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Dennis Miles, a rhythm guitarist known as D-Roc, died on Aug. 17 from complications of lymphoma. He was 45.
D-Roc played guitar for Body Count, the heavy metal band fronted by rapper/actor Ice-T that helped pioneer the mixture of rock and rap music. Formed in 1991, the group became famous for recording the controversial song, “Cop Killer.” The chart-topping tune, which was the final track on the band’s debut album, offended police officers and inspired conservative groups to protest its message. In response, D-Roc began wearing a hockey mask on and off stage to avoid publicity. He had no interest in becoming a celebrity, his bandmate Ernie-C said. Consequently, very little is known about his personal life and history.
D-Roc is the third member of Body Count to die since 1996. Drummer Beatmaster V died that year from complications of leukemia and bassist Mooseman was killed in 2000 in a drive-by shooting. Mooseman was not the intended target.
Body Count has been inactive since the release of its 1997 record “Violent Demise: Last Days.” Although Ice-T is busy working on the NBC drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” he and guitarist Ernie-C reportedly have plans to release a new album, tentatively titled “Murder for Hire.”

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  1. charlie zeigler

    D-Roc…a friend of mine for a long time and a great man he is and always will be….i must say i miss him mostly and very proud to watch his dreams come true as a songwriter and a very good guitar player,plus an entertainer of metal music that help change the world with the band “Bodycount”the angels of music are with you D-Roc….your wings fly high and powerful.
    keep moshing D-Roc, your name lives forever.
    singer / songwriter charlie z of the militants

  2. Somebody far away!!!

    Body Count is one of my favorite bands.
    I pay respect to them, although I don’t know the members personal. But BODY COUNT is for me the best hardcore metal band in the world.
    It’s a shame that three members of this band had passed away.
    Peace to ya all.

  3. CG

    Body Count is one of the best hardcore thrash metal band out there, what happened to D-roc is very sad…
    i hope this tragedy wont effect the release of the new album Murder for hire

  4. alex havok

    man thats way to bad, D-roc was one of the greatest rythem guitarist i ever heard, Body Count was the greatest band ive ever heard, there my favorite, i hope that murder for hire is still comin out. BYE d-roc, have fun up there.

  5. johanna pacleb

    To D-Roc
    Thru your last days. A girlfriend that shared 6years of joy and laughter with you. i will miss
    miss you so much. You will always be in my heart
    I will always have a special place for you babe,
    thanks for all who you were and who you are.
    D-Roc you always make it a point to tell me if you were to leave *** never look back always look
    forward*** Thanks Babe I will miss you? Until we meet again.
    Love You,
    Johanna Pacleb
    AKA Mac-Mamma

  6. Monique, Drew, Drea

    Just want to thank you for all the talks we had!! Man Dennis, i just had talk to you 3 months before you went home and you didn’t mention anything to me!! Well we were suppose to get together with our kids and we didn’t, but dont trip we will meet up again and continue our great conversations!! Drew and Drea will always know you and he will will wear the hockey mask now and then!!
    Thinking of you Always,
    Monique, Drew & Drea

  7. Deric A.K.A. D-Roc

    D-roc this is ya boy D-roc man i will never forget the times we had in Pomona ca and Ventura man ya legacy lives on forever bro much love man u will be missed and gone but never forgoten man. R.I.P.

  8. Syne Faeth

    I met D-Roc in 1992 during the recording of Body Count’s first album,I was amazed at his playing,so effortless,underrated for sure. What I remember about him was that he was just a regular guy,no airs of being a Rockstar or anything. He came to one of our shows he and Ernie,and that meant so much to me that he took the time to come and see us! Thanx D-Roc. Always remembered.
    Peace and Love




    I just found this page after surfing around. I just watched the murder for hire DVD and the smoke out DVD. D ROC Thanks for the mad riffs u played. Im in a BodyCOunt over band nd I wear the mask in ur memory……Miss ya man make sure u tell Jimi, Moose, and Beat Master V whats up.
    Ronny Rage

  11. regina

    hi d. i ran across this board and im so glad i did. dennis i was there from the beginning and it was a joy watching you pursue your dream. when you made it i was so proud because i was there. you are missed by your nephews cornell, chris, cedric and cleavon. i pray everyday that one day they will have a dream and be as committed as you were. cedric, we call him c.j. is a songwriter you are his inspiration. dennis you will always be loved and never forgotten. almost sis in law, REGINA

  12. noelle

    i’ve been reading alot on ice-t & bodycount lately, copkilla is one of my favorite songs. i was saddened 2 hear about dennis and i know his legacy with bodycount will live on forever, rock on dennis and rip!

  13. Njanka C.

    Hello! Respect to you all man! I’m a young guy (22) from a small place in Belgium called Witgoor City. As a great Body Count fan I’m verry proud to see these guys play on stage tonight at the Marktrock Festival Leuven. Murder 4 Hire Baby! See you tonight! Cheers Njanka C.

  14. darklord

    just a guy from the uk like to say awsome band had no idea so much had happened to u my thoughts and prayers are with you all after so much adversaty to carry on going is phenomenal to all u guys up ther R.I.P To the rest of the band keep rockin

  15. Big-C

    Shot D-Roc u da man bro u and ernie c hav da most wicked/awsum guitar riffs and solos in da EVER bro…peace 2 u my brotha…Long live *BODY-COUNT*

  16. Big-C

    Woops i mean D-Roc and Ernie c have da most wicked/awsum guitar riffs and solos EVER Long Live *BODY-COUNT* MUCH LOVE MY BROTHAZ….PEACE OUT…BIG-C

  17. Jofri B.

    D-Roc was one of those craziest black guitarist in rock history ever. I grew up listening to Body Count in the early 90’s. Got in alot of trouble trying to get Body Count’s cd (copkiller)..From Ice-T i discovered there’s crazy black guys doing hardcore stuff and became my influence in music. Thank you D-Roc, Mooseman & Beatmaster V. I missed you guys and your music will be buried together inside me forever. As for Ernie C & Ice-T, hope you guys could reform Body Count. Well, at least a tribute to them. Thank q guys and love to you all on this blog. – Jofri, No.1 Body Count Fan from Malaysia.

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