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Joyce Jillson


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jjillson.jpgJoyce Jillson, an astrologer who forecast the future for millions of people, died on Oct. 1 of kidney failure. She was 58.

Born on Dec. 26, 1946, the Rhode Island native and Capricorn was only 8 years old when she began studying the stars under astrologer Maude Williams. At 10, Jillson was constructing horoscopes for her dog and predicting the behavior of the stock market. But her main goal was to become a star, so she studied opera at Boston University then moved to New York to pursue a career in show business.

Jillson starred in the Broadway production of “The Roar of the Greasepaint — the Smell of the Crowd,” and won the 1965 Theatre World Award for her performance. She played the role of Jill Smith Rossi on the popular TV show “Peyton Place” until 1968 when she decided to make prognostication her claim to fame.

Jillson’s informative and entertaining predictions were syndicated in 230 newspapers nationwide and 84 international publications. She discussed astrology on her own syndicated TV program “The Joyce Jillson Show,” and penned the books: “Real Women Don’t Pump Gas,” “The Fine Art of Flirting” and “Joyce Jillson’s Lifesigns.” Her final manuscripts, “Dog Astrology” and “Astrology for Cats,” are scheduled for publication next spring.

Jillson also gave private readings to celebrities, corporate executives and political figures. The official astrologer for 20th Century Fox Studios, she determined the best days for new movies to open in theatres. Jillson aided the Los Angeles Dodgers by predicting whether the baseball team would win each game (she had an 89 percent accuracy rate). And when First Lady Nancy Reagan consulted with her in the 1980s, the media dubbed Jillson: “The Astrologer Who Runs the White House.”

Jillson’s final horoscope column will be published on Nov. 6.

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  1. Jane

    Joyce was my friend and sister. We grew up together in Rhode Island in our early formative years, spending each day side by side.
    Her wit, intelligence and verve for life, her insights, and, of course, her talent and beauty were exceptional. She was always and will always be a star.

  2. Pepii

    What I loved about Joyce was not only her uncanny insight, but the fact that she always empowered others to rise to their highest good. She never “downed” anyone or used her talents and gifts to bring doom and gloom into the lives of others, but only to cause them to be the best they could be.
    Truly, I will miss reading her thoughts for the day. There will never be another like her.
    She is in my prayers.

  3. Meg

    Joyce Jillson was the most uncannily accurate astrologist I had ever read in my life.Sometimes I could not believe what I was reading because what she had predicted became so eerily true. I will miss her columns as they were very informative and entertaining as well especially the celebrity profiles.
    My sincerest sympathies to her family and friends.

  4. Brooke

    Joyce’s spirit and devotion to humanity will forever be lauded…”And you gave to me oh, so many things, it makes me wonder, how they could belong to me…and I gave you only my dark eyes which melted your soul down…to the place where it longed to be…”
    ~Joan Baez

  5. Richard and Gosia

    Our lives seem somehow more uncertain since the loss of the insight that Joyce brought to our daily horoscopes. We hope she has gone to a better place.

  6. kaye

    well this caught me in shock ..sorry to hear about her death..but what i liked about joyce jillson was her horoscope reading , sometime they’re wrong but mostly they were all right…god bless her..

  7. Ann Authier

    i have been reading joyce’s horoscopes since i was a little kid and it brought me down to hear of her passing away. every morning before i started the day i would read them, sometimes as the day ended to test her accuracy and they were always right on. may glod be with her family and bless her soul

  8. David Hemenway

    Oh, Joyce, thank you for all that you have done for us. You and your wisdom shall be so terribly terribly missed here on earth. I know that you have gone to a truly Greater Glory — you have guided so many of us in its wisdom.
    Thank you, again and again, for everything,
    With Deepest Sorrow,
    David Hemenway

  9. srini

    well this was terrible shock for many of the people.first I couldn’t beleive when I saw the news on net.I thought she was not the same one.but she is,I have been reading her predictions since I move to chicago from India.I found most of they very close.Thank you.
    May god bless her soul.

  10. Saysha

    I always found myself logging on to suntimes.com around 05:00 am to read how my day was going to go. It always amazed me at the end of the day how accurate Joyce was with horoscopes. I am so sad, and feel somewhat lost now.
    With deepest sympathy,

  11. Muhammad Ali

    Today i am deeply sadened by the news that Joyce jilson passed away. If I ever forgot to check my horoscope it always felt like the day has not passed. checking her horoscope has convinced me of her accuracy. i will be missing those lines always !

  12. Dawn

    Years ago I used to get a monthly horoscope from Joyce Jillson. It usually arrived in the middle of the first week of the month. One December, I met my father for the first time in 33 years and then just a day or two later the horoscope arrived and it said I would meet many relatives that I never knew existed. She was so accurate. I will miss her.

  13. Felicity Featherstone

    I noted that the past days that Joyce Jillson’s horoscope by Holiday Mathis and thought maybe this is a new lady but I wondered and asked myself but why I done get Joyce’s horoscopes anymore as there never went a day by that I did not read my horoscopes by Joyce until today I scrolled further down and saw the notice Broli death I opened it and only to find out that my precious genius Joyce had passed away in November already. I am saddened by this sudden loss as she was always so accurate. My deepest sympathy to her family and she will be missed always.
    May her soul rest in peace.
    Felicity Featherstone, Rhodes University Human Resources, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa 6140

  14. Nicky

    I was shocked to learn of Joyce’s death. I had been a reader for 2 years. I was always a day behind her scopes. But she was still right on. God Bless her and those who loved her.

  15. kamille

    wow i didnt know she passed away…she was my guidance of her preditcions and she was always on the dot about whut was going on…she will be dearly missed by me

  16. Lori Weihbrecht DO.

    When I was seven years old my family and I lived in Rhode Island. Joyce’s Mom, Bea, was a friend and I was the flower girl in Joyce’s wedding at the Harvard chapel in Cambridge, Ma. I thought she wasthe prettiest lady I eversaw when she appeared in her wedding gown and always remember the event as a highlight in my childhood. In l990 her Mom attended my wedding in Camp Hill,Pa.I feel saddend by her passing and will always remember her as a beautiful bride.

  17. Chaquita

    God bless Joyce–
    Everyday I’d check my horoscope from Joyce and one day I saw the Holiday Mathis horoscope and wondered what happened to Joyce. Never did I imagine that this woman had passed away. All of my condelences to her family and friends–may God bless you. I can’t imagine us being blessed with an astrologist as good as Joyce. She was always on the money with everything she said… God bless America.

  18. Carmelo

    I lived everyday by the words of Joyce. I did not know up until today 1/21/05 that she had passed.
    I came to find out becouse I miss her advice and I said to myself I am going to track her down in the hopes that she had just moved some where else. She helped me get through life.
    Joyce Jillson will be missed but never forgotten.
    God Bless Her Soul.

  19. mary

    I just learned of Joyce Jillson’s death and I am very sad that such a talented and beautiful lady is gone so soon. I wish her peace and happiness in her New Life and will miss her accurate and insightful readings. She was the real McCoy.

  20. curtis

    Wow, I just found out about joyce’s passing. Such a great talent has departed our midst. Joy and Sorrow are so deeply interwoven within me as a result. Thank you joyce for showing us how to be accountable for the talents that are within us. You used your gift to help your fellow-man, and now, so must we.

  21. Lally

    It’s only now that I’ve found out about Miss Joyce Jillson’s passing. Not aware of the reason of her absence at creators.com, I wrote a little about her in my own blog dated December 02, 2004. I salute Ms Jillson for the enormous contribution she had done to a lot of us in the field of astrology. She had a gift that is not merely reduced to informing us about cosmic movements, she touched and moved lives as well. God bless you Joyce.

  22. Yvetta Harrison

    I was looking at a past horoscope my girlfriend had given me in a birthday card. I decided to google Joyce and came up with this blog about her death. Oddly, she died on my birthday. Here’s to Joyce Jillian who is celebrating her new life!

  23. lynne

    I use to ride my bike with Joyce when we were about 12 years old through Meshanicut Park in Cranston , Rhode Island. She was always a beautiful girl and she was just a great young lady. I am so sorry to now just read of her death, May God take care of you Joyce and when I think of the Meshanicut Park Church I always think of you and I when we were so young goint to youth fellowship. Farewell , my childhood friend.

  24. Cella

    I use to read her horoscopes since I was young and I was always mind boggled by her accuracy. I decided to google joyce today and aside from being shocked I am very sad to hear about the old news. It seemed liked just yesterday that I read those daily horoscopes. Late but not forgotten… with deepest sympathy, may your light be shined upon us all, here on earth, and the ever after…

  25. Melikset Khachiyan

    Thanks for all that time with you Joyce with playing chess.It was really great.
    Thank you for your wisdom.I learned a lot from you.I really missed you.
    You was most amazing woman whom I had met in my life.You will be always in my heart.
    GM Melikset Khachiyan,
    your chess tutor.

  26. Thomas Jillson

    Joyce and I shared much – realizing that we are cousins – and we were the same age (I was 6 months younger, born in May 1947). We did converse via Email a couple of times. I miss you and miss bragging about my ‘famous’ family member.
    You will always be remembered. Tom Jillson

  27. Salaudin Muhammad

    Joyce and I shared the same birthday and will always respect the type of energy she represented. As a muslim child I remember a chapter in the Quraan that covers the zodiac. But I never knew that I would grow up to witness extreme accuracy. I’m affraid to look elsewere. Salaudin Muhammad

  28. Joseph Muniz

    I became a huge fan of Joyce Jillson’s horoscopes after they proved themselves to me on several occasions. One Sunday morning she used the phrase ” that which you said could not happen has happended, you have egg on your face” and there I sat, with egg all over my face from the night before because of that exact reason. Our world is much less without her.

  29. Frank Briggs

    I was curious to see what my horoscope was for today so I went to My Yahoo to see what it said today and it was so corny, I wanted something more valid so I thought type Joyce Jillson into the search engine and I know shes the real deal, sadly I found this page. Joyce indeed was the real deal, and I had read her horoscopes for years. She was a lovely lady with true depth, she is sadly missed.

  30. Pamela Scott Monaghan

    I grew up in the house that Joyce Jilson lived in before my parents bought it back in the 1950’s. On the eve of transitioning the house in Cranston, RI to someone else, I just happened to google her name. Some of her history will be preserved in that house. I’d love to hear from any of her family members if they ever check back and read this. thanks. Pammike98@verizon.net

  31. Charles Rowe

    Joyce provided her excellant horoscope when I anchored the 10pm news at KTTV. She was always
    upbeat and a class act. What a loss!

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