching gerry on tv not liking the character he portrayed.I actually believed the character to be a real person. That was due to gerry;s performance. he shall be missed in canada.

  81. Vikki Araiza

    I remember Gerald Anthony fondly from his role as Marco Dane when he played opposite Judith Light, he had an amazing presence on screen, that even as a kid of 13 I thought he was hot. I was saddened to know he had passed away, because I always hoped he would surprise us and reappear on One Life to Live. My deepest sympathy to his family.

  82. Mike Grignon

    I am Jerry’s brother-in-law and it is very heart-warming for the family, especially to my wife (Jerry’s sister Josie) to read all these postings from his many fans and well-wishers. Nearly a month has past since his sudden death and our grief has not lessened. Jerry was always the one Josie confided in and went to for advice and he always had an open ear and open heart for her as well as the rest of the family. They had a special bond.
    I have seen postings questioning why ABC (OLTL) was not notified sooner. Although OLTL did not contact the family for information or details, they knew of his death almost immediately from current and former work friends, associates and sources in television production business. It just took them a while to decide how and when to do it plus, as we’ve been told, delays due to the Reagan death and funeral coverage a few weeks back. We wish the tribute would have been a little more substantial, but, as I work in television production as a technician, I know the shows are rolled out in a particular time format and after all the commercial breaks there not much time left unless a scene is cut short. One other little thing I would like to correct for all who have seen info on Jerry’s death in the various Soap web sites and magazines (again,none of which contacted the family for information)- – Jerry spelled his nickname with a “J” as opposed to G-e-r-r-y, as they have been printing it. Unless this was some thing he did only among his work associates??? More likely something the Soap tabloid folks invented thinking it was trendy and catchy-cool.
    Thanks again for all the kind words,
    Michael Grignon

  83. Mary Croslin

    Great actor,,,,,,,,,so convincing in everything,he did.I met him,at a mall.This was while he was Marco Dane.Such an outgoing,talanted man.I will miss him. Nashville,TN.

  84. Diane LeBlanc

    Many of you wanted to know how to sigh Gerald Anthony’s Guestbook. Here it is:
    First go to post-gazette.com
    Once you’re on the site click on News Obituaries
    Click on Guest Books for Classifieds Obituaries
    Click on Visit a Guestbook
    Under Seatch by Name put in BUC
    Hilight Jerry’s name if it isn’t already and click on display
    Jerry’s guestbook will come up and click on Sign This Guestbook

  85. Leon III

    This morning was the first I had heard of the tribute ABC gave Jerry this past week. From what I gather from the posts here it was a simple ‘In Memory of’ tribute with Jerry’s picture. Well, that is all very nice mind you, but I think it falls short of what ABC should have done. I believe that the years have faded memories over at ABC..they may have forgotten that there in all probability may not have been ANY One Life To Live today had not Gerald Anthony saved the show in 1977-78. From my memories, I sort of remember OLTL circa 1976 being stale, dull, and ready for an Axe when a guy name Marco Dane showed up in Llanview and change the course of Soap history.
    I was 17 in late summer of 1978 and heading to my senior year in Hish School. I was sweating it out because I had renewed my interest in OLTL because of Jerry’s portrayal of Marco and I knew great things were coming…but I would be left out because with school and after school activities, there would be no way I’d be able to watch OLTL. There was a solution but it was an expensive one and I had to practically hound my poor Late Mom to do it. I’m not sure how many of you remember, but VCR’s first came out in 1977-1978. They were very, very, expensive and not many people had them yet. Well, as it went, I continually explained to my Mom how great it would be to be able to watch OLTL at night or when ever we wanted, how much fun it would be to tape Mets baseball as well, etc, etc. She broke down, and before School season of 1978 we went and bought our first VCR. A big and clunky old thing that looked and functioned like an oversized audio tape recored of those days. Cost about $1000. It came with one 30 minute tape, and we bought one 60 minute tape priced at over $20
    To this day when I think back to my first VCR, I also think Of Gerald Anthony. He is the reason we got it! The only regret? With the high cost of tapes we only had a few and continually recorded over the same ones. I had tapes of Marco’s ‘demise’ in December 1978 and of February 1979 when he shocked us all as Mario entering the courtroom all clean shaven and groomed. Not to mention the Judith Light courtroom scenes..I had it all..Too bad I couldn’t save any of it. Would love to see it today.
    God Bless Gerald Anthony

  86. Susan

    I was very sad to hear about the death of Gerald Anthony. He was a wonderful actor. I always loved watching him, especially as Marco. You didn’t have to know him personally to know he was a very special person. It radiated from his work. My condolences to his family and friends. The world is alot less “groovy” place without him.

  87. tony20girl

    God Bless You Gerald, and your family. You are and were so wonderful as Marco. You will never be forgotten and as One life shows the flashbacks of previous shows you again will be there. Your contributions to this life will never be forgotten and neither will you. May you rest in peace. Thank you for your time and letting us know your talent. You wre a joy to watch

  88. lynn wilson


  89. Sharon Kenney

    My heart goes out to Gerald’s family and friends. I have been watching One Life to Live since it began and always loved Gerald’s work. I was a big fan and was delighted when I he showed up on GH. He will be missed.

  90. Pat Thurmon

    From Day One, I started watching OLTL as a teenager with my grandma. Marco, Karen and Jenny
    were groundbreakers in humor and sleaze. What a
    hoot!! Gerald will be remembered for many years
    to come. My condolences to his friends and family. Rest in Peace, Marco Dane.

  91. Sherrie Bussey

    I remember him as Ben Davidson on OLTL. Sorry to hear the sad news. So who was the one in the hospital bed? Was that Ben Davidson? Was he really alive at that time or dead?

  92. Optime

    I’ve loved Gerald Anthony’s acting, not only as Marco Dane but also as Father Pete on Wiseguy. His interactions with Judith Light’s Karen was almost as magical as Luke and Laura’s chemistry. He will be missed greatly.

  93. Joni Mather

    I remember watching Gerald, as Marco/Mario and getting the senstion of watching lightning close-up. He could enrich any scene, play of anyone not just the characters central to his story line. I believe I had a hoot or two watching him with Dorian. Over on GH part of the fun was that Tracy didn’t want anyone to see him. I’m not 100% but I believe he ran into Paul, Luke, and Edward Quartermaine. Not the new one. John Engles. In fact some of the most delicious marco scenes were the ones where he was alone planing/plotting what would be his next move. My deepest sorrow to his his entire family, and extended family. It is always hard to lose a light, especially one that burned so very brightly.
    To his Mother: You must really be some very special too,otherwise your Jerry wouldn’t have been so fine. I salute you. I wish you peace

  94. Sharon S

    I am sitting here now with tears in my eyes, as I am reading all the wonderful things about Gerry. A few weeks ago, I started thinking about Gerry and his extraordinary portrayal of Marco Dane on OLTL. I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could come back on the show. Then while I was visiting my children and grandchildren in Washington state a couple of weeks ago, I saw in Soap Opera Digest that he had passed away. I am so saddened by this. My prayers are with your family, Gerry. I will think of you often, and all the joy you brought to myself and others. I know you will be cherished above.

  95. Carole

    Gerald Anthony was a great favourite of daytime fans as Marco Dane on both OLTL n GH. I missed the memorial on OLTL but was told about it and very pleased they remembered him. He paved the way for actors like Tony Geary, Maurice Bernard and more recently Scott Clifton who are unique in their own way, too. My birthday is July 26 which makes me one day older than Gerald. When I turn 53, I will light a candle in his memory. Thank you to his sister for printing his euluogy. I always remember him as bigger than life. “I will remember you…will you remember me” My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
    Winnipe, Canada

  96. Sandi, from Ohio

    I am so sorry to hear of Jerry’s passing, he will be greatly missed, he was so wonderful as Maro/Mario.
    He brought so much joy into many lives. As an actor, teacher and of course to his family.
    My prayers are with him and his family, he is among Gods Angels now.
    May he rest in eternal peace.

  97. Eileen

    I was so saddened to hear of his death while watching an afternoon episode of WLTL. He was an fantastic actor and he will be sorely missed by those of us who knew of his presence and great acting.

  98. Erica

    I was very sad to hear about this. I wish OLTL gave him more than a little one moment mention at the end of the show one day. It would have been nicer to show scenes of him on the show, I think he deserved that.

  99. moja

    Isn’t it amazing how a lot of people were thinking about Jerry around the time of his passing although none of us knew until almost a month later. I also who has been hooked on AMC, OLTL and GH knew of his work. I don’t think he ever got the acknowledgement that he deserves. He almost reminds me of the initial Todd Manning. The kind of actors who are so good at their craft that they do it with such ease and we tend not to appreciate them until they leave the show or pass on. THAT IS A TRAGEDY!! Jerry, you did your thing and made us buy VCRs or put the roast in the oven before OLTL came on. God’s blessings and love to his friends and family. If we as fans are so saddened, I fail to imagine how devastating his family is. In GOD’S GRIP I leave you all.
    Moja Kamala
    Bowling Green, Ohio

  100. Sonja

    Just found out about Gerald Anthony’s passing in this past Sunday’s paper, what a complete shock. He was the absolute best at his craft. Even years after they first aired I still vividly recall two moments. Marco was sitting in front of a tv in a deep funk and all of the sudden he jumps up singing the old School House Rock song “Electricity”, still laugh uncontrollably over that. The other was a joke he told Karen trying to cheer her up “what is yellow and considered very, very dangerous?” Shark infested custard! Thank you so much Gerald for sharing your talent.

  101. kitey_cat2000

    i am very very sorry to hear of the passing of Gerald Anthony i remember him on gh..a very long time ago…i really enjoyed his character…i am also from canada..will miss him..and so many of the other characters that have passed on..thank you for the memories gerald..GOD BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY…

  102. Sandra

    Happy Birthday in Heaven, know an Angel will deliver the greeting.
    You will always live on in the hearts of your family, friends and fans.
    You will be missed. Then of course you are on the greatest stage in the world now.
    Take care,
    A Fan, from Aurora, Ohio

  103. mike

    He sounds like he was a good guy. I have early memories of him and Judith Light on tv, when i was real young. I did just a search of him on the IMDB and was stunned to learn he passed away earlier this year. He really did blaze a trail for a lot of soap actors that followed. He will be missed.

  104. LISA

    Hi Everyone…
    I have some pleasant memories of many years back at ABC TV in NY on 66th Street where Gerald filmed…He was married to Brynn (Thayer) at the time and I remember somehow (And I hope my memory serves me accurately!) he and Brynn had a Poodle and would drive to work (in their AUDI) and there was an ABC rule: No Dogs to be brought into the studio…! LOL
    Well, they would sneak the doggie in the studio ANYWAY and I was usually there at 5-6 AM when they would come through the double glass doors and I KNEW Brynn had the dog with her (So did the Security Guard at the desk but of course, we all stayed MUM…LOL
    Gerald I think also loved the stock market too! I remember he would always talk about that!
    Always wore a baseball hat and sweatshirts!
    A real adorable guy…Inside and Out..
    He was friendly and kind and I think close with Woody (Bob Woods who plays Bo) and Steve Fletcher (Who played Brad)…
    These are just I am sure, silly things for me to mention here but nevertheless I remember Gerald with such Genuine Sincerity and HEART and those days always stuck in my mind. I just wanted to share them.
    We all use to go to CANTINA on 71st and Columbus and also McGlades on 67th & Columbus across from where ALL MY CHILDREN was filmed then..McGlade’s is now a Starbucks-very sad….
    Everyone just hung out then and laughed alot after filming…
    We have lost too many good folks in life and he is among them…I wish I could go back to those lovely days…He is with the Angels now.
    God Bless Everyone here and Happy Holidays.

  105. James

    I first saw Gerald Anthony on a regular basis when he was on “Wiseguy” as Father Pete Terranova. I’d only seen a few clips of him prior to this, and he always played con artists and unsavory characters. I was really astonished at the dignity, the humility, the depth and the kindness he showed as Pete. When they killed Pete off of Wiseguy they took away the heart of the show — it’s not a coincedence that the show fell apart only a year later, if you ask me.
    I always wanted to tell Jerry how much I admired his talent and how special he made all of his scenes on daytime or primetime. In 2003 he had a bit part as a menacing man on “As the World Turns”. Soap Opera Digest asked him why he hadn’t been working more and he said, “this is the first show that asked me”. My eyes welled up with tears — why are our best and brightest always unheralded and underrated, while the least talented skate through?
    I’m glad that Jerry had so many wonderful family and friends and I’m glad to know that he did not commit suicide. It caused such a pain in my heart. Thank you for setting the record straight.
    To Mr. Anthony’s family — please know how many of us loved your son’s work and how many of us are mourning his loss.

  106. Giovanni Vitacolonna

    Mr. Anthony left his mark in the world of Daytime Drama, because no one else could have played Marco Dane. The character he created was unique and, I imagine, much like the person who created the character.
    The sense someone outside his personal and intimate circle has is that he was a kind and sensitive person.
    Thank you for gracing us with your presence as brief as it was.

  107. Diane LeBlanc

    Jerry….Your fans lost a lot, when they lost you. Rest in Peace and know you’ll always be number one with us and that you have the biggest fan club in the world.
    A special friend

  108. Randy

    Tonight, I saw someone on TV that made me think of him (Gerald Anthony) to only find out that he had passed. I am shocked as I write this. I knew him the most when I watched him on General Hospital, (the show I always watched), and he added alot of pizzaz to the show when it got boring. I am sad. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. And may you add the same pizzaz to heaven as you did on Earth Gerald!

  109. ellen

    An entire year has passed and I had no clue about Mr. Anthony’s passing. I happened to wonder about him and put his name in google search engine. I was/am shocked to hear of his demise and at such a young age.
    What a wonderful actor he was. I first started watching GH in 1963 and OLTL in 1968, though intermittently through 40 years, I always check/checked in and kept up with the ABC soaps.
    What a loss!! Very sad; however, they say only the good die young, and HE WAS GREAT!!
    Thank you to his sister for posting his Eulogy.
    It’s never too late to pray for souls.
    Thank you for the opportunity of posting about this.

  110. sue bellsey

    Over a year has gone by and still I am so sad about this loss. I hope he will continue to be remembered. I wish there could be a tribute with clips from his Marco Dane days. Please keep me informed.
    Sue Bellsey

  111. Marie Bucciarelli

    I want to thank all of Jerry’s fans and friends who have posted such caring and loving thoughts of my beloved son. You all have touched my heart and my two daughters.
    God Bless You all..
    Marie Bucciarelli
    Pittsburgh, PA

  112. Julie Hopkins

    Marco Dane. What a vivid character! He was supposed to be the bad guy….but there was just something about him. That was Gerald Anthony. He gave Marco that intensity and depth. You knew behind this bad guy stuff was a heart of gold.
    Though I never had the opportunity to know him personally, I feel blessed to have witnessed his immense talent and grateful for the legacy of his work. But I also feel saddened to know he was taken far too soon. My condolences to his family. I am so sorry for your loss. He will be missed by all who knew him or knew of him.
    My deepest sympathy,
    Julie Hopkins
    Little Rock, AR

  113. Lori

    I first watched One Life to Live and there was this character who played a son-of-a-gun you wanted to hate but you really did love him – that was Marco Dane. Gerald Anthony touched me with his great acting and I just was so tickled when he and the actress Brynn Thayer had married because they were my favorites from that soap. I had not had been able to have tv access in ages but do again now and today just learned of his death. Thank you for this site and thank you Gerald Anthony for sharing your awesome talent!

  114. Reed

    Wow, what a loss! I’ve only just now learned of Jerry’s passing through a blurb in the 5/30/06 Soap Opera Digest. What a great presence on screen, and what a shame to not have been enjoyed by a larger audience. Daytime television was a great venue for his talent though, and good for you fiercely loyal fans for remembering him as fondly as you have. This guy was truly a gem. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed his work over the years. Unfortunately, he was our little secret, and weren’t we lucky to have had him for as long as we did. I remember just never getting enough of him as he chewed the scenery on both OLTL and GH.
    Way too soon, but very well done while he was here!

  115. Judith

    I was sitting at the computer when I thought that I would love to find out what Gerald Anthony was doing now. I searched and up first came his picture. I said outloud, “There you are!” when I saw this fabulous picture but was within seconds was shocked to read of his passing. I was a teenager when the Marco/Karen storyline took place and I always tell my daughter that One Life to Live was the best soap because of that storyline. He was an incredible talent and I truly will miss having the opportunity to see more of his work. He was a treasure. God bless his family.

  116. Leon399

    I’d like to let everyone here know that there is a new
    Memorial Web Site for the Late Gerald Anthony who passed away of
    cardiac arrest on May 28, 2004 at the way too young age of 52. I know
    the old timers here remember Jerry and know what he meant to OLTL and
    his fan base, but for you newcomers to OLTL, I’ll tell you that
    Gerald Anthony came to Llanview in 1977 and created a legend in his
    wonderful portrayal of Marco Dane…the FIRST EVER bad guy on a soap
    that you couldn’t help but just love. Jerry took a bit part and
    turned it into an important section of OLTL and Soap Opera history.
    In the early 90’s Jerry even took Marco across the Country to Port
    Charles where he won a WELL DESERVED (AND VERY BELATED IMHO) Emmy
    award in 1993.
    Jerry was a loving, giving and charitable man. In wanting to keep
    alive the memory of the wonderful man he was, his family and friends
    have erected a permanent memorial Web-Site to honor Jerry’s life and
    You are invited to visit and light a memorial candle or leave your
    thoughts with a posting or a memory of Jerry you may have. If any of
    you have any photos or anything else concerning Jerry, you would be
    able to post those as well. Remember though, anything posted or sent
    will be moderated by the site administrator before actually making it through.
    Below is the link to Jerry’s Memorial site. Take a moment to pay
    respects to a guy who meant so much to OLTL and to his many, many,
    heartbroken fans.

  117. Diane & Melinda Thomas

    We both wish to say that we loved Marco Dane and just read in a soap mag today of his passing in 2004.
    What a great character he was and we wish to express our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

  118. Maria Bucciarelli

    To a great man who brought so much happiness to the fans of OLTL. You will be sadly missed by all.
    My deepest sympathy to the family,
    Maria Bucciarelli
    Toronto, Ontario

  119. Arvietta Mba

    What a shock about his passing, i work with a friend who’s name is “marco” and i call him Marco Dane” and today i told him i would google the charcter, whom was a wonderful addition to one live to live. I found this blog and i am astonished this great actor has passed and that i didn’t know, i wonder how many other people didn’t know either. Rest in peace…..

  120. Mickey Lea

    Gerry,I still remember the times and the music from those days back in Pittsburgh.I only wish I had come out of my fog sooner, but know you were always an insiration to me even then.I only found out about your passing today.Being in show business myself you’ve entered my thoughts more than once. I still remember the discussion we had at a jam session we were both at,about how one should present himself to the public.Bottom line you said was to be yourself.I’m still trying.Thanks Gerry; your friend Mickey

  121. Loredana Saputo

    I will always remember what was said in one of the OLTL episodes when Gerry was on. I forgot who said it. But it was “Lead the way almighty Dane” and he always lead the way to laughter. He was so funny. OLTL is the best show on TV always and forever because of actors like him. Love you always. RIP. a Big fan. Loredana Saputo.

  122. miriamlynn

    I had so much fun watching Gerald Anthony and Judith Light in their roles as Marco Dane and Karen Wolek. Wow, those were such fun shows! I looked forward to any story involving Mr. Dane…
    Through the years, I have often wondered whatever happened to him and didn’t know all of his great achievements in the soap world and beyond until I read his eulogy on this website.
    And I am glad to be in the ranks of those loyal soap fans, who had the pleasure of seeing him play the role of Marco Dane in whichever town of ABCdom he would happen to appear.
    I hope Mr. Anthony knew how much of a positive impact he made on people’s lives while he was here on this Earth.

  123. Anna


  124. Susan

    I was a huge fan of Marco Dane on OLTL back in the 70’s. Since he left the show, I haven’t watched it, but have wondered over the years what Jerry was doing, wishing he’d return to the Soaps and resurrect the role of the great Marco Dane.
    It was such fun to watch him, flashing those eyes and bearing that smirk as he connived and harrassed Judith Light’s character! They were SO good together. I finally went to the computer to google him this evening and JUST NOW learned of his passing. I couldn’t believe it, nor could I believe I’d missed it. I was / am so saddened to hear of his passing. Such a brilliant talent who brought so much joy to everyone who watched him. I pray that by now, his family has focused their sights on looking forward instead of looking back, so you can realize that each day that passes brings you closer to seeing him again. May God Bless you and the great “Marco Dane.” He will always remain alive in my heart and memories.

  125. Layla

    Gerald Anthony was awesome as Marco ( I watched OLTL in the 80’s), I had such a crush on him. I will always miss him! Blessed Be Gerald.

  126. Leon III

    Today marks the fifth year since the passing of one of OLTL’s greatest players, the beloved Gerald Anthony who portrayed that lovable bad guy (Actually the very first lovable bad guy to hit the soaps) Marco Dane.
    Jerry’s family and friends have a dedication/memory page. I’m sure they would love to hear any thoughts, prayers, or memories that you may have of how Jerry and or Marco touched your life.

  127. Great Expectations

    Wow, Gerald Anthony is deceased! Wow!
    As a kid age 6 in 1986 my mom watching OLTL on TV in American Samoa(satellite from the United States mainland) is when I first saw Anthony Gerald Bucciarelli and thought, “this man is funny.” Now as an adult I realize, he was simply brilliant! The sadness, almost six (6) years later is still omnipresent. Even though he only lived for 52 years and many live to be 80+… he had a GREAT run and everyone all over the world knows ‘Marco Dane’. May his dramatic Soul rest in peace. Adrian Kasey Anusitz – American Samoan

  128. tate fletcher

    My uncle Robin and “Uncle Gerrie” were very good friends for a few years before something happened and they never spoke again. When Robin heard of his death, he broke down for two days, how ever. Gerrie was something special to him and us all in 1990s. He was funny and talked often about the children of Nepal and Chad, Africa, and how he wanted to “save” them. Just saw a Youtube clip of him and wanted to say he is missed.

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