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Eric Voice


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Dr. Eric Voice, a nuclear physicist who was often described as the most radioactive man on the planet, died over the Sept. 11th weekend of motor neuron disease. He was 80.

To examine the effects of radioactivity on the body, Voice volunteered to be a human guinea pig. In 1992, he and Dr. Don Newton were given a series of plutonium injections. The results of the trials showed that in men, plutonium generally accumulated in the liver and not in the bones or reproductive organs (as was previously believed).

Over the next five years, Voice and 11 others did further experiments, each inhaling the type of plutonium isotopes found in nuclear reactors. In 1999, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) declared that all of the subjects had remained healthy. A strong advocate of nuclear power, Voice dismissed fears about the health risks of plutonium as “media hype.”

Born in London, Voice studied at the Goudhurst School in Kent. At 15, he became a research chemist with Boots, a company that sells health and beauty products. Voice joined the UKAEA as a research biochemist after World War II and later earned a degree in English and a doctorate in physics. One of the first western scientists to visit Chernobyl after the 1986 nuclear explosion, Voice made several visits to the Ukraine to research the effects of the accident on local plant and animal life.

Correction, Sept. 12, 2015: A report credited to the Daily Record previously stated that the deceased’s body was buried in a lead-lined coffin. According to his son, Mr. Voice was cremated.

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  1. John Foster-Hill

    Eric, The, son of a Bank Manager was my uncle. He was married to my mothers youngest sister Joan who was a Nottingham girl. At that time he was with the Boots Pure Drug Company. He had boundless energies and a very high iq. They bought a plot of land on the main Derby Road, Wollaton, Nottingham. He designed and built, what was at that time a very futuristic house where he and his family lived for many years before moving on to Dorchester, and then finally Caithness. As well as being a scientist he had many other skills including making some beautiful lathe turned silver candlesticks which were presented to Dorchester Cathedral. Many other of his ideas were patented. I remember him doing a special type of pump for the Fire Service. I also remember him being very atheletic and a keen sportsman. There was nothing better that Eric liked to do than to wear a pair of shorts and walk around bare footed.I was very proud to have had him as an Uncle.

  2. Chris voice

    11 years today we lost Eric a kind helpful man who always put others first.I have read some nonsense over the years by individuals who where too lazy to research the true fact.I have contacted these bloggers but they didn’t have the manners or the intellectual capacity to discuss the truth with me.These type of people take a lot out of society and contribute nothing.I thank my cousin for his kind words and for the bloggers benefit my father was cremated and to this day I have his ashes in my shed which does not glo or affect the local grid.I will raise a glass of Highland Park this evening for all the great times we had

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