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Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan


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Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), died on Nov. 2. Cause of death was not released. He was believed to be 86.
Born in Abu Dhabi town, Zayed was named after his famous grandfather, Zayed the Great, who ruled the emirate from 1855 to 1909. Zayed was the youngest of four sons of Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, ruler of Abu Dhabi from 1922 to 1926. After his father’s death in 1927, Zayed guided foreign crews into the desert to search for petroleum and served as the governor of Al Ain, an oasis area. In 1966, Zayed rose to power when his brother Sheikh Saqr was deposed in a bloodless coup.
Over the past four decades, Zayed turned Abu Dhabi into a progressive nation, one that welcomes expatriates of all faiths and allows a private media to thrive. As the country’s oil revenues increased over time, Zayed funneled some of that wealth into a massive construction program to build schools, housing, hospitals, cities and roads. He also encouraged a society of sexual equality; women serve in the country’s military and in law enforcement, and 99 percent of Abu Dhabi’s girls attend school.
Although Zayed amassed a fortune worth an estimated $20 billion, he always lived modestly. He married six times and fathered at least 40 children. A passion for hunting with falcons led Zayed to write the book “Falconry: Our Arab Heritage,” which was published in 1977. Zayed also supervised a program to breed 80 animal species and plant more than 150 million trees. The Worldwide Fund for Nature acknowledged his efforts in 1997 with the Gold Panda Award, its highest environmental prize.
Zayed has led the UAE since its formation in 1971. On Nov. 3, the UAE unanimously elected his eldest son Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan as the new president.

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  1. Hajj Dani Zayour

    Assalamo Alaykom.
    I would like to say to shaik Khalifa Bin Zayed, SORRY for what happened to your Dad and take it easy and remember all of us will pass some day.
    Shaik Zayed was the father of UAE since long time and now you shuold be the father and more of UAE.
    I have been in Dubai and sharja one time in 2002 for a short visit and didn’t find a job and now I live back in the U.S.
    Assalamo Alaykom.

  2. Hristina Angelova Angelova

    Sheikh Zayed for me was the greatest person all over the world. There was no another person who took care so much for his people. Personality with huge heart and soul. He knew how to use every minute to be usefull to the other.
    There are no words which can describe you.
    I admire to you

  3. A

    November 2, 2004. We lost a leader, father and teacher. Zayed still lives in our hearts and minds. He touched our lives and made us strong. His vision of a better world to live in inspired us and his legacy will be passed on in generations to come. I thank all of you on behalf of the UAE people for your condolences.
    Sheikh Khalifa will continue Zayed’s legacy, we all have faith in him.
    “Zayed is in our hearts, he’s still alive,a leader forever”

  4. khamis mubarak

    يا عرب لا تحزنو إنا الشيخ زايد مازالت اعماله في القلوب والله لم ارى بحياتي احد مثل كرامته وشهامته
    و ما عسانا نقول ان لله و ان إليه فل ندعو لأبنائه ان يكملوا مسيرة الوالد بسلام و محبة
    خير خلف للخير سلف

  5. fakhra

    my father….where are you going and leaving us? my dear kind father….we already miss you..we miss that angelic face and kind clean intentions….
    my beloved father…what am i with out your mercyfull eyes? what am i with out your warm hands?…
    my sweet father…i wished i died before you….i wished i never saw this day coming….
    my beautiful father….the trees you implanted are so silent and shedding tears…..missing your smell and your kind care….
    I miss you & I find no happiness in whatever I do…after you….I shall have no comfort…till the day i hope i will follow you….
    my soul my life my father….may allah mercy your soft kind soul, may he place you in the most beautiful paradise…that is eden…

  6. rashed bin asad

    i like the culture of uae. the way people use to wear tradional dress.the way people use to met each other.this all the shadow of shaik zayed i just want to tell uae people don’t forget the father of nation follow the path what he teach u.and always remember baba zayed in your prayer.i am from diffrent nationality but i never see this kind of my whole life. i love shaik zayed
    allah unhe jannat main alla se alla mukham naseeb farmai.ameen

  7. Faridah

    It is very understandable why God wanted you by himself. Your legacy will live on…. your love to help others manifests in your works. The schools and hospitals were not for you or your children to use. May the most gracious God reward your deeds and bless your soul and grant you eternal peace. May He bless your legacy so that your sweat will not go to waste…
    God is great. May the whole world and everything in it give God glory.

  8. omar kishta

    i was born in al ain then moved to abu dhabi for 12 years . skeikh zayed was a roll model for me so i pursue by dreams by moving to chicago and finished my masters in computers inshallah 1 day i will move back to abu dhabi and serve a country that made me believe on my self and i always will thank shiekh zayed for what he made do. allah er7amk ya khiekh zayed r.i.p

  9. Colin Alleyne

    Sheik Zayed was an exemplary ruler who managed to re-invest in his own country while nuturing his people and guiding them to a new and prosperous future. The likes of him cannot be realised in countries which acheived their independence in the same time frame.
    Seldom has the world seen such a man, never mind a ruler, who from a humble past could lead a people with such magnificent futuistic visions.
    Through everything he remained very tollerant and created an environment that supported harmonious coexistence of all the people of this world.
    Zayed (The Great) carefully chose the influences on his beloved country and his people so that a great nation has risen from the desert sands.
    He showed himself to be a great statesman too and during his reign managed a peaceful existance with his neighbors and indeed the World.
    He will no doubt find his place in paradise.
    May God Bless All his sons and give them the strength and guidance to follow in the way of their father. God is indeed great.

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