Jeanette Schmid shall never purse her lips again.
Austria’s last professional whistler, Schmid was better known by her stage name: Baroness Lips von Lipstrill. Born a man in Czechoslovakia, Schmid underwent a sex change in Egypt in 1964.
She went into show business after landing a job dancing for the shah of Iran. When her costume was deemed too skimpy, Schmid changed into a more conservative outfit and entertained the monarch by whistling a polka by Johann Strauss Jr.
Schmid whistled professionally for the next four decades and shared the stage with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf. In recent years, she performed on television and worked the circus and cruise line circuits, entertaining audiences by hitting the high C note.
Schmid died of the flu at the age of 80. The exact day of her death was not released.